Scarface PC gameplay Windows 10 (3D ripper DX explained)

July 30, 2019 posted by

hello guys this is serious fun making this video because some of you have been asking how do I set the 3d Ripper tool in order to run properly well the truth is that I didn’t change the thing so I will show you the two versions of the game by launching it with and without the 3d ripple tool so let’s check it out first we are going to launch the game without the 3d Ripper to escape all of these you might seen this before a lot of us have seen this before ok mr. Montana your new account has been activated any time you wish to make a deposit you can return to any of our branches and negotiate a rate and as a valued customer we’d like you to have this okay that freaked me out this Felix yeah Felix is Tony did you get into customer spinouts ok I only dream about stuff like this in COBOL bring my car bring it to me now don’t fuck around it I need it now well you see we can see I I’m sorry let it through so let’s get out the game well now we are going to see the second version of the game lunches we did three the Ripper to get it over here open the program as you see these are the default options I have not changed anything you just need to select the executive or whatever it is to stop my case it’s the default locations Program Files radical files Scarface and select executable open and there you go that’s all you click on lunch game let’s see how it looks now okay mr. Montana your new account has been activated any time you wish to make a deposit you can return to any of our branches and negotiate a rate and as a valued customer we’d like you to have this what the fuck is this okay Nexus e this Felix yeah Felix is Tony did you get it to Gasper spinouts see what he’s up to yeah the fat fuck wasn’t there but I managed to get a few things I got this new phone some sort of satellite voice tracking chip I think the Russians meeting who’s coming okay still can’t believe how great this country is man hey your story listen I need my car okay quick as you can here you go Tony as you see the same options but everything is running perfect your arm aches alright so you can see everything’s running just as good as silk so no volume so you can hear me let’s find some kills you will see there is not a problem look hahaha a gank let’s make some noise wanna go that way oh I never want one of these let’s see if I can win this one bring your fuck wow this is much worse than I ever win the integration one thing but that’s not what I want I want to kill Darcy’s focus okay say hello to my little friend Oh Oh stop even the race mode Tony fucking McDonald Oh Lulu you’re running away huh no there’s no way you can run away from Sonny ma one more left look here well he got away well that’s very much no show this same thing captures on if you want to read subtitles full HD everything maximum settings and everything looks perfectly so that’s pretty much it I hope you like it I really do if you like it and eat it helpful please share the video like subscribe blah blah ha everything that you do versus I’m yogi um please don’t ask about my excel see ya


100 Replies to “Scarface PC gameplay Windows 10 (3D ripper DX explained)”

  1. Gabrilos says:

    3D Ripper link ?

  2. Gabrilos says:

    fuck , isn't working , texture is still fucked up .

  3. Josip dubrović says:

    i tried it and it just says wrong disc inserted

  4. Boha Rap says:

    esto no funciona es cierto que lo veo mejor pero sigue siendo imposible jugar
    this doesnt work its true that its better but its impossible to play for me

  5. LithuBey says:

    unable to create process?

  6. TheGame Rage says:

    why don't work?

  7. AlienFirefox says:

    heres the real fix guys just run it from the scarface.bat file

  8. SCARRIOR says:

    I have the CD game and i have it installed, and Direct3D ripper and still no joy, only my game is worse than yours. my entire game is distorted stretched meshes at least you have body parts xD

  9. Franz Kuhn says:

    hallo Serious Juan the Game Scarface i used on win 10 with 3dripper but don t go right its go with the proplems

  10. Miguel Artigas says:

    No me funciona con el programa

  11. Dan Ed says:

    como haces con el problema del los cpu solo soporta 1 tambien lo cambias a solo 1 o estas en multicore ?

  12. MauricioGamer76 :v says:

    cual es la contraseña 🙁

  13. Jimmy Mavros says:

    Oh i will be damned… Do you have ANY idea how many years this game is sitting on my shelf gathering dust and me looking at it with disappointment??? Well better late than never correct? Maybe the graphics are outdated as fuck but man… THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  14. Grobar Do Groba says:

    not work for me 🙁
    Help me please!

