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Hello there unboxers! This is Sakis Karpas in another episode of Unboxholics. Today we will take a look at two new video cards from AMD and Sapphire, specifically the Vapor-X R9 270X and Toxic R9 270X. The main differences between these two cards are located in the cooling system and their core clock. The 270X chip is featured in entry level cards of the R9 series, intented for high end systems. The first thing we find inside is the video card itself, so we’ll leave it aside for now to see what else is inside. Inside we find: 1. An HDMI cable 2. Two 4-pin Molex into 6-pin PCI power adapters 3. A DVI to VGA adapter 4. A Crossfire 5. Some manuals 6. A driver installation CD along with a Sapphire sticker The same contents are inside the Toxic Edition package, so let’s not waste any more time. Let’s begin with the Vapor-X edition which was protected with an antistatic bag and a plastic cover. The design of the Vapor-X R9 270 is quite sleek and it comes in a black and blue color combination. The card takes up two slots in the motherboard and its length is 26cm. The 2nd generation cooling system of the Vapor-X features two fans and it is designed to offer low levels of noise and temperature. The air comes through the front side which then passes through the fans and the heatpipes then draw the heat away and up through the aluminum fins for dissipation. On the top side we found two 6 pin connectors next to the Dual Bios switch. The card can be connected to the motherboard via PCI 3.0 Express and it fully supports Crossfire Technology. The following ports are located on the back side: an HDMI port, a Display Port, a Dual DVI-D port and a Dual Link DVI-I port. This card can be connected with up to 4 monitors. Let’s check out the Toxic Edition which comes in a black and orange color combination and features a solid metallic part for protecting the PCB. This metallic part makes the card a lot heavier than the ordinary but a small number of users care about the weight of a graphics card. The most noticeable difference between the two cards is the cooling system which features three fans on the Toxic Edition. Sapphire calls this Tri-X. This make the card quite big in terms of size with a length of 30.8cm. But this can be justified by the very low temperature of the card. Like the Vapor-X, on the top side of the card we found two 6 pin connectors while on the left side we found a Dual Bios switch. On the back side we find the same ports as with Vapor-X. Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of these two cards. Don’t expect many differences since they have the same chipset. Video Memory Toxic: 2048MB 256-bit, 6000MHz Vapor-X: 2048MB 256-bit, 5800MHz Vapor-X Core Clock: 1100 MHz Toxic Core Clock: 1150 MHz Chip Architecture: 28nm GCN Stream Processors: 1280 Both cards support DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.3. Last but not least, both cards also support Mantle (more control over the hardware for game developers), Dolby TrueHD & DTSHD Audio. A review of a video card worths nothing without a benchmark overview. Go ahead and take a look at our benchmark charts. As you can see, both cards perform quite similarly with the Toxic Edition having a small advantage. Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor-X and Toxic are now available for €210 and €230 respectively. If you ask me, I would definitely prefer the Toxic Edition mainly because it has a better cooling system and that keeps the temperature really low. In our upcoming episode, we’ll be taking a look at the R9 series. So, stay tuned. Thumbs up this episode if you enjoyed it and stay tuned to Unboxholics for more. Make sure to follow us on,, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Until the next episode, take care!


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  2. Θανάσης says:

    Που την βρηκες την Toxic δεν την βρηκα πουθενα. BTW: εχω την R7 260x

  3. CookieTV says:

    mpravo sas poli kalo unboxing!!!

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  5. Av Raam says:

    Respect για το backplate στο PCB της Toxic.

  6. Akujihara says:

    egw eho tin sapphire 7770hd kai thelw tin toxic 🙂

  7. AreaG41 says:

    Παλιά μου τέχνη….

  8. icekost says:

    na kanete to cod ghosts tin hardener edition

  9. John Greek says:

    exo thn gt 640 🙁

  10. John Karatziovalis says:

    egw exw tin 7950 3gb 🙂 

  11. Phil Gk says:

    mprabo gia to unboxing!.kai gia ta epomena.

  12. Leocanto Kosta says:

    Ευχαριστουμε πολυ . Η Tocxic απο τις καρτες που εχω στο ματι για το νεο ετος. Συνεχιστε και με  αλλες καρτες γραφηκων διοτι οι καιροι (εταιριες παιχνιδιων ) τις απαιτουν .

  13. Geovane M says:

    So fcking awesome

  14. ArcadeReplay says:

    Λίγες φορές είμαι σε θέση να πω ότι έχω καλύτερο hardware. Άλλα…. Titan Baby!!

  15. GRamers says:

    Κι άλλο από αυτό παρακαλούμε!!!!!! 😀

  16. Dallas Burning says:

    Τούμπανο και οι δύο κάρτες!Αλλά Σάκη και εγώ την Toxic θα έπαιρνα 😛 Μικρή η διαφορά για να αντισταθείς! Πολύ καλή δουλειά ακόμη μια φορά!

  17. Kostas Feloukas says:

    Unboxholics gia r9 280x i kamia 780ti iparxi periptosi na doume unboxing??

  18. Michael Petratos says:

    ego exo tin msi l 6970 tf3 kai please ama boride kande review tin Gainward GTX780 Ti Phantom 

  19. djrex73 says:

    Σκέφτομαι για αγορά αυτής της κάρτας        
    Θα μπορώ να παίζω τα καινούρια παιχνίδια στα Utlra?

