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okay everyone this is third time's the charm for teardown Tuesday thank you guys so much for your patience don't know what happened other than to say that the UX of doing a Facebook live is honestly really confusing so I just want to make sure that you can hear me can you hear me let me know in the comments and then we are going to get started really really quickly once I can confirm that you can hear me okay so go ahead and leave a comment to let me know that you can hear me and then I promise we will get this going normally we don't have so many technical difficulties but I guess I've never tried to share my screen in a facebook life before which seems shocking but let me know so okay you can hear me I have to share this again to my group and then we will get started again if you have been with me for all three attempts here bonus points to you okay so what is happening in case you are joining us for the first time even though it's our third time this is Terry on Tuesday where I am going to go ahead and review UX portfolios for about four to five minutes each and the idea is that as I go through them you can get to understand what's going through someone's head as they're looking in your portfolio what they are thinking what questions are coming up what's standing out what they're overlooking so that you can be better equipped to design your UX portfolio so this could almost be like you watching someone do usability test of your portfolio sort of so you'll see once we would get going but I really think this is going to be valuable for you as we go through so like I said I've already selected the portfolios that I'm going to go through because these people responded to one of my emails submitted their portfolios using all the correct details that I asked them to this was back at the end of June I think and maybe we will do this in the future it just depends on how today goes so if you're joining me live I would love it if you could type live in the comments so I know how many people are here but also let me know what your role is in UX are you a researcher are you an interface designer content person what do you do and if you're watching this later on as a replay I would love for you to type replay and also tell us where you're from and what your role is okay so now hopefully hopefully we're going to transition over let me see here to our first one so we are first going to look at Alicia's and Alicia is a student she is curious about if she's shown the right balance of text and visuals and if she has done a good job at showing her process so right now you should be able to see my screen I'm just going to it's weird I'm just going to look on my phone to make sure that you can see my screen so if you see me looking down that's why and yeah we're on take three of this it's kind of embarrassing but that's technical difficulties okay so we're looking at Alicia's you should be able to see hers right now and I'm gonna jump over so let's skip over and I told people to be comfortable with you know their first name and last getting out there so Alicia I'm scrolling through oh I forgot to set my timer okay uh here we go five minutes so I'm looking at this CCS FMA normally what I do is I just scroll through really quickly did some research who all did some design there's an interactive prototype okay more design something about advertising okay design design another project literally normally I just scroll through and see what starts to kind of catch my eye so I would literally scroll through probably the whole thing to see just really fast see what's happening now let's really dive into this Facebook transparency project so I know that Alicia did this as a part of a project for her college program someone going through this very fast is likely not to realize that they're likely not to connect the dots and see that CCSF MFA interface design is some program she's in so right off the bat I know this is about Facebook transparency but we jump into research so immediately in my head I have a lot of questions I don't know what is Facebook transparency what's this the project that was given to her for the class I'm assuming it was but I don't know what the purpose of this is like Facebook transparency well what is this about is it research is it a prototype the first page I get to shows me some research and it looks like she did the research because I read text it says from the research I identified three types of users so she did research but the problem is I still don't know what she was trying to understand through this project so we see she did what I like is I the 20 interviews performed five questions survey twelve personas created three process maps so I'm getting a sense of the the volume or the scope of this project this process map to me is way too small I have no idea what this means even if I zoomed in which I guess I should I still don't know my gut feedback is there's way too much happening on this page and yes it's showing me a lot but you have to find a balance between showing me a lot and having things that are so small that it's meaningless to me so this process map in my head I'm thinking nice process map it means nothing to me right now and I say this just with my complete gut reaction like a little tough love of UL problem what's weird that research and problem or both the same font size there's no hierarchy there equal if you will Facebook's Pro algorithm and lack of transparency frustrate users by keeping them dark about what they do and don't see ok so again is this the problem that you were trying to investigate in your research or is this the major problem that your research led you to identify that is unclear for me I see the personas that's nice but what I would do I would make them a lot larger because this text I want the info I see to be more about it bla bla like those are insights the takeaway here is you did research you have to help us the reader get a better sense of the insights so show us what you did and show us what that led to what learnings did that lead to okay we have not very much time left so I'm gonna keep going design okay