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bismillahir rahmanir rahim I'm Maya Tessa a noon Anna never in lava melody Hahm Fahim of telephone Colossae a demoon come McCandless a on the moon you I'm a Edessa a noon I need never allow me you letti home Fahim of telephone you Colossae ah da moon boom McKenna say Allah moon you or Allah commenting on a discussion taking place between disbelievers there are three opinions about the word the defeat of the word yet Assad yet Assad who means they're asking one another some of them are asking others one opinion is this is a depiction of believers being asked by disbelievers that's one opinion another opinion is this is a discourse that is taking place between the disbelievers they're this they're asking among each other and a third position is that both the believers and the disbelievers are asking the messenger of allah so allah or the incident the garage a position the closest to true position and the one that supported it the text and also with other evidences is the one that this is a discussion taking place of the Kafar among themselves but the thing is we have to understand in language when you mutually ask a question to one another when you're discussing something with one another it can be done for one of two reasons it can be done because you're curious you don't know and you're asking somebody and they're asking somebody else and this is what's happening right so it's sort of an inquisitive intent another intent for asking one another is actually to undermine or to wage sarcasm at someone else for example it just picture this scenario the messenger of a loss of a la montee of tenem presents these you know these phenomenal truths about the afterlife right this huge things are going to happen the oceans are going to boil oval over the dead are going to come back to life these huge things he's talking about and as a means of undermining or making him look like he's insane they say you know do you know what he's talking about no do you know what he's talking about and they're kind of talking to each other and this is a means of insulting him right this tone of undermining that we even know in language today this is the tone that they were using now understand and appreciate this the one responding to this insolent number is allah allah is basically listening to their conversation so there's a third party here the messenger is obviously a listener a party to this conversation the believers who are making Dawa are hearing this sarcastic conversation but from the very beginning we learn there's a third party that is also listening to this discourse it is a large division and now eliezer depicting here reaction to their conversation so what we learn in the beginning of the Solarize Allah has taken offense to their clear sarcasm Allah has taken offense to the way they speak about the alcohol so Allah says I'm Maya you what we learn in the beginning of the surah is Allah has taken offense to their cup dear sarcasm Allah has taken offense to the way they speak about the alcohol so Allah says I'm madam so Allah responds I'm methadone and in never Darlene and this is a continuation of the question are they really asking about another Darlene and never in Arabic means news but there's another word in Arabic for news which is called so there are two words now there's number and there's hot what's the difference between Java and hover first of all another album meaning number is a greater kind of news it's a more important news that's one difference between number and other so you don't use number for anything like if you know the store closes at 10 o'clock that may be how it's not nothing but you know somebody won the election or there's a war that started or something huge happened that would be considered now and that's how it's used in the plot so this is the first difference between the bottom hug the the second thing is number necessarily has a benefit also it demands a reaction it demands an action it's not just something you could say oh that's nice and you sit there like never would be there's a fire in the building right now what does it demand from you I got to get out of here or I got to tell other people there's a fire right so this is another difference between never and hover and when the last week's of the next life and resurrection as never he's referring to its tangible nature you know there are other religions who feel that the afterlife is some kind of a spiritual intangible kind of thing but even by the use of the word Nava we know it is real it's physical and it's not a state of mind it's actually a state it's a place anyhow so this is an endeavor and I'll beam are they really asking about this enormous and now nobody is enormous in and of itself but Allah as I leave to it as an adjective and I'll set fire to it so I'm true that they're actually asking one another in this sarcastic tone about that enormous event about that enormous news that is supposed to bring lead them to some kind of action and yet instead of leading it leading them to action it's leading them to make this kind of ridicule and then Allah adds another rhetorical question although this is a rhetorical question so far I've even FIBO study fidelity actually is it's called some Silla okay it's a muscle rather and whom fihi most telephone and grammar is called sila football school all of this is an adjective of another so the next ayah ayah number three is actually the whole ayah is an adjective of the