  20. Dobre says:

    Γιατί πρέπει κάθε φορά να μας κάνεις να ζηλεύουμε ρε Σάκη γιατί;

  21. ImPoRtAnT BrOaDcAsT says:

    καλή δουλεία οπως πάντα !!!
    σχετικά φθηνή  στα 230€ για μια τοσο καλή κάρτα γραφικών

  22. ManOzzY says:

    Πολλά μπράβο στον βίντεο! Σωστός σχολιασμός, χωρίς περιττά χαζοχαρούμενα σχόλια, χωρίς κρύα αστεία. Απλή ξερή πληροφορία σε ένα σύντομο βίντεο όπου ο αφηγητής σου κρατάει σωστά το ενδιαφέρον! Εύγε!
    Αναμένω περισσότερα unboxing. Ελπίζω να κάνετε περισσότερο focus σε PC και όχι σε κονσόλες.
    Μπράβο και πάλι!

  23. imjplol ant says:

    Ειναι και οι 2 πολυ καλες καρτες,αλλα αυτη που πραγματικα ειναι απιστευτη για τα χρηματα που ζηταει,ειναι η R9 280X Toxic και κοστιζει περιπου 350 ευρω…Για την ακριβεια ειναι η πιο δυνατη και γρηγορη R9 280Χ της αγορας

  24. Nemodied619 says:

    Exeter Kanei review apo tin geforce gtx770 ?

  25. JohnSTF72 says:

    Ωραίο Unboxing ως συνήθως.Πολύ καλή σχέση τιμής/απόδοσης οι κάρτες αυτές για gaming στα 1080p,ειδικά αν συνδυαστούν και με ένα σχετικά καλό επεξεργαστή.

  26. Xristos Parnasas says:

    ποια η γνωμη σου για την ASUS R9270X;

  27. TheCh0senOne1 says:

    Στο 5:05 κάνατε άθελά σας ένα επικό εφέ με με το πουπουλάκι που πετάει 😛
    Μια ερώτηση για όποιον ξέρει:
    Όταν λέει ότι πιάνει 2 slots στη motherboard τι ακριβώς εννοείς; Ότι το πάχος της θα εμποδίζει και 2η PCI εκτός από αυτήν που τη συνδέουμε;

  28. nazrull haziq says:

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    Its greek not ejehfhhrshowjwagaoams …. and there are subtitles…

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    H Toxic xoraei se PC?

  33. GRgamerX says:

    gtx 660

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    καλά όλα αλλά δεν βλέπω το σύστημα στο οποίο δοκιμάστηκε. και μία ερώτηση μεταξύ τους γίνετε κροσσφαιερ;

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    ολοκληρωμένο review!

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    Τώρα για τόση μικρή διαφορά πιστεύω αξίζει να πάρεις την Toxic 😉

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    πολυ ωραιο και πολυ μεγαλη καλυψη στα δυο προ'ι'οντα μπραβο!!

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    σε ευχαριστώ,

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    Κάτι σε giveaway για τις κάρτες, δεν παίζει…? 🙂

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    awesome video thanks for the subtitle <3

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    ΕΡωτηση θελω να παρω ενα λαπτοπ για να παιζω μερικα games! Εχει μεσα intel core i5 νομιζω 2.60ghz kai nVidia GeForce 630m einai kalo?

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    Σε λιγο καιρο θα φτιαξω gaming pc και δεν ξερω ποια ακριβως CPU/GPU να παρω..να παρω FX 8350 ή i5 4670?! να παρω GTX 760(της gigabyte) ή την R9 270X Toxic?! Αν γινεται να απαντησει καποιος με καλη γνωση hardware.

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    Sapphire h nvidia!

  51. 1st_PanDa says:

    Sapphire h nvidia?

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    ti trofodotiko 8eloun ?

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    Lol den exei

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    Υπαρχη περίπτωση να κανεται unboxing/review laptop ?

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  56. YouTube Weekly GR says:

    YTWeeklyGR (Episode 6, 9-15 December 2013)

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    Εκπληκιτκή παρουσίαση!

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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is in English
    The video should be too.

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  62. Anklebreakerize says:

    Vapor-X is sexy as.

  63. Tony Tomlanson says:

    I just bought the vapor – x
    absolutely awesome card and looks cool
    running triple screens no problem
    very happy

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    i asus ine kaliteri exei kalitero cooling kai ine poli pio isixi aptin toxic…episis mporeis na tin kaneis kai overclock ka8os tr ine kai 30-40 euro pio ftini

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    Hey … σούπερ δουλειά … ! Κάντε και καμιά Nvidia :'D 

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    sta benchmarks kalitera na balete ti idoys mitriki-epeksergasti xrisimopioite
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    the performance of the toxic surprised me, better than i expected

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    Violets are blue,
    Your title is in English,
    Your video should be too.

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    Guys subtitles are enabled for this video so quit whining. Main points for those who cant be bothered: The Vapor X and Toxic are both very similar cards, the Toxic version only slightly coming out ahead of the Vapor X version (roughly a 4% difference in FPS from the stats given in this video). If in your country, the price difference between a Vapor X and a Toxic is around 10-20 (like it is in this video), you'd be better off getting the Toxic imo. I also think that if you are using quite a budget system and are running an a8 quad core with 8gb ram, it would pay to get a 450W-500W PSU so you can get the most of both your CPU and GPU. Adiós 

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