The Reeds – Ep: 33

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They won’t leave me alone. Johanna and Liz. Johanna’s room is right next door to mine and I don’t want her to hear me. They were alright at first, but over the past week, as Mrs. Reed’s condition got worse, so did they. All day long, wherever I’ve been, Johanna will come find me, or Liz will come find me, or they’ll both talk to me about how they can’t handle this family anymore, and can’t stand each other. I know this is a hard time for them, but this is getting ridiculous. It’s pretty weird that they want to hang out with me at all. When we were younger Johanna and Liz used to always leave me out. Johanna was always too popular and Liz was always too cool to ever be seen with me. They used to call me “The Toad.” Because I was smaller than them, and I used to like to catch frogs in the river. They thought they were pretty clever. I wasn’t as impressed. Anyway, sorry guys, I’ll talk about something else, just because I have to deal with them doesn’t mean you have to. So, I took a few photos the other day. And I think they turned out pretty – how can she not even- Jane!! Yes? Sorry to bother you, I just really need to talk. I’m actually filming right now. Oh! Good! I need to be heard. It’s Liz. I just can’t believe her. Mom is sick and John is missing and she’s acting like its no big deal. God! I have been crying all day but she wouldn’t know it because I’ve been taking care of everything while she just mopes about and hides like she always does! I think Liz just really isn’t one to cry. I think she’s just as upset as you are, she’s just expressing it in her own way. Yeah, her own way, because she’s a sociopath! I mean, Oh my God Liz! Get out!! Whoa, calm down, you can’t tell me to get out of Jane’s room, you psycho. I’m talking to Jane right now – you have to leave. Jane! She’s being ridiculous! Ah! Okay, how about we don’t fight? I was here first! So what I’m not allowed to walk around my own house anymore because-
I’m sharing personal stuff – You can’t just come in here. -you might be dealing with things in any given room.
You can’t just come in here. This is a safe space right now.
When will you learn that life isn’t a ‘safe space’? God! You always do this. You always disappear when I need the help and then the moment I’m vulnerable- The moment you’re vulnerable? You’re always vulnerable!
– you’re there to shut me down. Hello? Move! I’m on the phone! I don’t care. Yes! She keeps trying to bake cookies for Mom and burning all of them! Okay..s- She’s never taken an interest in baking before – now ALL OF A SUDDEN. It’s disgusting and a waste of food and it’s driving me insane. And she keeps complaining that I’m not doing enough to help – but at least I’m not hovering around like a frantic moth. A frantic pink fluffy moth with burnt disgusting cookies! And she keeps trying to make everything better by waving her fairy princess wand, but it’s just not wor – Liz shut up. It’s about mom. She’s…. terminal.


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  1. EldawenEmileia says:

    Sorry, but I am not picking sides in that argument! Jane, I wish you luck in there!

  2. Dara Scaife says:

    I'll be glad for you when you get back home, Jane.

  3. Jane Eyre says:

    This episode kind of got away from me. But Joanna and Liz sort of know about my videos and they wanted to know who the "internet people" think is right…

  4. marieblueangel says:

    Wow interesting to see the two Reed sisters. They are certainly don't like each other. Poor Jane.

  5. Silvia says:

    Run Jane, RUN

  6. teapetrichor says:

    I hope you get back to Thornfield soon, although I think your aunt will have some revelations for you before you get to go home

  7. Mischa Lecter says:

    They just need to find a way to work together. Sorry about your aunt.

  8. Sam Packer says:

    Jane and Emma are competing for my love.

  9. Loulizable says:

    It might be an idea to get a lock put on your door if there isn't one there already, you look like you could use some time out. Also given the fact that you weren't able to show us your photo's here, wondered if you'd be able to share them with us on Tumbler.

  10. The Crafty Bun says:

    This is so good, but I need MORE!!!!

  11. nathaylee says:

    AH REALISTIC BRINGING IN A CHAIR!! no mysterious two-person bench 😛

  12. Sheri S. says:

    I know you care about them Jane, but it's their life and it's not your job to take care of them. Lock the door, leave, do what you have to, but the truth is you don't owe them anything.

  13. Citymusings says:

    Jane, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of that! I hope you'll be able to find some quiet space for yourself – or just get out of there – soon.

