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I don't know what happened but Brett is the class I said that this stupid pen feels like a weed vape in my hands he's holy so alex is holding a pin I'm holding the baby was like I want to hit then because it's a Mario stylist we started saying Mario vapor and then but he did it in the fucking luigi voice so I was like that's just like Luigi like that's his like I don't need to be in your shadow Brad I could do it on my own yeah did you know this is one of the fastest-growing economies in onion in onion Wario's got his own like look they're making all the right moves this brand is Oprah know that he's the one that should be the doobly oh yeah now available in onion Wow Wow you can drop straight targets just right now you go down you just hit one green out right now just go right over yeah there you go careful you're safe you did it now's the time done it you didn't do it you do it it's all done do it do it you've done here we go skull man you've done it you only hurt us a little skull man we've defeated you skull man we've No you know he knew a fucking dick he fucking knew what a fucking dick skull man didn't you get the last laugh good God good initially finished his drink and turned around swished escaped and walked out of the like pile floor like echoey yeah alcohol patio in the dark I've done skull man well done all right Jimmy already let's jump to art world excellent level tell you what in this segment if you are a big roast fan young you've submitted fan art to us yeah we'll put it up this is like our fan art showcase where should they submit their art uh they can submit it to send it to zoom they can submit to us on Twitter that's a good place to curate okay just put hash tag maker bros to send it directly to at Ted on Twitter for love it come on in zoom who is it it's probably the bear right you a real talk though you wanted a super beard Bruce yeah yeah a super bros hash tag maker bros to baby baby baby shoutouts the ted Severson man he got in there he got at Ted huh at Ted he's a pro he's a video editor at CNN Wow yeah and he likes the Mets wow wow wow wow that's amazing what would waluigi's flavor be because here's the thing the thing that always bothered me about waluigi is the fact that what the relationship between all for those stupid s character seems like it should be a to be and then like why does he write or like X to Y like whatever Luigi is well like warrior it seems like you should be that but Nintendo keeps saying it's not like for example Marla weeds are your brothers and like I'm not for the four years I was like oh yeah waluigi and worry over there like nelly man i'm like what they should be or the fact that you think that waluigi x' hat should have like I don't know something else on it instead of that fucking the are yakking thing yeah but there it is so this is another fuckin way right like so you think like okay so he's gonna have some kind of like flavor that's like purpley right it's probably like like something something beautiful about something that like something that like the old-world Italian would love like succotash a good dad like it's a slavered all right close your eyes alright I'm closing Chianti open your eyes skull man I like that you're keeping I love that you're keeping with the with the switch theme thank you my Creed yeah I do have a question yeah question two things yeah what's going on on the right side there at the end of man I'll use that just like a little I think that's the curse oh that's just a cursor cursor yeah oh well then you know what I'm gonna commend you on your very realistic Sega Genesis graffiti looking yeah thank you I love that skull because you legit rent a room looks like school school miss school mine okay but I do have one other question sure what's going on with that line down the center of my man's face it's supposed to be a nod to the Punisher Oh moving on that was the most committed I've ever been to something that I didn't believe in and I closed my eyes hoping the two of you would not look at me no we were like oh you both accepted it so thank you yeah um that was I that was my take if skull man was a supervillain that was his logos being spread across the internet and it just like it ma'am have you seen this fucking me you know it was like a domestic terrorist oh my god you know what yeah yeah he does looks like fucking antifoam weird look at him is for us to get a level submitted from like somebody on the patreon and then we're like the shit is fucking hard and then we'll get to like screen five and then it'll be that fucking fucking skull face another account and shit I mean you can change your name and username without making a new account I can't wait I can't live and an old factory by knights of the old we for by Kotwal knights of the old we abandon old French there's another switch factory level abandon old factory you could head could beat this one who what's everyone to know Ted meet this one that makes me think it's really hard I don't know it depends on what Ted thinks of himself this is the second time worse I have to question like did people when you said switch factory did people think you meant an actual fact I don't know this one's an abandoned oh oh well you're dead now Gerard there's no jumping over that I don't even ever meet kids jump so far yeah look at this puzzle solving bottom love that umbrella yeah parachute yep yep I