word and never the first allowing and the second adjective is and Levy Humphrey he must have a phone and a course translation is that which they are themselves in disagreement in or with okay there are among themselves they are in disagreement in regards to this news but the way the ayah is structured is in the is MIA form in the nominal form the benefit this has is what this tells us is this is something they're doing all the time that this disagreement that they have among each other a lot of them for example didn't say a novena home via telephone he said Olivia Fei most of whom the ISM file is used and the noun usage indicates something else going on constantly like a noun is permanent and a verb is temporary then the word fee this prepositional phrase has been positioned in between home and most telephone instead of amassing and ladina home of the lacunae fee which is norm in Arabic Allah says Allah Dino home fee he must telephone and what this produces is a shock is it really about that that they are disagreeing among themselves now the word is to laugh a little bit about it and we move forward enchilada the word a split up it indicates two things it indicates a manifest disagreement meaning they're actually physically disagreeing among each other what this office not only were they being sarcastic about Al Qaeda they all have their own theories – some of them had the idea okay well nobody we're not going to come back some of them have the idea we're all going to go to have it so they have this these different kinds of opinions about themselves but if tea lap also means to have a discord or friction within one's own self what this implies is not only did they disagree with each other but they within themselves there was uncertainty or disagreement sometimes they would think this sometimes they would think that they're not so sure it's not like they're adamant about no no no for sure there's no afterlife or for sure we're going to be saved they're not sure either they're not sure so even within themselves there's a disagreement that is taking place and that's what a bar social depicts with these words then he says can say on the moon some makanda say are the moon this has been repeated and oftentimes it's argued that this repetition takes place only for the purpose of mobile Allah which in English is called hyperbole to emphasize something you know the Oh English translation of collapsing over the moon indiscernible is neh they're going to soon find out nay then again nay they will soon find out this is how it's commonly translated let's first explore the word God and then we'll talk about the repetition Kanda you know according to CBO a and some other grammarians mostly from Basra they believe that this has to do with the word brother or stop meaning whatever you're talking about stop you're going to find out very soon as you put it in that context right they're running your mouth and all of a sudden Allah says stop you're going to find out very soon so that's one opinion of mekele got another opinion which is stronger actually from the language point of view is depends on where Kanda is used if you say kerala and you pause and then you say say our mood it means something but if you say can let's say on the moon together that means something else now if you say Kandla and you pause and then you say salable like these Romanians argue in these ayat it is jazz it is allowed that you stopped at Canada and then you say say on the moon to produce that meaning stop stop your nonsense stop this ridiculous argument all of you be quiet nonsense and then you're sued about to find out say your animal though they're about to find out that it but on the other hand if you continue and you don't stop which is what the text of the ayah is there's no book then the meaning of Kedah is associated with have fun truly you're going to find out so the idea in language generally and also in classical Arabic when you repeat something twice it illustrates anger or tension or friction or something like that so that's one opinion the other opinion which actually a lot of the Memphis children have taken and seems more appropriate here is consistent with the arguments in the rest of Quran as far as the Quran is Gohan's warnings are concerned they're basically the warnings are of two events two things one is Resurrection the day of judgment out of all the events surrounding resurrection and the second is the Hellfire one leading to the other but the two predominant warnings are resurrection and P Amma and then enough so there's a lot of description in the Quran of Resurrection Day and there's a lot of description for Hellfire so it is believed that the first one you're really going to find out that first one is referring to p.m. and the second one is referring to Hellfire so first you're going to realize how wrong you were and how obnoxious you were in the way you were talking about the al-qaeda the first time you will realize this truly realizes when you face Deanna and the second time when you face the Hellfire these are the two places where you really get to know right so now this is again the deceiver why there is repetition between these two things you oh my darling Obama's order what da da da da walk one opponent me as murder what john mccain's uberta what John and Leilani versa or dementia woman enough Oh performance of Ellen she Dada or Dada saw John was harder wounds and numbing and more salty man sugandha little flurry Domini have been one about our