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we've learned anything about Nintendo it's not there games have convoluted timelines I'm looking at you Legend of Zelda this time we're delving into lore of Fire Emblem so there's no definitive Fire Emblem timeline but just so you know fire emblems Young Dro Arcania and Valencia are within the same world even though it's hard to pin down exact dates before starting know that there hasn't been an official Fire Emblem timeline released and we also can't fit everything into this timeline but we are hitting most of the big points three of the games in this timeline have never received official English localization either so some things might get a little wild and I apologize in advance for the pronunciation of some of the names I swear trying my best here and if you appreciate me tackling this wacky timeline hey consider subscribing minus 4,000 here be dragons we're going to base all dates on the Arcana in calendar at around the Year minus 4,000 we see that our canary is inhabited by dragons and no they're not your typical dragons that you know sleep on piles of gold and eat sheep we're talking about a society of dragons that have some sort of social hierarchy there are different types of dragons but the de facto leaders are the divine dragons among them is Naga a legendary figure in Fire Emblem and the Dragons leader for thousands of years things seem to be fine and that's quite a long time to have normalcy – one thousand dragons begun 3,000 years later still well before any Fire Emblem game we see that things aren't going too well for the Dragons for some reason be it a disease or potent magic dragons fall ill – stuff like madness and infertility that my friends is not something you want to mess around with trust me and as a result we see the first of the manic eats manic eats kind of look like humans – there you know pointed ear they're basically dragons turned human but with the aid of a dragon stone they can temporarily turn back into a powerful dragon form this seems to be the only way for the Dragons to remain alive or you know at least stay sane but still some of these dragons didn't turn into manic eats and so what mad that's why players usually end up killing a dragon of some sort at the end of these games in the timeline – 500 Naga dies Tiki lives from here the Dragons have an all-out war I'm you know simplifying of course we don't really have time to get into the nitty-gritty of the dragon war Naga dies for some reason and before that she creates falchion a sword for humans to use against dragons like the ones she fought in the war you know the frenzied ones around this time she also had a daughter named Tiki but at this point she's just a baby although in Dragon years she's probably a lot older than most humans could ever think of living – anyway Nagas fears that Tiki is so powerful that she could destroy everything if she went mad like the other dragons so she basically puts Tiki in a kind of dragon cryostasis it'll be quite some time until we see Tiki again but don't worry she'll make her return eventually – 4:23 the genealogy of the holy war finally we're talking about her first game and the first game in the timeline is genealogy of the holy war you know the fourth game in the series and one that's only available in Japan hey Nintendo you want to get on localizing that please now this game is split into two generations and we begin with Sigrid's story Sigurd is a royal of granville in the continent of yolk drove and as things usually go this period in fire emblems history starts with an invasion our young hero Sigurd takes up arms with his fellow soldiers Grandville is fighting a war against isaac another Kingdom in Young Dro hey you know it's just what kingdoms do they love to go to war with each other now while these two kingdoms fight the kingdom of Verdean decides to mix things up and attack the vulnerable Granville even though they were allies as Verdean is invading young be one of Granville's territories sigrid swoops in with his forces to protect youngbae once he does an all-out war ensues and he isn't going to let burdine get away with their betrayal the even kidnapped princess a dame Sigrid gets promoted to a holy night and with newfound purpose continues his war into Verdean Sigurd and his group of soldiers including Finn Arden and Kwan go forth along the way Sigrid meets a white-haired woman named Dara his future wife sounds like good news for Sigrid but things are gonna take a turn for the worse eventually – for 21 Salif is born Sigrid and Dara have their blue haired son selleth around this time other members of the army fall in love and have children laying the groundwork for a second generation genealogy of the holy war was the first game in the Fire Emblem series to introduce children of Units and believe me when I say that it's important that you raised right there is a right way and a wrong way to have children in this game I can't believe I just said that but here we go – 419 war wages on over the next two years Sigurd in the gang have kids fight against armies and get embroiled in rebellions and civil wars – oh and Sigrid's wife is kidnapped and gets her mind wiped clean and this time Granville even defeats Isaac still bad things are on the way at some point members of Sigrid's army seperate for war effort related reasons during one of their battles clone and Ethel in as well as the rest of their group are ambushed and killed bad news for Sigurd and definitely a sign of things to come and know this didn't occur in gameplay so they're gonna die no matter what the player does Sigurd and the surviving gang are on their way back to Granville to meet with a Duke named Arthas to keep things short Sigurd and his father Byron are wrongfully pinned as the murderers of an important Prince of Granville and meanwhile Arthas is being blackmailed