The Ugly Phase of Art – My Sketching Process [CC]

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Hello and welcome to the channel! My name is Annalisa I make videos about art and videos about books, so if you like that
kind of thing you can subscribe. I’m trying something a little bit
different with this art video. For one I’m trying to increase my schedule so
that I put out two videos a week, one about books, one about art, instead of
every other week one about books then the next week about art, because I just
feel like I can do more and I would like to create more and do more things in the
same amount of time. So one of the things that I’m trying to be able to put out
more art videos, because it takes quite a lot more time to make an art video than
a book video, because art just takes a long time, to make a full watercolor
piece especially. Something I wanted to show you this week is actually my
sketching process. And I was kind of inspired to do this by Erica Lancaster,
who is another art YouTuber. Lately she has been doing a series where she shows
us her practice and her sketching and her, sort of, quicker pieces including a
lot of ballpoint pen stuff. And so because she was open about that and
about her learning and showing off things that aren’t necessarily full,
giant, her style watercolor pieces, I felt more comfortable trying out showing you
some of my incomplete works, or some of my works that I just don’t turn into
those big watercolor pieces. So today what I’m showing you is how I go from a
completely blank page to the sketch that I will then put my watercolors over.
I usually don’t show this part – one, because it’s a little boring, because it
takes a long time before you can really see the progress, and also because, you
can see the ugly phase of the art where it doesn’t look like a
person or where it looks super messy and ugly. And so sometimes that’s a little
embarrassing to show. But I wanted to do it this time so that you can kind of see
my process and so that if you are someone who draws figures, you can
definitely give me advice if you feel like you have some tips
and tricks I can use, or maybe you see some ways that I’m doing this that you
would like to try for yourself. Also, sometimes I feel like it’s nice to show
yourself starting from a blank page because when I watch other artists who
are making watercolor pieces or ink pieces or acrylic pieces or anything
like that and they go from a sketch to a finished project, I’m like, “That’s
beautiful and amazing, but – “. For me the hard part is usually not the watercolor
techniques, although it definitely is sometimes, I’m not that amazing at it, but
a lot of times having a sketch to start from is where I struggle a lot. So I like
to see other people, how they do their sketches, and how they come up with faces
and figures, and how they make them look so interesting and realistic while also
being partially stylized. So I wanted to show mine so that we can like talk about
sketching and how it works for all of us. Also I did a video somewhat like this
quite a while ago, where it was more of a tutorial style, where I talked about how
I come up with poses and how I make the poses realistic and stuff like that. I’ll
link it in a card or below or something. But that was way back in the old days
when I was super new to YouTube. I think it’s in three by four format because I
had a not-so-good camera back then, and also my methods of sketching out figures
have really changed, so I wanted to kind of show how I do it now, because it’s
quite different from how I did it back then. When I was newer to figure
drawing I was a lot more careful with it and a lot more structured. And now as you
would have seen from my first lines that I was drawing I was a lot looser and I’m
not trying as hard to be precise. I’m letting it be a little more artistic and
imprecise and stylized and not worrying so much that the anatomy is absolutely
perfect. I’m more going for the look rather than accuracy. But then I’m also
trying to add in accuracy as well and you’ll see me work on that more. I’m
gonna zoom in on her arms and her legs because those are the parts that are
especially hard for me sometimes, as well as the hands of course, because
for some reason just getting arms and legs into the correct shape so
that they look real but also nice – it’s just very difficult for me, getting the
proportions correct and the curves and everything. This particular ballerina is
done from a reference that I found while I was looking up references for my
ballerina watercolor piece that you saw me create in December. I found a whole
bunch of beautiful pictures of ballerinas, stock photos of ballerinas
with their arms and legs in all sorts of interesting ways. I really like to
practice drawing people with their arms and their legs in interesting ways
because then it gets me to learn how to draw them that way instead of only being
able to draw them one way. And so I saved a bunch of these reference photos to
practice with and so this is one of them. And so since this is mainly a practice
piece rather than a full, my-style thing, I went almost exactly like the picture. I
mean obviously I can’t replicate it perfectly because my my style is not
photo realism, but I kept the pose almost exactly the same as the picture, whereas
usually when I make a full piece I will change up something somewhere, or I will
combine a couple of different reference photos, and kind of do what exactly I
think fits the mood I’m trying to create. Whereas with this one, since I was just
practicing, I just kept it the same so that I could use that as a good reference to make sure I was doing the arms correctly. And so now you can see
I’m working on taking the basic shape of the arms that I already had and making
them more anatomically correct. And then also making them somewhat
stylized so that they look the correct proportions with the body and the head
and everything but also so that they look like a drawing and not photo
realism. I actually had a much easier time with these legs than I usually do,
I’m not sure why but I had to do a lot less corrections of them than I thought
I would. Sometimes the the pencil just does what it should and it shows up
nicely, and sometimes it just doesn’t and I can’t seem to get it right even when I
work really hard on it and I feel like I’m using a reference net correctly. So
tell me if y’all have experienced the same thing where sometimes it comes so easily and sometimes it just won’t come at all. Also, with her
skirt and what’s going on there I mostly just tried to capture the shapes
and the contrasting shades. I didn’t go for much accuracy there because I mostly
just wanted to see if I could get down the main color differences, because in
the future I might do sort of a loose watercolor style of this where it
wouldn’t need to be accurate but where I would just need to have the dark and the
light correct. And so I think I accomplished that fairly well. If you
look up “ballerina” just in Google Images, you’ll find my reference for this fairly
quickly, so if you want to know what I was using for this you can look that up.
And then at the end of course I finally got around to her face. The face is
usually the part that I’m the most scared of, and on this particular lady I
erased and drew her face so many times and then just gave up. And that was when
I went on and worked on the arms and the legs. But then after I had the distance
of having worked on the arms and the legs I felt a bit more
confident and I started feeling like I knew more about, kind of, who this
ballerina was in my imagination. So I felt like I was more able to capture her
face. And then I ended up with one that I didn’t hate. And so that is my sketching
process. Sorry if it was a bit ugly for a while there. But sometimes I really like
working in greyscale, and I really enjoy looking at other people’s pencil
sketches, so hopefully you enjoyed this. If you’d like to see more videos like
this where I show more of my process and my composition, let me know. I’m not
planning on doing a bunch more of these at the moment. I’ve got several more
watercolor pieces slated to come in, but I just wanted to try something a little
different today. Also sorry about the lighting in this video. The sun was not
gonna shine at the times that I had available to film this last week, so it
was just total artificial lighting in my room, which is better than it used to be,
but still not great. If I do another pencil sketch hopefully it will be
better lighting and then you’ll be able to see it better and there will be
better contrast. But thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video. Bye!

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