The Funniest Picture Day Photos (Teachers And Students)

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You Guys Remember Mr. Smith From Middle School? You know that teacher? He always hated that um… What’s his name? He hated Mr.Rogers! They never got along AND HERE THEY ARE, there they go. Mr.Smith is choking Mr.Rogers C’mon Mr.Smith Stop it, Mr.Smith You can’t choke another teacher bad please you’re going to have mercy on mr. Smith I don’t want to go to jail women what are you doing mr. Rogers kind of you know I’m totally kidding right these are just funny yearbook photos let me rephrase that these are you funniest yearbook photos and that’s what we’re going to be looking at today today we’re looking at a hilarious picture day photos and a lot of these are actually teachers like this one thing about how creative us would be to come up with that where the teacher has like a mutual agreement hey you want to make an epic pictured a photo I mean it’s better than any regular old boring ass photo yeah I’m down all right so I’m just basically gonna pretend to choke you and I all I got a teacher on the right is not even going to suspect a thing until she looked at the yearbook photo once she looks at the yearbook photo that’s what she’s going to see it you didn’t like these guys they ruined my yearbook picture look how happy I looked at my yearbook photo and they ruined it these to jerk off ruined my gosh down anyways guys you’re watching reaction time without further ado let’s jump right in these photos let’s look at the morning Larry stick it in close all right let’s do this another classic you know the whole teachers looking at each other through the yearbook and their mom or what stop giving how’s it going Jimmy looking good today they’ve all got every time it’s the tie isn’t it oh yeah definitely pie that what you get here no I got that at the council no gap I don’t even know yeah that’s I ninth grade you’re innocent you just started going to high school you think it’d be the hardest years of your life I mean still you heard when I went to high school I was very scared I know what to be expected I know what was expected so this kid as you can tell he’s frightened you can tell on his face he has a little fake smile like me i had my yearbook photo in 9th grade it was a little fake smile then you get into great n you kind of get the vibe of this whole high school thing you get the vibe of how high school is going to be and you’re a little more comfortable then you get to grade 11 oh my god what’s the fro chill out all right great a lot of babies when you have your true homie that’s when we start going to parties maybe talk to go for the first time and there he is zesto that’s the face of a man that talks to a girl the first time yes a real girl and holy shit oh my god another photo from the side for one full bizarre so you transform look at the transformation it’s amazing I just senior you like I’m done with high school the worst 13 years of my life guys I’m not not just high school high school four years obviously we’re talking about middle school and elementary school terrible 13 years 13 years of school and I’m finally done but wait till you get to college I think I explode inside my love here’s the yearbook photo a very interesting and drove it says anal it says hey you guys saw that well apparently I’m just a little freaked because it doesn’t say anal it says Canada you pervert what is wrong with you it’s Canada there’s not anal just because the jacket is covering up some of the letters doesn’t mean this girl like panels okay no but seriously I mean who doesn’t love Canada apparently they’d invented a Hawaiian pizza as you guys saw from a few videos back Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada oh I’m done with it my life is a long you love hockey that’s a great sport am i right everyone loves Canada I mean this girl off Canada as much as she loves anal we got hit they need a special education teacher she looks very friendly then we got Linda English to Carol Carol kind of Chicago creeping me out anyways we got Julie also kind of creeping me out and then we got Phyllis I like Phyllis there and we got bread Sandman we are family owned freakin bad man in the year Bob what are you doing there Batman Batman is just chilling around you know we all 6 photos and he’s just I’m Batman you guys knew what his personation was coming it has to come on Batman I really want Brandon is my English one teacher this guy looks like he would be able to did teacher it’s a type of teacher you can call by his first name those are the cool teacher you want call mr. you won’t call him teacher he would call him hey yo my boy be good and it Magic Man Batman that bed alright catch you later mr. B oh she I still say mr. damage Jack Josh and Kimberly are exploring the ocean guys this is a yearbook photo this is not finding nemo okay stop playing with the octopus you’re supposed to eat it you got to put the Polish kidding wednesday team was I can’t even realize this wasn’t sure I want to see what kind of teams are on Team oceanology it’s not even a thing this is oceanology a thing o Lord buddies one is the one on the left he just creeping in he’s like so moving down Joshua looks like he’s on scratch Kimberly I don’t know what he’s looking at she’s playing with an officer he’s a play with a tentacled guy she’s freaky she is freaky Kim hit me up please in a whole yearbook photo you can tell which guys and we’re the best friend for example these guys you know these