The most Overclockable and Fastest RTX 2060 – Asus ROG Strix Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 OC edition

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[Music] hey what’s up guys Winston here and today we’d be taking a look at the wait for it it’s the Zeus ROG Strix gaming geforce RTX 2060 why do they make their product named so long I’m gonna shorten it I’m gonna call it the Strix gaming r-tx 2060 that’s it so we already reviewed the GeForce r-tx 2060 from ZOTAC and MSI both cars performed really well with the zotac a little bit more in performance due to the overclocked GPU so what’s so different about the azuz ROG Strix gaming version well there’s the max contact technology which is Zeus claims to have extra service area for your GPU so it gives you extra cooling Zeus have included some RGB LED fans which are compatible with the aura sync the fans come with the wing blade design and you get triple fans and then there’s the dual BIOS which which allow users to configure that bouse profiles for quiet operation or performance mode you also get the GPU tweak to software which allow users to go clock the card even more to give you an extra performance boost but do be careful when overclocking any overclocking is done at your own risk this graphics card has an overclocked GPU of 1710 megahertz with a default clock rate of 30 95 if you run it in OC mode in gaming mode the boost clock is 1680 megahertz with a default clock rate of 13 85 like all GeForce r-tx 2060 it uses the same GDD r 6 ram with a memory speed of 14 gigabits per second it’ll be interesting to see how this car performs against other GeForce r-tx 2060 which we’ve tested in the past such as the ones from MSI and ZOTAC so let’s put this in our test system and see how it performs before that is – a quick unboxing we’ll see you later [Music] right so let’s do a quick unboxing this is the Zeus ROG Strix gaming LTX 2060 alright so we have a nice Strix logo right here in the box let’s see what’s inside we have an envelope here inside you’ll have the graphics driver on a disk with software then it’s the quick installation guide and that is it and here we have no cables but you got the velcro strap ROG velcro straps and then the graphic card that’s quite a big one Wow for the size of this car it’s a full length three fan beast you can see the wind blade fans right here this is the three fan cooling solution and then interestingly the the power supply connector right here is the PCIe there’s a six pin and also an eight pin so I’m guessing if you want to overclock your card you need the extra power and the GPU tweak to software allows you to do that alright then you have the GeForce r-tx logo right here and then there’s a couple of connectors at the back here I’m guessing this is the RGB as well for the or a sink all right you can see the nice backplate nice metal backplate right here should give you a nice support as well as the extra cooling the RGB and the ROG logo right here gives you the LED right there and looking at the heatsink is huge you can see that with the heat pipes and that gives you the max a solution from the Zeus all right okay four connectors you have interestingly two HDMI and to DisplayPort normally most of the graphics card the newer generation will have one HDMI and three DisplayPort this one has two DisplayPort and two HDMI and this is pretty much it oh one thing forget to say this is there’s a LED button right here on off so quick on/off solution for your LEDs and there’s also the BIOS the dual BIOS switch right here to give you the OC profiles and gaming mode as well so on top here is quite easily accessible and like some switches before they were at the back this ones in the front so when you have a graphics card slot it in you will have the easy access to your LED switch on/off and also your dual BIOS switch right there okay great this is the ROG Strix gaming geforce r-tx 2060 let’s put this in our test rig and build a system and we’ll see how it performs [Music] [Music] have to say the azuz ROG Strix gaming geforce r-tx 2060 is the real deal it’s one of the fastest RT x 2060 we’ve tested to date i mentioned earlier that the boost speed of 17 10 megahertz but in fact if you use a Zeus’s GPU to to software the default boost speed in gaming mode is actually set to 1800 megahertz and if you select OC mode the GPU will actually run at 1830 megahertz and I’m pretty sure that’s plenty of room further overclocking again be warned any of a clocking is done at your own risk as you can see from the benchmarks to produce an impressive score 3900 82 in 3d mark for trial easily beating the zotac r-tx 2060 while in final fantasy 15 we’ve got a high score of eight thousand two hundred and ninety again beating the result at r-tx 2016 full load the card reached a high of 56 degrees Celsius which is surprisingly low considering it’s running at gaming mode with an overclocked GPU of 1800 megahertz it’s clear that Zeus is aiming this card at the gaming enthusiasts and this is evident with the triple wing blade fans or GB LEDs max contact cooling solution as well as the dual BIOS switch which you can easily switch between performance and quite profiles for connectivity you have to DisplayPort and to HDMI which is more than enough for most gamers sadly though the r-tx 2060 do not support SLI so there’s no MV link connector to pretty simply the performance of the Zeus ROG Strix gaming geforce r-tx 2060 is truly astounding no other GeForce r-tx 2060 with testing can beat it you can check out the full review on our website the links are in the description down below and there you have it this is the Zeus ROG Strix gaming geforce r-tx 2060 in graphics card that offers or a sync RGB LEDs do a power switch and an overclocked GPU hope you enjoy this video give us a like leave a comment down below don’t forget you can actually buy this via the Amazon links in the description and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel you can also visit our website for more news reviews and power tips until next time this is Winston for funky calm [Music]


19 Replies to “The most Overclockable and Fastest RTX 2060 – Asus ROG Strix Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 OC edition”

  1. Km Mm says:

    Beautiful card but they cost almost as much as a RTX 2070 here is USA.

  2. Riley Keehr says:

    Wow, you gave the wrong specs for this card in just about every spec that you "quoted", even on your website written review…. You are reviewing the 06G model, like it says on the box and on the sticker on the backplate that you never took the protective plastic off of. 1710 Boost clock is actually 1860, 1680 clock in gaming mode is actually 1830. You were testing it in quiet bios instead of performance bios when comparing to other cards

    "Although the default boost speed is clearly stated on Asus’s website as 1710 MHz, surprisingly the card’s actual default boost speed is set to 1800 MHz in gaming mode." — From your article, this is for a different model, you even linked the correct 06G model in your amazon link lol.

  3. Andrheiz says:

    Hi, could you make a comparison between the Zotac 2060 (AMP & NO AMP) VS MSI VENTUS? I think it would help us to know which one to go buying

  4. LAX PLAY Action Gameplays says:

    Excelent video

  5. bigmike1166 says:

    That would be a great edition to build working on for grandson…his first pc !!

  6. Ninja boogie says:

    I really want to have this Mid-tier card of RTX series. I easily content to the things in low.

  7. Omran Gheddah says:

    I want this card

  8. Limas Ema says:

    Hi i have a card like this rtx2060, the core clock specs are 1365Mhz and a boost to 1830/60mhz but wen i am using it the clock goes to 2025mhz, is it normal? I use the gaming mode not the OC… The rest its normal like the memory speed etc…

  9. luckyluke 282 says:

    I love how they add rgb lights 👍

  10. TrustN Sutisna says:

    continue to contribute to technology in the future.

  11. Rodrigo Canon says:

    super great brand

  12. ZoeticFire says:

    Just picked one up!

  13. Klaus Popp says:

    wow, great Video the GPU have a clock speed of 1830 MHz (default boost speed is 1680 MHz),very cool

  14. виктор григоренко says:


  15. nase nani says:


  16. himanshu kumar says:

    1830 MHz speedy

  17. S. Bach says:

    Not the fastest RTX. But asus make really really good cards.

  18. S. Bach says:

    Will you test the RTX 2060 Aorus extreme. I think the Aorus beat every other 2060

  19. ifyum says:

    Wtf? 1840mhz i am and you 1830mhz? O.o

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