The Crew 2 – Gameplay #1 (PC)

July 27, 2019 posted by


21 Replies to “The Crew 2 – Gameplay #1 (PC)”

  1. Mr. cop says:

    crew 2 + gta 5 = the best game ever

  2. Agera R says:

    Im new to this game how do you change the camera angle on PS4

  3. Dion Zaki says:

    I like it

  4. cool gamer says:

    i love the crw 2

  5. Cesniper says:

    can you like just drive around in this game, without having to do any specific mision?

  6. Lollipop Games says:

    The Crew 2 = like

    Forza Horizon = comment

  7. Dawn Bennett says:

    Well god damn they down graded the graphics I hope they revamp it and have it like this

  8. Zoila Garcia says:

    Que chido

  9. 알리알리셩 says:

    Holy shiiiiit

  10. Sapienz says:

    conteudo manero cumpadi

  11. Count Dracula says:


  12. TheSkyDestroyer says:

    Better Than gta v

  13. ola kede says:

    OH god here comes the Forza Fanboys

  14. 라면보다우동 says:

    this is in game graphic?

  15. Monish Avvaru says:

    anyone in march 2019

  16. Brandon Thomas99 says:

    More realistic on PC then ps4

  17. Shibaaa says:

    looks terrible

  18. VisInvis says:

    Transforming into a plane like that just kills the immersion. Can anyone please recommend a fun racing game with a little bit of realism?

  19. Док says:

    That wasn't pc

  20. cosmic byte says:

    This graphics look like Spiderman ps4

  21. Arman Javed says:

    Wish the game actually looked like this…

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