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– The fact that that microphone
actually works, I can’t get over it. – (laughs) John Cena, classic. – I love her creativity and energy.
Unmatched. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ (Joana coughs) – I cut my own hair with scissors, fun! – (Joana) Hello, everyone!
– Joana Ceddia! – (Joana) Hello, everyone!
– I love Joana, ugh! – I was watching her this morning. – (Joana) I’m gonna be cutting
my hair today, why? – Who is this? – (Joana) Is this a bad idea? Yes.
– I don’t know who this is. – First of all, she’s stunning. – (Joana) So against
my better judgment, I am not gonna use
professional hair cutting scissors. – No, why would you? – (Joana) I’m just gonna
use these ones, that I found in the craft bin.
– Alright sis, we’ve been there. – (Joana) Every person I meet,
I tell them the exact same thing. If the apocalypse ever hits,
I’m going bald. (yells)
(gunfire echoes) I don’t know, just picture this.
– Those memes are great. – This is like her old content. – (Joana) Future me, if you’re editing
and you’ve already got your short hair please tell me how this goes. – This is stressing me out. – Oh, what’s she gonna say? Oh no! Oh no! – (Joana) Now is the moment of truth. ♪ (tense music) ♪ – Oh my God. She’s gonna ruin her hair,
I feel so bad! (Joana hums) – (laughs) I like her,
she’s hilarious. – (Joana) Oh my God, it’s going.
(laughs) Okay. Wait, no I’m not supposed…
(yells) I’m supposed to cut above the elastic, right? – It doesn’t matter,
it’ll turn out just as bad either way. – (Joana) Okay, who wants this? – Damn.
That’s a lot of hair. (scissors clicking) – Yikes!
Who let her do that? – (Joana) They are so uneven! – It’s not really that uneven. – (Joana) This might look
absolutely terrible. – It’s not that bad. – (Joana) I don’t know,
it looks pretty good! And I saved like $40! – That’s the thing about millennials,
we don’t care at all, and we’re cheap. – (Joana) Let’s see how that looks. – (man) Nope!
Nope! – (laughs) Nope!
Stop lying to yourself. – (Joana) Okay, so that’s where
that video ends. This is the content you’re getting.
– Okay. – (Joana) You clicked on this video,
I mean, not my fault. Partly my fault.
– I love that. She seems like the exact kind of like
stupid funny girl, like I’d be friends with. – She’s like hashtag relatable,
but not to like the point where it’s like disgustingly cringy. ♪ (“Bob Ross theme”) ♪ – Oh, Shrek, yeah of course! – Oh Shrek, this is amazing. – (Joana) Today, ladies and gentlemen.
– Oh yes! She’s painting.
– She’s such a good artist. – (Joana) We will be following
a tutorial from the one, the only… – Bob Ross, yes, let’s go! – This is the most wholesome video
out there on the internet. Just Joana painting Bob Ross? – That actually looks pretty good.
– (Bob) Very blue. – (Joana) Okay, so I’m done with…
– That’s actually not that bad. – (Bob) All you have to do
is just rub it across the canvas. – (Joana) I’ve made a cloud! Why don’t my clouds look
as thiqq as Bobs? – Thick with two q’s,
I haven’t seen it like that, baby, but okay. – (Bob) Let’s have a big mountain
that lives… – Why does it look exactly the same? – I feel like she’s not doing
that bad, what the heck? – (Joana) For this next part,
I will show you me mixing the paints as visual ASMR. I don’t know if that’s a thing,
but it is now. ♪ (“Bob Ross kazoo theme”) ♪
– The kazoo! Oh my Gosh. – Oh yeah,
got the kazoo in the back. – (Joana) So, I finished the painting.
– Oh my God! – (Joana) Does it look like Bob Ross’s? – Yes!
– (Joana) No, but… – It does!
– (Joana) I finished the painting. Does it look like Bob Ross’s?
– That’s not hers. That is not hers.