so from the research you did what I don't know again what were you designing this does not look like normal Facebook to me so were you redesigning was this a complete redesign of all of Facebook a detail page I'm not sure I do like that you're telling us the kind of what of what we're looking at giving us the context so based on your research you wanted to design something to tell us more control over what they see and when new buttons allow the newsfeed okay so this is a facebook newsfeed definitely not clear to me so I can control okay post story and search panel slide and above the newsfeed feed can be sorted yeah you're you're really talking a lot about the feed to me it seems like these solutions look good I need more understanding of the problem that you are trying to solve so that when I get here I am NOT wondering what is this if you noticed I wasn't even realizing this was Facebook until honestly I saw this little Lisa Schaeffer thing which I knew was Facebook so then I put it together and realize this must be your redesign of Facebook so that's something else it jumps out to me like this looks nice but I don't know what I'm looking at and I'm not gonna click over to that prototype right now because I'm so confused with this okay again I like that we are now in the design phase and you're showing us okay visual cues tell user if posts is paid for content okay well where's the visual cue I don't know I see a dollar sign over here I don't know where the visual cue is here I know that there's some type of fly out thing but what what was the thing that was there before we got to this flyout menu but what I do like is that you're showing us the context of what we're looking at so you're not just dumping a screenshot you're using these red circles and lines and things to let us know what we should look at and I like that you've done this you know this section here ad sponsored by and you're blowing it up for us but I think I'm a little lost as to this story of this entire project how did it come about what was the problem what were you trying to focus on um that's all we have time for so let me jump back to my little just Sarah screen right now I want to hop into the comments really quick and see confirm that you guys are seeing this and as I'm doing this I would love to hear if you find this helpful just really so that I can go back and look in the comments and see exactly like oh and I was giving feedback about this lots people had comments or were really interesting so just let me know through the comments that way I'll be able to figure out if this is helpful and if we should do it again okay so next I'm going to go to Julian Julian is working full-time at the moment trying to get into UX his biggest question about the portfolio is the content doesn't make sense should I include other aspects like storyline research responsive web biggest problem was creating whether to show different platforms like responsive web or keep it all the same should I show how skillful I am and Adobe or mainly understanding the processes of UX okay let's open Julien's and then share my screen I'm really curious if you guys are finding this helpful or not okay so we're opening up Julian's I'm going to switch over here so you can see my screen and Julian's stuff and okay so it's loading in from Dropbox much okay it's still loading this is weird okay we're gonna be patient we'll let it load and okay so this is in Dropbox so I could download it first of all Julian I would say turn comments off because it's just really distracting to this bar over here so okay I assume this is page one so I would first off the bat tell you to have a title slide because this is a lot of information at once give me a title slide what's also missing is like what are you I don't see a title I don't see Julian UX designer Julian product designer Julian use a researcher like right off the bat I don't know what type of work I may be seeing in the future as I scroll through these screens okay so add something like that I do see like seeing this mini kind of snapshot of your employment and education I think that's cool you've done UX design fundamentals at career foundry that's nice so like I said I'm gonna jump through really quick okay workspace a place to book workspaces okay I'm gonna zoom this out a little bit because I just kind of like to see the whole thing at once okay so workspace I mean just got reaction like the layout looks good looks really clean my gut reaction is I really don't like that giant thing in the background that to me it looks like a chainsaw just being real it's distracting so ditch that watermark thing it's really hard to read white text on yellow okay I'm gonna keep going here yeah definitely remove that thing okay what I liked you as I'm quickly scrolling through I know now I'm in a new project it's this teal color this localized language learning app thing so okay we're done with that project now we're in a new project cool so let's oh my gosh I forgot to set my timer guys okay Julia gets a little longer let's roll back to this first one where we're going to get rid of this workspace thing yeah it's a saw don't include the Hut in the background of each slide to me it's very distracting so workspace a plate placed a book workspaces I don't know much about this I don't know what problem you're solving so let's go and guy site did not look at these beforehand so workspace I see a bunch of screenshots it's an app because I see a login there's a feed blah blah blah ok so then I might read the text at the left role what workspace is an app dedicated to give users give audiences access to an array of facilities it'll allow them to schedule book cancel workspaces to work on projects the app will also give community aspect to allow share ideas blah blah blah helping those who don't have access to a workspace or facilities ok so I think this is good I think you have all the right content what I think is missing is this I don't know if you did this from scratch I don't know if this was an existing product so let me know that but also I think that I like how you're using this left column to tell us a little bit more about the