The World's Smartest Notebook – Rocketbook Everlast Review

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hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video I'm gonna be doing a quick review of the rocket book Everlast smart notebook and as usual I'm going to start with the conclusion then I will talk about the features the two main features behind it then I'll talk about some of the weaknesses and then it will end by doing a little giveaway of a few copies of this rocket for ever last notebook before we get started I just want to mention that this is a sponsored review but whenever I do sponsored reviews I make it clear to the brand that it's gonna be my own unadulterated opinion I'm not gonna let them tell me what to say if that makes sense but to be honest there's nothing that you or them needs to worry about because I actually really like this and so the upfront conclusion is that yes this is worth the money that you pay for it it's got two main features that are it's sort of selling points the first and most important one in my opinion it's like a Smart Notebook and I put some more innovative comments because it's an analog notebook but every page has it like a little QR code on it and you've also got these little icons that you can program program to do whatever you want so for example what I've done is I've set the first icon that whenever I shade in this particular box so if I were to shade this in and then I scan the page using the rocket Book iPhone app and they've got apps for every every platform what it does is that it recognizes that I've shaded this icon in and that automatically sends the page as a scan straight into my Evernote inbox and this is a really nice workflow because for someone like me who's essentially gone paperless but I still kind of like writing in physical notebooks as I discovered earlier when I started writing in this launched m1917 analog notebook it's nice writing in physical notebooks but I want all the benefits of paperless ie I want my notes to be searchable and to be archived and to you know have a copy I'd look on the cloud all that sort of stuff this just makes it super easy to sync stuff to Evernote or to onedrive or Google Drive or OneNote or whatever other service you want to use and this is how that synchronization thing works so essentially you would go on the rocket book app and you then hit new scan and then you would scan your page here we go processing next send and that's automatically just in like two taps it automatically goes to Evernote because I've highlighted this particular box so that's kind of the main selling point behind it and secondly it's called the rocket book ever last because the idea is that it lost forever once you've finished using up all the pages all you have to do is get a microfiber cloth which is supplied in the package wet it a little bit so it's a bit damp and then you can wife and the ink just comes right off in fact I'm going to try that right now hold the line so I've got here the microfiber rocket a branded cloth so I'm gonna try and get rid of the stuff on this page oh there we go look at that I'm just literally wiping it away and it's all just disappearing so now I just have to let it dry briefly and then I'll be able to reuse this entire page oh this is so cool this is like magic so those are the two main features behind it but I think if you want to invest in a notebook it should it should be a pleasurable experience to write on and the thing that I'm comparing this to is my trusty lost term 1917 notebook and I really loved the experience of writing on this because it was it was just so nice and I would be like planning out emails and planning out videos and stuff I was surprised to find that it's actually the same with the rocket but like it's it's a different sort of feel of paper like you can imagine in the union unit this paper is waterproof so it it doesn't feel flimsy like normal paper it feels slightly laminated but I was surprised by how nice the experience was of writing on this so if I was gonna do a bit of doodling the ink flows across the page with a lot with slightly less resistance than it does in a physical notebook like in a physical motor notebook if you were to you can probably you can probably hear the scratchy sound but doing the same thing on the rocket book there isn't radio scratchy sound and so the experience of writing in the rocket book it is slightly different to a normal notebook but it is nice because it's very free flowy it's very smooth which meant that earlier yesterday when I was testing this out and when I was like planning out various videos I just find myself sort of like you know free writing and just kind of going along going along going along cuz it just felt it felt like I was I was like making progress and that's a nice feeling to have in a notebook because then it encourages us to write in it more and in terms of drawbacks I think the only major drawback is that you don't really get the romanticism of something like this like the reason I like writing in this one is because once I finished it up then I can stick a sticker on the spine I can archive it I can say you know early 2019 or whatever and over time over a 10-year period I'll have like you know a ton of these books and it would just be a cool like memento to look at you don't really get that with a notebook that you're gonna keep on reusing it's kind of like the difference between a Kindle and physical books like physical books give you a bit more oh man it gives you a bit more like oh you know I've got these books across my bookshelf I like the feel of a notebook in my hand whereas I'm a big evangelist for the Kindle because I think that the benefits of a Kindle namely the fact that you can highlight start off the fact that you can take it with you wherever you've got unlimited books etc etc all those things that I've made videos about before I think all those benefits outweigh the the lack of romanticism in a Kindle and there's not really much romanticism in the rocket back Everlast like it's a notebook but it's very utilitarian like you know you use it you sync it to Evernote and then you delete the page essentially oh and something I forgot to mention that rocket book comes in different sizes so it's got this pocket mini version and there's this sort of normal sized version I'll be honest I don't really have any use for this but for example if I were a medical student and on the wards and you know when you're on the war that's useful to carry a piece of paper with you so that if you come across a condition like I don't know Tangiers disease you would kind of write down in your little notebook Tangiers disease and then when you get home you can then look it up a lot of medical students carry similar sized notebooks to this but this is just nice because it's a lot of thinner than most of the ones people carry and you know it's reusable and you don't really have a need to you know look at this stuff again once you've already synced it to Evernote and once you've looked up what Tanja's disease is alright so that brings us to the end of the video before wrapping up I just want to mention the giveaway that we're doing so if you fancy getting one of these you can use my coupon code which will be linked in the video description and with links in the video description and that would give you like a 10% discount but for lucky winners I'm gonna be sending one of these two with like with like you know the pen and the set and stuff if you want to win that just comment something down below on the on the YouTube video comment like whatever you want but pleasing include your Instagram username so that I'll randomly pick four people and I'll message you asking for your address and then we will mail out these rocket book Everlast notebooks to you and then you can start using them and start going paperless with your notes in a semi analog format so yeah thanks for watching if you like this video I'll put a video over there or over there somewhere that'll be a video about how I take notes on my iPad pro in medical school so you might gain some tips about how to go paperless if you haven't seen that already thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye bye


