The beauty of data visualization – David McCandless

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  1. Sofia Maldonado says:

    I love this!

  2. 123ankit321 says:!/vizhome/DrugstheirEffects/DrugstheirEffects

  3. John Baird says:

    Wow… this was way back when Japan had a bigger economy than China. It's been a while, hasn't it?

  4. Kemal Danisman says:

    Low quality video 🙁

  5. Lukito Perkasa says:

    12:01 – 1229

  6. Shrenk says:

    I blame violent video games

  7. Cashel McKenzie says:

    id say the best point made is the bandwidth, put simply you can get more out of visual data

    so worth it

  8. Jair Garza says:

    The first tree map is a horrible way to visualize data, specially because the width is not constant across squares. I love irony, some guy talking about how to visualize data gives bad visualizations.

  9. PiousMinion says:

    "3 thousand billion"… Umm, you mean 3 trillion?

  10. Kyler Hoag says:

    Halfway through the video I realized I already read his book

  11. TheScratchyCat says:

    Lovely beautiful data

  12. Able Reason says:

    14:12 why is there green tea twice?

  13. Embeh says:

    Why is the intro SO LOUD ?

  14. Dobson90 says:

    What potato was this filmed on?

  15. Ken Heinz says:

    Military budget in relation?!? Makes no sense whatsoever!

  16. Brian St. Denis says:

    Should have showed "fear of climate change", either colder or warmer, over the years going back 100 or more years. In any case, you can see that what the media is afraid of has a very low chance of being realized in what you did show. Maybe show "media fear" followed by "government spending" to realize how much government wastes on these silly fears.

  17. Filmemacher says:

    I want to see tzw video about all those cameras, anyone knows which one it is?

  18. AR极乐世界 says:

    3:24 fears

  19. Kamran Muazzam says:

    data can be funny!!!!

  20. Eamonn says:

    Okay, but the absolute number of troops and the absolute amount of military equipment is kinda important when it comes to combat. If you have more troops on the ground and a better equipped navy and air force than your opponent, it matters not what proportion of the population is in the service on either side. If your forces are so powerful that they're bigger than everyone else combined, you're still spending too much on the military.

  21. Aaron Baneseh says:

    Hmm. Investing 3 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan would've solved a lot of issues

  22. The Way In says:

    He's onto something for sure here 4:30. It's april 17th now. I made a new browser tab, I went to a news media site I heard mentioned recently (Vox) and found a Columbine anniversary article posted today.

  23. Jacopo Contin says:

    If you want to look at all those graphs:

  24. Matteo Gabelli says:


  25. Matteo Gabelli says:


  26. Jonathan Sandmann says:

    I make some really nice visualizations and reports with how-to instructions here:

  27. Jonathan Sandmann says:

    I make some really nice visualizations and reports with how-to instructions here:

  28. Виктория Рысь says:

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  29. Vladimir Don says:

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  30. Ken Gray says:

    hmmmmm…..[citation needed]…pretty much everything.

  31. Zapy says:

    Great ted talk fitting in the big data age

  32. Rocksfir e says:

    he should of did the amount of money spent on military in relationship to how many wars they are currently in. or in amount of money spent on the military in relationship to how much money weapon companies donate every election.
    the amount of money we spend on military is unreasonable no matter how you slice the data.

  33. ACS says:


  34. Hannah Humphreys says:

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  35. Caden Todtz says:

    had to so this for homework so boring to watch but good content

  36. Jatin Kathuria says:

    Beautiful. It did change my mindset.

  37. Sergio Riccardi says:

    would you like me to donate you some chest hair Mr. McCandless ???

  38. bharath bhimshetty says:

    Show was good but the audio is recorded with disturbances…. kindly reupload with good audio

  39. Yacinta Shafira says:

    sir, you've delivered an excellent talk because now it makes me want to know more about data, even considering myself to work as Big Data Engineer

  40. Charlotte Acevedo says:

    Dear TEd-Ed, is it possible for you to put the links to the references your speakers reference and show? I'm not sure if you do that but I haven't seen it and it'd be really nice. Thank you, love you <3

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