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that's okay let's last thing we're doing for today because we only have an hour to have really because you have to going relatively soon I have to I have to do my things as well yeah that's right so you but it's like we don't have a full day today that's the thing David everybody welcome back to Sonic Colors dude it's not like get hit in that disco like it's 1972 hit that disco like it's 2011 why is it closed fine I'll just go with something that everybody forgot a long time ago is never coming back said dee dee Oh a Haunter I think we can just use cue – I was expecting you just a plop oh how cute gets to think man's music but I didn't do shit I want those rings that's nice nah come on you want the Rings but do the Rings I want to let's do that but do the Rings want you I want for you thug life enough for those rings no okay fine I won't get the Rings like bitch I'm gonna get it now ah I could use the bad ideas repeatedly oh this is a bad idea I'm looking at having alive so long as you were stuck in the queue I wasn't sure I don't remember I remember how fast those uh little bomb cubes explode I hear the goal ring oh sweet sweet release I think the blue rings are just four points ours wrong it looks like you do just on three points they don't actually add to your ring count I mean it's basically a glorified color power bonus succumb to my big quick I'm going to show you what it means to be square my god is so it's not like horrible act 3 the same thing we do every day Matt run Joey fuckles is that a yellow spring yes they remember the exist what's really think it's honestly less than you remember the exist and worse oh hey hey what color does all so hey the game's called Sonic Colors right help me out here guys Brown's a color for your shithead Red's the color for your ass I put my foot up it come back yellow spring no Johnny you abused me that's why I went away for so long please go away father man's a monster now the good thing about the yellow spring is that you actually can't outrun it by holding right good cut season it just follows you yeah it pretty much follows you so you can't really die here by missing the yellow spring I think if you've go left though that's a different story I'm not gonna test that out though cuz uh you know but you know all the things lasting go back one ninety can't get it going up those rings sure look nice I can actually no yeah that's right this game does not give you an extra life if you go over 100 rings well yeah because you have or you have four numbers this time around so but all that went on like other games colors it's pretty easy about it so you don't really miss it plus it bombs you were lives anyway yeah sure enough I don't know after that last Baltimore mess I need all allies I can get get that extra light big life just one go it sucks yeah I know if they should be at least when you see an outrun all your problems sonic where you see an extra life and they you realize it's something you can never get freedom from debt yeah yes yeah think about it [Laughter] knowledge no realization ask for this is a very classic sonic kind of like to the songs oh okay what the fuck is that is each one he just goes uh I don't know does it actually yes it looks like one no what was that noise just ignore that okay we can't look away from that now I mean I mean well technically you can't knock the way form is on audacity on the laptop I never got to find out what that noise was nope never happened what gasps lady has a turb it's a reference to I mean what's the term originated from Oh like I know the term I just never actually knew hold on I got a sycamore false light hold on one of the many mysteries that SUV will take to his grave it's like it's like Chuckie Finster You Stefan late all hours and I think how do they turn yellow green okay no I think the thing was how they get the MS on the M&Ms no there's no Chucky's was de green job well tangley Tommy technically also Nova tell me what to sleep around Chuckie something but the term originated from the 1938 Patrick Hamilton play Gaslight and as 1940 and 1944 film adaptations in which the gas fueled lights in the characters home are dimmed when he owns the Attic lights brighter while he searches the Attic at night he convinces his wife that she is imagining the change the term has been used in clinical research and literature as well as in political commentary you know it it's used the term as making you think something is it is not there not everyone it is it is yeah that that's how we use gas lighting well I kind of thought that thing in the center was gonna be your own goal ring out nope it's never that easy I mean well colors maybe oh oh shit hey that's Sonic and that points are ready to leave we what's the what's that there's a pen this is hover my favorite color theme to sleep hover is that you hold down the jump on and you hover indefinitely you also have access to the Lightspeed – at in hover I think it's the only kind of how to really have a secondary the ability but science ugh I want to say I'm sure I think of the other color powers because rocker just let you come straight up lasered you know hurtles you in a straight line drill what you drill things and what the fuck frenzy frenzy frenzy for these sex cube mate C square yeah it's kind of like they were just performing it Diddy for you out here yeah well the biddies painful if I let them continue their little ditty I don't want a Diddy I don't want anything to do with their do I like those pop daddy now please excuse me I'm trying to find anime titty now where's that feed in a titty the P Diddy titty straight out of the fitty yeah and they say you can't rap wait who's they them now it might be kind of silly but I'm trying to find gritty that's horrible that isn't rhyme the sound was there so why just forced to run and make it work so do every right so does every rapper nowadays oh I don't listen to modern-day rap all I know is that one of them looks like somebody tried to draw Mike Tyson wait one of the rappers looks like somebody tried to draw Mike Tyson I remember smoking man I mean I'm Mike Tyson Tupac okay get those two mixed up all the time just hear Mike Tyson rabid California whoa so there is a switch there that you can activate a trail of rings and you can pretty much Lightspeed pass all of that if you know where to look for it I didn't cuz I forgot where it was gotta turn in my my green card cuz on accept the