The Concept of "The Best Guess" In UX Design

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15 Replies to “The Concept of "The Best Guess" In UX Design”

  1. Javier Cabrera says:

    lol politician is a bad example, they are all bought out by big corps

  2. Ervin McMillan says:


    Excellent advice my friend.

  3. Sonika Singh says:

    Hey Mike, You talk very logical in terms of UX Designs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  4. Vanessa Clifton says:

    Hi I just wrote you in the contact box on your personal website. Is that current or is there another email/way you can be reached? Thanks so much!!


  5. MORDEKAIZ says:

    So basacally you position yourself with a base ? then go from there, right?

  6. Nalley A. says:

    Mike i personally miss your tutorial, it lots of your precious time, i wish i could build a custom ecom site, my major challenge is product integration in terms of forms etc!

  7. brittany smith says:

    Hey Mike, I noticed you havn't been posting much to your membership site. I was wondering if you're going to be adding tutorials on other softwares? Like Adobe Illustrator specifically. Would definitely pay the extra bucks to learn from you. Love your teaching style. And really love and appreciate your words of wisdom!

  8. Believe in Yourself says:

    Thank you for sharing all the important information about being a better UI/UX designer.

  9. Kevin Lee says:

    Really appreciate this video, thank you ^^

  10. HSNYC says:

    I really enjoy these real talks Mike. Great value here. Thank you.

  11. Pranshu Mahajan says:

    sir …where can i learn animation as a ui designer??

  12. Stefan Popadić says:

    What you think about that to make video about you.How you start with design, all your life career explain in 10 min.. What is the first job what you get, what is first big job what you get, show us your first design work, and show us your last work and compare them .What books you read to improve your ability etc.. I think that's will be very interested video and we will use it for our personal motivation.

  13. busyrand says:

    I really appreciate the content. You are the main person who originally gave me the clarity to enter Web Development, and I'm happy that I found this at such an important time. Thanks for all you share.

  14. crarls27 says:

    Yes! I talk about this with my ux students but didn't really have a 'term' for it. Stealing this, thanks Mike!

  15. Kesten Sinclair says:

    Great info

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