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I was watching a Stand up Comedy video on
youtube recently And then I saw a comment on the video
By a handle named @feminist_boy_manoj And
the comment read “What is this habit of Stand Up Comedians
using abusive words to get laughter? Act responsible guys. Remember, women are also watching these
videos” And I also saw a reply to the comment
By a handle named @lalitha_19111954 And the reply read “Chup Kar Madarchod” Best thing I have seen on the internet so far Also I perform in English, I don’t perform
in Hindi Because I am not a Star Plus kind of a guy I am more of a Sun TV kind of a guy That’s what I am
(One guy continues laughing thinking about Suryavamsam movie) Do you watch it a lot sir? I come from this small town in Tamil Nadu
Called ‘Chenna’i, if you guys know about it That’s the problem, whenever I come out of Chennai A lot of people think I am a moron So I always tell them, “No. I am an oxymoron” Because I am a Tamilian who can speak Hindi But when I say I know Hindi, I know Hindi
better than most Tamilians do So I am the kind of guy who goes into a Punjabi
Dhaba And says “Agali order, Chaar roti chahiye”
Mostly in Amitabh Bhachan’s tone Because Kaun Banega Crorepati is the only
Hindi show I ever watched in my life When I need six rotis, I can be
“Bhaiya, che roti chahiye” My problem really is when I need twelve rotis
Because that is when I have to say “Bhaiyaaa… Ek dho roti chahiye” (Audience laughing longer than he expected)
Okay relax (Audience laughing more)
See, you cannot blame me because That is how the railway station ladies taught
me Hindi For some reason it is always
“Agali gaadi number Dho-Shoonya-Ek-Chaar aa gaya hai” That too with an orgasm every time she says it. (Doing poor orgasmic impression of the same numbers) Why can’t they just fucking call it “Dho
hazaar….” Whatever. You Hindi speaking people in the house
Have you ever used the word ‘Shoonya’ in any of your day to day conversations?
No right? It is not just with Hindi Even when a Tamilian says his phone number
in Tamil It is always like ‘Onbadhu-Ezhu-Ettu-ZERO-naalu-moonu-ZERO’ Just because we Indian invented zero it
become an official word in every damn Indian
language The funniest thing is, for a very long time
I thought the phrase ‘Ugly gaadi’ meant the train is going to be very dirty Which is apparently always true right? I thought it was a disclaimer from the Railways
department Saying “Our trains are f**king ugly, please
don’t enter it” Hindi is one language which always embarrasses
me man. I used to work for this company called Amazon
And before you guys get any judgemental I used to work as a Software Engineer there.
I have to tell this because the last time I told a lady I work for Amazon
She was like “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!” “Which area do you take care of?” Happens when you look like a real estate agent. I used to go to office in my office cab regularly
And one fine day a pretty North Indian lady was sitting next to me
And like an ass, I wanted to impress her with my Hindi
So I spoke to the cab waala saying “Bhaiya seedha chalthe, signal ke aage,
left se rukho” And for some reason she smiled at me and said
“No language would help you bro, just shut up!” It is not like I don’t try to learn the language of Hindi
That is why most of the times I go to my Hindi speaking colleagues
And try to create small talks with them Like asking them “Kya bhai, Kaisa hey aap”
But as a Tamilian I expect them to understand me and come up with simple replies
Like “Acha hai” “Bahuth acha hai” Or if they are not so happy, they can say “Acha nahi hai”
But that is when this guy wants to mess up with me
Comes up with big ass dialogues like “Ek gaav mein ek kisaan rakuthatha ki, Kabhi
Kushi kabhi gam khi, Saala kaadoos ki, Ache din aane waale hai” And then I have to go “Acha hai” And then I just walk away
(But most times, deep inside I am like ‘Ommaley’) Not even staying there. With this level of Hindi I had the audacity
to Gurgaon. I was hungry, I went to this food centre called
Haldirams It was a self service counter, so I got my
food coupon And then I gave my token to the food counter
And I was waiting for my turn to be called And then I realised that these guys were shouting out token numbers in Hindi And my token number was ‘Eight hundred and Eighty eight’ Immediately I was like “I am going to starve tonight. Let me be ready” But I didn’t want to give up. So I took out my google translator
And typed ‘888’ in numbers, and then I said “Translate to Hindi”
And google said ‘888’(in numbers). I was like “Google is stupid man”
So I tried to be specific I typed “Eight hundred and eighty eight”
in English And translated it and google said ‘Aat sau
assi aat’ For the next five minutes, my goal was to
remember it So I started reciting “Aat sau assi aat,Aat
sau assi aat, Aat sau assi aat” The guys was like “Aat sau pachpan”
I was like “NO. Aat sau assi aat,Aat sau assi aat, Aat sau…”
The guy was like “Aat sau Athiban” I was like “NO. Aat sau assi aat,Aat sau
assi aat, Aat sau…” Athiban is not a number, it is just my friend’s
name Five minutes later my turn came out and the
guy shouted “Token number Aat-aat-aat” These railway station ladies man, I hate them! I like talking about languages
Because language is one thing that unites us at the same time divides us. I know this because I am a Tamilian who lives in Bangalore And my roommate in Bangalore is a Kannadiga, from Karnataka
Sometimes he tells me “Navin, you are in Karnataka, you should
learn Kannada” Which I completely empathise with
That is why I always tell him “Dude, I will definitely learn Kannada,
once I am done with Java and Python” Because if I am not going to learn Java and
Python I am not going to be in the Silicon Valley
of India to learn Kannada in the first place right? But this is why I like South Indian metropolitan cities in general Because people from different parts of the country come and live here Be it Bombay or Bangalore Sometimes even people from outside the country
live here I think that is why there are very less road
rages in these cities Because most of the time if you have to fight
with another person on the streets The common language is English
And we Indians are good at a lot of things Fighting in English is not one among them
That is why the maximum quarrel you can see in English is
One guy saying “Fuck you” And another guy saying
“You fuck you” And then both of them fuck off
That is the end of the quarrel, nobody gets hurt I have been in fights, I have never been like “Hey, I am going to kill you, carve your
chest up with a knife, use your skin as furniture covers, make a necklace out of both of your
ears and screw your skull through one your eyeballs” Thanks for laughing at that man It took me three weeks to by heart that one
dialogue Had to download the script of Django Unchained Sometimes even NRIs who come back from UK and western countries
Even they can’t fight in English Firstly I don’t know why they have this
American dream, a lot of people go to the US
Because I recently went to the US to realise that there is not much difference between
India and these western countries Except this one thing called the usage of
toilet paper And when I went there I had no difficulty
on how to use a toilet paper. Thanks to all the YouTube videos I watched That’s how you learn things in the internet era, I am sorry But once I was done with all the basic etiquettes My real confusion was whether to throw the
used paper Into the dustbin or into the toilet commode
Because think about it, traditionally in India all the waste paper goes to the dustbin
And all the shit goes to the toilet commode And this thing in my hand is a very weird
combination That is why most of the times I was there
I just dropped it on the floor and just ran away
I was just clever I didn’t use the same loo twice on the same day I also met a friend there, a school friend of mine who has been living there for three
years And he consistently had this fake accent,
like how people have it At one point I got really annoyed
So I slapped him and said, “Dude, Talk properly” And he shouted, “OMG! Did you just slap
me?” And that is when I realised he was desperately
trying to be an American Because only Americans can do that shit
Getting slapped by a person and asking the same person
“Did you just slap me?” Any Indians response to a slap is a slap back
or a swear word But this guys response was a rhetorical question I became angry, I slapped him again And this time he started sounding like an
African dude “Yo man, please don’t hit me like that!”(In
poor African accent) So I slapped him again
And then he started sounding like a Sheikh from Saudi Arabia
And that is when I realised that with every slap This guy is actually coming back to his home country One slap at a time The last time I slapped him so hard
He became so Indian that he started chasing me shouting “Lavadekebal”
And then I had to run for my life But I was talking about road rages
Because I recently got into a road rage in Bangalore
I was on my bike and I dashed into this car And I immediately realised it was my mistake
So I was ready to apologise to this guy So I came out my bike
And this guy came out of his car The problem is even before starting to listen
to me He started shouting at me in Hindi
And I was like “If you are going to shout at me in your mother tongue
I am going to shout at you in my mother tongue” And I started shouting at him in Tamil
Which went on for the next two minutes After which both of us realised
This is not helping either of us Why are we even doing this?
He also probably realised it So he was like, “Dude, can we fight in English?
Because I don’t know Kannada” I understand
The South Indian in me got furious I wanted to tell him “Dude this is not Kannada,
this is Tamil These are very different South Indian languages”
But the Bangalorean in me told him something That I always wanted to tell people in Bangalore
So I looked at his straight into his eyes I told him, “This is Karnataka, you should
learn Kannada” He was like “Sure, Thank you man and got
into the car” Alright guys, that’s been my time, you guys
have been a fantastic audience. Thanks for listening!