by a nefarious dragon worshiping lapkus cult which knew he had an inferior bloodline and would challenge his legitimacy so he labels Sigurd and by earnest trainers when sigrid returns Arvest betrays him and sets Sigurd and the rest of his well your army aflame killing them all the children and Finn are the only ones to survive this massacre in Valhalla and that's just the first half of the game you know we're not even done yet – 404 Thrace es 776 but before the second generation of genealogy Fire Emblem 5 takes place like genealogy Thrace eeeh 776 is a Japanese only title it stars Lord lief the son of Sigrid's old comrades the lake Quan and f1 leaf is the heir to man stir a republic under enemy occupation see he spent most of his childhood on the run from the Arvest controlled Granville who now controls that entire region leave successfully leads a liberation war for Asia slang the nefarious raid rake in the process eventually lief becomes the king of Thrace eeeh although we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves remember selleth Sigurd son see he's grown up too and young droll is still at war – 403 generation to sell if now leads an army comprised of the kids of cigarettes all crew along with some new faces as well his goal is to liberate his country from the cruel grasp Parviz at this point Arvest and Deirdre have twins named Julius and Julia totally original naming right well julius goes on to kill his mother probably for the naming thing anyway in the same year so and leave help each other out in their own Wars but Seles main task is to liberate Granville his next objective is to put an end to the Loftus cult which has been pulling the strings from the start see they worship Loftus a dragon from the times of Naga and Tiki and you know he's one of the bad ones the power of this dragon flows through Julius but with Julia's help sell if and his army managed to end it all by slaying him I guess you could say it's a happy ending see Salif is ruler of the now liberated country and lief becomes the ruler of Thrace yet hopefully these two friends can assure that there's no more fighting 602 Shadow Dragon hundreds of years pass and now we're on a different continent our Kanaya this is where Prince Mars of all Tiye lives you know the one we all know from Super Smash Brothers Prince Marth young and still in training sees his country invaded by gras and fleas at the request of a sister Elise with the help of Jagan and other alteon soldiers Marthe successfully flees and spend several years in the ally nation of Tallis 6:05 back to war two or three years later Martha's grown more experienced the island of Tallis eventually gets invaded by pirates yarr and this marks the beginning of Mars journey to retake his country of Altea he is joined by Tallis princess Sita and recruits many more soldiers by now you know the drill Marthe commands an army and retakes castles and defeats enemies they save Nina the princes of Archaea and she grants Martha fire emblem which gameplay-wise can open up chests with powerful artifacts inside in their battles they fight mana Keats led by metias who is a dragon for thousands of years back these mannequins become quite a problem but could be easily slain with fashion the weapon used to defeat many as years ago see Mars father Cornelius once wielded the falchion and now Mars has to retrieve it if he has any hopes of winning Garnett is the one who has fashioned and he is as ugly as he is evil he was in cahoots with medius and his mana Keats too and he kidnapped my sister after Tiki wakes up Garnett captures her and brainwashes her to fight wanna see Mars spares her and spend some time with the truth bond to her carer takes her away some time later eventually garde F is killed by one of Mars mage allies with a special tome and Martha choose both Falcon and his kidnapped sister a year later in 605 Martha puts an end to Matthias his literal madness and slicin ending the war you know for time 606 shadows of Valencia roughly a year or so after Mars Victorine are coneja we see turmoil and yet another continent in the Fire Emblem universe this time we're in Valencia which is separated from archaea by a body of water in Valencia there are two countries called réguel and Zofia Rogalla is situated in the north meanwhile Sophia is to the south they were founded by the Dragons Duma and Milla King Lima of Zofia was betrayed by his advisor to sy who colluded with Rogalla to stage a rebellion and so war erupted again a pocket of resistance fighters called the deliverance rose up to reclaim their usurped kingdom from decides treachery so where do our two protagonists play into this Alma and Selleck are childhood friends that live in RAM village Celica was eventually taken to an island monastery devoted to Milla while all remained a humble boy in the village he was raised by Meissen an old knight now grown up all joined the deliverance after they come to his village looking for new recruits at the same time Celica departs from the monastery seeking millas aid for failing crops two protagonists go on two different journeys but they're destined to reunite all quickly becomes the leader of the resistance like a true badass Celica and our companions fight pirates and zombies on our way to Sophia's castle yes there are zombies and other undead enemies but don't cross your fingers about using your fallen teammates they unfortunately stay dead almond Celica eventually meet at Sophia's castle but they're conflicted she doesn't want to take over r-e go and slay King Rudolph omens like nah it wants to go anyway Celica leaves him on bitter terms but she's gonna go to Miller's temple either way along the way Celica encounters the white winged sisters named Paula cat Rhea and asked three Pegasus Knights who fought with Martha is war a year prior s gets kidnapped by some pirates somehow and the others go to