Smart Watch UI Design Tutorial

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  1. Whatsapp Boy says:

    Everybody : UI ( 'U' , 'I' )
    Ed : uiiiiiii

    LOL 😂😂😂

  2. Priyank Patel says:

    Ed can you please do this in html and css please

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great refreshing ideas,
    Can we get part 2 with actual code? 😀 🙂

  4. Marcos Cortes says:


  5. coll_ect says:

    Why need skillshare when you have dev ed

  6. Atul Kumar A says:

    Can you do a video in Tensorflow, if it not too much to ask 🙂

  7. priyesh patel says:

    awesome content, but please do more front-end projects

  8. Andrzej Bogdoł says:

    Hello Ed,

    Please create tutorial on how to code that design! Thanks

  9. JoolsParker says:

    Awesome walkthrough of how to create a nice looking page – but what would be even MORE AWESOME, is a follow-on tutorial of the most effective way to take this design prototype, and create the actual web-page from it using HTML and CSS – would love to know the best workflow for converting from a prototype to an actual implementation. Cheers. Loving your work BTW.

  10. Mr. Marten says:


  11. Azizkhuja Khujaev says:

    Please make this with code

  12. Preyas Prathap says:

    nice tutorial

  13. Nerd Heaven says:

    Hey Ed! I just saw your video on moving to Germany t look for opportunities etc, why did you stop making videos on that? please make more vidz like those they really motivate us to learn and improve MORE!! and get an idea of how the job market is for people who want to move out esp!

  14. carlos mestra says:

    What program do you use to make the designs?

  15. Mayush says:

    What video editing software do you use to edit your videos?
    Also love your videos ❤️

  16. Quantum Zain says:

    My health couch makes me fat

  17. Serious Sam says:

    Yeah boy!! That is how you choose the right color…..!!

  18. Zihad says:

    Ehm, are you a magician?

  19. Сергей Девятов says:

    Why I expected the watches UI, and not landing page design?

  20. s. m. saleheen says:

    You don't have to make your face like that in every video thumbnail. You don't even need to put your face there. It's annoying. Just wanted to let you know. It's been bothering me.

  21. Dr Varghese Jacob says:

    Nice magic man

  22. Erika Loots says:

    Another Brilliant video!! Please can you code this in React using ELM and Sass PLEASE 🙂 Figma vs Sketch?

  23. Mithun Roy says:

    Great video. Figma

  24. Guanaco Devs says:

    It is a great tutorial, but the title is misleading, I thought it was about SmartWatch screens, not landing pages.

  25. Eliam Judá Castillo Flores says:

    Wtf man, you and your videos are amazing!!

  26. Sonny B says:

    Part 2: actually making thing in vs code. A tutorial.

  27. Sonny B says:

    YEAH BOI… LET'S GO!!! Still has me laughing!

  28. umer saeed says:

    Loved it <3 Like Always.

  29. Christian Valentine Tsigbey says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorials, i have really i learnt alot from you. I am from Chris from African. Please can make a video on admin template because i really want learn how to make one with the sidebar. Thank you once again. (Medawasi) thank you in my language

  30. PakdelStudio says:

    what way did you find easier instead of adobe to get done work?

  31. mohamed ehab says:

    Keep up the great work 🤩🤩🤩

  32. Bartłomiej Mazur says:

    Yeeeee boiiiiii. Let's go 🙂

  33. pratik patre says:

    you are incredibly awsm… as well as you teach better .. i just want to request you can you make more awsm JavaScript projects

  34. Simon Agudelo says:

    you are the best man, thank you so much for all of this

  35. matata says:

    so your financial situation is that you act like you're broke but you have you're money hidden

  36. s K says:

    Great Job!!!

  37. thewatcherlollol says:

    More python videos! I'm bad at front end😂

  38. alincmt says:

    Oo 10 bani ! Are you Romanian?

  39. Hidayat Salar says:

    can you code these designs as well please? we need more of these!

  40. Videos Promoter says:

    Coin in next hand 😂😂😂

  41. Harem God says:

    The outro makes the whole video

  42. shepherd cyber says:

    I really enjoyed the tutorial but next time please do a prototype and Animations. I would be very glad if you can also teach us how to convert that design into a functional website or even converting a UI design like that to HTML and CSS thanks. Also converting a UI designed in photoshop or Adobe XD even though you don't use Adobe softwares.😂

  43. Siddiq Nx says:

    May I know what video editing software you are using to edit your videos?

  44. Sweet p pubg says:

    Hello Ed I want you to make a video about the program that you use for photo editing thank you for all the help that you provide for me and the millions of people on this channel

  45. Anil Rai says:

    Can you please do this in code and do some svg backgrounds? I was able to design the svgs in XD but it's so painful to code them and set the positions in code 😣

  46. Sylvia Castro says:

    You make me smile Dev Ed. Thanks for the video!

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