said umbrella there's something really satisfying about that that like hard Dutch shoe sound on fucking stuff you really want that we can have it yeah oh fuck just leave that's it Mario maker is over so you have to jump on the boy and then go down okay what follow the coins brother follow them points then groins then goings heads like I did this Ted's like no problem I did this it's Ted like over there like making faces at you he's like making like faces like he could do better that is how it wasn't watch Ted grab it yes Ted said he died sixty times so let's let's get ready for let's get ready for some fun let's settle in who is this by night's Halloween night to the Wii dude would you like join a fraternal order of people who like love the wee one or maybe you know what the fraternal or the Wii U yes yeah the king of weasels oh that's what this is can skip this just go straight no I don't I think you can make it no I don't yeah all right maybe not the people tried I wasn't the only one Oh Ted try something like Fozzie Bear there someone try to carry me he doesn't scare me wait a minute and he takes off the fucking suit and it's Miss Piggy under there I'm sorry myself look I know your hangouts with the bear so I killed him and skin D whoa that's your piggy that's it yeah I can't do piggy to save my life nobody can thank god that's like a weird yeah he has like an upside down guttural voice mmm I was watching did you catch the last edition of that a defunct land on the handsome no all three of them also hide like a fucking baby really I mean anything ever to do with Jim Henson's death or funeral right that those Springs dirty girls assholes yeah some bad boys what you gonna watch you watch it come on too gonz and oh we went and unbundle millet Wow nailed it that's like the second time in the last two weeks that you've been making fun of something that has nothing to do with Asian people uh-huh but if you took it out of context you'd be like why are you why are you making fun of Asian people I'm not doing anything about Asia that's my point that is exactly my point but if someone out there on the internet just took out of context I don't know what are you encouraging I'm not encouraging anything I'm saying if somebody did encourage it Wow did you imagine if someone did encourage you Wow I was like oh my god we could do it back up makes sense this is really cool this first jump looks perfectly using perfectly the easy way so you're gonna have to fucking you have to and see my eyes you have time if you go to the right you feel like yes wait can you get that high like if you stand on the right boy can use on top of them that's another way to do that that's not bad if you can get out you do that okay that's not bad brilliant for you brilliant fuck what you gonna do and the spikes are the worst insta-death spikes ma hurt they hurt my feelings well gotta be so mean out there of your lows why I mean that again Ted was able to do this so I miss it what'd you say I said but then again Ted was able to do this so mmm nice getting better and better dude easy-peasy leave that it's like you didn't even have to try that time so you gotta go to the right yeah oh brother is it gone forever I think so it's fine really yeah they're just like fuck you case you got a hold it into the right huh then you got to know where to go oh that's what it's there for no problem I believe in you well let's just scared the shit out of me what are you doing just moved yeah you moved like ever so slightly to get comfortable but it like easy it's Joe Joe Joe Joe okay we're just going we're going you were like now's the time yeah no way for that motherfucker to come back up you'll be good fuck you know what to do now you okay yeah you're good just a waiting game now matter of time wobb wobb wobb I like it good use of coinage right now yeah yeah yeah this is not insurmountable by any mean oh no I'm just uh doing fine directly it takes a normal amount of time to do this we've been doing this for less than 10 minutes just so you know just so you know in the hole speed that we go down though oh you know what I got for my birthday what Animaniacs did you know those giant internals I have in my house yeah I got another one Lisa got me another one but it's it's literally Raphael again but this time in his like movie-going disguise trench like his moody trench coat outside it's pretty funny yeah he has his hat and he has his little backpack too that first little shot of them like beating those dudes up on the subways like so perfect you mean well you can't we don't see them oh yeah outside the new station yeah yeah what if he never comes back love that patience what if he never comes back man he's coming okay now it's time huh easy okay admittedly ya know we're doing great and you got the checkpoint you never have to do it again you never you did it you basically beat it I don't even know if Ted was able to everyone oh I see I see you choking sighs uncle die malaria oh I don't like this room this is this is anxiety inducing you wanna play your good side okay wait you gotta get you gotta just wait for the block to come around is that what's up yeah I'm okay yeah yeah we need that that much is clear there's a door down there definitely that all right and then what that boy switch guess what checkpoint oh yeah that's easy now I just just what you gonna do everything in my every fiber I being was like Oh hit the switch hit it