SuperPowered BeastBoyShub is Coming 2020….. (It’s Rewind Time)

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(Welcome to the most original video ever….) This is your very lovely BeastBoy Shub.. And I think it’s been way too long that we have just talked one to one.. And I think it’s time to say 2019..A lovely…Goodbye… Since the years I have been here….Youtube and the community…You guys have helped me grow… Well yes I do crack stupid jokes and laugh like a child.. I do a lot of childish crap..But… But that is just a character who is BeastBoy Shub and he emerges when there is a video being made.. During live streams or when I am playing any kind of games.. Seriously in the previous year I have received so many chances and been granted so many opportunities.. I have enjoyed my life to the fullest during these years… I never thought I would…Like when I was a science student and I scored 56 out of 100 in a physics test.. I never thought I would go on a trip to America.. There is always this thing that revolves in my mind that I have got to keep no regrets.. Do what I can and try all the stuff I can.. Because I have many regrets during my school time.. Not participating in anything..Not during sports activities.. All the functions I didn’t participate… No matter the event…Like sports day and any extra curricular activities… Never participated.. I was the kid who used to focus on only my studies… And I wasn’t even smart or intelligent you know…I was an average kid… The treasure during the childhood times.. Every treasure of the school time..I did not once grab it… Hanging out with friends..Every trip my friends went..I never did.. I sat at home…Played some games and thought to myself…WOW.. This is life…But no.. I realized now that I missed lots of precious days.. I could have made lots of memories..That was the time I had.. So now I try to make things happen with different stuff but.. What did I do in 2019 – Only played games.. So I realized the Shubham who started Youtube I was back than, He used to try all that stuff.. Male lots of different kinds of videos.. Motivational videos and lots of stuff…But in 2019 I did a heck of gaming series… Tried lots of games.. I am a gamer….And I love playing games but… And it’s not like I forced myself to play those..But I do feel from the inside sometimes.. That I should try different stuff.. I am doing the same stuff all over again..And I should try different stuff overall.. AND I KNOW I CAN DO THAT…But ever guy has a comfort zone and I am not trying to leave mine.. Every guy makes a resolution…? That I shall go to the gym…I shall get ripped and this and that.. But no one really follows through but think that if one person can hold his resolve..? That would be dope… So that is my plan for 2020… So I am going to give you guys lots of different videos because people.. Because I wanna show you the real Shubham….The one I am and I can be… In the coming 2020…I will be keeping my complete potential in front of you guys.. I shall be trying different stuff and posting different videos.. Every person has a plan and some ideas in them.. They know it will work.. They don’t execute it because they don’t wanna leave their comfort zones… I was thinking of merch..You know since two years.. 2020 is here.. This 2020…Definitely.. VR has been bought…Where is the VR Shubham..Where are the gameplays..? Well I do have some motion sickness..But there are some games which I can play.. So that’s my plan guys…I can do lots of stuff…But I am here..Sitting on this chair.. And doing the same stuff daily and I don’t like it… I agree the last few years I have gone through was awesome along with the support you gave me.. And I have even unlocked a skill…#Positivity..I try and stay a bit positive.. And I try to pass that to my viewers and I wish they do the same… Well there are exceptions everywhere…The 12 years old goofs… Who cannot do anything in their lives.. They just roam around for the negativity.. But on a majority, I know me and my viewers are on a positive high.. That we don’t need to pay attention to them…They are no one to us..There they are… Let’s focus on the resolutions for 2020.. What do I have planned for in 2020..As I said..Merchandise.. Bringing that on…And trying different stuff and I wanna take my entire family on a vacation to a nice place… My family is the type that doesn’t like going anywhere…The every day schedule.. Everyday..Year after year.. I am an introvert..My family is an introvert…But nope.. Gotta change that…One more resolution.. Gotta get fit…That’s right.. And no I am not talking about getting abs or stronger arms… Just wanna burn off the extra fat…For which I will be exercising daily and well.. Try and lessen my intake.. WELL IT WON”T HAPPEN..But I am still going to try.. Need the right mindset..And some willpower and those things will be here in 2020.. India is going to be a superpower and I wanna become one too… Enhancing my maturity level..,That’s right.. In the beginning…I used to babble whatever I want in front of anyone…Without thinking of the consequences.. Whatever I want..I said it…During any serious talk.. I would just say something that would hurt the sentiments of the person I was talking to… There are a lot of people whose feelings I have hurt and if you are watching… That was a dumb..Immature and stupid Shubham..So please forgive him.. Today’s generation..Really doesn’t get what other people feel and I am one of them.. And I still am..No one is perfect.. I wanna improve that.. I wanna improve my skill where I can read my surrounding and act accordingly… I wanna improve my English in 2020..