warden nineteen alpha oh my Johnny Obama's order what a divider I won't walk one opponent me as we're done what do anonymous uber for joinin lailanie buzz' you or don't know MA one banana phone becomes a balance sheet ah or darkness or don't with her one's an amine and more salty Monza da da little furry Divini hung down one ibadah 119 alfalfa so now you know one of the room of the Quran in many many many cases is that the rhyme scheme actually tells you where paragraph ends or begins now notice I'm Marisa adun and in never Allah we will be home free he was telephone can they say on the moon from makanda say on the moon now look at the next few I are just listening and I'm neither album II had well gee Bella Oh Dada Dada come as Virgil and I know Malcolm's uberta you notice a new rhyme scheme now again because we're trying to study and appreciate the surah and how it's a cohesive whole and a cohesive argument you need to understand this in fact this transition to another subject which seems almost unrelated for example alumni jadon odami had an easy translation did we not turn the ad the earth did we not make the earth into a plane a smooth plane for you I mean HOD actually comes another word related with me Hadas I've mad the mad is the cradle okay or the cradle in which the child is comfortable Allah says didn't we make the earth a place where you may be comfortable also mihad is used in classical Arabic for a bed so it's a place where you rest now human beings are very aware of what things they are they themselves are capable of right we're capable of making event for ourselves we're capable of maybe building a house for ourself etc etc now you will find a discussion of how Allah is capability in your own visual experience how it surpasses your own look at what you are able to make for yourself and compare that to the entire creation of the earth as i'm natali table me Hannah or we're able to pitch tents literally we pitch 10 the old times you pitch tents Allah says well gee viola Oh Dada Allah says didn't we make the mountains or install the mountains as pegs so a tent is known by the most important element of the tent which is what the pet and this is a feature of Arabic you call something by its most essential component Allah says you are able to pitch these tents let me show you the kinds of tents I pitch what line what are the kinds of tents well Jeeva hello-o tada what comparison do you have in Europe your imagination – what allies origin is capable of calculus you didn't create a pair you didn't create women mandon create women women get didn't create man we created you like this this is not your own manufacturing this is being given to you you're not even capable over your own creation your own gender you're not capable over your own spouse you're not capable over the spouses that you've been created in so you've been created in two different genders and this is again the creative power of Allah has manifest even on the rebel himself the captain himself who's listening to this he knows even that I've been created in pairs and I'm not the one who was in charge of this I didn't design this myself then Alonzo goes forward and goes to e to the person himself he says wa ja alna no Malcolm su bata and we made your net we're sleep no is sleep deep sleep you know how Allah says nice and cozy Lata who do who Cena Tony what I know Sina is slumber like sleepiness drowsiness and known as deep sleep right so Allah says he major deep sleep su bata literally this soo bad means that which is that cuts off it cuts off so Allah speaks at night as something that cuts you off what does it cut you off from first of all that cuts your body off from what your soul your soul departs from your body then it cuts you off from your daily affairs your work your business your concerns you're cut off from everything in life as soon as you hit deep sleep it's like you're dead to the world you can't go women no matter how long you try to avoid your sleep in the end you will be overpowered buoyed by it and this is the power of what has on even the one who disbelieves well you either then lay in any vessel and we and we made the night a means of garment why is the night called the government because the idea is it covers you up it takes over you like a blanket and the garment is something you hide underneath and you know people hide in the night crimes take place in the night secrets are associated with the night ambushes associate but tonight robbery is associated with the night right these are the things that are associated with night because it's secrecy but the other thing here with us that's Illustrated is this is a leave us this is a cloth that is put on you that you don't have the power to take off so allah azzawajal made the night manifest over you another means by which creation of allah overpowers all of the creations on the earth tonight Bojana de de de bossa well gentleman and we made the bright day the morning time or the daytime a means of livelihood and a time of livelihood these are the two implications of math that the daytime is a means by which people earn their income and this is particularly true in the desert because there are very few patches of desert where there's actually farmland and those are the critical aspects of desert life because that's where they'll you know food from for the entire region is coming and that food will not grow until it gets what sunlight so the daytime is a means by which life is delivered and then also this