The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU – How Good Is It?

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here so this is a video on the Mx 150, the new laptop GPU from Nvidia and There’s a little bit confusion with this chip because the naming system isn’t normal the whole Mx and then number isn’t something they’ve done before in the past so I thought I would do a little video that kind of talks about the GPU This is a Laptop GPU that was derived from the same chip as the desktop GT 1030, but it’s surprisingly faster Which is weird right because this is the laptop version, so a few days ago I did a video on this thing the acer aspire 5 and I showcase some games playing at 1080p on high graphics settings and a lot of people were interested in this thing But they wanted to see other games at other resolutions other graphics settings So I thought I’d just kind of spend some time in the weekend played a ton of games I have some more data lightweight titles are handled easily on this GPU so shooters mobas, whatever you want you’ll comfortably be able to hit 60 frames per second at 1080p on Ultra Graphics even something like Diablo 3 which can get Graphically intense will float above 70 frames per second with overwatch at 1080p I had to drop it to high settings to keep good frame rates, but it still looks really good Games that are more demanding. You’ll have to drop it to medium settings at 1080p To stay close to sixty frames per second and remember you always have the option of lowering your resolution to keep your framerate up But let’s step back for a moment a lot of these games are triple-a titles these are Flagship games are often used to benchmarks high-end desktop graphics and now a six hundred dollar laptop Can play a lot of them at 60 frames per second that’s crazy The thing that this thing replaced like the GPU that this thing replaced is called the 940 Mx and that thing could not handle most of these games at 1080p This is really cool. There are limitations though the Heaviest Games like witcher 3 and Gta 5 they can still run but you have to put it the lowest resolution And graphic settings just to keep up smooth frame rates So yeah, if you’re only going to be playing these ultra demanding games Then you’re going to need a better GPU something like PUBG dusting is not a well optimised game So you’ll need to lower the resolution and graphics settings to make it smooth Overall I’m really impressed with the Mx 150. It’s a lower-end GPU that’s designed to fit into the whole mid tier laptop segment But the performance is surprisingly good. It really is twice as good as a 940 Mx. That’s replacing It’s kind of in-between the 950 m and 960 m from last year but it’s not as good as the GTX 1050 and I’m not saying this is the greatest GPU ever but these $600 mid-tier laptops are very capable for gaming. Now I want to mention a few other things first the CPU and GPU Combination that you see in this thing is actually pretty common for this particular GPU so it’s a 7200U It’s a Kaby lake CPU and the Mx 150 and when you look at the internals you’ll often see a single heat pipe and at First you might think oh my God This is terrible a single heat pipe for both components But remember this is a 15, watt CPU a lot of gaming laptops have quad-Core 45 Watt CPU that just produce a lot more heat so the thermal management on this thing is actually very sufficient Another thing if you’ll notice I don’t have an FPS counter in any of my game footage And if you’re wondering why it’s because this CPU isn’t great for recording while playing games the moment I start recording the frame rates drop a good seven to ten frames per second And I didn’t want to have you know inaccurate frame rates reading up at the top So you’ll have to refer the graphs for performance, but if you’re looking to pick up this laptop to stream It’s not a good idea And the last thing I want to mention is that this thing does not have shadow play so in the menu There’s often this feature by Nvidia that allows you to record gameplay While you’re playing that feature seems to be disabled on the Mx 150. I don’t think it’s specific to this laptop I think it’s across all the Mx 150 laptops, but yeah, it’s missing. Okay, so that’s it for this video Hope it cleared some things up some of you liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time


100 Replies to “The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU – How Good Is It?”

  1. Dave Lee says:

    I really like this GPU. Awesome performance for the TDP and Price. Thanks for the support 2d fam!

  2. Seef Kröy says:

    If I just wanna be able to run Civ 6 as well as some indie games or older games like TF2, do you think I’d be fine with integrated HD620 or would I need the mx150 which is pricey in Canada?

  3. Anirudha Sagar says:

    how is mx130?

  4. Devil the only knight says:

    Can this laptop support 1080p video editing

  5. be b says:

    What CPU is it paired with?

  6. Hilal Pawar says:

    can it run fortnite if yes how much fps?

  7. Achrefh jr says:

    Plz guys witch bis better gtx 950m 4gb ddr5 +i5 7200u or MX 150 +i5 8250u??

  8. Radu 111 says:

    I have the same laptop but the performance is weaker like cs go on ultra runs at 80.
    And other games are weaker.
    Can you respond and and say why?

  9. MYT MIC says:

    Overuse of the word "thing"

  10. bittu gupta says:

    Is it good for running unity 3d or unreal engine

  11. dart furry says:

    Get the HP insperion which is only a few dollars more but has a 1050.

  12. Deepinder Singh says:

    how about fortnite of course

  13. Robi Andacs says:

    Gtx 950m is better than mx150

  14. xXL1AM B3A5TXx says:

    I own this laptop

  15. Umut Ozcan says:

    Which is better 950m. Or mx150. ??

  16. Charsept says:

    Surprisingly strong!

  17. Bryan James Edulian says:

    Is this good for editing videos reaching the quality of 1080p-60fps??