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  1. feminist_boy_manoj says:

    What is this habit of stand up comedians using abusive words to get laughter? Act responsible guys. Remember, women are also watching these videos.

  2. anu deepu says:

    It felt like u just disrespected Kannada n I saw a different comment , now I'm split don't offend Kannada ppl

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    you are cute but you will have to work harder

  12. partha says:

    Good one but bro considering the kind of chauvinism that a Tamilian has , God forbid if we do a same stand-up comedy in Coimbatore making fun of Tamil in the same way as u did for Hindi I m sure the next day whole TN will erupt in frenzy rioting to the extent of asking separation from India

  13. Pratik Kerkar says:

    Accent 😅


    भाई तू तमिल बोल मलयाली बोल फ़ारसी भी बोलेगा तो अपन हसेंगे।🤣

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    Jab bhi koi politician South m hindi compulsory krne ka bolta h ur South Indian leaders are the first one to oppose them

  20. SAYAK MITRA says:

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    There is a south indian guy in my company who don't know hindi. He said to me that he would like to learn the basic words of Hindi.
    As a delhite, Can't wait to start teach him with the two basic words, Behenchod & Madarchod 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Rekha K says:

    I don't understand why north Indians expect all Indians/world to speak in hindi😂! When HINDI IS NOT our National Language! We don't expect any northindians to speak in tamil 😂

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    One thing I liked is that you said south India has different laungage. And second thing is that your comedy is good

  68. terranowa says:

    nothing more fake than indian english accent you people cant stand your fellow indians trying to speak in better accent

  69. Sangita Sharma says:

    Navin Kumar U r too good dude. 😂

  70. Vaibhav_nitesh says:

    We need more people like Navin to spread love, some nasty people here are fighting over racial and language superiority which is sooo foolish Ike a 7th std kid claiming his pencil is bigger than others.
    I'm from Indore I've Tamil roots my relatives from TN, KA visiting us get shocked to see nobody here talks about North-South, only INDIA. Stop fighting, love everyone.

  71. Varun Mani says:

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  72. Varun Mani says:

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    Amit shah never said to impose hindi
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