is the time in which business takes place and most work takes place it's in the daytime even today in the most modern of times the stock market opens up in the morning so this is the time for which it installed or burning one's income and getting my means of livelihood then Allah speaks finally bobba bobba aina sahaan G Dada so now again here well banana allowed him to say well banana 70 Dada we constructed seven intense skies or seven intense powerful flawless heavens rather he added poem caca we constructed above you we constructed above you these seven heavens now compare whatever you've been able to construct as human beings to what Allah has constructed 70 that's Ronald and then on top of this was your anniversary urgent what Hodja and then we installed a large garage in Arabic refers to anything that emits light or anything that is lit but in the Quran consistently it is used to refer to the Sun and then add to it why Hajj the the form that's used in Arabic is that which hyperbolae zhe's so an incredibly brilliant blazing lamp we installed for you well I'm Zen I mean had more karate man vagina is a very beautiful hire of the creative power of Allah he says and we sat down middle Morris a lot to squeeze the winds come and they literally squeezed the clouds and then the clouds get grip what rain MA and Khadija water that is hijacked French literally it means overflowed or heavy profuse kind of rain or flooding so we sent this hence kind of water supply when Allah doesn't send it it can create death and famine and the lessons too much of it can create death and famines or death and destruction right flooding and now you will find it Ange in tone of mercy of Allah Subhan Allah tada and how many favors he is given to you literally Jerry husband one about that so we may derive oryx you don't extract by means of it have been well Nevada have been is used for all kinds of grain all kinds of wheat all kinds of crop and Nevada is used for all kinds of grass or vegetation so anyway Leo pjb here have been one about the Virgin adding alfalfa and above and beyond that Jeanette specifically lush gardens and half is the plural it could be argued of the thief though there are other opinions also the thief means that which is wrapped around so the idea is gardens in which the trees and the branches and the and you know these these plants they are intertwined among each other plan so close together and so lush that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins right that's genetic and father that's the imagery that's been presented now after all of this explanation of creative power this was the second paragraph by the way the second lesson of the surah to compare human ability or human inability to the creative power of Allah subhanAllah Dada the go back to the first paragraph what was the whole problem the whole problem was a denial of the hereafter so now it's coming back to that problem now that you've been put in your place now we can talk about that which you were asking about or being sarcastic you you in a young man falsely Konami border you know my own love won't feel swooning for that or not wanna walk with the happy summer we it ever ever was what you wanted a Devon nut saga in a Java cognitive order a mother love Athena fever the liable born a fee the honeymoon was so far doesn't fall in I'm gone I own a fee server forgot the boom behind enakievo or panache I wanna eat avocado fanon Necedah boom in my own manfully konami border young love won't feel swooning for that don't wanna what would the hottest seller who forgot other world what you want energy bun nuts Olga you in a jungle my god to use for the linked Polina mother then be seen a fever you diable moon appear below my eyes over you unless an imam who was so far you them with a fall you in nanka Munna jung-hoon he's a bug you forgot the boom behind and energy you one luxury in a swan among Keita you furthermore fanon Aziza whom you to go back to the first paragraph what was the whole problem the whole problem was a denial of the hereafter so now it's coming back to that prop now that you've been put in your place now we can talk about that which you were asking about and being sarcastic about a la razón Josephine nail went muscly Jeremy applaud no doubt the day of an awesome and fossil in Arabic is to take literally means to take two things that are together and to separate them so much that they are clearly apart from one another the day this day of separation this day of parting this day of clear distinction between two things had already been appointed me odd is what's called bump sama this time had was bound to come it was a fixed time it was like clockwork it had to happen Allah says yo my own Tahoe is so deep attitude Raja the day on which the breath will be blown into the soul the trumpet was calmly combin literally soul in arabic means the horn futuna Raja all of you will come forward as a result in multitudes in armies and so find a larger which are turning towards the co father talking to them not about them there's a tool in Arabic to illustrate your anger at the one by first not talking to them directly and then eventually turning to them and hitting them by surprise this is what we do in the classroom like for example the teacher is teaching the class and you know one of the children they fail the test right so the teacher walks in and says some people didn't do very good on their exam and now everybody is kind of nervous but they're not sure if it's them