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This is Couples Court
with The Cutlers.
This is the case
of Johnson Vs Rose. You all have known
each other for ten years and you been in a committed relationship
for three years.
Is that right? Yes Your Honor. Ms. Johnson you brought your
boyfriend here to court today, because you believe
he is cheating on you. But before
I get to that. I wanna know
how did you guys meet? Your Honor we met
on a hookup site. It was,casual.And we hooked up. So how did you two, go from hooking up
to steady relationship? We kept coming back
to each other. So.. we were like,
well we keep coming back, to each other.
So there is a reason there, maybe we should try
a serious relationship. I mean Mr. Rose, I don’t know very much
about hookup sites. Well..(CROWD LAUGHING) I don’t know very much
about hookup sites. (EVERYBODY LAUGHING)
But.. for what I understand. You know the purpose
is now really to be in a relationship. So what was it
about this lady, that you go for the purpose
of just hooking up but you stay with her. Well, first of all,
her character. Character makes a person,
and she got good character. As she plays a good role, with being a mother
to my daughter. Ms. Johnson,
what was it about Mr. Rose that made you say, okay lets move this
to the next level? Well, he was the first man
that came into my life. It made me feel loved, and he was always there
to support me. So that made me love
him even more. How do we go fromthatman, to a man you think is
hooking up with other women. Well, Your Honor
the first incident Um.. He had a family reunion. And I was invited
to meet the rest of his family. I had already met
his mother and father. And we were on the way
to the reunion. And I was looking for a CD
in the middle console. And I found
a pack of condoms. (CROWD WOOING) And one condom was missing. (CROWD WOOING) One condom was missing.
Yes. Were you all
using condoms? No. We don’t use condoms. So that’s why I was pissed,
that when I found them. The condoms. Alright,
Thank you ma’am. Alright Mr. Rose,
tell me allabout it.The condom missing there. Okay, one of my sins I do…
I am photographer. So I’ll always be out. My family member goes with me
for security. So this particular
night when she found a condom
has been there. He was with me that night. He met a female in the club. Can I use your keys
and your car. Yes you can. I asked him
to come back and pick me up. So, he came back
and picked me up. I dropped him off. I didn’t look and I didn’t
see them in there. Coz I would have saw
and I’ll be like, You left you condoms here man. You know, give me a…
What say you did. But it does explain
why a family member needs to store condoms
in your car. He doesn’t have a vehicle. So I let him use my vehicle
to do what he had go do. So he end up leaving
me at the party. And coming back to pick me up. He took your car, hooked up
with some female and left the condoms
in your car. So that’s your story.
And you Ms. Johnson like, no, I am not
believing it. So, actually this is turning
into the case of, the case of the
missing condom. Right when I miss the condom
here. Let’s see. (CROWD CLAPPING) Do you have any other reasons
to believe that
Mr. Rose is cheating.YesYour Honor. Oh, she said like YES! Wait till you hear this. All right, bring it. Your Honor I was going through
Ron’s phone one day
he left it. He went to the store,
he left his phone. So I took the opportunity
to go through it. And um.. I went to the
text messages first, Nothing in the text messages. Went to Facebook messages. Oh oh. Said it all from here. Okay. Went to the
Facebook messages. Looking through all the messages
he talking to different females. And this one female I never
seen him talk to her before. Coz I went to his phone before,
I have seen a lot of females. But this female is new. So I clicked down it. And I am looking.. And I see a video, (CROWD REACTION) Of me and Ron having sex. (CROWD REACTING) So, he send porn, to another woman. There is like invasion
of my privacy. Because,
she could send it
to somebody else. And I don’t even know
this woman. Why you send a private
intimate moments, with your girlfriend
to some other woman? We actually was talking
about doing a threesome. So that idea came about with the video can be
up in there Because in the beginning
the text message.. It was me and her texting. So the girl asked me like,
Would you send a video
of you and your girl? So I said, okay, that’s cool. I don’t mind doing it. So it was like
an audition tape? (ALL LAUGHING) She sent videos back. Did you just, like
an audition tape? That’s what he said, there was conversation
going back with him
with other woman. They talk about
having a threesome. You know.. What you wanna do..
while I like.. Well, send me a tape! (LAUGHING) Is that like an audition tape.
