SATA vs. PCIe SSDs Performance Test with Linus

July 30, 2019 posted by

So, the tech-savvy among you will already know that SSDs or solid state drives perform better than mechanical hard drives for everything from everyday use to professional applications. And the especially tech-savvy among you will probably know that we’ve reached both a theoretical and real-world performance limit for SSDs that connect to your PC using a SATA or Serial ATA connection with PCI-Express SSD, so drives that can connect directly to a controller on your CPU using a socket on the motherboard emerging as the replacement. But what most of you probably haven’t seen any kind of practical, that is, real world demonstration of the bottlenecks that exists in mechanical drives and solid-state drives using SATA interfaces, until now! This is our uncompressed video capture machine hooked up to a gaming PC. It uses a 4K capable HDMI capture device to obtain the best quality output from a video card or video camera. But that comes at a cost with fairly short HD video clips taking up tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of space like that! So, I’m going to show you how well this works with a hard drive how well it works with a SATA SSD like the HyperX Savage and how well it works with a state of the art PCIe SSD like the HyperX Predator. So we’ll start with our hard drive. As you can see the disk speed tool that Black Magic providers already telling us that this is straight up not going to work. But darn it, it that won’t keep us from trying! And it’s gone. Out test bench fails to capture pretty much instantly. Next up is our HyperX Savage SSD. The disk speed test has an awful lot more checkboxes this time but once again indicates that it’s not going to work for 1080p at 60 fps, full color depth, etc. But if I didn’t listen the first time how likely is it that I’m going to start listening now? After a few seconds it’s done. Just like every other SATA-based SSD we’ve ever tried with this before. So, finally, we get to our Predator PCIe SSD rated at whopping 1400MB/s read and more importantly, for this test, 1000MB/s write. The green check boxes are all lit up. All systems are evidently “go”! And until we fill this drive up there are no dropped frames to interrupt our recording. We have overcome the SATA bottleneck. Now, to be clear, running multiple SATA SSDs in RAID 0 can also overcome the SATA bottleneck. But it hurts reliability and on most motherboards it doesn’t really scale well past two to three SSDs while with PCI Express the sky is pretty much the limit. Please don’t throw your SSD though. Not that sky. Anyway I think we’re done here. Thanks for watching. I’m Linus I’ll see you again next time, that is, assuming that you want there to be a next time in which case you probably hit like on the video and get subscribed so that will HyperX bring me back for more of these spots.


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  1. Sobeston says:

    Linus get back to work

  2. DJ Alex Parker says:

    techquickie similarities

  3. Reirei says:

    I hit dislike because I want more scrapyard wars, LINUS! well actually I hit like anyway…

  4. WoWAltoholic says:

    Came for Linus, stayed for flying SSDs

  5. jhowe427 says:

    "skies the limit." CPU lanes?

  6. Energyone says:

    How big do those drives get? What's the price to performance ratio like in comparison?

  7. Edit your name says:

    I bought 4 x Sandisk Extreme Pro 480gb and put them in raid 0 because its cheaper per Gb than an M.2 and similar performance get a 2Gbs read/write on crystaldisk mark. Oh yeah not to mention there is no M.2 that can match the 10 year warranty of these drives,

  8. juurus says:

    Insert a "How much did you get paid for this?" comment

  9. Bacawaka says:

    I still dont understand why PCIe SSD are still so damn expensive. How much does it really cost to solder NAND chips to a PCI board. To me, BOM cost shouldn't even been more than a LOW end GPU with a SSD in dollar per dollar cost. And the cost to R&D shouldn't be that much more than doing both as well.

  10. Its PaPPy says:

    Has there been any improvement in the ability to boot to PCI-E drives? Or is it still an issue finding a good combo, as each mobo and PCI-E vendor is using a special firmware/driver.

  11. Tuomas Saarinen says:

    Wow, at least you are using MPC-HC instead of shit like VLC. Color me impressed.

