17 Replies to “SQL-like joins in Cloud Firestore #1: Getting the sample app up and running | Firebase Semi-live”

  1. The Ren says:

    Who's here from 2022?

  2. TopGear Gaming says:

    When will we have a official documentation for flutter on firebase website? Will it ever happen ?

  3. Sean Aguinaga says:

    I am so excited for this!

  4. Sebastian Gutierrez says:

    I hope a lot of videos like this is very helpful and give us advice about how to do it thanks !!!!

  5. 7 Deadly Vince says:

    Where can I buy the Firebase Christmas Sweater? 🔥

  6. Loisie Nyami says:

    This is so exciting! Can't wait 😁

  7. Fred Gig says:

    I wish we could use the Dart language to write cloud functions. It would enhance the app development experience with google's front-end Flutter SDK.

  8. Vrushang Desai says:

    Yay , thanks for new video , can you share how to build multi tenant apps with firebase ? 🙂

  9. Mr. V says:

    Nice laptop skin.

  10. lebonnanex says:

    Great video, looking forward to the following ones as you're really touching a problematic I'm facing right now 🙂 Thanks !

  11. Robin Youlton says:

    Thanks Todd, I really like the semi-live video format, lots to learn here about Firebase, and going forward.

  12. Aiden Langley says:

    Pro tip, use NVM to setup NPM on a Linux or Mac install

  13. Ashton Thomas says:

    Todd, love the format and the real-life nature (rather than a perfect happy path that obscures the auxiliary concerns such as sudo issues).

  14. Pikoloo says:

    Came for the knowledge stayed for the Spirited Away laptop skin <3

  15. Gregory Oakley-Stevenson says:

    Firebase project aliases are useful to deploy to multiple projects from a single codebase. I use it to be able to deploy to separate production and development environments.
    firebase use ALIAS;firebase deploy
    (Or stick –project ALIAS) to the deploy command.
    So firebase use dev
    firebase use LIVE

  16. Gabriel Gamil says:

    I find the title being a bit misleading. But the video itself looks valid and informative to start up the Firebase web development.

  17. lalala rara says:

    Waiting for #2

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