  14. hungondarcy says:

    Shout-out to all Jane Eyre/LBD fans…go check out the new webseries on Emma (more Hank Green awesomeness!! 🙂 "I am Emma Woodhouse – Emma Approved: Ep 1"

    I hate t say it because we've been with Jane for so much longer but…this new channel is awesome!!

  15. gracierobyrdds says:

    This is fantastic.

  16. Appliciousness says:

    Wow, that argument was hilarious!! XD Good luck with those two Jane!

  17. Jaya S-E says:

    I love Joanna and Liz!!

  18. isearchforfullmoons says:

    Oh gosh, it's so sad but they're so funny. Joanna sounded like a New Yorker somehow, which made it all the more funny.

  19. arishahismail says:

    this is so realistic i love it!

  20. Elffriend2009 says:

    Wow! What a joy those two are. :p Hang in there Jane!

  21. Mychal Sanders says:

    This was awesome!!!!

  22. Chomikmk says:

    guys, I'm not a native english speaker so can somebody explain what does 'terminal' mean? Does it mean that it's her last days or that it won't ever be cured?

  23. Vivian Tompkins says:

    This was fantastic! I love how you guys interpreted Georgiana and Eliza Reed's characters, the latter's is a bit different from the book but it makes perfect sense for a modern adaptation. Also I felt so bad for Jane here, looking quite pained and attempting to give advice but continually being interrupted! Don't worry Jane, you're handling yourself very well given the difficult situation and you clearly have turned out much better than your cousins.

  24. Vivian Tompkins says:

    You are correct, by terminal they do mean that Jane's aunt is in her last days as the cancer is untreatable.

  25. Angie Habermas says:

    Haha, it was great to see the sisters argue like that. It felt real. Poor Jane being stuck in the middle…again. Hmm, wonder how the brain tumor being terminal will affect Jane's plans. Looks like she'll be around the Reeds for a while. Hope Mr. Rochester is watching so he knows what's going on…

  26. lopezmc3 says:

    Great video! I hope we get to see the sisters more, they were pretty funny 🙂

  27. evehhr2 says:

    Loved this!!

  28. Laura Prior says:

    Terminal generally means that you cannot be cured.

  29. kb1025 says:

    They remind of the stepsisters in a cinderalla story

  30. Lady says:

    just like my cousins.

  31. Fabs says:

    I like them, their lives probably have been easy…

  32. SpringSpark says:

    Every episode is better than previous. This show is totally great.

  33. Saphire5742 says:

    Poor Jane! If I were her I'd run back to Adele and Rochester asap.

  34. lacarbajal1 says:

    "Oh my God, Liz, GET OUT!!" Honestly that might be my favorite line in this series so far XD

  35. emmy rose says:

    Johanna & Liz were portrayed perfectly! i wish i could've jumped into the middle of them fighting & helped Jane <3. i wonder how the next episode will go…

  36. IBelieveInNargles522 // Rachel says:

    I love Liz's shirt!

  37. Tamara Woods says:

    This is so exciting! Love it. I can't wait until the next one.

  38. Cauliflower Smith says:

    this was another fantastic one! makes me so happy when i wake up to an ep of this!

  39. Socken says:

    It means that it will kill her and there isn't a known cure

  40. minalucy1992 says:

    I have not read the book yet, but what a realistic fight!

  41. Emily Amelia says:

    Wow, um they are selfish and jane is just like… What to do um just pretend to care like… Now wouldn't it be good if Rochester called Jane during a video? It could happen, it's not in the early 1800s they have mobiles here

  42. minalucy1992 says:

    But didn't Jane already say to Rochester that her aunt was dying?

  43. MonkeySoup4all says:

    People can get better, at least live longer lives when they're dying from cancer. I think Jane was being realistic. She knew Mrs. Reed was going to die. The sister's were clearly still hopeful.

  44. sddurnil says:

    Really good update of Georgiana and Eliza from the book. They're annoying in the book, and they're even moreso in this version. LOVE IT!!

  45. sddurnil says:

    Sweet Jane is no match for those two. She'll be very. glad. when she can go home to Adele and Rochester.

  46. EldawenEmileia says:

    From Wikipedia: Terminal illness is a medical term popularized in the 20th century to describe a disease that cannot be cured or adequately treated and that is reasonably expected to result in the death of the patient within a short period of time. … Often, a patient is considered to be terminally ill when the life expectancy is estimated to be six months or less, under the assumption that the disease will run its normal course.