project and what we are looking at but my feedback and I just gave this to one of my people in my one-on-one coaching program yesterday I think but I said to her like the left side should not be the place where you're putting all of the information and all of that context so for example because this is the first Paige about workspace I need more larger text like I don't know if you can see me drawing with my mouse kind of right now not really drawing but drawing a box I need like a large headline or title subtitle type thing over here in the main column that tells me what is workspace right off the bat why because if you don't tell me I'm going to make an assumption so I know it's an app that's all I know I don't know if it was brand new or what the other thing I think you need to get a clearer statement about workspace workspace is an app dedicated to give audiences audiences is like a vague word that you shouldn't use audiences could mean anything who was it now that I have read it and now that I see this saw graphic I'm going to guess that workspace is an app dedicated to helping people who make things like construction or makers maybe there is better word for that giving those people access to workspaces because I don't have a work garage in my New York City apartment but I had to really think about that and connect a lot of dots on my own to figure that out so tell people that because you've been working on this for months but the person just jumping into your portfolio the recruiter or hiring manager doesn't have time to think in their mind what is this workspace it's connecting them to facilities okay I see a saw maybe it's construction facilities like that was a lot of mental effort to figure out what the heck workspace was um let's see here okay very hard to see that yellow text on the green I do like how clean it looks however it's hard what I would do I don't know that I'm now in the research phase I might have something that is saying this research says I carried out questionnaires asking what people do with their free time and whether they have complications with those hobbies okay so I see the result of your research I would like to see a little bit more about the process so how many questionnaires did people fill out what types of people did you try and target did you just put this on Facebook or did you reach out to people who you were confident that we're makers like people on Etsy or people in your local like maker construction club or whatever it is I do like seeing these personas but you're forcing me to read a lot and you have like two or three paragraphs for each I'm not going to read that especially if I'm the first person looking at your portfolio like that gatekeeper and the HR department or something so what I want to see is underneath the guy at the left like Dan and Dan what is dan dan lives in this city I'm just scanning this text here uh sue needs an environment okay Dan bill the book stuff so there's Dan like the maker guy who needs space Mike is the guy who okay he also needs space but he needs advice so mike is the guy like Mike's looking for a mentor or something and Susanna I don't really understand but you need to give me more of a snippet for these people because right now I don't know really other than reading the text let's keep going because this has taken a little bit longer again yellow text white text and yellow cannot read it I know I'm looking at user flows here I think there's a lot I think you should break this up into different screens because it's really hard to see these sketches you've done I would also tie it back to these personas like based on the personas that emerged from the research we identified these key user flows as being really important and then here they are booking his face canceling the booking and other features blah blah blah then we're into this so these are your design phase okay I think this is good uh okay this is nice but I want you to go really deep into one or two of these because when I'm looking at this I can't really get the details of each screen so I choose one or two user clothes to go a lot of go a lot deeper maybe even refer back to your personas to really show that you're tying in the research with what you did I'm seeing something about testing um it says based on the testing that was carried out what testing was that I don't know maybe you tested these sketch ones that's confusing further testing will be carried out okay yeah it's nice to show all of them but I need to see some of them in detail because right now this is just a sea of screenshots which showing me volume but I want to see the details at least for one or two of them testing okay again I don't know what this is all about you have testing over at the left I would put something like testing the prototype or we tested the prototype after testing the prototype with five users we learned XY & z ditch the saw I liked this feedback in the next iteration thing so hopefully that helps you I think you're off to a good start then you need to add a little bit more context so we're not just seeing the deliverables but understanding the thinking behind them and just adhere to basic principles like is this readable is this scannable it's not scannable because imagine I'm just reading the headlines and I'm scrolling there is no headline the only thing that stands out is work space work space work space work space you need add in headlines to create hierarchies so I know as I'm scrolling fast what I'm looking at so hopefully that helps you Julian I'm losing my voice per usual um I want to go to the comments and see what you guys are saying if this is cool or if you're like what is going on today I think the comments are delayed let me go back in take two there's a bunch of you watching that's nice okay so um so yeah just make sure you keep commenting so I can know which parts of these reviews are helpful and which ones you know you think oh that was obvious or oh that's way in the weeds so I'm gonna jump to our next one guys probably only have time for two more Davin stavi on sorry if I messed up your name I don't know if you're watching Savion is a student of interaction design