  15. Luis Antonio Chavez Guzman says:

    Segui el metodo con 3D Ripper DX y si funciona estoy usando Windows 8.1… no tengo queja …hay que usarlo sin administrador sin compatibilidad… atajo solo

  16. Alemshah Amin says:

    I tried 3D ripper and ms config but it doesn't work

  17. محمد عثمان - Mohammed Othman says:

    You are a king man

  18. Adam Patterson says:

    all the map is really slow loading for me though any help on that issue at all people ?

  19. Nathan Lester says:

    its even worse…

  20. Nott says:

    La puta madre. This inst work!

  21. Glenn Tielemans says:

    3d reaper ist not working to my

  22. Paydayonline 2569 says:

    fuck you it says unable to create process

  23. Clap Rpc says:

    ola amigo se me atora el juego :v help me please

  24. samuel moya says:


  25. Vedant Shahdeo says:

    hey bro its not working in this game. i have 7 4 bit and i am stuck

  26. Conan says:

    Hello i download game, when i try install installshield gives me error code 1628 and it dont work anyone here who can help me?
    Im on WIN10 Btw

  27. Thiago Ribeiro says:

    doesn't work with me

  28. Denny Teguh Herlambang says:

    hey did you know what the password of 3D Ripper DX or you can give a link 3D Ripper DX without password ?

  29. Bret Farris says:

    We're did u down load the 3d ripper DX at

  30. Bret Farris says:

    Never mind I took care of it

  31. VRockVulture says:

    It is fucked up PC port. I remember playing this on PS2 back in the day and gameplay was way more convenient. On PC the movement and controls feel strange.

  32. Perfection3IEA says:

    When I try to launch through 3D Ripper DX, I get the following error:
    "Unable to create proccess". Could anybody please tell me the solution
    to this problem?

  33. Perfection3IEA says:

    The password is 'ripper'.

  34. MalcomWilk says:

    Tried today but the 3d ripper dx site's download doesn't work so if I try to upack it it will say it has an error

  35. realdude111 says:

    Works like a charm.

  36. Rodrigo Elizalde says:

    tengo que hacer eso cada vez que quiero jugar?

  37. Aleksandar Grbic says:

    Ty brother !

  38. Paydayonline 2569 says:

    thanks! second time i download,that new version of the official site needs a password

  39. Karl Delaney says:

    Thank you so much I got it working now. The torrent version I am using though has a corrupted file and I cannot save anywhere any solutions?

  40. allan Araújo says:

    vlw man

  41. Kertenkele54 says:

    thank you

  42. Carlos Chris says:

    it still wont work

  43. Carlos Chris says:

    help me

  44. ferg says:

    black screen when i quit game and have to shut down the pc

  45. Principal Lewis says:

    3D Ripper DX setup executable is recognized as a malware on 7 different scan engines 😒

  46. 1.21 Gigawatts says:

    Anyone aware of the slowdowns in the game? I drop to 16 fps on a 780 ti.

  47. BabyTiger says:

    When I launch the game, I can hear everything but I get a black screen. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

  48. Njeriu Lakuriq says:

    Even after I launch the .exe file with 3D Ripper the game starts with messed up models and I have no idea what to do. Please help!

  49. Matias Molina says:

    intentare tu metodo,espero que me funcione

  50. Frederique kruger says:

    does this put high quality graphics and textures ?

  51. Step步 says:

    no sirve estas mal

  52. ricky yacine says:

    how to use the program anyway

  53. Gamerteck ModsYTutoriales says:

    Laic por el Wallpaper subtitulado al español :v

  54. trainhobovegas2 says:

    I can see why this game has a 6 out of 10

  55. manu montello says:

    ese ingles bro jajajaja

  56. Alemshah Amin says:

    Are u using gaming laptop?

  57. Bryan Khe says:

    No funciona prro

  58. Gannicus says:

    I have amazing pc and this game lag as fuck how is possible this shit? Anyone have any fix for this game ?

  59. Filipe Studio says:

    Just use 1 cpu '-'

  60. Walsh says:

    I have lag problems.. and graphics are twice worse. 8GB ram, quad core xeon, R7 260 2gb…

  61. JAVIER JAVIER says:

    just download from here works fine on windows 10

  62. Joe Roberts says:

    i'm trying to get 3dripperdx to run Scarface the world is yours on windows 8.1 but it didnt work

  63. iSluShi says:

    wtf is this? A magazine?

