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>>ROSENBERG: Hi, my name is Chuck Rosenberg,
and I’m a computer vision researcher at Google working on image search.
I’m here to announce the launch of our Similar Images feature.
Let’s say I do a search for jaguar. I get results for both the car and the animal.
Using the “Similar Images” link, I can get just the results I want.
I can look at pictures of just the jaguar’s face or cool pictures of the car on the road.
Let’s see what other members of the team are searching for.
Hi, Jingbin.>>JINGBIN: Hi, Chuck.>>ROSENBERG: What are you searching for?>>JINGBIN: Oh, I’m just searching for picture
of Brad and Angelina Jolie.>>ROSENBERG: Nice.>>JINGBIN: So now I can find picture with
Brad on the left and also picture with Brad on the right.>>ROSENBERG: Very Cool.>>JINGBIN: Yes, you know, I have to keep
up with my celebrities.>>ROSENBERG: Oh, I know.
Have fun.>>JINGBIN: Okay.
Yup, bye-bye.>>ROSENBERG: See you.>>SARA: Oh, hey, Chuck.>>ROSENBERG: Hey, Sara.
What are you working on?>>SARA: Well, I’m testing how our feature
works with landmarks.>>ROSENBERG: Okay.>>SARA: I just typed “London.”>>ROSENBERG: Uh-huh.>>SARA: And then I clicked “Similar Images”
to see more pictures of the Tower bridge.>>ROSENBERG: Mm-hmm.>>SARA: Big Ben, and the London Eye.>>ROSENBERG: Hmm.
I could use that to plane my next trip. Hmm, I wonder what Eric’s up to.
I’m going to go check that out.>>SARA: Okay, bye.>>ROSENBERG: See you.>>ERIC: Hey, Chuck.>>ROSENBERG: Hey, Eric.>>ERIC: How’s it going?>>ROSENBERG: Great.
What are you looking at?>>ERIC: I’m using our new Similar Images
feature to look for watches. I really like watches with black faces, kind
of like this one here. The nice thing about Similar Images is not
only do I see my regular search result, but I see images on the top that allow me to refine
my search. I think I like this one with the black bezel
even more than the last.>>ROSENBERG: Hmm, I’m not so sure I like
it.>>ERIC: Well, at least you admit you like
the ability to modify your search on the fly.>>ROSENBERG: Definitely, that’s really convenient.
Well, I hope you’ve gotten a good sense on our Similar Images feature.
We hope you’ll give it a try.


100 Replies to “Similar Images”

  1. Heart_BM says:


  2. Harold S. Bloxham says:

    Clearly, google think we are stupid, I'm sure everyone gets it the Jaguar example. There's some nice wooden "acting" too!

  3. ArtisanTony says:

    so now i can weed out all the women with small breasts

  4. Dostwyn says:

    Finally something useful^^

  5. Kivylius says:

    end looks a bit gay.

  6. gammeltlort says:

    Hahahahaha, that was extremely awkward

  7. MrPushpin says:

    LOL @ acting

  8. EpicWarbz says:

    Way too cheesy

  9. funkymirko says:

    One word i have to say.


  10. Ben Jardine says:

    cool Google did something good 4 once

  11. Nils Søholt Foged says:


  12. Ronin Media says:

    "Hey Jared, what are you you looking at?"

    "Well, I'm looking for DPs starring a particular asian actress. You can see that the engine recognizes the tattoo and the position of her rump, there, and brings up all the images of her in this position."

  13. Gamebits says:

    I kept waiting for the punchline.

  14. luckyskate3 says:

    LMAO… the wave at the end is priceless

  15. Joe B says:

    Aside from the poor acting, the similar images feature is impressive

  16. Marcello Bello says:

    lol, i agree, wtf is wrong with them!

  17. Dulba says:

    amazing actors so real so fresh amazing! unlike those actors for apple

  18. D P says:

    I was looking down here for a comment mentioning that wave. It was….ahhh….interesting….

  19. zimzim7 says:

    Terrible acting, fantastic feature.