rescue her all makes it to Rudolph slaying the Kings forces he even eventually kills Rudolph himself it's a bittersweet victory turns out that Rudolph is ALMS father and not the true bad guy after all Duma a dragon was going mad you know as they do it was foretold that almond Celica who wore special marks on their hands would be the ones to end Yuma's madness and unify all of Valencia Rudolf had planned for this unification from the very beginning meanwhile Celica makes it to the temple and finds that Milla is gone and is actually at Duma tower Milla is already dead though slain by foul Shing oh yeah by the way there's actually two factions this one is in Valencia in this tower Jeddah a pre of Douma and a man as ugly and evil as Garr Neff threatens the lives of Celicas friends he forces her to go with him and traps her into prison under Douma tower I'll eventually find Celica but her mind is corrupted Milla who is probably more of a ghost than a dragon at this point compels all to take fashion out of the dragon's corpse and kill Celica millas last remaining power is used to bring Celica back to life and free her of the mind control their last task is to kill Duma and end this madness once and for all and Hey our heroes succeed and we get another happy ending almond Celica marry and unify the country fulfilling Rudolph's wishes and establishing long lasting peace 607 new mystery of the emblem we turn our eyes back to Marth and Arcania two years after his victory over metias Mars old ally Hardin is the king of Archaea and decides to spoil all their good relations he orders Marth to invade crust but Martha's like no way man and so Hardin labels Martha traitor just like what happened to her old friend Sigurd hundreds of years ago as it turns out Garr Neff who should have stayed dead is back he corrupted Hardin and made him all you know angry and evil medias yeah he's back to revive by Carnap so we've got another big war on our hands once again it's up to Marth and his new friend Chris to fight and save the world who's Chris well that's up to you the player Chris is your own avatar think of them kind of like the player character from Fire Emblem awakening with the help of old allies like Tiki and the white wings Marth kills all three of our bad dudes Marth and Sheeta Mary and he goes down in history as the hero King this time he rules over archaea while Hardin sets Six Feet Under 2609 awakening 2000 years later and not much has changed technologically seriously it's been two millennia and people are still clinking and clanking of swords together you'd think with all the wars somebody would have figured out how to make gunpowder at least the political climate is different archaea is now called Elise and one of his countries is called the least – kind of like an you know Australia situation Elise is ruled by Mars descendants exalt Emran Crom and Lissa across the sea is Valencia renamed Vaughn after all from shadows of Valencia almond Celicas descendant wall heart runs things over there the game starts with kromm leading the shepherds a group of soldiers who protect Elise one day they find a mysterious person named Robin this is the players character Robin has no memory but quickly becomes a valuable asset to the group as tactician around this time some spooky zombie guys called the risen start attacking Elise they're part of the army of the grimly Oh another nefarious cult that worships another evil dragon Grima at one point a mysterious masked person named marf appears to fight against the risen with the shepherds the neighboring kingdom of play gaya starts a war with Elise in order to gain the Fire Emblem which has remained in the possession of Marth's descendants since he saved the day way back when the fire emblems power would be a threat to Grima of course things don't go as planned and the king of plague is killed but not before kidnapping and causing the death of exile Emran still the war is far from over about two years later while Hart starts a campaign to conquer the continent of Elise now they need to fight the descendants of all great so the Shepherd's succeed and kill wall heart with the help of neighboring Kingdom regna ferox and mask mark the team learns that barth is actually kromm's daughter we've seen it she was born about a year prior but she's traveled back from the future to stop what happened in her timeline so you know the death of pretty much everyone at the hands of Grima and the Grimm wheel the only survivors were the children of kromm's army and she wants to prevent this future she's basically the trunks of Fire Emblem you know sword and all at some point on their journey they meet Tiki she's still kicking but she looks like she's only about 20 years old and not 2000 would it be nice to be a dragon she says the only way to stop the grimly ol is to remake the Fire Emblem with five spheres there are two choices for the player to end the game with but I'd like to think that the real one is where Robin sacrifices themselves to actually kill Grima in the other ending chrome seals Grimaud way but the seal only lasts for a thousand years kind of you know feels like you're just sweeping the problem under the rug Robin even comes back after sacrificing themselves so it's all good and if Grima comes back in three houses then hey we'll know which ending is canon three houses might just be on a whole different timeline altogether that would take the count up to four different timelines in the Fire Emblem series and let me know if you want me to cover any of the other ones I know the Laura can be really tough to pin down but I love Fire Emblem all the same it's just a game but it's got some of the heaviest lure out there and from indie to triple-a we love the games you play I've been your host Marcus and if you want to boost your affinity with us subscribe to the leader board that way we'll both be stronger


