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[Phil Hamlett] If you were to spend
your life under a rock, and you were to stumble out from underneath it, one of the very first things that you would
probably encounter is graphic design. As our world grows more complex,
and as the ideas that we need
to communicate get more elaborate, the need for graphic design has grown exponentially. [Mary Scott] It’s all about stories and messages today. Every brand has a story. You can close your eyes,
and you know what a Starbucks looks like. You know what an Apple store looks like. [Krishnapriya Gupta] When I was
reviewing different colleges, the one thing that I really looked into was
the portfolio by the graduates. An Academy portfolio looked very promising. It was something that I wanted in my portfolio. That convinced me that it was
not just coming from one student. It’s coming from the institute,
It’s coming from the school. [Scott] In our department,
we will have a sponsored project
from a corporation. They will come to us with a brief of a real project, they will participate in several meetings
with the students,
give feedback to the students, allow the students to understand
what it is to work with a client, and for the ideas that need to be communicated. [Alireza Jajarmi] That gives you a sense
of how you are doing with your art and your craft, and what it is like to communicate with that. That really helped us to sharpen
our presentation skills, communication skills, and more important than that, our collaboration skills. [Hamlett] We make sure that
students are technically adept, but we also want to make sure that
students know the technology changes. [Scott] We’re dedicated
to the education of our students. The important goal is not just
to check the box that you’ve graduated, but that you leave here with a portfolio that can
put you in any office in any part of the world. [Hamlett] I tell my students that central promise, that I can be creative and that I can make a living,
and that will be valuable to someone. The opportunity to help other people
turn that trick is extremely gratifying.

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