  64. unnamed715 says:

    Didn't fix the frame rate for me. The game still runs at 20-30 fps on average. 🙁

  65. Dave Birley says:

    NosTeam have got a good version of this that even runs well on windows 10: (Sorry about all the ads)

  66. Alemshah Amin says:

    playable on xbox 360 or xbox one x if anyone has one

  67. Dakaveli Daka says:

    How dose the game run so smooth and fast no YouTube video? I fixed graphichs glitch but the game seems slow and laggy!

  68. Roliee95 says:

    doesnt help for me

  69. TheFrenchBadger says:

    don't work

  70. mehdi el hazake says:

    Ok can use recorde of game when lunche him in 3D ripers

  71. 4 Kafadar Oyunda says:

    health care brother

  72. Amado Aranda says:

    Hey bro, maybe someone else already have done this question, but i'd like to know the link for downloading please.

    Quizá alguien más ya hizo esta pregunta pero me gustaría conocer el link para descargar este juego por favor. Gracias

  73. AHMAD MELAD says:

    ""i download the and start it and it till me this error "D3DERR_INVALIDCALL Code:2156, facility:2166, severity:1
    can anyone help ????

  74. Your Mom says:

    yo lo descarge pirata :v

  75. proud says:

    how come your "Ready to capture" goes away and mine doesn't?

  76. Gustavo Santos says:

    Doesn't work 🙁

  77. Carlos Alberto Nunes Junior says:

    Ola, boa noite, qual é a arquitetura de sua máquina? 32 ou 64 bits?

  78. Thedoubled Go to start, type msconfig and start your pc with 1 core. Restart your pc open scarface and have fun. After playing the game go to msconfig and set it to normal

  79. This fix is shitttt it doesnt work
    For playing the game

    Go to msconfig and restart your pc with 1 core.

  80. MrX says:

    even when i get it to run, the controls are so bad its unplayable both on keybord mouse and controller, jesus what a terrible port. Sad , i really like this game.

  81. gaming pro says:

    fuck you

  82. gaming pro says:

    mother fuck

  83. Santiago Vento says:

    In my case the program not work or is the same thing. The other "FIX" and this work for me is: go to execute (winkey + r) type msconfig, go to Boot, click the Advanced Options button and click to place a check in the "Number of processors" box to select manualy 1 core instead 2/4/8….. The problem is revert all after play the game and do it everytime before you play the game. And restart you computer to apply the changes.

  84. Zaibatsu Corporation says:

    didnt do anything same shit.

  85. Pridit says:

    Did you do anything special with mouse input? There's a lot of acceleration by default, and increasing the sensitivity makes it difficult to aim, but this video quite clearly shows snappy response.

  86. Jordan Morlese says:

    I used PIX for Windows

  87. marco isaac gutierrez navarro says:

    my game is to slow can you help me pls

  88. mashed potato johnson says:

    Epic fail game starts but looks terrible

  89. Shiraga Sama says:

    It's working but laggy sometimes i don't know why there is my specs :
    GTX 1060 3GB
    20 GB RAM DDR3 1333mhz
    Amd Fx-8370 4.0ghz x 8

  90. Lancer265 says:

    Got the game from here:

    File password:

    Just mount the image, install and run the game. No fix of any kind needed.

  91. Mert Ak says:

    Thanks you

  92. Toni Željeznik says:

    For some reason 3d ripper is not working for me anymore. Done excatly like you and still screwed picture, but before 2 years it worked perfectly. Maybe problem with program?

  93. Elitarny mistrzowski Silver 4 says:

    I have very low fps 🙁 i tried with 3d ripper

  94. Felipe Alvarado says:

    Me funciono, pero me anda demasiado lento, y supero por mucho los requisitos.

  95. Chris says:

    it worked thank you for your tutorial i appreciate it

  96. KmiKzEC MoDxZ says:

    iam black screen in all game bro :c

  97. anime spayce says:

    Can you give us the link to where you downloaded your scarface

  98. ZooM says:

    You wanna play rough? OK!

  99. NANCOK says:

    didn't help, at all

  100. Andy Leather says:

    Awesome, worked straight away. I wanted to play this so bad haha, but could not be arsed setting my old wii up to play it. Cheers mate

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