  18. Yuvraj Pal Chowdhury says:

    Will a single heat pipe be sufficient for a quad core i5 8th gen cpu?

  19. Daniel Dougan says:

    What about editing performance in Premiere?

  20. AsN sR says:

    Dude I'm confused…? In the review of the acer aspire 5 video he showed graphics card score and the MX150 was better in performance than the GTX 1050…! But in this video it is not the case…?! Can someone help please?

  21. ankit anand says:


  22. mohammed shibili says:

    Hey Dave
    Can you explain whether it is good for CAD and 3D rendering
    Can you give me any other suggestions please

  23. Bhavesh Pravin More says:

    It's performance is between 950M and 960M. NVIDIA should've named it 955M.

  24. Nedim Rifatbegovic says:

    Where can I find the wallpaper in the background? 🙂 Btw. I have that laptop, and Overwatch runs great at High! I bought it thx to your recommendation in November 2017, great laptop and great GPU!

  25. Kamaldeep Singh says:

    Can we do heavy gaming on this GPU?

  26. أحمد النهدي says:

    Nice video, I heard this card comes under two different wattage supply so is this the high or low power one? thanks.

  27. Lemonstar says:

    regret buying this acer laptop. in gaming the peak temp can reach upto 96C plus the power limit throttle kicking in is the worst. So i don't think its a gaming laptop.

  28. LifeIsGoodie says:

    I have a Clevo with a i5 7300hq and a mx150, and Im still not sure if it sucks or not… the fewest games I trew there all run pretty bad, like Skyrim or Resident Evil7

  29. ObsidianWolf says:

    Thanks for the video. Just a tip you should game test Skyrim SE in your videos that's a pretty demanding game

  30. Akshay Akash says:

    Can i upgrade the graphic card in this laptop

  31. Marouane Benderradji says:

    can it run solidworks? for students light solidworks

  32. Shubajit Saha says:

    Hey Dave How to contact you?

  33. KK says:

    I'm surprised you didn't test the GPU for video rendering/productivity applications because this low end GPU is probably useful for them as well!

  34. mixed videos says:

    Is this 2gb or 4gb..plz make on mx150 4gb plzzz


    What is the frame rate for assassin's creed syndicate, battlefield, the witcher, in medium / high settings ??

  36. SWAPT says:

    what name's laptop u reviewing game benchmark ?

  37. Mahdi Reda313 says:

    Mx150 or.ps4?

  38. Thomas Cheung says:

    I got the mx130 is that all right for like less intense games?

  39. Thomas Cheung says:

    Hey Dave Lee great video keep it up. I currently got a hp pavilion 14 i 78th gen 8GB ram with 256GB SSD with a MX130 is there a chance that I can open the laptop up and put a mx150 in it?

  40. Carmine Pinto says:

    Guys i know it's kinda a aged video but someone can tell me if the Lenovo Ideapad 520-15IKBR 
    Whit i5 8250 mount the fast or the slowet version of the mx150? (It has 4gb dedicated)

  41. Kawaii says:

    I got a dell 1050 laptop for 558 with 1 year accidental damage warranty from dell outlet lol the inspiron 5577

  42. Tom van Reeven says:

    I really like the MX150… It is way better compared to IG and makes a world of difference at low costs

  43. VFXwarrior says:

    Do it work with mixed reality?

  44. Kevin Lau says:

    still better than Intel integrated graphics

  45. lowspec person says:

    Is this laptop good for video editing…just want to get a budget laptop that can do video editing… Maybe i just forget about gaming for a moment..

  46. Dakila Lozano says:

    it's weird that ltt has no video for this

  47. leo G says:

    What's it like for editing ?

  48. Varun Chavan says:

    Could we do CAD modeling on Nvidia mx130

  49. satish koni says:

    Hello…plzz review asus x510un which comes with mx150 gpu, fingerprint scanner…its better than acer aspire 5

  50. PAUBAMLENG JE me. says:

    Is this GPU enough for Video Editing ? By the way thanks for the Video.

  51. cf says:

    I was thinking that its like rly basic lvl gpu and then realize that its better then my 950m. Ah

  52. Toshiro alshamary says:

    How did he oneshot that Lucio on 1:15

  53. Dylan O'Regan says:

    Hello Dave Lee, Will this GPU be good for CAD Autocad, revit etc

  54. Yolo Swag says:

    Best budget gpu for entry level 720p gaming

  55. Zheng_Studios says:

    I only have £70

  56. Bot_ man says:

    Can you please tell me how much fps difference will there be in between mx150 and gtx960m?

  57. Rohan Sarkar says:

    Thanks Dave

  58. kazama mishima says:

    what's the solution for screen recording while gaming???

  59. Divyashwar Raj says:

    Please review Acer Swift 3 i5 8th mx150 …

  60. Vijay Sahani says:

    I have the same laptop, the laptop temperature becomes more than 82 degrees playing the game less than 5 minutes. the laptop is good and I am using the laptop for 6 months

  61. Wildcat Gaming says:

    I have MX150, with i7 and recorded on games such as EURO TRUCK SIM 2 and it did fine.