and in the middle of his yelling at the students all of a sudden he points out up the lines at you by the way you know what happens of the law he's caught off guard all of a sudden right this is this is a consistent tool in the Quran in the way Allah executes a threat this is the same thing that happens in this one but I do not what one of the benefits of the word a taiyaki in Arabic is that it doesn't just mean to come but Allah means to come also means to submit so the Doudna whether you will submit yourselves in multitudes also not only will you come forward in multitudes you'll give yourselves up in multitudes well put you had this ml fan however now you notice a large origin in the surah when he was explaining his power he said well jihad not robbing a default aku survived she Dada that Allah constructed over you seven heavens now those same heavens that Allah has the power to destroy this man ficarra Ababa the sky will be torn open ripped open literally the canít of wobba then it is as though it was doors and this is from the Vela of the Quran what does it mean that the sky will be like doors in construction what's the most loose part of the construction in the building that's the door that's the one they opens and closes a lot if you want to break something in the house what's the first thing that's going to break or or get damaged it's the door so buy so it just speaks of this magnificent construction and says it look like the whole thing is the weakest construction the door you'll see cracks all over the place now he speaks of those same sky those same mountains and he says well sweetie la in Japan Sweden Japan this is used for something that moves easily this is this is the word used for smooth like if you're casually walking around then you're doing to see it no effort if you're running that's a little different right but if you're just casually moving this is this year Allah says that the mountains will be moving with ease the last thing you would associate with movement not to mention casual movement is the mountain but was as which new unit in Japan and then he adds back Alex Saba and this has multiple effects the first effect first of all sama means a mirage literally means a mirage then they'll turn into a mirage meaning like you now Mirage floats in the air so it will be almost like the mountains are floating when the human eye will see the mountains moving they're not going to believe it what are they going to think it's going to appear to them as though this is a mirage this can't really be happening ok so then the LA region now comes to the point you see there were two warnings right canvas ALM une filmic and ascend or two of them the first one was for the day of judgment that is in the human fossil academy Pato my own taco fast food if at a tuna Waja food you have this and a packet of Weber was so unit Isabel mechanical Abba now all of this was the first khalasar on the moon yuki-onna young with fossil what's the second kind SAR the moon soon you're going to find they're going to find out again this is john de this is the second time they're going to find out so Fiamma and then and now now we go forward we find the next depiction in a jehanne nama cannot Nevada no doubt the Hellfire has always been waiting in ambush Mossad there's another word that's related to it masa this comes from a Saba in Arabic this refers to the one who is trying to ambush that's mullet mill sod which is a different word is a place ideal for ambush Allah describes the Hellfire is a place that's been hiding and waiting to attack that's how it's been described Canada Nevada then who is it for in ambush for lip paulina mada it is an ambush for a pauline allah didn't say here caffeine or the mushrikeen so many other words could have been your body mean and faceting specifically the word used here is a Pilate because this is not talking about the the cupola is the outside what's on the inside it's fully on its rebellion I want to do what I want to do so Allah says this ambush of the Hellfire it's waiting in ambush for who for the rebellious and then he says my Abba a place that they will have to keep going back to meaning it illustrates they're going to try to escape and it keep keep sucking them back in the tall haynam a place where you come back to rest you can't get away from it Laffy Taffy ha baba is very important ayah baba is the plural of how how come is 80 years every day of which is a thousand years regardless even if it's 80 years and every day is a thousand years is that infinite or finite in the end that's fine i write so it lets some of us alone to argue and this has been negated thoroughly that the Hellfire in the end will and it won't be there the whole time but actually hasta Melba say to him Allah commented that Allah didn't say but he said a carbon how that would have been one set of 80 years everyday of which is a thousand years but Allah said a carbon which means they are multiple so he says the gem the plural illustrates that there's no end to it when you finish one half of what happens the next hukka begins when you set when you finish the second one the next one begins and so on and so forth and it's an endless series of plurals the catheter would think I have spent an entire how come maybe I'm done as soon as that false hope kit takes over him the next Huckle begins now we speak of the two kinds of torture that a lot highlights in the sauna you you now we speak of the two kinds of torture that a lot highlights in the