SFML – Visual Studio Setup (C++ Tutorial)

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  1. Dynasty says:

    Best tutorial on the matter that I've seen. Fast, straight to the point, clear, and it actually works.

  2. tyler bell says:

    thank you for the expertise. i was way overthinking it, but nearly every source i have found has been completely wrong. the programming community loves to smell its own farts by overexplaining things enough so they dont have to answer a question.

  3. York Rogers says:

    I'm going crazy trying to make this work. says it can not open "sfml-graphic.dll" what will it be?
    I have VS 2019 in windows 10 and the SFML folder in another disk drive.
    Any help is welcome, thanks.

  4. Хавр Такалуд says:


  5. Daniel Elwell says:

    I have tried this tutorial multiple times and double checked that everything is right, but every time I add the code, I get the error that SFML/Graphics.hpp can not be found or opened. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

  6. Sephix says:

    Should VS2019 or 2015?

  7. como funciona el mundo says:

    The best video I've seen so far of SFML in VS2019. And the voice is deluxe

  8. Batman says:

    Thank you very much!

  9. Qi Min says:

    it says cannot open smfl-graphics-d.lib :((

  10. Lachlan McNicol says:

    There's no C/C++ section 🙁

  11. f s says:

    Great video! This works on VS2019 aswell, thx

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