claim yeah like what that was a pot twist of Sonic Colors he's like the alien is that your furnace Lonnie because he's not of this world that would make for a lot darker story it also makes for one that flies in the face of everything we've seen so then again then again any like songs to pertain to me like the first time song just pulled that shit you just fly right to the exit that's like that one way better level designs an orbit just fucking slaps that sorry it's literally something you can fall asleep to I love the hover theme it's my favorite when they brought hover back for a sonic 3d world I understand I lost world I'm sorry like I was so happy but the game is still pretty bad and it's like I'm happy at least here okay off the Lightspeed – with that one bliss uh your meter also does not drain when we like to eat – keep that in mind I honestly thought you're gonna fall off and no I was close to I should have dead now here's the question who's saying hover is a sonic or is this someone that he fixes in his majesty now three booster whisper yeah seriously this may be no speaking to listen English may come off as a really aggravating announcer type aggravating nuts [Laughter] I mean what did I say hey guys bleak that out oh no my favorite song act wow I got my favorite sitting in another space oh god regime behind this generator stand there and shoot himself are you sure your name is dr. Eggman and not dr. Umbach whoa that thing's faster than Sonic Wow I am now your enemy maybe blue he's my buddy I did nothing at all unless shooting him with my mind-control beam that runs on organs were direct ideas yeah saddle it doesn't really go anywhere no here's the fun thing it's like science the fastest thing in life tells us keep a definis on true chronology as they should right like sonic Overkill's tails can fly we don't think he does oh my god the cornerstone of my plan after this he has a crisis late baby this is not gonna work out for three seconds as if tells a vice how is he breathing in space why it's Annika with the help you bits in Sonic 2 right way did it come out 1992 not born yet that excuse again I was born three years later this is my favorite boss name well next with a final boss it's not my sleep but my fair funky boss is my favorite baby game I love this thing so much welcome to the park I love it it's great it's peppy so what are you doing here you're basically hitting all the fuck-me lights getting close enough to him the homing attack the fuck-me stuff he will drop supply crates on the floor when he gets far enough one of them will have I think rocket or the the laser whisk if you can aim directly at its core with the laser whisk that cuts the fight traumatically in half I think I want to say okay that's regular boost power is there multiple targets for each of these things or you gotta do sequentially you got to do sequentially well it doesn't really matter just hit one enough and times any will it just fall apart fuck spike balls I really thought you were about to just fly off when you got hit by that hit by the by the beam seems like you can on this little but you're actually not he doesn't like that well they don't like it now locate one button one button the way is yeah yeah basically slide the hedgehog sensei until unleashed it's a unleash your soul booster win sometimes yeah but for homing attacks though yeah go they touch the buttons around for some reason right yeah I don't understand I mean generation is fixed at the very least I thought I would get my analyst by now I think you have to do something special maybe at the booster box you mean live no no cuz only I think you can get the the laser wish for this and you can aim right in this corner and just fucking decimate the son of a bitch oh yeah there it is awesome oh I didn't know you can do that Wow this is the ultimate Valerie time to put this to an end oh shit [Laughter] shit it's a piece of shit a fantastic background yeah that is nice I'm still in here right though all things considered if I got the whisper if I got the whisper earlier that probably would have been an s a oh yeah I like that I like a look at your plastic it seems you still sing some anti-semitic slurs I don't know if it's my device or if it's just him that's what's really concerning [Laughter] if anyone's the generators so he was he was the same generators he just he's like he runs on like a treadmill and generates a flash yeah ours is a the cosmic treadmill that's what it's called yeah yeah fine five generators Gary got three of them no we get we level three sonic what the hell are you talking no no I don't think we leveled a generator in person on the first one he is unless we don't finish the game we have all the time in the world you know he's called the a Kyrgyz he yaks because he talks too much I think about cubot that's happening in his entire story is that he lost his original voice chip yeah hence the change of voice actors yeah his his voice changes throughout he goes through a cowboy I think he goes through like a wise guy he goes from that very like thick like accent slaying their body I think this is like I think this is like the Mafia goon and then he sounds like Kermit the Frog later was a pirate I was a pirate Marty I applaud your efforts it's captain whispers all over again they're like I don't want to be reminded of that there was a sharp there named Johnny control when it is it will be the crown jewel of my there's been debate on why he phrased it as Sonic's world specifically like I have that they're from the same place right I mean I would think so all right so with that the game opens up we can do planet whisks we can do aquarium Park and we can do ashtray coaster later tonight we're not yeah do it later but the game does now allow you to choose the three whatever the hell you want so Eggman ship is selectable – all right well that's the egg shuttle okay now if you just want to skip story in a lie if you want to go from stage to stage like the original games no plot whatsoever you bought the egg shuttle you know try and get a best time for a Time Attack this game is still relatively short life we're already around that close to the halfway point right so you know whatever tickles your fancy go right in and do it we're gonna call it apart here though see you guys next time as we continue our adventures into planet wisp and beyond yeah basically to infinity and beyond yeah well if you get a reference vanishing ever good night everybody