  12. Vincent Li says:

    Well ok linus is here

  13. Lautaro Quiroga says:

    Linus should be clone and be a teacher all over the world. So fun to learn with him 😀

  14. Marco Martins says:

    nice way of destroying a SSD if you consider doing that every day

  15. petter adsen says:

    Why does it sound like you're talking into a fan? Love

  16. Mark Langley says:

    This made no sense to me, Capturing 1080p at 60fps in 4k? On a separate computer with a capture card?

  17. JakeTheHammer says:


  18. Scott says:

    Every time I think I need a PCIe SSD I remember I have one last child to get through college.

  19. Samuel Sidney Jr says:


  20. Dane Carder says:

    LINUX!!!!!! MOR LINUX!!!!

  21. pezpeculiar says:


  22. Ben Mhart says:

    most motherboards have 3-5 pcie slots…

  23. Luis Alejandro Güemes says:

    Stupid question: Can I boot windows from a PCI SSD?

  24. panda1384 says:

    Yea we always record videos on true RGB settings. Because reasons. Everybody does that.

  25. Ruslan Kanashin says:

    Nice info

  26. Shingo Sugisaki says:


  27. hi9580 says:

    2.5" sata ssd still the way to go for maximum hardware and software compatibility

  28. DarkHalmut says:

    Almost every other PCIE drive coming out is faster than this now.

  29. Dan Phillips says:

    I wonder how much more a PCIe SSD cost to make compared to data SSD vs the profit margins on them both.

  30. Stefan Birsanu says:

    What about SATA-Express?
    What's the theoretical speed on that?(when it's released of course)

  31. Matias Hosiasson says:

    I have 2 SSD's in RAID0. Should have tested that too. I believe it's cheaper and more convinient than using a PCIe port

  32. Dan says:

    That wasn't clear enough. What about AHCI vs NVMe protocol?!

    What's the point of recording uncompressed data, even though server playback doesn't support extremely high bitrate video files? Besides, vast majority of users don't have decent internet connection to upload high bitrate video files.

  33. Moh says:

    Came for Linus, stayed for flying SSDs

  34. Ankit Sharma says:

    Linus sent me here..

  35. Ath Athanasius says:

    I think the editor had a brainfart. still shows the two 'X' marks for 12 bit [email protected]/60 write.

  36. johnm7115 says:

    Capturing high resolution uncompressed video doesn't look like something that most people need to do.
    Also why are there no read data at 1:46

  37. lauri25ro says:

    this test doesn't show nothing real world.if you want to show a real world test do a test with loading times of al new games, copying between drives(ssd and pci ssd)and so on.nobody cares of those can do also a real world test between pci ssd and ramdisk for example

  38. RattackoGaming says:

    who records in full colour depth? A hard drive is fine for recording because of its large capacity. SSD's are really expensive and generally max out at about 3TB. HDDs can go up to 6TB for performance drives and are a lot cheaper. Full colour depth takes up waay to much space anyways so if you record at average settings a hdd is fine

  39. Archibald Doogan says:

    If you are just doing gaming and generic work, you are absolutely fine with a SATA drive. If you plan to do full HD video streaming of your gaming sessions? Sure, sell a kidney, and keep producing content that no one is watching.

  40. JollyGoodFellow says:

    Next they should put 4-6 PCIe SSDs in RAID0 and see what that does to the load times. ZOOM!

  41. User One says:

    gamers are a waste of life

  42. Überheld says:

    but I want to see a boot time comparison…

  43. UntitledGameShow says:

    ahhh ok 👌 I understand. thank you linus

  44. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    How many channels this guy have? 😱😱😂

  45. cmoneytheman says:

    get hyperx folks it's more compatible with boards and cheaper and not a big difference them intel 750 and samsung

  46. I Love Japan says:

    Hi can someone please help me, i just bought a hyperx predator 480gb pcie ssd and it only runs at half speed around 700mb/s read and write. I have already updated my BIOS, the sdd firmware and installed all the utilities that ASUS provides for my motherboard and my OS. I have a ASUS X87-A motherboard and Windows 10 64-bit

  47. sandeepzgk says:

    How did you manage to run Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on windows? or am i missing something here?