– (Joana) Does it look like Bob Ross’s – That mini microphone
is so funny to me. – (Joana) It looks okay. – Okay, she’s that type of girl
that’s like “I failed a test”, and got like a 91. (laughs) – (Joana) I think I’m gonna
end this video with a compilation
of me beating the devil out of my paint brush. ♪ (tense kazoo music) ♪ – (laughs) Now that’s why
everyone watches Bob Ross. – She’s chaotic, I love it. (laughs) – I love her creativity and energy.
Unmatched, unparalleled. – She’s like this is what I like,
and that’s what I’m gonna post, ’cause it’s what I want. And the fact that she’s also
still so committed with school work and making sure that is her priority
is so, so, admirable. (Joana breathes heavily) – That’s heavy breathing. – Interesting. (laughs) – (Joana) This week,
I’m gonna show you what one week in my life looks like. – She does so much. – (Joana) It’s currently 6:30,
and we have to go swimming. – Why? – (Joana) I’ll take you guys
along with me and hopefully we have some fun. – It feels like you’re there with her. – (laughs) I love her editing. – Oh, is she a swimmer?
I’m a swimmer. – Oh, is she like a legit swimmer? – Oh, she’s on the swim team.
Nice. – (Joana) You’re in my backpack,
’cause we’re in the change room, so most people are naked…
– She just seems like so normal, compared to like other vloggers. – (Joana) It’s time for lunch! I go home for lunch, though,
because I hate human interaction. – I hate human,
I mean same though. – (laughs) John Cena, classic. It’s ’cause her name, Joana Ceddia
is so much like John Cena. – (Joana) We’re gonna go to the gym.
I’m munching on some watermeleon. – She’s so healthy and fit. – (Joana) My mom is making
cauliflower for dinner, and the house smells
like one big fart. This is the first time
I’ve been to the gym… – (laughs) Ah, good ol’ humor. – Oh.
– (Joana) Good morning Jake Paul-ers. – Ah.
– She also, like, doesn’t hesitate to mock
other YouTubers, which is so funny.
– (Joana) Time to go to prison. – To prison! (laughs) – (Joana) We’re currently done
with the aquatics. Overall, the meet was pretty good.
We’re gonna go home now. It’s almost five o’clock.
– I love her mom. Her and her mom look so similar. – (Joana) We have arrived
at the Ceddia compound. – Ceddia, that’s how you say
her last name. – (Joana) It’s Wednesday, my dudes.
(sings badly) – I love it.
She’s just like dorky. She is meme-heavy,
and I like it. – Her room is surprisingly neat.
I did not expect that. – (Joana) Good morning.
Happy Thursday. It’s like really hitting me today,
so I’m gonna keep this really short and sweet. – Ah yeah, I get that.
It’s almost the end of the week, but you’re not completely done,
I hate that feeling. – (Joana) This is my locker,
tour is over. – (laughs) Okay. – (Joana) So it’s around
10 o’clock right now. – The fact that that microphone
actually works, I can’t get over it. – (Joana) My calculations
were correct. I am, in fact, getting sick.
– Oh no. (Joana coughs) – (Joana) Hi.
– Girl, take some Robitussin! Get off the camera! – (Joana) So now we’re gonna
go have breakfast. Good morning, good morning.
– Her parents are adorable. – (Joana) Good afternoon.
I have been editing for the past six hours,
and I just realized how awkward I am.
I knew that the meme… – Oh my God, how fun! – She loves her Nerf guns,
she loves them. – (Joana) That, ladies and gentlemen
is my entire week. To be frank…
– Alright, simple. – (Joana) …easiest weeks
I’ve had so far. – Just like a normal little week. She has a very different vibe
than like Emma Chamberlain, or like the Dolan Twins, or some other like
teen vloggers out there. – Everyone nowadays,
I’m not gonna say copy, ’cause that’s not the word I like,
but take inspiration from Emma Chamberlain, you know? Like, there’s a lot of similarities,
but that’s not hating, it’s [bleep] YouTube,
nothing’s original, but I bet she gets that a lot, and I bet that’s annoying
for her to get. – She’s very just like
not a sit down, let me be a perfect YouTuber,
she’s just like hey, I kinda like to be funny,
and meme-worthy and edit heavy, and just like screw around,
and I love it. – I discovered her pretty early
in her channel. She only had, I don’t know, like
100-something thousand subscribers? But now she’s like blowin’ up.