one year of experience how should I write the case studies for the projects should it be long and thorough or short and sweet how to create the layout and write case studies in a manner so they make sense okay pulling it up here and guys if you're watching live don't forget to let me know what your role is I'm really curious to do a little research on you guys to figure out what you do what your specific areas within UX are so that I can better understand who you are and hopefully make helpful content for you in the future so okay I need to jump over and share my screen so we're on da bonds site hope I said that right so hey I'm Stefan a user experience designer okay so good I don't know exactly what you do within UX guys here's the thing like there are many roles inside UX so we need to get specific and not just say i'm UX designer but i need X designer and I specialize in this or I'm interested in X and maybe if you're brand new you might not have that that's okay but if you do make sure you say that so that we know so that it is dreaming what we are going to see in your portfolio okay and if you guys are commenting I'm not looking at it right now so I'm looking at the screen that's what's happening um okay so I'm coming here I know that Stav ons and the interaction design program that's cool okay so I'm gonna come down I see working projects there's an image not loading that's okay I make work and projects much larger it's a headline and it's getting lost I just want to scroll up and down the home page a little bit so okay I don't know which one I'm gonna go to first so I'm just gonna click Spotify social take me okay um let's go spy by social I noticed on your website there's no contact link maybe it's in about maybe it's at the footer I did see a little chat thing but don't make people work to find your contact I'm not going to try and find it right now but just one piece of feedback for everyone who has a website so this is loading it's taking a while I wasn't sure if it was done loading because I thought something might load up here seems like a ton of dead space at the top so Spotify logo that's nice spot by social what if you can create listening sessions on Spotify okay so this seems like a case study that's been written to tell us what the heck happened I definitely don't have time to read this right now and I need to set my timer but and guys if you're just joining us just remember I have not looked at these in advance this is my gut reaction to seeing all these code 5 minutes on the clock so uh user experience line design challenge personal project a quick summary you're missing a key for thee okay quick summary I'm gonna scroll up and down the page because that's what I would do so summary brief okay there's brief there I don't know why this Spotify logo keeps like going down the page so you were given a brief I guess in your own words the task is to imagine how Spotify can help users create listening sessions okay so this is some this is a design challenge you were given a brief okay 25 to 30 hours holy cow that's a lot of time okay so the problem statement you were given was Spotify socials they're currently investigating waste okay Spotify has merged as the 2010s so you say that 2010's leading music streaming platform currently they're investigating ways in which people relate to music and each other and using those findings to improve the product one of their ideas is Spotify social where users can create listening sessions inviting other users to join okay expand on this feature design the flow is an interface for it's open to both spotted by artists and regular users okay that's interesting let's keep going I have lots feedback about kind of like how this is presented visually but let's keep going so imagine how Spotify okay your interpretation of it okay that was a lot to get to understanding what problem you're trying to solve but it is important to clarify that you were like given this brief this wasn't a real Spotify project so my feedback really is how might you be able to condense this up honestly I don't know that you need to show this screenshot it looks like I'm guessing this is an image I just can't drag it but I really don't see any value in showing me this it's honestly confused because it says brief here in this text this has brief here and then you've got what I'm guessing are screenshots at a keynote or PowerPoint with the Spotify logo on the bottom left so I'm seeing the brief I'm scrolling I see your text and then I see another screenshot of your deck that's weird to me so just got reaction feedback okay and I got the pre if I started doing a little bit of research about Spotify to understand which is their current audience how many users they have and how many okay so about Spotify so you did some research okay also a frequent flyer user be up just okay these are really small competitive analysis can we keep scrolling appears to be frozen my feedback to you right now is this so you have your website which we're looking at right now but I can also tell you have a deck of some sort relating to either this specific Spotify project or you have an entire deck of your portfolio somewhere else and if you have a deck a deck meaning a keynote or a PowerPoint or a PDF or something so I just really am confused why you're trying to take your slides from the PDF or whatever it is and put it into a website format because that seems very strange to me and I think it could be hindering you a little bit from really showcasing your work because it's creating this choppy experiences you've seen like to me because I can tell this is an image but for you know recruiter or something they may not realize that this is a slide from a something else like a graphic and as they're scrolling through it just seems really choppy like Spotify logo Spotify logos Spotify logos Spotify logo it's it's creating a very strange experience on the website so my challenge really for you to think about is what is the purpose of your website and what is the purpose of this PDF thing that you have over there because I could argue if you already have this done in this beautiful PDF format type thing then keep