oh all right you're good it's just a waiting game now baby hello we talked about this boy on the red side oh he's waiting what I was thinking I was thinking maybe who's gonna be Yoshi but so far no Yoshi's completely disappointed on the Yoshi from new Yoshi's pretty wild you know I thought there was gonna be a lot of Yoshi's guys no I guess I was wrong yeah [Laughter] that was so strange what the fuck just happened I'm dead yeah wait what the time it's cuz I I hit the switches at the apex and it went out shit for ya I pushed it went no I went into the yeah I do you spun into the wall weird this is what will drive a man crazy not ted though head man Ted did this in mmm no less than 60 Ted did in 60 tries no less no more dude dick dick right now do you think you can just like oh this whole thing this whole case like a dick right no you see everybody's dick had two big swollen red dots on the side so yeah hit the switch alright wait yeah there you go money in the bank cool oh my god oh where is the key so got to kill somebody probably those guys know my goodness oh okay I recognize know what to do kind of okay I have no idea what to do so maybe you can oh no does that do though I you have to get a you have to walk a boy you have to walk one of the bombs over here uh-huh then you close it yeah oh but they blow up fuck fuck are you supposed to do i legit don't know I think you have to be fast with it cuz if they're if you're trying to walk them and they're too bunched up they'll all together so you got to get that one boy right I just hate waiting I are you and this is the wait boy but you know what it's good it's good for your spirit just like when I play blood-borne and I just keep slashing even though I don't have any stamina the better I get a wedding waiting the better a person I become the better I get it wet eggs the better I get it wedding a better appeal ditch it let's do this now chance while he's alone oh my god there you go that's it no there's one more you have to open so yeah there's another gate right when he's through there yeah but like this is still very good can they calm the fuck down over there stop throwing that shit no can you leave the room no you can't fuck yeah you gotta wipe it so okay so you wipe it and then you restart yes yes yes yes all of this is yep uh-huh wait for tweek fuck that yeah yeah it was white good I mean it wasn't clear open up to red if you can that's clean there you go yeah yeah this is all just timing and if you there's no you just wait it out you'll be fine yeah let it happen watch you watch these dudes on the right cuz it might be assholes as long as you don't catch him you're good okay yeah he's done that's it you did it wait for it clean you there two guys be careful not to hit one of those all right you're good you're good let's go yes that's it I'm jacked for you yeah we did Jack for you excellent level that was tight you know what I like about the level one it was intimidating but totally fine yeah yet satisfying yeah what the fuh why did he say it like that cuz he's his throat was pushing up against the back of his neck and weird oh yeah I'm gonna draw I'm gonna draw Thank You Ted the dating game music in the fucking beat oh yeah what is that question of the day it today yeah what is that what's the same song again it's I was giving you like a got it yeah but I was singing man baby that's me confused do you want a taxi remember that song that I brought up the other do you want a taxi yeah that's the one yeah okay that's different but that's not it that's not from a show right I don't think so no no and then the actual theme song for taxi is like depressing Alexa it sounds like a sleigh the theme song from taxi it sounds like a song I would play like over like a list of people who died with their pictures yes she's got it it's a TV show thing listen to that it's really sad list all those people who died in that terrible accident this is a weird version of it – is this like the Kenny G bird this isn't how it actually sounds no it's not God thank God this is gonna be the most silent this is gonna be the version that we can actually use in the the program because it doesn't get claimed because it's Alexa stop it that's wild yeah this give me this movie would be only silent version yeah these yeah go to the whole menu before you put on the dock then we know how to close our eyes yeah why are we closing our eyes again because if we if we don't we see it before we're ready to react to it drift it what's the difference can't we just like really sink it oh the sink yeah of course okay no yes swish that's your art okay there's there's a lot of emotions that can be interpreted from that little guy in the middle but what is that – you said it's a lonely boo he really looks like he's got an issue that he's like coping with he doesn't know who to follow he's alone little own boo alone boo is it like a genius team no situation switch ooh a shoe I think it's more like he doesn't know how to feel whole in this which is a switch no no I the only stolen these stamps there are like just generic like you did it and Wow I can use either to use a picture or like a full stamp man you can't so you can be like a little baby face anymore I wish no problem no I know right but hey great level look look at ko TW over there sad you beat his knight of the old we cuz guys til next time we'll Morris which factor see you soon peace out bye bye bye bitch nice