were the high platform that everyone actually loved they’re the ones that would make you laugh in class but they’re always destructive claws these are the guys that would take fart jokes in the middle of a lecture in math but they’re also the same guy that would get kicked out for taking their pants off I don’t know what I was doing in high school no but these guys these guys legit I wish I had a friendship like that we’re wheeler dick coordinate what are your book photos going to look like and make it interesting make it seem like we’re looking at a river and having our last names so close to each other that would be so cool if out a friend that has a very similar last name so he could be right next to me in the year look and you wanted something cool yeah let’s pretend like you slap me sorry that’s a cool yearbook photo that’s a rememberable yearbook photo don’t be difficult don’t mean the standards yeah so ordinary okay nollie Kate and Stephanie there they’re pretty ordinary all right this one’s my favorite is the just ain’t no club run by mister Henning the just a no club apparently or the club literally with them just say no what I don’t know what it stands for really maybe for drugs just say no but that would make sense and then there’s a kid with a shirt saying yes thanks this is the type of troll you lie in your club but it’s hilarious guys welcome to the just say no Club today we’re taking a yearbook photo let’s take it all right let me put on the share first jeez and it says yes the just say no Club a kid is wearing yes i like i like it too I want dot guy that guy needs to be right here we need to have them on the show bring him on bring them all we got Alexander with his yearbook quote some people especially teen years they get a yearbook quote at the end of the year a very memorable quote that you always remember for it for the rest of your life than your yearbook photo he said yesterday hit three tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s cause cause the president that was very emotional very touching I like it then we got Joseph I love me a good pancake hot damn joke son they’re really nice Terry mr. Bernstein is it really necessary imagine getting fired over something like this that would be the worst principal in the world all right kids for the yearbook slow this year the theme is we want to see what you want to be when you grow up we got Katherine she wants to be a writer that’s a very juicy one we got Sonia she wants to be a college professor Sonia a good job it’s not easy to teach college and then we got Andy you want to sell through a busy intersection here’s the next one were you looking at bro you’re looking at me how many years have you been teaching Jesus Christ the guy taught for freaking 40 years which is 40 photos guys been peeking from 40 years eat elected he is the legend you gotta love the stache the stache is what makes it great hasn’t shaved it in 40 years the new segment oh my god there’s a full dedicated space for people with the Laughing new year is it ready nuyen some people send me going there’s three ways to pronounce this name and no one really knows the correct way good bean win new Ian and going yeah if I wanted to win another person say is it going and then my other friends would say knew you and I complete I lied okay I lied about I don’t have any friends you guys going to wrap it up thank you so much for watching this video on dhalsim hilarious picture day photos I hope you guys enjoyed it you guys know any more make sure to please allow me the links to my Twitter is going to be down below if you are you go to the original article to look at some more of these these are actually pretty funny and I like them I think I’ve all of them I definitely like gay this gay Perez he has a funniest school ID photos I mean you can see how people involved from grade 9 to 12 it’s amazing Bob without being said guys make sure to go click onto the video click that circle to subscribe if you’re new to the channel i’ll really appreciate and hope I see you guys soon on another episode of reaction time until then however gray one and Pete dollars


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    When ur teacher is all nice in the beginning of the year and in the end of the year they are all rude

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    Nguyen ia pronounced "when" my 3rd grade teacher had that last name and that is how she pronounced it never liked her my parents didn't either she was mean

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    the girls on the last thing if you put their quotes together it says, "we know what you are thinking, we are not related." lol

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    I love the commitment of the teacher that’s been taking the same pic for 40 years. I mean can we give him a round of applause for teaching for that long? And then then just imagine the discipline it would take to have the same haircut, facial hair, and outfit every year for picture day for 40 years. I just think that’s awesome.

  66. Heather McFarland says:

    I have a few friends with the last name Nguyen. 2 pronounce it like Nu-win with a silent G, 2 pronounce it like N-win with a G, and the other 3 pronounce it like Win with a silent NG. But it’s all spelled the same. It just depends on where you’re from. But I feel bad for them because our teachers never pronounce it right and they always think they are related.

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