Sunfrog Tee Shirt Review Fairy T Shirt Opening The Package

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hi it’s my Sunfrog t-shirt review my daughter
Sarah is going to open the package for us I love the packaging with the sunfrog on and its bright color. I always know when I go to my mailbox what it’s going to look
like. And with your Sunfrog t-shirt you get and a little sticker thing. Let
me show you it and a just wanted to say thank you card. Alright back over here this
is my making magic t-shirt. Let me make it bigger and as you can see well maybe you
can’t see it’s an ideal tee and it’s white and it’s cotton. These t-shirts are
made in the United States. It’s a v-neck with short sleeves which I love
This is just going to look super cute with my black capri pants. Okay we’re done with this part of the video. Next I will show you what it looks like.
The thing I really love about Sun frog t-shirts is that they’re made in the
United States. They are a start up company. These shirts are 100% guaranteed your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. They
are nice soft cotton. I like to wear my t with an undershirt because they’re
a little on the thinner side but they’re perfect for the hot summer weather .
The crew necks are a little thicker t-shirt so if you’re thinking about which design to get you might keep that
in mind. They fit nicely, they wash well and they’re just a
great overall fun shirt to wear. You can check out the rest of my fairy
collection over on Sunfrog by clicking the link below this video or the link in
this video well talk to you soon bye

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