it over there and don't try and shove it into this website now if the goal of this Spotify page that we're looking at now is to really do a more detailed case study essay type thing if you will of the Spotify project then that's great but you need to spend more time tweaking these visuals and not just dumping in the slides from your keynote because that to me is making this very confusing just right here competitive analysis and the text competitive analysis in in here it's confusing so I think what you're trying to do is create more of a medium calm long form explanation of your Spotify project which is awesome but if that is the case then you need to invest more time and not just take what's in this PDF and put it here because that's making it very confusing I want to just keep like I like seeing that you did this competitive research competitive analysis okay this is nice but like that just seeing these logos isn't telling me much like now you're telling me a little bit more about each each thing you did a competitive analysis for what I would love to see is like a screenshot of within Apple music and what part of Apple music stood out you know how sometimes if you do a evaluation of a website you might use like little annotations to show people oh this navigation is confusing or this drop-down etc I would do some screenshots of those websites or have something visual to tie us to sorry to show us like take us inside that competitive analysis if you will demographics for users in primary search arched suited for interviews how long were they were they remote what did you use what did you learn let me go find out did it uh yeah we need to stop because we have more people to get to but that's really gut reaction really think about the purpose of this website and presumably this PDF you have and if the website is meant to be more of a deep dive then you need to adjust your visuals accordingly so hope that's helpful and we're going to move on to the next one it's really hot in New York City today that's why my hair is up and I look totally different okay I want to check in on the comments guys if this is helpful don't forget to tell me if you are learning things we're going to do one more because my voice is just dying out I should have brought a drink over but I don't donut my water bottle okay okay next we're going to do Roberta okay so let's queue up hers and Oh Roberta's website didn't load let's try a different version of the URL once it loads I will share my screen so let's uh see you ever Berta has to say Roberta says she's working on her website polishing a new case study she's worked in UX for two years and she's in the edx program she's polishing a case study she wants to know okay hold on the biggest problem she's had is doing the case study and what to include in her portfolio okay let's see if this is loading guys the purchase website isn't loading so we might have to bail and go to someone else's I don't know if I might if it's my computer oh okay here we go Roberta's loaded up this is loading now and here we go so guys um I think this is loaded but I'm not sure so let's go I haven't looked at this yet so here we go uh I don't see Roberta's name I don't see any title so immediately off the bat I don't know what Roberta does all I have going for me is the title up here maybe it's just not loading but I would fix that immediately we have this one work thing and then this is a work in progress too Berta had said this is not her final portfolio so I just want to go back and see which one she told me to look at okay I don't see one of them that I'm supposed to look at so let's look at the this first one Mac tor web app case studies so what I like about this is that she is showing us a visual and telling us a little bit like a title and what it was so Mac to her web I web app and it's a case study barter sugar UX UI what I would add is a little like blurb or intro so I know what Mac tour is I have no idea barter sugar no idea just like an article like when you go to CNN they don't just show you the image they have a title and sometimes they have a few sentences you have to think of your website if you're doing a website like a news site like a Content site like an online magazine because that's what it is it's content and people are coming to it not probably having looked at it before so you need to give them contacts to entice them to click so we're going to go into Mac tour even though I have no idea what Mac tour is and I set my alarm for five minutes because we're reviewing Roberta's okay Mac tor web app okay we see the roll receipt function design development document timeline okay I like seeing this so like blurb of what she did in things but the issue is I still don't know what Mac is and now I get it here but guys you have to think like a visual designer and you have to think of like creating more hierarchies so yes Mac do or web app that's good I still don't know what it is what I would do is I would take this text here or some of it put it above this like blurb of metadata and then put it larger so Mac natori I sorry is a responsive web app which allows people an ear in the world at anytime they choose to virtually visit the Mack Museum in Brazil okay I don't know what the Mack Museum is maybe tell us like Oh Mack is web application for the Mack Contemporary Art Museum in Brazil okay so yes I didn't learn that until as you can see like I don't know 40 seconds into being on this page as I'm proactively trying to get this information so here we go uh I don't know if this was already existing I don't know if you did this as a part of a project school project I don't know the context of this so what I would like to know is like did you do this since the very beginning and did their first version let me know that okay so this we're jumping into this old man drawing my story I'm current website of new museum is not touristy friendly I was impressed by the building surrounded by nature it amazed me to enjoy a museum so I don't know what this my story thing is your story or if this is if this photo at the right is of this architect's name who I can't pronounce and you went and saw this in Brazil