  48. Anon Foruz says:

    how many channels does he have… the more i search there more pop up…

  49. lua ne yioue says:

    Do modern 2015+ newer SSDs still have slower writing speeds than HDDs or has that improved ?
    ..Ehh nevermind xD

  50. josh Jaggat says:

    That's Gen2x4, right?

  51. 2Awesome says:

    The sky isn't the limit because there is only a limited amount of pci e lanes on a motherboard =(

  52. harindaka says:


  53. Alan Xu says:

    so sata will gone, and full of pcies board???

  54. Vinci Andrés Belalcázar Yabur says:

    But i just want to edit hd video… color correction… not 4k, ssd is fine… rigth?

  55. EagleTalons1 says:

    What about PCIe 2.0 vs 3.0 SSD's?

  56. Mattias Kågström says:

    They showed us the wrong image at 1:44 that image is for the sata drive, so it's missing the checkboxes for 1080p60..

  57. NinjaBare says:

    the voice change scare the poop out of me haha

  58. SenfPenner says:

    The voice definetely dont fit to this guy…

  59. MyNegativeCreep says:

    @Linus what keyboard is this on the left @ 0:58? Thank you

  60. CuTeHaTr3D says:

    hi guys,

    how do you check if your SSD is SATA or PCIe?

  61. gereral1 says:

    I run 1 pcie hard drive ssd for video capture in a 16x slot and hyperx ssd for Windows 10 in sata 3. I only capture live hevc 4k h265 with rx 460 gpu. Also capture 14mbit 1080p 30 fps with perfect quality. on sata 3 pipeline 1080p captures have tiny jitter here and there. I suggest using pcie then transferring over to ssd or sata 3 to edit.

  62. Adventure Guy says:

    clearly my wallet is very close to the sky then 🙁

  63. John Perkins says:

    2:15 The green check boxes are not all lit up…

  64. Rabbit Kills says:

    Just to see it in numbers, whats the speed diference between a ssd sata and a pci? (average)

  65. KR BLACK says:

    I love how Linus is always so happy. XD

  66. James Robert says:

    When we get older, we get fatter. This guy gets fitter..

  67. Cooper says:

    I bought this SSD a year ago after seeing this ad. No regrets… It can't fly though.

  68. Dave Blvnko says:

    hi im upgrading a 1156 socket computer… it still has sata2 (3gb) and pcie 2.0… what is the best method for me? there are no 1156 boards with pcie3.0 so this isnt availible… i was thinking about getting a sata3 (6gb) mainboard … how does a sata3 ssd compare to sata2 or a a pcie2.0?

  69. blessed7fold says:

    This guy really gets on my nerves 🙄

  70. TravelLove says:

    Why does he has orange hands?

  71. David L says:

    So, in general, he tried to say PCIE SSD works faster than SATA SSD

  72. Lisa Adler says:

    Click bait
    the one time I come to Linus for actual info expecting bars and graphs and charts that I'll time it half way because I get the point instead I get doesn't work doesn't work works, so useless

  73. sunofabeach says:

    pcie better

  74. John Yu says:

    So confusing, anyone can give me free link to download ssd?

  75. Amellia Mendel says:

    No no yes, really. No file copy times or anything. Lame

  76. SMalcolmB says:

    oops I've been pronouncing SATA as SaHta all these years. Is it really SaYta?

  77. Eric Bailey says:

    This dude has like 10 YouTube channels… I spot him everywhere like "Where's Waldo" 😂

  78. Mark Arnott says:

    👨‍💻2015 old video dam > 2019 bye 🆘👉💃☕

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