I don’t know. But your Honor,
she sent videos back. Of her? Yes, of her. (CROWD REACTING) She sent videos back. Audition tapes. (ALL LAUGHING) They were just exchanging
videos of each other. Do you believe he is already
hooked up with this young lady? Yes I do believe it. So it went from
audition tape to actual audition. Yes Your Honor. No, no. It didn’t make
it that far. That’s what I think
Your Honor. I think different.
It didn’t happen. So the only thing you do,
is exchange tapes? Yeah just exchange, that’s it. That’s all. Have you never been
with this woman? Never been with this woman. Did you get her permission to distribute that tape
before you sent it out? No, honestly no, I didn’t. (CROWD REACTING) Alright, tell me
that’s all you got. No, Your Honor I have
another story. He be somewhere else. (LAUGHING)
Valentines Day.
Okay, hold up.
That’s the day you
don’t wanna mess up. That’s just.
There are 364 days. Then you just go down in flames. That’s the one day.. There are two of them. What’s the other one?
Do you know the other one? You put me on a spot. Yes. Your birthday. There it is.
Don’t mess up my birthday and
don’t mess up Valentine’s Day. Yes. Yeah. So okay, so what happened on
Valentine’s Day? Okay. We went to a
nice hotel on
Valentine’s Day. And I had a kitchenette
in there. So, I cooked a crawfish boil. That’s what I’m talking about. We love to eat sea food. So, I thought that would
be romantic for us to.. you know, cook and have
a romantic dinner. At this expensive hotel. And I was putting you know, rose petals
on the floor, on the bed. You can really set it of. Yes Your Honor.
I wanted it to be special because this was the first time
I ever did anything with a man on Valentine’s Day. Something like this
coz I wanna do it with him
because.. he was special to me. So, Ron got a phone call
from somebody He say that he had to… go and handle something. So, okay, I let him go. What time did he get back? He didn’t get back
to the room till 3:00 A.M. (CROWD REACTING) Mr. Rose,
Mr. Rose, Mr. Rose! Of all the days, to disappear you picked
Valentine’s Day? To go out and stay out till
three in the morning. Yes I did. I choose, a choice made
to better, my family,
my daughter… did it money situation-wise. So you saying,
you had a photography gig
on Valentine’s Day? No, I was with my cousin. He is a truck driver.
So his loader, Canceled on him,
at the last minute. He was like cuz could you
come in and help me
unload the truck? I’ll pay you, you know.
I am like Ok man. I need this money. You can’t just roll up
and roll out
and be gone till 3:00 A.M. Did you call it in? I’ve heard nothing, I had been
calling, texting. No answer. No response. Why didn’t you take her calls? Well.. None to say.
(LAUGHING) I got to say, It doesn’t feel like
you were truckin’. (LAUGHING) To go out and stay out till
three in the morning. So, Ms. Johnson, What is the stake here? If.. You should find out that
Mr. Rose is cheating What happens next? What’s at stake is me
and his daughter’s relationship. Her biological mother
has passed on, And I’ve been there and I’ve been a
mother figure for her. and I don’t want to let that go
because she is like mine. To get to the
bottom of this. This court has ordered a
full forensic data investigation on Mr. Rose and
we have those results. Rom would you please escort
Mr. Grey Evans
to the courtroom. (CROWD CLAPPING) Hello Your Honors Mr. Evans how are you? I’m doing great. Would you explain
what you do? Please. I do cyber crime investigations
including forensics and social media investigations. So on this case, What did you do? We did a full forensics
investigation and social media investigation. Mr. Rose’s cellphone And his social media accounts. Alright, Ms. Johnson says
Mr. Rose communicates primarily through his social media
applications. Did you uncover
anything of note? (CHUCKLES)
Yeah. I’ll say several things. It’s clear that he was
philisiting more than a casual conversation
or friendship. So it says, Me and girl wanna
party with you. Wassup? Was this a reachout
for another threesome? You see what it say,
Me andmy girl.But I didn’t know
anything about it either. So I thought you would
do this with her permission. You out looking for, you know, a hookup. Yes, I text people to get
answers from them. To see if they wanna do it. But we’re supposed
to do this together. Did you find anything else on
Mr. Rose’s phone? Oh, I can keep going. I also uncovered a conversation
where Mr. Rose solicited
another woman asking for a sexy photograph. Alright, this is from Mr. Rose
it says, Can I have a booty picture? 1:16 in the morning. And then it looks like, About half hour later 1:47 in
the morning Mr. Rose writes, hello? (LAUGHING) Like he hadn’t got
the picture yet. So you really want this
booty picture? Ya I wanted that picture, yeah. That wasn’t for no threesome. So, 1:16 A.M. you just sending
out this kind of messages? What they call is sexting? That’s what they call it? Did you discover anything
else in your investigation? Oh yes, You are dead. Oh.. Even though it appears, that
Mr. Rose tried to get slick
and block my investigation, by changing his settings on his
phones to certain apps. So I couldn’t get through them.