  47. Wind Glider says:

    I feel really bad for Jane, can you imagine having to deal with those two 24/7! I can't wait for her to go back to Rochester and Adele

  48. Fabs says:

    I meant "haven't".

  49. katherinesilen says:

    I thought the look on Joanna's face was for James or something.

    Is it bad that Joanna and Liz remind me of Anastasia and Drizella??

  50. MaskedWeirdosChannel says:

    I am so sorry for you Jane. I hope you got a nice cup of tea and a book after that

  51. bookwormandpoet says:

    Maybe it's because there have only been 2 videos in Emma Approved but honestly I feel that I am going to look forward to Wednesdays and Saturdays a lot more than Mondays and Thursdays…

  52. Kylie Wakeham says:

    where did you find this sisters they are literally amazing

  53. Tashazors says:

    There are certain elements of the book that can be difficult to find the modern equivalent of, but good god… The ones behind this show are doing a spectacular job thus far 😀

  54. rukbat3 says:

    Glad you finally figured out how to turn off your camera, Jane!

  55. Ann Wagner says:

    No mysterious, long-lost uncle? Pity. It would be balm after dealing with those two!

  56. Tory Kay says:

    this is so good!!Ahhhh!! Can't wait for wednesday!! 😀

  57. CeJayCe says:

    …Was I the only one who assumed it was terminal when it was first brought up?

  58. Morgan Dennis says:

    AMazing, yet again!

  59. Megan Brittani Nacionales says:

    Some fantastic acting in this one! Jane is brilliant, as always. The fight was very realistic — it felt like some of the squabbles I've gotten into with my brothers. And kudos to Courtney (playing Johanna). The phone acting was just superb. Just watch her face while she's receiving the news. Really good right there.

  60. PauAngie says:

    Yes, my thoughts and feelings are the same as yours, I never quite liked Jane Eyre but I really like and enjoy this series, it deserves more love.

  61. Beccardi83 says:

    He may still show up…the aunt isn't dead yet, she can still confess to Jane about hiding him… i would love to see how they include that in the story!

  62. amymak93 says:

    This is news? I thought they already knew that she was dying.

  63. kitkatkid09 says:

    I adore this web series. I'm just in love with it as I am with the book. Great job 😀

  64. Alex K says:

    I'm kind of in denial about how good this series is. Allyson and the writing and everything and aughdsjahfkjdhsajfhiloveyouall

  65. Lady Relaynie says:

    Ay yi yi! So much sympathy for you, Jane.

  66. Stephanie Shrubb says:

    There's still time…it's a pretty important part of the story!

  67. Kiran K. says:


  68. Becky says:

    Um, didn't they already know that she was terminal? Wasn't that the whole point of Jane and everyone coming??

  69. Sigourney Morris says:

    Love it!

  70. The Crafty Bun says:

    Please let it be Wednesday already….ugh!!!!

  71. Helgacabbage says:

    Nope. I was about to comment that same thing – I thought terminal was implied, too.

  72. Alannah Cataldo says:

    I just started watching last night. All caught up. omg. I love this.

  73. Kristina says:

    the subtitles suck since a few episodes now. Please fix it!

  74. solarwest says:

    …They only now know it’s terminal? Didn’t Jane already say Aunt Reed was dying in a previous episode?

  75. Lara Kathleen says:

    ugly step sisters much?

  76. Sal D'Souza says:

    Maybe before she had a stage 4 diagnosis and now they've decided treatment isn't worth it and have made her palliative? There's also a difference between a palliative diagnosis and actually needing palliative care (you can be palliative for months but gets worse in the last few weeks- that's when palliative care is needed)

  77. Michelle Flores says:

    poor Jane.-. liz and johanna scream all lot r.r

  78. Ross says:

    I loved this episode. I read on one of the videos someone wrote that the cousins' acting was cringe-worthy.I didn't feel it like that at all. I loved Jane's small reactions everytime somewhat yelled, esp @2:11.<3

  79. Lucy Garza says:

    The Reed sisters remind me of Anastasia and Drizella from Cinderella! 

  80. Germana Cola says:

    Johanna and Liz reminds me The Ultras from Carrie

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