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    Hope you all enjoy the video, are you excited for Three Houses? Also, what would you like us to see us do a timeline on next? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Worth noting that in Awakening free DLC, you can recruit Priam, a descendant of Ike from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, suggesting those games are on the same timeline as well

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    Forgot to add how Fates ties in with the story

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    Wallart isn't a confirmed descendant of Alm and Cilica by the way, also you skipped all the backstory for all of the games. (I realize this is so things don't get EXTREMELY confusing but that's like half of the plot)

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    YES!!! This was great! I’d love to see you do the other timelines!

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    My thing is, I call into question that Fates even happened in the main timeline of Archanaea. If you'd recall in the DLC, Chrom mentions that basically Corrin's kingdom are mythical, passed down in stories. Perhaps they're merely an observing nation, but the fact that the Fire Emblem was made into a sword, and the stones were engraved into weapons given to the two kingdoms. (Xander, Leo, Ryoma, and Takumi's weapons.) I… sincerely doubt that the emblem was just melted down.

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    I need to play the older Fire Emblem games tbh

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    in a fates dlc, chrom mentions that the kingdoms of hoshido and nohr are “mythical,” meaning they could be one of two things: a fictional myth entirely, like atlantis, about a water dragon going mad & his child being the only one to save the two kingdoms; or an actual thing that happened long before jugdral, and it was just two kingdoms that tore each other apart. even though corrin & their army enter ylisse through an alternate dimension portal (bc that sort of thing apparently grows on trees, so to speak; they have a different world for each child available in the game, after all), chrom hints that the events of fates could have theoretically happened in this timeline as well. so that’s interesting!

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    Okay, I think I understand enough to play Three Houses. Crazy dragons, falchions which aren't really falchions, nine or ten different countries. I assume the fire emblem is the triforce but…less awesome.

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    The only thing I knew was Marth and Lucina..

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    Also forgot to mention the connection between Awakening and Fates. There's three characters in the Nohrian army who are the children of characters from Awakening. Not entirely sure what they're doing there, but they do mention some kind of mission they're on in support conversations with one another.

  26. Agent JC says:

    Hold up, in the before awakening dlc of Fire Emblem fates, if you speak to Chrom, he seems to know of Hoshido and Nohr, and call them the mythical kingdoms. Apparently, almost everyone in Ylisse knows. Since pretty much everyone in Ylisse knows of the kingdoms, then wouldn't Fates be apart of the timeline?

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    Nice rundown of the timeline, I guess the main timeline anyway. There are two small things to point out: 1) Grima actually makes an appearance in Act 6 of Shadows of Valentia if you make it to the end of post-game chapter. It's a nice little easter egg knowing Grima existed while Chrom/Lucina's ancestors were fighting their own battles. 2) I don't think it's ever been fully clarified how, but Ike's descendant Priam is an additional character in Awakening and he carries Ike's sword Ragnell. At the very least he's travelled from another world to Ylisse; at most Ike's home Tellius exists in the same world as Marth's and Chrom's. Then there are the Fates crossovers…this series is more interwoven than you'd think.

  36. Tincho Sabala says:

    You know what I would like in Fire Emblem? Something that explains what it is, and why is it present on every timeline and continent.
    Maybe in Three Houses they can expand a bit more about it, because, honestly, the Fire Emblem doesn’t matter at all for anyone, except in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, but that’s because it opens chests.
    I don’t necessarily want it to have more of an impact in the game, just that if they would explain more what it is, that would be great.

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    If Awakening is in a different timeline to Fates, how does Chrom know about Hoshido and Nohr?

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    Small nitpick. Walhart is not descended from Alm and Celica or at least it is never stated or implied.

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