Satur-YAY! 3.25.17 – Zig Art & Graphic Twin Marker vs. Clean Color Real Brush Marker

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22 Replies to “Satur-YAY! 3.25.17 – Zig Art & Graphic Twin Marker vs. Clean Color Real Brush Marker”

  1. letter bytes says:

    Is the brush tip of the twin thing same with fudebiyori's?

  2. Ruby Ali says:

    In the place where I live there is a independent stationary shop that sells the art and graphic twin brush pens and I like the pens alot

  3. Wilbert G. Tolentino says:

    Can you do a full comparison of these vs the real brush version of these. Especially on how they color and blend

  4. Leslie V says:

    Thanks for the review.

  5. Temple run time says:

    I got a pack of pastel twins for £30.85

  6. Steven Baughman says:

    When I hold my dip pen in my hand I make a calligraFIST! LOL, Thanks for this video, great information!

  7. Ritzy Hag says:

    I know it has been a while since you posted this video, but I'm hoping you'll answer any way. Does it matter whether these are stored vertically or horizontally? I'm running out of space. By the way, I bought the full set of these (every available color!) right after I saw this video. Great info!

  8. twinklgn says:

    I love this rather than tombows tbh~
    They're cheaper plus the brush tip is better than tombow's (in my opinion)

  9. TheDeltaCrafter says:

    Who makes the Bristol Smooth Cardstock? Great comparison video. Thanks for the info!

  10. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Great information!

  11. Nancy Lynn says:

    Excellent comparison Carissa, particularly on the different cardstocks….TFS!

  12. Donna Dacy says:

    Wow! Thanks for this information. You did a great job of showing how these two compare. Loved your video. TFS

  13. Trudie Vick says:

    Thanks for sharing. Loved your card. And thanks so much for the comparison.

  14. kazoomi2 says:

    I really appreciate seeing these on the two different cardstocks. Great video!!

  15. Sandy Allnock says:

    Awesome overview, Carissa!

  16. CouzCat says:

    Very useful review. I am particularly interested in your comments about the durability of the tip. I enjoy the distress products; however, the nibs on those markers are not very durable even when you take care.

  17. Martha Roberts says:

    I'm glad you husband didn't see you "huff" on those stamps!😳 Just kidding but he would have a funny comment, right? Great job describing these markers and their similarities.

  18. Aslín Santiago says:

    Are they similar to the Tombow markers??

  19. Stephanie Desbiens-McDonald says:

    How do they compare to tombo?

  20. Hazel Kinvig-Paul says:

    Great comparison Carissa! Thank you! xx

  21. Teresa Doyle says:

    Thanks Carissa for a very informative video, its really helpful. Beautiful card as well.

  22. Donna Okoniewski says:

    Thank you. Pretty card too!

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