Studying Fashion Design in India? | Fashion Week With Shivangi

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39 Replies to “Studying Fashion Design in India? | Fashion Week With Shivangi”

  1. Aj Khaan says:

    Dii can u explain me the details about nift in diploma?

  2. BTS persona says:

    are there in any master degrees for fashion ? and can some one from other corse can do it?

  3. Anushree Sahoo says:

    Dd mera already one yr drop hogaya hai nift keliye. But i have a low rank that is 5900.Ab mera inifd me admission karna sahi rahega ya phir nift keliye phir 1yr prepare hona sahi hoga. Plz reply.

  4. Srijita Sengupta says:

    Could you make a video on leather design? All of your videos have been really helpful. Thanks a lot for continuing to make them and help so many aspirants, and giving us a clearer picture of what seemed really cloudy before.

  5. Asma Ansari says:

    Dii.. If we do M. Des without doing bachelor in designing…. Is that usefull or useless….???

  6. ÄîŚhã says:

    di, i love how you explain everything, can you please make a video on leather designing too

  7. Riya Singh says:

    I loved the shakalaka boom boom example hahah

  8. Rahul Singh says:


  9. dipiss channel says:

    Can u please tell about eligibility, colleges, salary, fees, etc.

  10. Aiman Reza says:

    people say that one should be more creative before they opt for fashion designing as a career.. is that true?

  11. Sparsh Kumar says:

    How to do fashion designer course with less money

  12. Sumitra Manoharan says:

    Can i do my ug in fashion designing and aftr tat pg in fashion communication??

  13. Aditi Kashyap says:

    How to be a fashion styliest??

  14. Shivani Thakur says:

    Make a video about nift scholarship

  15. fashion channel says:

    Ma'am aap abhi kis company mein job kar rh

  16. rudri kapoor says:

    Hey ! I just wanted to ask whether it's important to obtain a degree in fashion design to become one or seek a job may be. Diploma from Nift isn't enough to gain knowledge ? Or any online courses which you could suggest or any colleges for PG diploma in fashion design or fashion management.
    Thank you 🙂

  17. Shubham Singh says:

    U look like fruti of sonpari

  18. riya bose says:

    di m going to join fashion school but i m nt a good artist..

  19. Vipul Vishnoi says:


  20. Pallabi Sinha says:

    Mam I want to know that which fashion colleges are best after Nift?

  21. Sonali Paul says:

    Really helpful and really u help us to much through ur videos and pls make videos continuous on these topics mam 😚😚😚😚

  22. Mahima Salunkhe says:

    After taking degree of fashion designing do we open our own company or do job at some foreign placements??? which would be great for a person who has just entered that field???

  23. Arundhuti Chakraborty says:

    Can u plse tell me wgich nift campuses are good for fashion design course

  24. Bhagabat Chakraborty says:

    hi….can anyone please tell me the best nift campuses for fashion design plzzzzz

  25. Vinita Agrawal says:

    your content is so useful

  26. priyanka panwar says:

    What if one is interested in clothing and has many ideas to create new designs and dresses but is neither good in sketching etc nor have any professional degree?? Is it possible to start something in this industry ? Will this kind of person get good success ? This person is me btw nd I think I m gng into a depression bcz I am just not seeing any way for career nd life😢😢

  27. Aashi Mittal says:

    Hey! thanks a lot for such useful info..wanted to ask you one thing that how can i get passes for aifw if you have any idea dn plz do share as m a fashion student nd i want to visit it 🙁

  28. Roshni Solanki says:

    Can you tell your experience working with tarun tahilani

  29. APURV SINGH says:

    Hi what work do u do? I know it's lame but I wanna know.😂😂

  30. Aankita Mallick says:

    What about Govt. jobs

  31. aashi singal says:

    Hi Di.
    I just wanted to know if IIAD is a good institute for designing?

  32. Vivek pratap says:

    thnkuuu soo much sis for ur every video.❤👍👌

  33. M Janani says:

    It's like a bonus when u get to know 2 videos r uploaded on the same day 😍😍😍😘😘😘 ly di

  34. ananya241 says:

    Yayy soo much of Shivangi in a day ❤
    you are taking fashion and studies to a whole different level! Kudos to you 🤘👍

  35. 6 says:

    Amazing. I have few video requests that i mentioned in your previous video. Kindly address that. Thanks

  36. Vaishnavi Yelisetti says:

    This one is really helpful! Please help me understand what is a stylist, designer and blogger! please ❤

  37. Niyati Jadhav says:

    You are the best 😭❤️❤️

  38. suman duraivenkatachalam says:

    Plz do something on fashion technology

  39. suman duraivenkatachalam says:

    Hi sis

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