But I did. (LAUGHING) I found that he has been
exchanging explicit videos with another women
who is not the plaintiff. I’d like to show you
those videos. Explicit is definitely
the word for it. This is a.. very very closeup
shot of a woman’s private areas. Mr. Rose who is this woman that
you are having this.. intimate connection with? It was no one I am
having sex with. It was just online.
That’s it. So you still contend
that you haven’t cheated. Oh yes. Even though we have the condoms. Even though we have you, disappear on Valentine’s Day. Even though you have
got all these videos, on your phone which
you exchange with other women. You still contend that
you are not cheated. Yes, I’m contending,
I’m not cheating. Alright, to further
investigate this matter, the court ordered a
forensic voice analysis
of the defended. Rom would you please escort
Mr. Guy Wolfe
into the court room. Yes Your Honor. (CROWD CLAPPING) Mr. Wolfe how are you? I am well Your Honor.
How are you? I am good.
I am good. Could you explain what you do?
And how you use
forensic voice analysis? Yes ma’am. I’ve been
a forensic voice analyst
for over ten years now. And performed hundreds of exams. What we do is we record
or measure the frequencies
in the spoken word and the voice. Whenever those frequencies are
deviated from then its an
indicator of deception. And that’s how we are able
to tell whether somebody
is being truthful, or whether they are lying. Let’s take a look at
the first question
that was asked. No. What did the forensic
voice analysis determined? The forensic voice analysis
determined, he was being
truthful your Honor. I see a little bit
of smile Ms. Johnson. Yes. Okay, let’s see
the next question please. No. Mr. Wolfe what did
the forensic voice analysis
determine? The forensic voice
analysis determined
that he was being.. No. Mr. Wolfe what did
the forensic voice analysis
determine? The forensic voice
analysis determined
that he was being deceptive Your Honor. What! That is not true. Who was the woman
that you were with. It wasn’t a woman.
I was with nobody
on Valentine’s Day. Mr. Wolfe lets take a look
at the next question
you asked Mr. Rose. No. What did the forensic
voice analysis determined? The forensic
voice analysis determined
that he was being.. deceptive Your Honor. Ooh, Lord Jesus. Mr. Rose who have you been with, since you started dating
in 2014? No one Your Honor. Okay, Ms. Johnson would you please share
with Mr. Rose. What you are thinking
and feeling right now. I just feel hurt.
I really feel hurt I feel like,
you could have told me You could have been honest
with me. If you love me, you would stop doing everything
you’re doing and be with me. I am with you,
I love you,
I am with you. Okay, your action need
to speak that soon. Mr. Rose if you spend
as much energy focusing on Ms. Johnson as you spent trying to find
someone who is a suitable
person for a threesome. You probably wouldn’t be
in our courtroom right now.This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Benning v. Bodine.
You all have been
dating for two years,
you were engaged. But you’ve put this
relationship on hold because you believe
that she’s cheating on you. Yes sir. Why are you here today? Um, honestly, I have
always wanted
a family of my own. Uh, my mother
passed away when
I was 14 years old. And it just left me
real lost, real lonely. And so, I’ve one thing
I’ve always wanted
as a kid, you know. And, I met Kayla and I just thought,
that was the one, you know, had a baby and… I just felt like,
finally, that hole,
I filled it, you know. I had a family again.
