23 Replies to “The Challenge Letter Movie CLIP 'Yakuza fight scene' (2016) – Martial Arts Movie HD”

  1. Daniel D. L says:

    Japan can make some excellent films…this doesn't look like one of them :0

  2. Braxton Utley says:

    I like your movie

  3. Braxton Utley says:

    My name is Braxton Utley

  4. Braxton Utley says:

    I wanted to know about movie how you making the movie did that it was a marvelous work you did

  5. VI N CE says:

    Whattta fuck is this too slow

  6. Gopal R says:

    One of the most idiotic action scenes I ever watched. Guys have guns but still behaves like " guy come hit me, my guns are dummies, it will fire only if enemies use it".

  7. William Mitchell says:

    The really bad guy tried too hard to look tough.  The martial arts coreography sucked.

  8. 3aliih says:

    why would you charge at someone while holding a gun in your hand? can't you stand 2 meters away and just shot him down??

  9. duyhung 2h says:

    Why is this shit related to "Ryu Ga Gotoku?"

  10. 1 Bad Jesus says:

    This scene was so bad it made me blind for 3 days and use Braille to leave comment.

  11. Jothunheim says:

    This was so bad it gave me cancer.

  12. xXEdgy_OutsiderXx says:

    I actually liked the fight

  13. jimmy jon says:


  14. Meisterchen21 says:

    moves are good but mh.. so slow ..

  15. Hong Kong says:

    Oh, great… Another generic kung fu movie… The main protagonist can easily take out a bunch of guys surrounding him with loaded guns with some roundhouse kicks and speedy reflexes, while everyone just waits their turn to attack instead of just shooting him all together… T_T

  16. !Zombeee says:

    pretty bad martial arts scene

  17. Dr Dj Psycho says:

    Nothing like a kung fu hero who can kick every ones ass in the room, with 25 guys at the same time,.He can twist your wrist take your 9mm while 24 guys with AK's watch in amazement wondering how can i shoot such a great warrior,The moment i shoot he will move out the way . we will just just kill each other like a bunch of dominoes. I'll just wait till he kicks every ones ass or kill them so every ones not in my way. Then i can finally take the kill shot,or choose a special ninja backflip to front ali twisty to spinny.

    In the end it dont matter anyways,cause when my backup arrives and we finally outnumber him 100 to 1, when it looks like we got him,he will just reach dragon status and get the magical glow, catch our bullets with his teeth and spit them back at us killing everyone except that one guy who thinks he's going get the back shot,only to find out the masters mystical magical inner glow of the dragon just made his ass buns bullet proof. So the last guy shoot a ricocheted shot to his own face.
    Obviously it not a movie if there's not some sideways puss to rescue and explore.A real master has a few oriental sausage wallets to sail off into the sunset feeding him ramen noodles and rice cakes.

    Ok i saved you 2 hrs of dramma ,bad acting ,5$ a person,and the pain of pictures not lined up with the words in 12 different languages. That will $2 And 27 cent. You can keep Your own 2 cent to yourself so $2 and 25 cent will be sufficient.

  18. Gabriel Millerd says:

    basically the mortal combat summon deal, all the characters have their little side bar summons.

  19. Tabs T says:


  20. GODKING alex says:


  21. Yadev K says:

    The director must have been fired after the screening…

  22. bargene journey says:

    damn looks so silly the 90s chinese movies better japan is anime country not movies

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