Simple and elegant typography corel draw

July 11, 2019 posted by


8 Replies to “Simple and elegant typography corel draw”

  1. ASUkasuka says:


  2. Mansur Abdar says:

    mohon maaf! ini mau ngajar atw mau show skill?

  3. Robbiw Istamitra says:

    Cepet bat sue

  4. Muniba Ejaz says:

    not helpful, too fast

  5. DevyMarcusW says:

    It's too fast goddamit, how can a beginner like me learn anything from it if you don't – at least – explain what tool to use and how to use it, or what's the shortcut for the said tool.

  6. Wildan Ramadhani says:

    font ?

  7. Ichan Salon Pagaralam says:

    masuk pak eko?

  8. idham asegap says:

    sory broh, what name it"s font

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