That’s what I wanted. I can hear it in your voice,
the emotion that you have tied to this particular
moment in time. And so your family
is everything to you
at this point. Oh yeah. I don’t
have much, so… She is what I got.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) And so, this thing
that you have wanted is on the line because
you believe Miss Bodine
is cheating. BENNING: Yes. JUDGE DANA: Miss Bodine,
He’s put it all in your,
in your hands. He’s saying you are his world,
you’re family. Are you cheating? No, Your Honor. And why are you here? Because I wanna save
my relationship. I want to prove
that I am not cheating. He makes me a better person. Like, he’s my world. JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE KEITH:
You’ve been together, you were happy obviously
at one point. You even
got engaged. But now, it’s on hold. What went wrong? Well… (CHUCKLES) Five months ago,
like I said,
the baby was born. I received a text message
while I’m in the hospital. I’m sitting across
from Kayla
who is in labor. I received a text message
from a guy telling me that
the baby’s not mine. That… that Kayla
has been out, she’s been sleeping
with him and she’s been
playing us against each other. I’m in the hospital
with her. What do you do when you get
this info… I mean,
what’s going through your mind? It just felt like
this man was trying to
take something from me that I worked
so hard for. And, I mean,
it’s still, when I think
about it. It’s really… It gets to me,
it upsets me a lot. JUDGE KEITH:
Because you wanted this family. I still want this. You never even heard
that there might be
another guy somewhere. No, I had no clue.
I thought I was the one. I’m the one, you know,
paying for everything, we’re living together,
we both got jobs, like… I… How was I supposed
to know you’re out
doing something else? I had no clue. What do you say
to Miss Bodine when
you get this message? I confronted her
about it. I showed it to her
and I said, you know, “Do you know this guy?
Are you sleeping with him?” I was told that she slept
with him back in the past
while we were not together. But that she hadn’t even
talked to him recently.
She knew nothing about it. She told me that he was
trying to start problems
between us, that he wanted her back. Miss Bodine, is this
a gentleman you have
been with in the past? Yes, Your Honor,
while we was broken up
last year. I have not talked
to this man since July of this year,
while we was
on a break. I have never talked
to this man while me
and Mr. Benning was together. So, why is he texting
your boyfriend,
your fiance, saying that the baby
you are literally getting
ready to deliver, is his. BODINE: He wants to
be with me, Your Honor. He’s trying to get us
to argue so he can break us up
and have me. And I don’t want that. So, this ex is still,
has feelings for you? Well, obviously,
’cause he’s still
messaging constantly. JUDGE DANA: Okay. You’re saying he’s
messaged beyond
this one when she was in labor? Oh, yeah, yeah. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE DANA: Okay,
tell us about that. Well, I was at work and I get a random message
from the same guy. He sends me a screenshot,
just messages, messages, whole, full conversation
between them two. We was not together,
Your Honor. I actually have one of messages
here with me, that he sent. And at the time
that he had… JUDGE DANA: Ron, could you
please get that. …these messages,
we was not together,
Your Honor. We was not together.
We was having a rocky spot
in our relationship. I don’t care rocky spot or not.
We have a baby,
we are together. JUDGE KEITH: So you believe
you were on a break and you say
you were never on a break. But she was still your
one and only. BENNING: Yeah, and she knew
that I wanted my family. I’ve always told her,
before the baby was born. She’s supposed to have her
mother and her father
together at all times. That’s what a family is. All right. So the message
you handed up to us, this is a screenshot
that was sent to you by the same gentleman
who claimed that the baby, that Miss Bodine
was having, this is the same gentleman? BENNING: Same guy. JUDGE DANA: It starts with
Miss Bodine. She sent the text. (READING) (AUDIENCE GASPING)And he responds
together, Your Honor. How can you break up
with somebody and accuse them of cheating
when we’re not together? We were not together. JUDGE KEITH: So you admit… You admit being
with this man. Yes, last year,
while we was
broken up. I got these messages
two months ago. But you believe
they were sent
just recently. I was at work,
I received them
just recently. AUDIENCE: Ooh! JUDGE DANA: So you still think
she is being intimate with
this gentleman? Yeah, I do. JUDGE DANA:
Based on this message? Yeah. Are you being
intimate with this gentleman? No, I don’t even know
where he’s at, Your Honor. I sit in the house all day. Obviously, you never used to.
You asked him
when he was coming back. Two months ago,
I have not talked to him. You told me not to talk
to him. Have I talked to him?
I have not. I did tell you not to talk
to him. But it doesn’t matter
two months ago, three months ago,
I don’t care. Your daughter
is five months old. Okay, well, I have not… You should be talking
to her dad. Yes, I made a mistake. Yes. BENNING: Her dad,
not that dad. But, I have not
talked to him. JUDGE DANA:
So, in spite of,
being in the delivery room five months ago,
anticipating your baby, receiving a message
from another man claiming that that baby belongs to him, you have stayed
with Miss Bodine? Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Tell me why? Like I’ve been saying
this whole time,
I want my family. I… I wanna have that.