  62. devil gamer says:

    is the benchmarks done with mx 150 2 gb vram or 4 gb vram?? plzz answer me lee

  63. LLT says:

    What about mx130

  64. prantor ahmed says:

    What is your thought on mx130?? Should one have it in 2018/19??

  65. knuxyl says:

    Considering the very small power draw from this gpu, I would say it is the absolute best one to date. Might not be fastest, most cores, highest clock, but it's the best.

  66. Dorito TOONS says:

    Relived. I bought a laptop that has the MX150 and was worrying that it won't be good enough

  67. Frost Byte says:

    Can u help me? I'm trying to get a cheap gaming laptop and this is what I found. Can you tell me what you think fortnite would run at? (I'm 12 and all this is confoozing me so don't judge or I'll cri ಥ_ಥ… lol)

  68. aroundtheloops says:

    Is MX 130 i3 8th gen 4gb RAM good or bad ?! Please anyone !

  69. Victor Alicea says:

    Had to time warp and look at a review on the MX150. The New RΛZΞR Blade Stealth has one.

  70. shirichieru garcia says:

    Hi, just a simple question. Can it run autocad 2017 and more specifically, 3d modeling?

  71. László Szalóki says:

    Geforce MX units were low end GPUs in the early 2000s. It's not new.

  72. Jeremy Uswadi says:

    But My MX150 with an 8th Gen i7 plays CS:GO at 40-60 fps at 1080p

  73. N7 says:

    0:14 wrong. Example – old MX440

  74. Sarthak Parker says:

    Bro GTX 1050 is suitable for next 3 years

  75. Konrad Gozon says:

    3:34 what game?

  76. Dirk says:

    Can you play fortnite on it?

  77. Pieterjan Deraes says:

    I actually completely underestimated the MX150, and I'm pretty surprised how well it works 😯

  78. Carazy123 says:

    Thanks for this video! Anthem comes out shortly and I’ll be using the demo to see if it’s playable on my laptop with this GPU!

  79. Dummy Dummy says:

    hi what is the specs of the laptop?TIA

  80. Riza Iskandar says:

    How does it compare to GT 650M on MBPro? Would you say 200% faster?

  81. Marynka Best says:

    I have this laptop too i love it

  82. Ecks Gaming Benchmark says:

    I paid 860$ for my laptop but then again it is also in Canadian funds and it is a 17.3" model and i do like gaming on it as well but my version is the i5 8250U which of course has 2 more cores and 4 more threads than the system you reviewed the only problem is the MX150 version is 5% slower than the one you have in the 7200U but also understandable because the 8250U is also a little more powerful than the 7200U and who knows when the Nvidia cloud gaming service becomes more known and available for everyone the more demanding sames you can play it on the cloud and the least demanding games you can play natively.

  83. Sandro Mustermann says:

    have the choice between a i5-7200u with a mx150 and a i5-8250u with a mx130 which combination is better?

  84. Sean Lutzke says:

    The gaming footage doesn't look anything close to 60 FPS

  85. Aurora Gios says:

    MX 150 is surprisingly a very good GPU for laptop. I usually play GTA V at 1080p, 60fps avg. on Low Setting Which almost consumes 1GB video memory, Dont want to stress the nice GPU

  86. Ranjit Das says:

    Bro you're awesome

  87. ZandyboyRuffyFan says:

    Anyone know if the ideapad 720s-14ikb has the d10 or d12 version of the mx150?

  88. The Flash says:


  89. Josh Holladay says:

    got the laptop based on your review and im pretty damn satisfied i mainly play sea of thieves and it can play at rare visuals (which is right in the middle) at a locked 60 fps and its great.

  90. MLG Alex says:

    I personally have the 940 max version. I highly DO NOT recommend it, it’s horrible for anything. You can’t do anything on it. I can barely play games on it with the lowest settings. It’s getting to the point where my phone can play the game better than my laptop. Overall piece of crap machine DO NOT BUY!!

  91. daniel bonilla says:

    Hey buddy, by any chance does your laptop get to hot above the keyboard? And if… what would you recommend me to low it down a little bit, I already bought an Scorpion 6 vents cooling pad

  92. Haseeb Awan says:

    For me cheap is 150 $

  93. hj labs says:

    Are you a Brahmin?? I can see your holy threads on your shoulders so I asked…

  94. Akshat Rana says:

    Do a review of lenovo 530s

  95. Kushal Gera says:

    What about GTA V

  96. iXenome says:

    I use that laptop

  97. Isaac Hernández says:

    I just bought the i5-8250u version of this laptop. I can't wait to get my hands on it since I've been using an AMD A8-6410 for the last 5 years. I'm expecting similar (or a bit better) performance than the one from this video.

  98. Rohit Choudhary says:

    review (Nvidia Geforce mx 250 graphics card)

  99. Rohit Choudhary says:

    Review mx250 , mx230 , gtx 1650 , gtx 1650ti

  100. FabulousUser15 says:

    My MX150 doesn't do anything. To get a playable frame rate you have to go 720p low on almost any game.

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