41 Replies to “Switch Factory 2| Super Mario Maker 2 Ep. 8 | Super Beard Bros.”

  1. Tyler McCarn says:

    Thanks for playing my level! Yeah it's King of the Weasels.

  2. WarriorsDescent says:

    What a great intro to the episode. Love you guys and the historical laughter right at the start. “Try our new onion flavor”

  3. retrosully64 says:

    Brett!!! That last episode on Jim Henson made me cry so damn hard! What a great mini series they made over there on Defunctland. I hope other people check it out. So happy to hear you guys watched that too!

  4. KaizoMK says:


  5. doorknob60 says:

    My Alexa started playing the Mission Impossible theme lol

  6. CDP110 says:

    Great level KotW! My one and only level so far used a similar idea with the wrenches acting as a wall, but I use spawning koopas to defeat each one by one to reach a switch to continue the level.

  7. Austin Sharrett says:

    Mario carts are a thing as well

  8. Ace C says:

    Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

  9. VileCorvid says:

    Both of those songs were from The Dating Game. I think Alex was singing the actual theme, while Spanish Flea that Jirard/Brett were singing was used during the episode. Moral of the story: Never doubt yourself and also listen to Alex.

  10. Art Souls says:

    Waluigi's vape flavor is anise. The gross shit in black licorice.

  11. AbridgedForever101 says:

    Jirard saying "purple haze" without hesitation after Brett asks for Waluigi's flavor got me LOL so hard.

  12. Mighty Wombat says:

    I'll switch your factories 😉

  13. L0veDanda 1001101 says:

    I really enjoy Alex's nonplay singing singing voice, it's like 30% scratch 40% primal yell and 30% vocal smoothie.

  14. Juanfe Romero says:

    one of the songs is little spanish flea, i can't recall the other ones and are killing me

  15. skullman1234 says:

    I'm glad they finished and enjoyed that Primer. I will continue my work on uploading my main project, Chronicle 3: Grim Endeavor

  16. The_Echo says:

    Wait does Brett not know that Waluigi's cap is emblazoned with an upside-down L

  17. HewleyxAngel says:

    Shout out Brett, that entire Defunctland series gave me emotions and I also broke down at the end. You are not alone on that.

  18. Dave Gaming says:

    Brett laugh is so fucking contagius just like Arnold laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  19. TheNerdySimulation says:

    During the drawing segments there is a little face on the block(?) right beneath Maker and it kinda looks like Brett's cartoon face. Do I get a cookie for noticing it? 😛

  20. Louis Marin says:

    During parts when they sing, can we stop the Mario Paint song so we can hear what they are singing

  21. Matt Spillane says:

    You guys set off my Alexa and almost signed my up for Amazon music lmao.

  22. Wheels8504 says:

    This series needs longer videos

  23. GreenKarateMonkey says:


  24. Norrikan says:

    Somebody really needs to draw (or even animate) that Skullman scene Alex desribed at 2:24.

  25. Robert M. says:

    I guess the advantage of the character stamps (such as Peach and the phrase "Cool idea!") is that they appear in the language that the account user is set to. I just wish the art was smaller when displayed in the course…

  26. Nick Baynes says:

    My theory behind Waluigi is that he was just a guy that Wario picked up to be the counter to Luigi because he figured he needed a "brother" too to compete with Mario.

  27. Hugh says:

    I just realised Nintendo were pushing the switches mechanic on this game because its one the switch…

  28. Kaizo Audio says:

    Brett knows that Waluigi’s hat has an upside down “L” not “an R thing,” right?

  29. Wesly Z says:

    Now available in
    V a p o r w a v e

  30. Maria Nance says:

    The Fozzie and Piggy bit was more funny because Frank Oz originated both characters, and now Eric Jacobson performs both.

  31. John O ́neil says:

    That Dating Game song will forever be for me the Elevator Song

  32. Laugh N Half says:

    I miss Chris…

  33. Zeezee says:

    "He looks like a domestic terrorist"
    "yeah yeah, he looks like fucking antifa and shit"

    Guys…. Antifa literally just stands for anti-fascist. We're not terrorists

  34. patu8010 says:

    "Hard Dutch shoe sound." 😀 Mario is clog dancing on top of those thwomps

  35. Black Rosé says:


  36. Sean Jagusch says:

    Mario vaper? You missed the opportunity for a V(p)apor Mario joke. Vapor Mario and the thousand year high.

  37. davis0812 says:

    Going to have to start turning down the volume when I watch beard Bros because apparently even at a moderate volume my echo Brett can easily command Alexa lol

  38. Kelly Davis says:

    Alex, my baby said good bye to Jirard and then you called her a bitch 😭😭😭

  39. Justin Buiter says:

    Is Spanish Flea really not public domain?

  40. Sean Rendall says:

    Just gonna throw my 2 cents in here, I skip the drawing parts. Especially when you're singing. Still love y'all though

  41. Jordan Wood says:


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