Sola Leia do Kuna feeha but then when I shove it they will not get a taste in it neither coolness neither coolness what a shaman nor any kind of drink so coolness in Arabic culture is a great pleasure so Allah takes that pleasure away Michele Robin and wash our Robin nor any kind of drink then he adds only two more things in the Honeyman or a salad and these two things are in response to Bogdan whether shallot the instead of having coolness they will have boiling water poured on them then for drink instead of drink what else happened the sock is pus or infected blood of the other torturer camp you know the other companions of the Hellfire that are being tortured and bleeding they're boiling pus and they're infected pus that's the only thing they will get to drink look at the next word Jezza and we foul does that means payback you get what you work for but then Allah has the word we found we found is the master of Oaxaca so what we were expecting other words jazz and mafia con that's what we were expecting that's what the normal Arabic would expect when you say we thought what that illustrates is there could be no more suited perfectly placed appropriate punishment than this design with haha and then you know the the captain will come to his mind what is it that I've done that so bad did I deserve this what is it divided in now whom can you die of Janaka Sabah these were no doubt two people they had been the ones they had no expectations they had no hopes in hisab in accountability now the wording is very careful allah azza wajal did not speak here of these people were expecting when you don't expect it that means you didn't have any idea when you don't hope for it it means you heard about it you knew it's coming or you had a feeling it's coming but you were very hopeful that it probably is I hope it doesn't happen like that so here again Oh Juna he said what this is her first crime this crime was on the inside but then that false hope led them to do something on the outside what can BB aya teeth active dabeh so there's the inside of the casket and the outside of the car into ayat the inside of the casket is in the home can you lay Abdullah Azzam The Outsiders work as BB hi Athena give that they lied against our aya this means many things first of all they lied themselves second they lied against the miraculous ayat of Allah the lion says vicuna shy in Iceland Abu Qatada each and every last thing we have completely encompassed a sign up if slot in Arabic you know in modern Arabic it means to count right like a Dada also the count but there's a difference between odd and if slaw and the difference is if law is to count something and to protect it also to archive it and to save it tava in any record in a written document Sudoku this is the ayah that is the worst ayah of our doubt every time they try to get out of the punishment they are entered into a one that is worse than the one they came out of anyhow Allah says then go ahead and taste go ahead and taste now if you look I asked before get BB – a cadaver they lied against third person right it was buried it was far away all of a sudden oh then as a result all of you taste this is you not they that this transition from third person the second person it illustrates how intense the anger of a lies but according to other excerpts from the Quran we learn that on the Day of Resurrection Allah will not address them Allah Allah to dust them directly this is part of their punishment fado kufan Ana's e da cunha nada then go ahead and taste and then thus we will not increase you as a result we are not going to increase you in anything except further punishment what will they be begging for they'll be begging for some Sharad some coolness but Allah says the only thing that will be increased for you is further punishment worse than the one that was there before you you in many dumping and the phases ha ha ha I'm number one I worry but over what got Cindy now gone liya smelling everything when I get another dozen it won't be gone long and he's ever in many 113 of the phases ha ha ha one can worry Bertha one got some dinner laia smell nappy Halawa wanna keep number damn it will be gone and he's ever you on the pages have been turned of the flipside on the other side you see in this war there are two there Mahatma vain there are two audiences there's the Kafar and there's also the McDuffie and Allah speaks about the multiple is also speaking to them is giving them counsel also and talking about them he says in an Athena Mufasa it is only for the people of table not even meaning here not in an in lovina amano but in the then what a pain the people of table why specifically why in the context of this ayah at-taqwa refers to two things commonly it is translated as fear right fear of a laptop on lot but that's not entirely correct that's helpful not like india half allah we heard when Italy says in the a half a lot of anatomy but what here talk well what it refers to is the precautions you take as a result of fear the things you do because you're afraid so when you lock your doors at night at the house you are exercising table doc why is a feeling that results in some kind of action you do something to change or to protect yourself to help yourself this is done so now in the realm of Kapena those people who engaged in tawa who had the who had the fear who were afraid as a result of what they just heard and it translated into action what do they have for them only for them matheson mathias could be muscle