Sekiro – PC 4K Max vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

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27 Replies to “Sekiro – PC 4K Max vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison”

  1. Luke Burgio says:

    Ps4 looks best

  2. MykeGaming H. says:

    the pc version is like smooth

  3. Funky Boy says:

    Ps4 pro raped by xb1 x again lol

  4. William LeGod says:

    where is the main factor of this comparison: FPS?

  5. Miguel Maciel says:

    So I saw there's a collectors edition for the Xbox for 100 bucks. Should I get that or should I just get the PC normal version??

  6. camau79 says:

    you die the same way on all platforms and go 👆👆👆👆👆👆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. 007GoldenLion says:

    I guess we reached the age of diminishing returns. Diferences are very small unlike back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 . We need hardware tons of times more powerful for minimal diferences

  8. Hazenhard says:

    Ps4 looks a little blurry and a bit serrated, almost imperceptible

  9. Arief Hidayat says:

    for me = gameplay then graphics

  10. GamE FrEak says:

    im so hyped for there next project. there next game has to be Bloodborne 2. we all eagerly waiting for Bloodborne 2. it will be a stupid move if they dont do a sequel for that game. all the game they have released so far Bloodborne is there best work.

  11. GamE FrEak says:

    i just sold my PS4 n upgrade it to Pro last year. the best damn decision i made this generation buying PS4.

  12. Renatex Revolutions says:


  13. Kid Shid says:

    No difference from naked eye

  14. Dornpunzel says:

    60 or 30 fps on Consoles?

  15. RedRise says:

    PC WIN

  16. Thomas says:

    frame rate is noticeably better on PC
    graphics its pretty much the same between the three

  17. PARAíSO says:

    That Pc thou

  18. Waldo Rocha says:

    PC is the best version… as usual.

  19. sinchman1 says:

    No one is really going to care how the shadows, rocks or trees are going to look with this fast pace game… You point out some dumb shit

  20. Blue Tex says:

    I think Xbox looks better but unfortunately PC takes the lead in frames and it's not that much of a difference sorry PS4 I played PS4 before but it's not the same as PC and Xbox there for 1st place is PC, 2nd is Xbox, 3rd is PlayStation

  21. TKs17z says:

    Xbox es el pico del galaxi ☺

  22. TKs17z says:

    Xbox 10!!!!!

  23. GamE FrEak says:

    I'm happy with my Pro. I sold my old PS4 n upgraded to Pro. It cost me only 150$ back then. A year has passed I upgraded to Pro. I'm super happy with my console.

  24. ハル says:


  25. Jack says:

    one should not spend money on multiplatform game on console, its a fucking joke the fps just unbearable in action game. pc will almost always > console in those game, save the console for its exclusive.

  26. Claussanta 86 says:

    Ps4 pro > PC ( to trigger some PC Nerds)

  27. Adam Goralski says:

    Yes pc is the best…but wait look on description. Pc have few months amd cost ~3k$ and ps pro have more than 2,5years. X box too. This film is for pc owners that they can hear pc is the best. Yes it is if you have new. Get gear from the same year. For example gtx 1060 then compare and u will se diference. Ps4 and xbox cant take more than 30fps because its too old. In films like that always is comparing new games on new pcs with ps and xbox when they are too old to use all potential of game. I have pc and ps4 for people fo think i have console so i defend console. I just know that comparing pc games with console games is stupid. Same thing will be after ps5 and next Xbox premiere. Consoles would be much better than pc in the same price or even dubleprice

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