  20. minidemarco says:

    I'm gonna search for images of jing bin.

  21. Максим Бурыкин says:

    Блин это реально прикольно, только что был на том сайте, всё что вводил, фото нашел! 🙂 Супер, теперь легче фото на рефераты и курсовые искать!

  22. Robert Evans says:

    cheesy much?

  23. AttackOfTheBees says:

    'Hmm, I could use that to plan my next trip'

    … hooow? O_o

  24. WhopYaJaw808 says:

    Looking for porn made easy.

  25. sexntuna says:

    It works terrible for porn.

  26. sexntuna says:

    What's up with this low-budget video from google?
    And what's up with the wave at the end. lol

  27. sexntuna says:

    How can you tell?
    Is it her search for "Big-Ben"?

  28. Richard Tep says:

    LOL man that was so lame, but so cool.

  29. davidpatonred says:

    gotwa kweep ahp own mayee sawebootees. ho kay bway bwayee
    LOL asian

  30. Cal says:

    how convenient, Google, on Youtube, advertising their own features, on Google chrome.

  31. 42fba says:

    Finally! A way to restrict the kind of images google serves up. I've been waiting for a feature like that.
    Thanks chuck!

  32. Luis S. Canaán says:

    Hahaha, this is a really awkward video… They fun part is that they do it on purpose!

    The best part is the end, when the bald guy says bye :P.

  33. trdub53 says:

    Cool, they aren't using google chrome

  34. rafayb says:

    god that is some terrible acting.

  35. Sahm B says:

    .put your hand over your mouth
    2.make a wish into your hand
    3.pull your hand away and put it over your heart for 5 seconds
    4.put this on a comment for 3 more videos
    5.if you do you will have the best day of your life tomorrow

  36. fabrivassa says:

    '…and pictures with Brad on the right' CAN'T YOU JUST FLIP THE PICTURES WITH BRAD ON THE LEFT???

  37. Deviant Pictures Films says:

    great job people! 😀

  38. MCGodzilla94 says:


  39. mrcraka says:

    ooooo 😀

  40. javigutz says:

    google rocks

  41. IWatchVideosOnYT says:

    its funny how it is so fake

  42. BaneSerbia says:

    google rullzzzz

  43. hogwartsismydrug says:

    O M G O M G O M G it is the COOLEST search EVER!!! love me some google chrome too!!!!!!!!!!

  44. MundoGospelDownload says:


  45. studmuffin018 says:

    No its not

  46. GrandTheftAuto4Films says:

    Very corny commercial, sweet feature 🙂

  47. Eazy2Remember says:

    jingbin? haha whatta guy

  48. Eazy2Remember says:

    well obviously we'll use it, its friggin google, everyone uses google, theres no need for this corny ass commercial

  49. IWatchVideosOnYT says:

    I was talking about the actors

  50. Jessie Ikhbold says:


  51. Luke Hanks says:

    Wow. Normally they just explain right out what the feature does and what they think we might use it for. I don't know about the new bad script writing and acting.
    I of course mean no offense to the people playing in this video. They're Google. They rock…with computer stuff.
    It's just that the way they used to do the new feature videos was better. Less like advertising and more like informing.

  52. kurrizzle says:

    ITS FAKE OMG!!! =P
    thats really cool, i wonder how works

  53. Thijs Drift says:

    wooow the end was GAY

  54. d0hn says:

    hi chuck 😉

  55. Jakon68 says:

    THX for this infos!

  56. Leonardo Grogg says:

    Porque esta opção não esta ainda disponível… no google do Brasil?