I wanna have that coming home, you know,
your mom’s helping you
with your school work, you know, you wanna have
dinner where we’re all sitting
down together at the table. It, I… I want that. That’s what I want. JUDGE DANA: That’s your dream? That’s what I want
this whole time. Yes. I want the white picket fence. JUDGE DANA: Do you have
any other reason to believe that Miss Bodine is cheating? Well, about a month ago,
we got into a small argument
over something stupid. I couldn’t… I don’t really
don’t even remember
what it was about. JUDGE DANA: Okay. You know, arguing a little bit, She tossed her phone
at my chest. It hit me
in the chest and she left the house. So, me being depressed,
sad, I go through the phone. I’m seeing emails,
text messages from
all types of guys. And once again,
it’s the same disturbing messages that
she sent that guy. And, these are… Multiple, multiple guys.
Not this one. And they are different
from this first guy? Yes, they’re different.
They’re different. JUDGE KEITH: Ron, would you
hand us those papers please. Thank you, sir. BODINE: In the messages
he is showing you, was from August
when we was not together,
we was broken up. BENNING: Not all of them
are from August. We were broken up. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
let’s take a look. Let’s take a look
at these messages. JUDGE DANA:This is from
one gentleman and it says
“Text me” and
it gives a phone number.And then, there’s
a second one
from June,
where Miss Bodine says,
“Text me baby.” She was living
with me in June. JUDGE KEITH: And so the next
one says, “I wanna… Blank.” AUDIENCE: Ooh! And then the final message… Then there’s another one. And this is from July 16th to a different person… June, July, August. JUDGE KEITH: …that says, “I like to… Blank. “I wanna get… Blank
and please you.” Now, you don’t deny
sending these text messages. You’re saying
it was because
you all were broken up. We was broken up,
we was in a rocky spot. I can do whatever I want. BENNING: I don’t care.
How was that… That was wrong. We was broken up. You do whatever you want
while we were broken up,
why can’t I? Who have I… What makes it different between you and I? Nothing. It makes a big difference
when you have a baby
and you just out there… JUDGE KEITH: What makes
a difference… I never had sex with anybody else. You haven’t? Well, these text messages… I am talking! It’s talking. Talking and doing
is two different things. Am I right? JUDGE DANA: Well, here’s
the problem. Talking and doing something, talking and acting out
is not two different things? You’re completely wrong. When you’re with somebody
you do not do that. We was not together! Yes, we were. So how are we… No! We’ve been together since April
when that baby was born. No! break us up and have me. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Benning,
just so the court is clear… Yeah. …you believe,
because of these
text messages from June, July and August, that she is in fact cheating. I do. JUDGE KEITH:
And Miss Bodine, you say, that you have not been
with anyone. This is just talk. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH:
You’ve not been
intimate with any man other than Mr. Benning
since your child has been born. Yes Your Honor. But I gotta tell you
the talk that you having, he has a reason to believe… Yes, he does, Your Honor. I don’t deny that. Mr. Benning, I see that
you’ve bought
a witness with you. BENNING: Yes, I have. Would you have the witness,
would you stand up
to the podium, please? JUDGE KEITH:
Would you state your name,
please, for the court? Uh, yes, Your Honor,
my name is Anna Russeau. Miss Russeau, what is your
relationship with Mr. Benning? Uh, his brother
is my husband. So, he’s like my best friend,
my brother, like,
I love him to death. And what do you
know about Mr. Benning’s
and Miss Bodine’s relationship? Well, I met Jermaine after Kayla was
already pregnant. So, that’s when
I was introduced to him. So, through the end
of the pregnancy till, since Robin’s been born. I’ve seen it all,
I’ve seen everything
that they have gone through. I’ve had to sit here
and listen to
Jermaine cry because he is so upset about
everything that is going on. I’ve heard,
I’ve sat there for hours having him vent to me
because he wants his
family and he doesn’t have it. And it’s heartbreaking. I don’t wanna see him
go through this ’cause he
deserves way better than that. And we hear
the heartbreak
in his voice. What have you
witnessed and experienced? A lot of their fights,
a lot of their arguments. When he was
going through the phone,
finding all this stuff, I was sitting
right next to him. He was genuinely
hurt and disturbed
by what he found. Yeah, I was. Because he believed
and it’s your understanding that they were
in a relationship. ANNA: Yeah. An exclusive relationship. Yeah, and it’s like, when you get,
when he got mad
and he’d tell her to leave because you gotta
walk away from stuff
just to cool down. Miss Bodine has testified
that she has not had sex
with anybody else since the child was born. What do you know
or believe in that regard? I believe she is lying. From the messages
that you see, from just everything
that we have found… This is our business.
