Serato Video (Tutorial): Basics on How To Load Videos

July 28, 2019 posted by


8 Replies to “Serato Video (Tutorial): Basics on How To Load Videos”

  1. Mac Joseph says:

    i figured out. i downloaded the wrong file. i went and downloaded the serato DJ version. super important!!

  2. Mac Joseph says:

    im at a gig now. WHAT AM I MISSING???

  3. Mac Joseph says:

    doesnt seem to work for me. my regular videos work fine but not your visuals

  4. Mac Joseph says:

    wow didnt know that!! kool!

  5. acdc Cu says:

    nice video!!!!thx
    where do i download visuals for free??please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Trox says:

    does the visual moves with the beats? like it reacts to the music beat?

  7. TJ Highland says:

    Just what I was looking for except how can I do this idea with Traktor so that when I pull up a song it already has a visual that is 'married' to it?

  8. Cesar Moreno says:

    So with what/ How do I project my video output? 
    Like with projectors, or TVs?
    Also, how do I get my Video output out of my computer? 

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