(grunts) It’s crazy! I just watched her explode
and come into her own, and I really appreciate it. – (FBE) So all these videos
were from one of the fastest rising YouTube channels,
that only started in 2017, Joana Ceddia.
– Mm-hmm. Yes, I love her! She really has made
such success for herself, considering her channel’s
straight new. – I just like stumbled upon her
when there was this big wave of like teenage YouTubers,
like the Emma Chamberlains of YouTube. You can tell at the beginning,
they were like really similar, and then she just went
in a completely different direction. – (FBE) So, from what you saw today,
what’d you think about her? – She’s hilarious. Just like the awkwardness,
and her not like changing after she even realized
that she’s awkward, is just funny.
– I really like her. I will probably be
smashing that subscribe button. – I think she’s funny,
but I feel like, it’s kind of unoriginal
in certain aspects, but I mean, I get why she’s getting the following
that she does. – If Twitter was a person,
that’s the type of YouTuber she is. She’s just like what’s up,
here’s a meme, I’m just doing whatever,
no one cares. – She’s just so bizarre,
and unapologetically her, and I really like that,
and that she’s just not afraid to be different than everyone else. – We have all these YouTubers
who go skydiving every day, who go to Paris every other day,
who do this, who do this, you know? But like, then we also have
YouTubers like her, who just film her basic, daily life.
And that’s why there’s an audience, ’cause a lot of people
just live basic daily lives. – (FBE) So her rise was fast.
In August of 2018, she only had around 100 subscribers,
but by the following month, she broke to 100,000 subscribers,
apparently doing so in just a few days By October of 2018,
she was already at a million. – Pardon my French,
but holy [bleep]! – Wow! Shouts out to her, like, wow.
Congratulations, that’s crazy. – A lot of people are small YouTubers
for years, and try to pop off. Not only was her content appealing,
but it just was recommended to me. – I did subscribe after
each recommended, so I guess
the algorithm works, you guys. That was some spot-on content for me. – Good for her! There’s obviously something
special about her, to make people want to watch,
but that kind of growth on YouTube, I feel like we don’t see any more. – (FBE) So, many articles
have mentioned that she made a video called “I DIY’d Emma Chamberlain’s
new clothing line,” and she seemed to kinda
spread from there. – Okay, definitely,
which is like same age demographic. – (FBE) Some feel like Joana
ended up getting potentially lucky in
the automatic YouTube algorithm, so though that can happen,
others point out that many channels
get recommended often, but this doesn’t always happen. In fact that so many people
decided to subscribe when they did find her,
and the fact that she’s been growing so fast ever since,
shows that she kinda has a certain factor that’s led
to her quick rise on YouTube. – Yeah, absolutely. ‘Cause I think this whole industry is,
everyone starts off as lucky. You were lucky to meet someone,
you were lucky to randomly put out a video,
randomly be featured in something. – Something can be recommended to me
on YouTube, and of course if it has someone’s name,
like Emma Chamberlain, I might click on it and watch it, but that don’t mean
I’m gonna subscribe. – (FBE) So what do you think
has been the biggest factor for Joana, that’s caused users
to subscribe to her, when they do find her? – Her [inaudible],
she’s like real. I feel like if I were to talk to her,
I would laugh, and I would enjoy her presence. – She’s really quirky,
so she kinda stands out. Her dedication kinda shows,
and she’s an individual. – Maybe they just find her
comedic presence alluring, you know? And they’re just like
“Yo, that’s a cool lady right there.” I’m gonna go check out that channel. – People don’t live these crazy lives,
like the Paul brothers, or like RiceGum,
who lives in these mansions and stuff. You know, they wanna watch someone
who they can relate to. – She paints half of the time.