(There goes my job) I know most of my viewers know that my English is not so good because.. From my childhood I was not accustomed to a surrounding where we communicate in English… How will my English improve..? But.. I wanna be good…I wanna be better… So yes we shall be trying to improve my English in 2020…As we have to be a SUPERPOWER… I wanna travel as much as I can…How long do you expect me to sit here…The world is so much bigger.. And I wanna see all that…Gonna make some travel plans and bring you guys more vlogs.. So these were my 2020 resolutions and I am going to be working on them.. So let’s dial it back to 2019 and what did I do in 2019…? Played some games.. God damn.. I have played lots of games.. Oh lovely hair…How nice.. You made my choice incorrect… And he’s getting mad at me…Dumb person.. Thank you my brother..Give it to me.. Quickly…Thank you.. Oh god why are you eating him..? And he’s behind me…Oh god leave me brother what do you need..? Come at me now….What now..? Screw you man… This has emotes..? Lol… Old man you are done…Your life is done… Oh god.. Dumb person…Let me go.. Oh god what was that..? Maybe we should..Oh god.. God damn.. That was a mistake… Why isn’t he fighting back…He is like an insect by the way… He is like an insect.. One more..Give him one more.. Down in one punch.. God damn brother… That can be a dangerous thing too.. Easy Madison.. See..See..See..See..See…Horny old man.. Asshole.. Punch him..That Daniel is such a dumb person..Screw him… Whip him… We are getting punched over there.. We are bleeding.. I am gonna trust this old woman who I met yesterday..Oh you are getting punched…You are bleeding… God damn him… But why..Just why…God damn.. I cannot even leave the baby you know… Come on now… So him…He didn’t kill her.. Found a stick.. Screw you buddy…47.. I just.. My luck is so bad…This Nether portal…I wanna shave this beard… Today it completes two months.. I forfeit this challenge and I am going to go shave this right now… He’s trying to pull my neck…That won’t do anything son.. Keep at it… They are done..They have left me.. Here is our..Golden – Play – Button.. Cool.. Almost done.. This Wither is almost done..Where did he go..? Wither’s dead..? She is dead…She was an amateur…Lol.. And guys..That is the end of Ender dragon… “Shubham Shubham…Tomorrow I have a test..But you never thought about the fish didn’t you..?” “Your fish is suffering in the bowl just like this one in your room…” THINK.. I am getting a feeling… WHAT HAPPENED…Oh god..Who is that..? Sorry brother… I am done…Game over please…Please forgive me… What..? And I was going to make her dance man.. (Sorry I refuse to subtitle singing) Oh god that music…Oh god… There are rats roaming around…I am coming grandma.. Directly..Should pick that up…AHHH.. Why don’t you pick stuff up..YOU.. God these mice.. All right screw you guys I have these nunchucks…I mean I have these knives..Don’t know they are called.. Let me pick up a gun.. Come on than.. Where is my tea..OH GOD… My hands are safe… God damn…Am I throwing the pen..? Dumb…Where did that pen go..? Who was that..? Oh sorry Ma’am…Isn’t she the one.. Yo..You have gone mad… Man I seriously cannot guard this..What the hell.. I did guard..I am getting pissed seriously.. I did not target the last so that seems to be my goof up… Run..Dodge it man… (Sad song) Why can’t you just sit LIKE THISSSSS….? GOD DAMN JUST DODGE.. It can be done..It can be done..No don’t go there.. No…Man this baldie is one dumb dude.. Dodged this..Dodged it..God damn Shubham just target it… Just gotta push up.. No.. Come on.. Man…I am gonna… Over here.. Oh no…I pressed jump..WHAT THE HELL… Now i clearly jumped at that time.. SHUBHAM STOP EATING PELLETS AT THE WRONG TIME… JUST ONE LAST PUSH.. Oh man.. I don’t eat those pellets at the correct time…Those pellets are not eaten at the right time.. What is happening..Can’t see.. COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING… NO MAN..I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING… Mother…God… Yes i did play a lot of games in 2019 but I also secured a chance to get out of India… To sit in a plan for the first time…Which was… A bit difficult to think before Youtube…And I got the first ever.. The first ever chance to visit a gaming summit conference..Which is a pretty big deal… I remember in the first week of Jan 2019 I had nearly one million subs and in the first week of Jan 2020.. And we are nearly close to 3 million subs… So this crazy support I have received..Is pure essence.. Being an Indian games who plays different games everyday and cannot be stuck on one game entirely.. And who needs a different game everyday and the crazy support that I received – Thank you for that.. And all the positive comments you make..That I get on every new video everyday… Those are the ones which push me into making new videos everyday… Thank you very much…2019 is exiting now.. Life is shortened by a year but I hope… But I hope we did loads of stuff in 2019 which we can look back upon and laugh in the later year… I hope you come closer to your dreams a little bit more this year… You and your family receive loads of warmth and that is it for today’s vid… Await a superpower Shubham and you shall get to see lots of new content this year…


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