This is the whole reason
why we’re here. Because he wants to
listen to his friends
and not me. This is all he does, is listen to his friends.
Why can you not have
a mind of your own? So, your belief… BODINE: Yes! At this point,
it’s nothing about
listening to friends, it’s about this message
that I’m staring at right now. That is not a friend
that I’m listening to. That is you,
that I’m listening to. That is you
on that message. BODINE: It is! Miss Russeau, thank you
for your testimony,
if you’ll have a seat. Mr. Benning, would you please
tell Miss Bodine
what is in your heart. I can hear it but I don’t
think she hears it. I mean, I don’t see
how she don’t get it. Kayla, you know
I love you to death. I always have.
I told you at
the first time we met. I wanted to have your kids. We have a kid together,
we’ve been raising her. And I don’t understand
why you have to do this. What is…
That’s just wrong! Why should I not be upset? I mean, you have
a right to be. But then you really don’t
because we wasn’t together. I want this to work,
I want my family. I want the same
thing you do. If you wanted this
to work, in June, you would stop.
But it kept going, in July, and then
there is one from August. Dig deeper and I might
find one from September,
who knows. And if you find out
she is cheating, what is that gonna do
for your relationship? I’m, I’m done. I can’t keep
putting myself through this. I’m getting old, I’m stressing,
I’m crying, I’m shaking,
I can’t keep doing this. If she’s cheating,
I’m done. Completely. JUDGE DANA:
So, you believe, that cheating is if
she’s had sex with some man
since your child was born. Yes. JUDGE DANA: And if you
should find out that
that has occurred, you’re done. I’m done. There’s not a doubt
in your mind, however, that you have not cheated. Right. JUDGE DANA:
And that’s what
you are here to prove? Mmm-hmm. But you understand… But it’s not cheating
if we wasn’t together. But he is saying, you all
have been together for
the last five months. BODINE: But, we haven’t. We took a break. JUDGE KEITH: Whose idea
was it to take a break? His. Because he’s saying,
you weren’t on a break. BODINE: We was. You just left. You, threw your phone
at me, you left last month. Yes, I left. You did that. I didn’t do that. ‘Cause you told me to leave. You had the baby
in the car seat
and my clothes packed up. Did I take you home? You was wanting to. Did I take you home?
No, you left. I did leave. Okay. That’s my point. JUDGE KEITH:
And now, this is
all on the line. All of it. And I hope she knows
that she messed it up. To get to the
bottom of this, the court ordered
Miss Bodine to undergo
a polygraph examination. And we have those results. But, Miss Bodine, before we go to the results, is there anything that
you wanna tell
this court and Mr. Benning? That I love you
and I wanna
be together. I want to put this
behind us. I love you too. But if you’ve been cheating, I can’t put that behind me. You testified… BENNING: I’d put you behind me. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Miss Bodine, you testified that
since your daughter was born you have not had sex
with any other man. Is that what
you are telling this court? Is that what
you are telling this court? Have you had sex
with any other man
since your daughter was born? JUDGE KEITH:
Now is your time
to come clean. On our break,
yes, I have. JUDGE KEITH:
How many men? Two. (AUDIENCE GASPING) You know what,
wait a minute,
wait a minute. BENNING: What is a break? Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. BENNING: What is a break? Wait. Me too. You too. Yeah, ’cause I gotta have
some mama talk
up in here. You are playing word games. Own your mistakes,
stop saying, “I was
on a break.” You were with two men after you had a baby
with this man. Period. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Benning,
tell her how you feel. You’ve slept with
another guy while I was taking care
of our daughter. And I don’t wanna
have anything to do
with you anymore. Period. JUDGE KEITH: Miss Bodine, you hurt him
and you heard him. What do you have
to say to him? Wish your decision
was different but
I do love you. I can’t make my decision
any different. I can’t. Mr. Benning, Miss Bodine, you have this
beautiful baby together and she is the interest
you have to protect. To do that you have
to be respectful
of each other because this is not
about you, it’s about her. BENNING: It’s for sure. She’s the lady of my life
right now,
I’d do anything for her. With that, as we say
in this court room, everyone is entitled
to a healthy, happy
relationship. I wish you
the very best. Court is adjourned.


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