  57. MajDroid says:

    wow that's amazing …google never ceases to amaze me

  58. acodemaster says:

    this is one of the many reasons why google > everyone

  59. fantasyfight123 says:

    i think this is very usefull, but i saw this function (without a link, you had to modify the url) some time ago… (about 1-2 years!)

    hope that it will be implemented in all google-site in the next time 😉

  60. Daniel Verhoef says:

    Not only did I get a sense of the similair images feature I also got a sense of the google acting. LOL

  61. tehcarpet says:

    True their acting sucks but I have a funny feeling your tech knowledge and income sucks more than theirs

  62. SeitxiS says:

    lol at japanese guy xD

  63. Amelia Gillis says:

    the japanese guy is freaking hilarious!!!!
    i keep watching this vid over and over, i laugh every time

  64. shoot991 says:

    this is scary if u read this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die

  65. Saadit Khan says:

    loooool the japanese guy,,,,, gooogle should hire brad and angelina instead of there workers…lol

  66. JSparta1 says:

    oh hi bing jin

  67. PNAKOAO EN VIVO says:

    Fuck you Bitches

  68. photocide1 says:

    dude wtf were they doing with the chinese guy speakigng friggin broken english

  69. crownedmuffin says:

    angelina jolie and brad pit heh?

  70. Ernie Lopez says:

    brb looking for similar firecrotch…

  71. Luke Hanks says:

    Wait…you claim that choosing your mate even partly based on their appearance is wrong? Romance and business are the exactly the same. If a person finds a certain size, shape, or completion visually appealing then what's wrong with acting on that. Hey heres a funny Idea. There are a lot of Asians in Asia. I think they might end up married to each other. I guess that means their a bunch of racists because they didn't go out of their way to find some minority that would then be in high demand.

  72. Ingo Petzny says:

    Great feature…. so usefull.
    Thanks Google !

  73. Bindi k says:

    remember william hung from american idol? same idea.

  74. Evan Kaufman says:

    thats pretty cool but that video was hella corny

  75. MajikSo says:

    'Brad on the left and now Brad on the right' hahaha
    sounds like a good joke.
    That was cool guys!

  76. zanderzander05 says:

    'Hey Eric, what you looking at?'
    *slam shut*

  77. atan0k says:

    Great feature, awful video.
    Please stay away from the ridiculous over-friendliness gimmicks typical of those the shitheads at Microsoft advertisement.

  78. haasboer says:

    Nice and handy feature.. but this video is just gay.

  79. photocide1 says:

    ya i totally agree, especially that last one where hes liek "well at least you … " just kinda ruined it a bit it was weird

  80. chawee busayarat says:

    how can i find the similar image with new google image search? i can not see the Similar images link anywhere.

  81. elchafa says:

    @smoochie777 clearly they're not actors, 1:59

  82. tifius says:

    working at image search. imagine the amount of porn this guy has seen at work.

  83. Megacron says:

    @Tennisbegnt Take a look at the Microsoft Windows 7 Party video.

  84. mitros2 says:

    It doesnt work on the new images search!!!

  85. ابراهيم سليمان says:

    what if i want to upload a pic & wanted to searchto similar to it ?????

  86. elementsk8r1212 says:

    the chineese guy is awesome

  87. Flyborg says:

    After rolling this feature out to the "regular" image search, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared, not just from regular image search, but even from the "similar-images" URL which was SPECIFICALLY for that purpose. I can't find any mention of this anywhere. 🙁

  88. Saiful Basir says:

    what about watches with white faces? o_O

  89. Premises187 says:

    Hi Jing-Bin
    Hai Chuck!

  90. Bagatell says:

    Even when he turns around and walk away from the computer at 0:30 is horrible acting XD

  91. Shititude says:

    1:58 this move is just EPIC

  92. Amelia Gillis says:

    i favorited this when this came out because i was dying laughing over the acting

  93. FirebirdBeats says:

    why would i look up pictures i've already found?

    btw, That acting is hilariooous

  94. Taenbo Druvs says:

    Лучше бы включили фильтр похожих видео!

  95. Josh Godoy says:

    hello from 2016

  96. BoDaisuke says:


    それで今回のコメントの議題は、“卑しいGoogle社員” と入力して、卑劣悪辣有害なGoogle日本支社の社員の顔・姿が候補にあがってくれないのは何故か。です。



  97. Colonelul Avioane says:

    sa mai incerc

  98. Hgff gghu says:


  99. richard gaul says:

    Scannerlab top photo screen

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