It’s so unique to the platform, and the fact that you can
watch a video like that and be entertained,
is something so different. – It’s definitely her natural
outgoing and loving personality, which has gained her
all the subscribers, and made people stick around. You can get a viral video
even that has a ton of views, and it still won’t lead you
to a bunch of subscribers or the fan base that Joana has. – (FBE) So Joana, as a creator,
is sometimes talked about as being part of a handful
that are currently blowing up that some people feel
are somewhat of a throwback to the earlier days of YouTube. – Yeah, no, I can see that. Like the old Jenna Marbles style. – I miss that YouTube,
’cause that’s when, that’s around the age I was like,
you know, growing up, and really watching YouTube. It was, you know, reminds me,
gives me a good ol’ hit of nostalgia. – (FBE) So Joana usually films alone,
she still uses very low-fi equipment, and despite success,
wherein today’s YouTube, often people move to L.A.
or New York to up their production capabilities,
or collab with others. She doesn’t really do that,
and she currently just still staying in Canada
where she lives. – Whoa, I didn’t know
she lived in Canada. – (FBE) And she also
just graduated high school, and she’s still going to University. – Oh okay, good for her! – Making videos and going to school,
it’s tasking, yes, but not impossible. And I think it’s amazing that Joana has made
the decision to go to University. – There are a lot of teen YouTubers
that do follow her path, where they stay in school
and stay in their hometown and stuff, but there are a lot now
that are moving to L.A. and making it big. – (FBE) Joana, in the past,
has said that she doesn’t wanna follow the usual YouTuber trends in order to find
success on the platform, so do you think if she continues
to find success and has to keep making content,
that her production will change, and she might fall into
the same trends and patterns that other channels do? – Mmm, I mean like,
she very well could, but that’s kinda like not been
her thing from the get-go. – She might say that now,
but maybe let’s say in a couple months her channel starts to fall off,
and the views dip. It comes to a point where it’s like
damn, do I stay true to myself and make the content I want,
or do I kinda have to keep going. – Of course you wanna be good
at what you do, so it’s very easily, if you can change
their production value, you might. But also if she’s having fun
at what she’s doing, she might just be like
no, I love this. Why would I change,
so hopefully she stays in that mindset if she’s determined to. – I guess it’s a process
that some people go down. You know, they start like that,
they start all simple and bare bones, and then as the time goes on,
they think “oh, I need better equipment” and better stuff,
and that’s not always the case. As long as you have good ideas,
and you portray them correctly, you can do a whole lot. – (FBE) So finally, as a teen yourself
and at a similar stage in your life as Joana,
what would be your advice to her as she embarks on her career,
and heads off to college, teenager to teenager? – Hoo man, I don’t know.
I’m going off to college too. – Hey John Cena! I’m really glad that you decided
to go to college, because honestly, I think it’s
an important step in your life, and a lot of YouTubers don’t
really choose to take that route. Just stay humble. Have fun! – Whatever you do,
if you change, if you don’t, people are gonna give you crap for it,
so you might as well have as much fun as you can,
and just, I don’t know, follow the path
you originally wanted to or don’t, it’s up to you. – Hey guys, what’s up?
It’s Mikaela, and today is actually my final episode
of Teens React. You’ve seen me on Kids,
just finished out Teens, and I’m excited to finally
move on to Adults. I love the staff, the cast,
the fans, you guys have given me
such a big family and so much love, and you guys have been
such a big part of my life, and I’m really excited
to move on to Adults and start this new chapter!
Bye! – What’s up my dude?
And thanks for watching this episode of Teens React. If you wanna check out
more Joana Ceddia videos, make sure to check ’em out, links will also be
down in the description. Bye everyone!


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