38 Replies to “SGB Play: Sonic Colors – Part 4 | Those Graphics!1!”

  1. Xeosarn says:

    Well… The laser capsule was there. You just missed it. You can slow down on those boss fights so it's easier to dodge the spike balls and grab goodies.

  2. Mupu Mupu says:

    As someone going to a session of 5e after this, I like the d20 being pointed out

  3. SuperS275 says:

    Hover or the "why is this one function not part of Sonic's natural moveset?" wisp. Yeah, it would be boring to see Sonic just hover in that but I am still annoyed by how the Light Speed Dash is separate from Sonic in this game.

    A serious moment in Colors with all the jokes preceding it make it ineffectual to me. I mean, I'm glad that we have the stakes known now, however, it basically gives them a reason to just joke around for the rest of the game, sprinkling things in to raise the stakes more.

    If only we had a mind-controlled Tails in the boss, would've looked cool as Tails could've been dropping the boxes, but Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

    And then you get to how is machine worked and, unless he can make it cloak the world like Dark Gaia and his darkness, it's not going to be that effective.

    Next Stop: Planet Wisp or that one zone in Generations that goes for far too long.

  4. TheHappy_P0tat0 says:

    Elliot had to allow an elder demon to possess him temporarily to answer that question.
    Unfortunately Johnny and Matt's minds were incapable of deciphering the abhorrent language.

  5. thecommenter67 says:

    In the DS version, the lives come in higher than in generations.
    Also, I guess we won't see a playthrough of that version or any of the handheld sonics.
    In the ds version you also get color wisps by dashing into the boss

  6. BlasttotheMax The Second says:

    While I like the general aesthetic of Starlight Carnival (atleast on the exterior), my thoughts on the rest of it can basically be summed up to "welcome to Minecraft." Level design that's filled to the brim with blocks. Whether it be the gray blocks scattered around everywhere or the wisp power-up that literally controls block platforms, blocks are everywhere. Now I don't have a problem with using blocks for level design, but this game level design in 2d can be described as very blocky due to the overabundance of them.

    On a more positive note, the Hover Wisp is actually a really cool wisp power-up. It has a good amount of usage in both 2d and 3d environments, it sections off one of Sonic's main abilities in order to be more useful as a power-up, and it's fast enough while hovering to keep the pace of the game steady.

    On a not-so positive note, I think the Eggman mind-control concept should have been fleshed out more throughout the game. Whether it be a Tails bossfight, more info on what Eggman's plan for the device is, or really anything for that matter; I think it would at the very least inject some sense of urgency into the narrative and would've just been a cool idea to explore overall.

    Honestly, that's my biggest problem with Colors as a whole. It was so worried about leaning in on Unleashed's genuine problems (like the Medal hunting and the Werehog) that it distanced itself from its genuine successes (amazing hub-worlds, great story, great level design for daytime Sonic, heartfelt character dynamics,etc), and by doing that, it leaves me (and many other players for that matter) feel dissatisfied.