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  1. Ali Abdaal says:

    I forgot to mention – any pen works with the Rocketbook but if you want the ink to erase when you wipe it with a wet cloth, you need to use the Pilot Frixion line of pens. They’re very good 🙂

  2. lin3117 says:

    Love it! Hope I'll get to win one 😀 @lydissime

  3. Spiff ZYX says:

    Awesome product, but I wonder how long these notebooks will last. Like the wire and the edges of the paper, the cover doesn't seem to properly cover and protect them… @chrstphr_hth

  4. Ishwarsingh Seewoolall says:

    Innovation 👏🏼 @ashutoshseewoolall

  5. TheRejakub says:

    Very interesting type of the student supplies! Instagram: @jkbkowalski

  6. Thiha Nyi Nyi says:

    A big fan. Thanks for the review.

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  8. Sonali Meshram says:

    I can use it for my project ideas ….. so cool !! @sonalim453

  9. Sarah Brunton says:

    Love the look of that notebook – so useful and saves a lot of paper ! @sarah.brunton

  10. irsa says:

    I'd find this notebook really helpful ! @irsa.x

  11. Farhan Adyatma says:

    Love your video ali <3
    Ig :@farhanadyatma

  12. Valen L. says:

    omg I'd love to try these smart notebook!!! they look amazing 😀 @valenlxy

  13. Surajit Das says:

    Love your videos 🙂 🙂

  14. Emory Bazan says:

    Que genial video , buenísima explicación como siempre. Creo que para un estudiante este cuaderno le vendría bien y además es ecológico. Saludos @emorybazan

  15. Andy Jiang says:

    So essentially these notebooks are like mini-white boards binded together. @andyrx_art

  16. Sterling C. says:

    I have never clicked so fast when I read the phrase 'smartest notebook'! Nice review btw! @s.czhizhi

  17. Nancy Robertson says:

    Helpful video. Thanks! @scrappycruiser

  18. bea tronco says:

    Ooooooh @beatronco

  19. Thea Sandholm says:

    Hi from Norway! @theasandholm

  20. Noah Champagne says:

    This was a great review. Your videos are very well edited and interesting to watch.


  21. Lia McHugh says:

    l.mchugh02 : Thai pigma microns cost less than a quid

  22. sel sa says:

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  23. No One says:

    Wow I think it’s awesome

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    The waterproof page sold it to me! @tanay_vajramani

  25. William Susanto says:

    Another great video, Ali!
    Instagram = will_susanto

  26. thebudda ‘ says:

    Please make a video about planners

  27. Hezza says:

    Love it 😃 @heathersannachanart

  28. Erick Kang says:

    I've been thinking to get one for a while now, however, it is a bit too pricey for me, so receiving one would be great. @erick_kang03

  29. Noora Adams says:

    Why not pick me? 🤷🏻‍♀️ @saida.019

  30. Helena Merron says:

    Love the eco friendly nature of this notebook @helenamerron

  31. SIERKOT says:

    That looks incredible! @sierkot

  32. joaofbravo says:

    Hoping this is my first step in going paperless

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  35. Shubham Modi says:

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  36. Marins says:

    Love this notebook more with every review! @simran11.1

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