SPIDERMAN (PS4 Pro) 4K HDR Gameplay @ UHD ✔

July 27, 2019 posted by

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46 Replies to “SPIDERMAN (PS4 Pro) 4K HDR Gameplay @ UHD ✔”

  1. Abdullah Wayes says:


  2. Ben Ali Alfakhri says:

    The cartoonish combat in this is what makes it such a put off. Supposedly based on the Arkham combat system but the latter is far more realistic.

  3. Nikhil Deshmukh says:

    Noob Spiderman

  4. gray pierre says:

    This will look better on 8k.

  5. hood mokhls says:

    4K video in 1080p60
    Video : am i joke to you ?

  6. Totoribio8 YT says:

    you are stupid

  7. Hoshi Jivasa says:

    Hum Naya ps4 lena chahte hai kya ye best hai ?

  8. Bastien Malek says:

    It's OK if you don't fight


    My assassins creed 4 on ps3 super slim has better graphics

  10. Rowshon Shapu says:

    It's still looking cartoonish

  11. Rocky says:

    This is medium graphics on a pc.

  12. Bill Clay says:

    Гламурный гей- паук.

  13. pjslot says:

    Where are shadows? looks like shit from 2007

  14. Zarz says:

    luv the vids bro

  15. Mohammed Noseer says:

    I tested days gone and devil may cry 5 on Ps4 pro and Ps4 slim on the same 4k tv and they looked exactly the same even the fps is upgraded on both pro and slim so what ? is the pro a scam or what ? I need help cause i got the pro and i'm getting 4k tv soon but if it'll be what i saw here then i'll get the slim and sell the pro so ?

  16. Venom says:

    That lighting on the PS4 pro looks so beautiful

  17. Blaster Games says:

    Like when you dont have a 4k monitor but you watch a 4k video

  18. space monkey Mix says:


  19. Yusuf Durgun says:

    sen 4k yapıyonda benim ekran 720p fakirlik tüekler +1

  20. Ajaya Raj says:

    marvel Spider Man…………WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. gfgft trtt says:

    im watching this at 144p xd

  22. Sir Chrome says:

    Anybody remember playing spiderman on their DS at 360p?

  23. Knock NEVIS says:

    Have you ever played on PC

  24. Abrar Ahmed says:

    How to play ps4 games on pc like God of War tomb raider?

  25. Abrar Ahmed says:

    How to get that game in pc? 😳


    Ese es el mejor traje de spiderman

  27. Deksta1000 says:

    What an shitty Game.

  28. Yasin Hasan says:

    this game looks … meh

  29. sashimipk says:

    Jump jump jump run run run

  30. Adomo Gameplay says:

    Well this game goes to xbox as well …

  31. Atom1C YT says:

    Lol even Krish 3 didn't had that computer graphics and Vfx……

  32. style styles says:

    4 k? Ps4 pro? No creo

  33. COLOUR CLOUD says:

    Superb quality

  34. Tio Shinobi says:

    Se o jogo fosse pra computador ia ter gameplay 8k60 ULTRA sadkopsakdpoas

  35. Yasin Naki says:

    Who watching this in 720p

  36. Alexander Duarte says:

    Do you realize, if you actually got punched or kicked by Spider-Man in the face, you'd die… This dude can lift things the size of an apartment building

  37. ap s says:

    would run even better on xbox one x, come on gates spend that cash

  38. Josh COOPER says:

    Good gameplay… worst suit

  39. Torti Lee says:

    looks just as good with me, with normal PS4

  40. TanK EvanS says:

    э а чо крови нет, или это для дрочки чисто

  41. evoljellyfish 00 says:

    This would be so much better on the PC, consoles are such garbage.

  42. Super User says:

    AI do nothing, they just wait you to kill them…

  43. Ricardo Silva says:


  44. JonhCar88 says:

    I'm already downloading this game and can't wait to play it!!!

  45. Vamsi dev says:

    Bro tell me how to earn money in india please!

  46. Hamza Khalid says:

    XBOX lovers should watch this😂

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