    Sorry for being such a debbie-downer, but I honestly feel like this opinion piece needs to be understood, since so many people believe that people are just demonizing Colors for no reason, when in reality they just wanted so much more from it.

  7. SSGSS MO says:

    0:30 matt sounding like scott the woz

  8. Fazz Satoshi says:

    5:34 I think that was Elliot's demon crying for help.

  9. arkbuble says:

    So the float wisp is like Tails in Sonic 3 but not as good.

  10. DarkEinherjar says:

    That save at the end of act 6 reminded me of the Path of Pain in Hollow Knight… <_<

  11. DarkEinherjar says:

    5:34 This Cthulhu has been brought to you by Elliot Cancel.

  12. zangetsu134 says:

    Fun fact
    Did you know?
    The Japanese Announcer for the wisp powers is the same Voice for the Gaia Memories from Kamen Rider W

  13. DarkEinherjar says:

    Matt apparently sat on the "CENSORED MODE" button.

  14. Nav_Ebon says:

    5:34 I swear you can squeeze Eliot and different sounds will come out. From scratch(AoStH) to demonic entity for $5.99.

  15. 3rdMonocle 78 says:

    So when Sonic gets an S rank he gets a free sub sandwich.

  16. 3rdMonocle 78 says:

    Spoiler: Tails was never mind controlled he just wanted his nickel back from Sonic.

  17. Rosie Deacon says:


  18. Ali Hamad Qabazard says:

    5:35 just found my new ringtone.

  19. Elemental Colors says:

    Cube Wisp = Sonic’s portable P-Switch

  20. Alex McNeill says:

    Well Roger Craig Smith is the announcer of this game so… it could very well be Sonic lol

  21. JJ R says:

    That boss fight does have targets that trigger different things upon their destruction. Breaking the lights just drop some crates with a low chance of the laser wisp appearing, while breaking the cannons changes the phase of the fight and drops crates with a better chance at the laser wisp. You can aim for the cannons by veering left or right while jumping.

  22. Ekkk says:

    People complained Forces levels are short, most levels in this game are under 2 minutes, some are under 90 seconds.

  23. Gamerman X says:

    "Please refrain from peeling off the special space-age polymer holding the starship together; it may look and feel like duct tape, but it's not, it's called… er… space tape! Very advanced stuff. Thank you."

  24. CommandoKnight200 says:

    As long as the recent Sonic games have these writers, and Roger Craig Smith, they can never have serious moments or drama.

  25. Johnny Weissmuller says:

    Wow, we could've fought Tails.

    But nope, we have to fight Duff McWhalen's Studio 54 hyped unrelated relative.

  26. Alex McNeill says:

    Censor beeping on SGB? Oh my!

  27. Patrick Edger says:

    5:34 In a brief moment of clarity, Elliot's inner gremlin seizes control before once again being suppressed.

  28. FirstName LastName says:

    SGB does heroin confirmed 0:11 it just fits

  29. petwisk says:

    Then again Sonic Lost World is a good game (even you Said that for ages Ago and now you're Just following the general fanbase opinion)

  30. Thomas Elmore says:

    Look at dem grephics

  31. Sergeantmajormario says:

    You talk about the announcer, in demo footage of Sonic Colours when Sonic would get a coloured wisp, you would hear the announcer say "POWER UP!"

    Also the Drill wisp was originally just called "Spin"

  32. petwisk says:

    Spikes give you the ability to craw walls and give you the Spin Dash

  33. MrYoshbert says:

    They honestly should've done more with that Mind-Controlled Tails thing. Like a boss fight or something.
    A game where Eggman brainwashes all of Sonic's friends sounds like an interesting concept, actually.

  34. Sergeantmajormario says:

    I… hope those censor beeps at the start were because of avoiding spoilers of a future LP and not because of something else…

  35. Mario n' Sonic says:

    Elliot put a 1 in the title as a shout out to our number one boi Robbie.

  36. Komoto Raynar says:

    0:11 – You can't say that on Youtube!

  37. TodaySonic91 says:

    Anyone else notice that Johnny has been on auto pilot/asleep at the wheel as of late or is it just me?

  38. Nicky Neutrite says:

    They say the filthiest stuff on this channel, what could they have POSSIBLY bleeped out?

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