47 Replies to “Tiger Attack | Woman Dragged From Car [GRAPHIC VIDEO]”

  1. Nilly K says:

    She survived because her mother put her life on the line for her. That lame husband didn't go forward, he doubted and froze but her mother ran with all her might to save her child. May her soul rest in peace knowing that her child is alive thanks to her. That woman though…. How will she be able to live with herself knowing that her stupidity caused her mother's death?

  2. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream says:

    GOSH!!! I freaking HATE stupid people!!! In the end, it's always the innocent one that would have to suffer from the consequences of their stupid actions. Smh. 🤦

  3. SightSeer says:

    When I get Chinese, I usually do takeout too!

  4. Jenney Cottrell says:

    Dumb. If you get out of your car at a place that has tigers you deserve what you get.

  5. The Morning Star says:

    should’ve stayed in the car. dumb broad.

  6. Alexandra McCain says:

    Her husband set her up. Pretty convenient to argue right there knowing that the wife was going to walk outside.

  7. Jon Davis says:

    The mother died becuz of this stupid dumb bitch. She should be on trial for murder

  8. Jon Davis says:

    The daughter should be in prison for 20 years

  9. Jon Davis says:

    The woman is a dumbass stupid bitch basically. Yea getting out of the car where there’s fukin TIGERS around the area 😡

  10. clealz33 says:

    Congrats! You got your mother killed in a incident that could’ve been 110% avoided

  11. JuicyJaguar 96 says:

    But why'd she have to get out of the car though? Out of all the places she went out of the car in a wildlife park!?

  12. Tiggy-Tay Unlimited says:

    Stupid, straight up dumbasses…

  13. Andrew Heffel says:

    Never get out of the car.

  14. Following Phan says:

    She got her own mother killed because of a stupid little argument.

  15. Steven Cats says:

    Wow I bet they shot the tiger after this

  16. Anja M. says:

    I hope she feels guilty of her moms dead, because it was har fault. How stupid can you be, to step out of a car in a tigerpark… I hope the man divorced her, she should be in jail for 2. deg. murder

  17. pablo florio says:

    Hey good place too take your wife to get rid of,and safe on divorcement fee.

  18. Important man Commenting says:

    A mother’s love, a daughters stupidity.

  19. Mack Truck says:

    One word….. Asians.

  20. Carlos Morales says:


  21. I don’t have A YouTube name says:

    I want to grab a shotgun and blast over 1 million bullets at the tiger

  22. Rahul Dey says:

    The husband goes back to the car and asks the mother to sacrifice herself.. jokes apart.. the predator always looks for the weakest prey.. the mother triggered the tiger's instinct by following her instinct, tbh basic instinct.

  23. You tuber says:

    I like how she lists the ones who survived then added that "she survived" the mother who was the main victim… Nope, the child which was our concern 😕
    Oh media.

  24. You tuber says:

    Talk about karma for arguing with Dad.

  25. Juju Rellama says:

    Chinese biggest animal abusers, hit by Carma

  26. Juju Rellama says:

    what if it were Pelosi?

  27. Greg Brock says:

    Well…. none of that shit would have happened had that woman just stayed in the car.

  28. Kim Arrington says:

    Dumb ass!

  29. Rex Racer says:

    That tiger was hungry for a little Chinese that day.

  30. dogs aren't dangerous says:

    And the Darwin award goes to…

  31. King of the nord says:

    She came out of the car in a wildlife park in the tigers territory and she is killed by tigers.. Nothing unusual

  32. blanks verified says:

    What the hell

  33. t n says:

    Absolute unit

  34. N gate says:

    thx for giving me a good laugh!!! nature at its best!!!

  35. Astro Punch says:

    Woman steps outside
    Tiger: It’s dinnertime bitch!

  36. Zoo Fan says:

    Natural selection


    Well that’s one of the worst ways to lose your spouse. Terrible 😥

  38. Never Smile says:

    When tiger attack
    That why her husband go after his mother in law

  39. Simran Ghuman says:

    Hey ding dong this is not a park stupid

  40. Alexander Flores says:

    NOOOOOO! Dude shoula stayed in the car and tried to run the tiger(s) over!!!

  41. Alexander Flores says:

    "Wait a minute!! A TIGER kills a "Tiger Mom???!!!!"

  42. Danga Baye says:

    Tiger loves Chinese meat. Seriously.

  43. Moniroth Chan says:

    Hope she lives with guilt and shame for the rest of her life

  44. L K says:

    So she got emotional, lost herself in the argument and in turn got her mother killed.

    Rest easy Mother. Can only hope it was quick.

  45. Johnno Villa says:

    And the Darwin 2016 award goes to…


    There's a reason they say "NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON BIG CATS"

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