and but what that means is they will have success and they will have the place of success and they have an appointed time where they will enjoy the success all the meanings in one word ha if then allah describes that at least the place part of it and it gives a bevel for it adda if garden and you know Hidayah deva is an interesting word in arabic it it refers to a garden that has a high fence like a tall wall or a high fence around it so it's a private kind of garden nobody else has access it's yours only okay this had you guys a post agenda it's a little bit different okay and then also Hidayat it one of the words that's related to is hidaka which literally refers to the pupil of the eye because it's surrounded by beautiful color so it's it's a garden surrounded by beauty that's one of the implications of this gardening so had i have multiple gardens NABBA and grapes so this this is a food that has drink in it already right so two things in one soprano ma what kauai Prabha collab is the plural of Kai crime is a gorgeous a really beautiful young woman and they're been described as a trauma that there'll be multiple of them for the believers the whole and the attract means that they will be equal in age or there will be the right companions at the the most compatible form of companions a Prada and that allah says what caps and the hakka and gas in arabic nowadays it means a cup or it means a glass in classical arabic gas was only used when the glass is full of out full of wine or some expensive drink that's the only time they would use cars otherwise they would use other words for a glass so here we find cats mdhil meaning these glasses will be full of expensive or you know exotic kinds of drinks and then the hakka sparkling and splashy meaning that the color of the drinks will be exotic and it will be splashing Plus as niaruna feeha whatever that kids a vast panel but they will not hear in that in fee ha meaning in those Gardens they will not get to hear loved one what I can Zappa level means useless talk useless talk and give that is when someone lies against someone else why is it that these two things a lot specifically mentions in the beginning of the solo there was a Miata saloon on in the bellevigne and the DMV telephone this was now they were making useless talk about the Asura Allah says don't worry believers when you get there you won't have to hear any of this what I can Taba and then the other thing to get the believers who are working for the Dean you know what they hear all the time the here kids AB the here kids AB in the media The Heretic liebe when people lie against the messengers and spread false rumors about them and insult them they hear things about the Book of Allah strata which is all keyed up these are painful things that the believer hears so Allah says they won't be tortured with these kinds of words anymore they smile at the Halawa what i kidnap jazz i'm not a big and all of these beautiful depictions first allah says desire go public now notice and when it came to the Prophet Allah says o agenda and we father and he stopped we fast means exact not more not this exact I let it not be without for Jenna why because he will give us what we deserve and also more right so he says Josiah enveloping then here he says no Rebecca the one who gives the one who takes care of the one who provides the one who nourishes the one who creates all of these positive terms or connotations are included inside the word Rob it's a merciful word rob was not used with them you know Allah said Jeddah and without me love be him no no mana be him there's no mention of the lot because there's no mention of mercy next Allah here Allah mentions his mercy will have never but he didn't you say from the Lord or obvious Allah one that's later gonna be cut from your Lord o Muhammad sallallaahu on insulin and we know when Allah speaks to his messenger those are the most merciful places in the Quran so another degree of mercy has been added because Allah didn't just say wrong he said because your Lord Muhammad SAW Allah Allah then he added two more words these are very beautiful words we already know there's going to be more because he didn't say we thought but he adds even more on top of this he said he says Allah Allah is when you give someone something that they don't deserve again this is Allah so Allah says first of all Allah they will be showered with gifts then he says he's having salmon is that those of you the speaker don't think are his oven or do his on something else has happened so Allah says he will give so much to the point where the believer will have to say no more Allah I have enough so jumpy kappa and and then he said no because worthy of this day you you but we somehow 81 of the or ma baina home on a wash Martine I am Li kun having hissing phobic young man maniacally sofa sofa Niantic animal lie attack a la una in ermine I mean Anna won't walk man in lovin I mean Idaho Cornell so ha ha Holly can you won't help the mention of AA allow me in no donar corner our Bible party the young male move on mama gonna Theodore Yop week a filial eight an equal to 2 over rugby semi was he one of the or ma baina home on a wash money Diane Lee kun-hee forward the only of emotion men are eager to sofa sofa nayad I can never lie attack a la una in ermine I mean and I won't walk man in lovin I mean I hope then again you won't help the muncha don't forget I won't be mama you in the corner are my belly part either Yahoo born mama dammit Theodore why