The Flintstones VPX Visual Pinball 10 Table (first look work in progress)

July 27, 2019 posted by

so it gives it a surprise that came into my mailbox today this is the brand-new Flintstones visual pinball 10 table that is currently work in progress as a contributor to the projects I've been kind enough to be offered the ability to test the table it's an alpha stage at the moment so caram running for the DMD and play field game appears to be absolutely fine it's really beautiful it's a yeah it's an amazing table absolutely amazing table as I say still still work your progress and but I'll show you a little bit of game playing with you a bit of close up here at play fields as a person gets the music detail my 3d object there and the gang back the darkness ahead the plastic tear just the detail you see the light shine your for plastic it's just a it's a mind-blowing Lee excellent 3d like you Rison so other state this is the table who still work your progress hopefully the going through developing it no credit in the video below will be raising us to a visual pinwheel committee and I'm sure it'd be available on any number of the free the visual pin will download sites envied people calm VP forums VP universe all the tables are free so I'm sure we're very very soon yeah very very please look at it stable and have early access you absolutely I thought well done guys superb

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