Solo Vehicle Fatal Crash / Moreno Valley *parts graphic* RAW FOOTAGE

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[Applause] the physical organism yes we were out at a solo vehicle accident we're on the eastbound 60 freeway in Moreno Valley was a 1 2001 pickup that traveling eastbound on the 60 and for unknown reasons that this time went off the road over the right shoulder and down the embankment and traveling down the embankment and struck a sign as well as a perimeter fence there were three victims in the vehicle one was a 31 year old man who was the driver the desert area also a 25 year old female also from the desert area she was transported to Riverside Regional County Medical Center there is one fatality involved and he was pronounced dead at the scene the accident happened about five after midnight and we are going to investigate the mechanical environmental and human factors to determine the cause of the accident all right and do you know is the fatality was a fatality the driver or was he a passenger in the vehicle we our information is he was the passenger okay and can I get your name spelling and the station that you're at us I am sergeant Ron warrior that's W AR RI o AR and then from the Riverside CHP area perfect I appreciate your time sergeant


28 Replies to “Solo Vehicle Fatal Crash / Moreno Valley *parts graphic* RAW FOOTAGE”

  1. Hailey Brielle says:

    Why was theres so much blood

  2. gary ba ba booey says:

    Great video nice officer

  3. Wendy Roman says:

    My heart goes out to all first responders! The horrors they have seen must cause some sleepless nights! God Bless! 🌹

  4. rgtrooper13 says:

    Struck an embankment? RIP Billy Conforto

  5. Angelina Balerina says:

    Borrachos al volante y exceso de velocidad?? Ummm ….por eso se matan…..

  6. Brian Blankenship says:

    And people always get on my case and yell at me because I drive like a grandpa

  7. Christine Moore says:

    Didnt the officer say he was the driver then say he wasnt the driver ??

  8. Steve Hann says:

    Was that chick at the beginning of this vid a hooker? Lol. 😂😂😂😂

  9. bacon atilano says:


  10. Lord _RBL says:

    Saw motocycle accident sadly the leg came out and said he was dead it was the husband who died his hole family were sad to see what happen but his wife was crying so much that i felt bad please drive safe and look both ways when your crossing R.I.P for the husband😇

  11. Linda Peters says:

    this channels realy suck, BOARING !!!

  12. RedKresnik11 says:

    Was the fellow ejected (or partially ejected) from the truck?

  13. kreeperfrm559 says:

    Trippy how the truck is all bloody like that almost looks like they were alive trying to get out or something

  14. J S says:

    What is that sound at 3:33?

  15. muscles says:

    Someone fell asleep ugh

  16. svtfast says:

    At 00:05 you should be sleeping and not on the road.

  17. Chloe Kit says:

    Omg now is there blood all over the cae

  18. Samantha Snyder says:

    I don't know how the firefighters and police men and EMT do this… It just 😪😨😢

  19. Lorraine Marshall says:

    I wouldn't want to be the person on the first stretcher into the ambulance. I felt every bone jarring thump as they thumped it into side, trying to secure it.

  20. ?.??.? says:


  21. Eli Percival says:

    So now that you have a new camera and a new light you blind the $hit out of the first responders trying to help the injures people gg morons!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Andypandie Land says:

    How / why so much blood on the outside door?

  23. lee bags says:

    Damn damn damn…. It was hard for me to see this. I could only imagine a family member .rip

  24. Wonderful Mom says:

    Wow that is as real as it gets

  25. Bruce Wayne says:

    Seatbelts, seatbelts, seatbelts use them!

  26. Crystal Barron says:

    He looks so young, I’m so not ready for my teenage son to drive, these young one have no experience!😢

  27. Kelli Barcus says:

    Graphic, my ass I've seen stuff in the toilet more graphic than this

  28. reptiqueen says:

    How the hell did so much blood get on the outside of the car?

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