don't you lick a finger late and eat and then rub has been given further another attribute this is the same Lord and this is why bub is Midori about B because it's the adjective Arabica okay obvi Sumati one of the warmer by nahama hi man the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between them all right Manny again that same Lord happens to be the excessively merciful when Allah speaks of a mercy that he's doing right at the moment he doesn't use rahim he uses a lack man but he was general its potential man almost always merciful yes but when there's a special occasion of mercy that Allah doesn't just say Allah him he says all right man so Allah man is used here because the special mercy is being given to the believers on the day of resurrection I am lacunae min ho Sai Baba they will have no control they will have no ability nope no power whatsoever and then this is the case of the the kebab why will you put them in who cut others for the co farm but then Allah says something else Yahweh Apple Morocco and maniacae so the day on which we not in Islam our roof will stand wall melodica and the angels sorrow when medaka what's interesting is in other places in the Quran we find the reverse sequence the National Manor iike to for all right here we find the row head the angel reversal in the sequence why one of the scholars of Balaam for example a shadow of your him Allah commented on this and he said that whenever you find movement a lot of movement then angels are associated with going up and down in constant movement and there you find medaka mentioned first and when you find responsibility then who has the most responsibility among the angels it is ghibli dada he set up so he is mentioned first so here this is the place of the utmost responsibility standing before a law and Resurrection Day so Jibril alehissalaam has been mentioned first Allah says even a rule will be standing and all of the angels will be standing in front of a lost panel data soft and standing in straight rows liya kalamoon they will be uttering a word in Edina the whole Rockman except for the one who the most merciful has given permission what God I saw Abba and even if he does speak he will say that which is true now that Nick alone will help that now there's there's three grammatical ways to look at that occasion without one way to look at it is Danica is muqtada and a Yamaha pescado what that would mean is that is the true day the translation would be that is the true day another way of looking at it is that he can yell and help that day is the truth so Danny can Yom is the muqtada and a help is the Hubble and data can help the the third way of looking at it is that you should know that in fact this what we're talking about this is that day that true day that is coming so it's a fragment altogether but the the objects the closest to correct opinion which is endorsed by the majority of data so impossible this data Kagome is muqtada and alcazaba in other words that day is in fact the ultimate truth salmon shah aahana larvae he muhabba then whoever wants let him find my uggs towards his lord let him hold on it the how that means to hold on to something not just a hole but to hold on to it so the whoever wants let him hold on to a path that will lead towards his Lord and they be a mob now mob was used already in the surah right Allah so just spoke about Jahannam being mob right but now he's speaking about another mob you want a place of return towards your Lord so whoever may want let him take a find a refuge find a place of return towards their Lord and then in conclusion of this surah allah azza wajal says in and article allah did not just say and all knock'em knock'em means we have warned you we have warned you in naraku means it is no doubt we who have warned you not anyone else the character thinks muhammed is warning us Elijah allah is letting him know it is in fact we no doubt that are warning you meaning Allah is warning you don't think this is warnings of a man this is the warning Lord of the world in na and vana I have an uneven of a punishment that is near we said before the messiah and imam from makanda say on the moon the saw was for closeness the conclusion is also closeness yo my album album académica da who the day on which every single individual person will see whatever their hands sent forward this is an expression in the quran some of the misunderstood what it means is most of our actions are done by what our hands and when our hands do an action where does it go it gets recorded and then it gets sent forward so the idea is whatever you've done is basically already been archived and sent on record and it will be brought out of those archives and displayed before you on a day that is coming ahead where your hole would catch it and as a result the disbeliever will say on that day in other words yeah late any equal to tava really there are no words in English that depict the power of yada Tony yeah Layton II the closest thing in our times is a person who is so sad and so scared and so overwhelmed that they don't have any words when you're speechless in downtown couldn't utter ABBA if only if only I had been reduced to nothing but dust if I was nothing but dust so on this before this comes this arrogant Catherine is walking around in arrogance thinking that he has no accountability in the home can layer juneja Sabha and on that day he's hoping he was nothing he was reduced to dust you


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