so I'm confused about my story problem current again looks like you have taken screenshots from a PDF or something and put them here which is which i think is confusing so let's get back to this because this seems like you guys are confused about the purpose of a website and a PDF and i'm trying to figure out why that is so my solution oh eight the problem current website current museum website does not offer enough organized information this is hard to read because it's in this graphic and this logo it's just not really serving me that much my solution a website looks beautiful but a website that presents the Mack Museum a detailed virtual tour history of construction concept and the architects whatever so that's your solution but the problem okay this is the problem that you had this is the problem that they came to you with let's keep going my goal you visited the Mack Museum you decided to design better alternative to the website okay what we need to do is we need to know that off the back like after visiting the Mac tour this is placeholder text but after visiting the Mac Museum in Brazil I realized that there was a problem the website and app didn't reflect the you know awesomeness of the museum itself and people were losing out on learning about the history of the building the architect bla bla bla bla bla so I decided to take it upon myself to redesign the Mac tour web app that's the framing that we need to understand this project because we don't understand that until we go through and reread all of this and I guarantee people are not reading with a level of detail that I'm reading especially if they're the first or second person looking at this so you get competitive analysis competitive matrix personas information architecture okay I have a feeling this one might still be in progress but just to give you some feedback you need to show us more than the deliverables we need to see more than just competitive analysis so you did this competitive analysis and what did you learn we see the pros and the cons but what kind of big takeaways did you have that then informed your solutions which we're going to see in a few few slides here but just having screenshots like this without contacts people are probably going to overlook this just to be totally honest so competitive matrix okay again it needs more context so the Mac had all these things oh that's a different Mac see now I'm confused because there's two columns two Mac and I don't know because I don't because I'm just learning about this Museum right now I'm really confused I don't know what these other ones are cuz they're a little logos and I don't know what this pink museum is and that might be the Guggenheim but I'm not sure personas okay so you've got this persona okay so we've got studio owners architecture students okay so you've got to complete that you did some information architecture so here's the thing you have a good start you have a lot of deliverables you need to think through this through the perspective of someone who is hearing about this for the first time so like for example just going from these personas we need to understand like what key tasks are important to Patricia she is a studio owner so what she interested what are the key tasks that she would want to do what are the things she wants to learn same thing for this person and then like based on their needs their behaviors their goals etc how does that inform their key user flows and how does that all inform the information architecture we can't know that just through looking at these deliverables you have to show us and give us context similar to how I think it was Alicia did in the very beginning on hers so scroll back or go back in this video when you watch this and see how Alicia kind of added more context um okay going back here going here cuz that's all the time we have for today guys um this was our first Terra now juicy almost forgot what it was called but let me know what this was helpful if we should do this again we may we may not just depends on my schedule um let's see also if you are not inside the Facebook group you should totally join us it's the UX portfolio and careers tribe which we will drop a link to in the comments or I know some of you are in it already but if you're viewing this elsewhere you can pop over and join us it's totally free Facebook group and also when you're in there in that group you should definitely um grab the UX portfolio blueprint download because here's the thing it's a PDF walks you through eight steps to creating your UX portfolio and I guarantee you it addresses many other things I brought up today and it also comes with seven days I think of email lessons specific to your UX portfolio and people find these so valuable one woman emailing at me the other day and said this was a godsend it helped me have this step-by-step guide to follow so if you're working on your portfolio right now or maybe not happy with the one you have definitely serve for the sirens for New York definitely definitely hop in that group and if you want to know how else you can work with me um I do have my UX portfolio formula program which is like my on-demand course that you can take that walks you through in way more detail exactly how to create a UX portfolio I think we've had 450 people take it so far and I keep getting emails of people getting hired like Google US Tennis Association the other day um Deloitte Salesforce General Motors financial I forget if I said that one and like a ton of people are interviewing right now so it's really exciting but if you're interested in that type in the comments like mention me and say I'm interested in the course or something and I'll get back to you but I know there was a lot information so and I'm losing my voice but hope this was helpful leave a comment let me know because I haven't decided if I'll do this again so once I read the comments I'll decide if I think it's useful anyway have a great afternoon and I will talk to you soon okay see you later


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    Currently a work in progress: www.motivofficial.com

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