Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8

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– [Saf] Hey, what’s up, YouTube,
Saf here on SuperSaf TV. And in this video we’re
going to be looking at the key differences between
the Samsung Galaxy S9+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note8. So, we’ve got the bigger
devices from Samsung here, and hopefully this comparison
will help you decide which one to go for. Now, starting off with
the build and design, we’ve got a very similar
build and design, here, there’s a metal frame,
with curved, symmetrical, glass panels on the front and back. Now, this is a very unique
design with all of those curves, and actually makes the larger devices a little bit easier to hold. Both devices are also IP68
water and dust resistant, so getting a bit of a splash on them is not going to be a problem. The combination of metal and
glass also make these devices look and feel very premium,
but the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is slightly smaller compared to the Note8, both in terms of the height and width, although it’s the same thickness. The S9+ also has more curved
edges, so this actually makes it a little bit
more comfortable to hold compared to the squared
edges of the Note8. Now, there’s not too much
of a difference in terms of the weight. The S9+ is slightly
smaller because it has a slightly smaller display, 6.2 inches versus 6.3 inches on the Note8. Now, both these displays
are what Samsung is calling Infinity Displays, and
that’s because they have minimal bezels, although the S9+ actually
has slightly smaller bezels compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Both of these have an
18.5 by nine aspect ratio, with quad HD resolution, and they’re both super AMOLED displays, which means these are some of the best in the market right now, with deep blacks and very vibrant colors. Now, with the S9+, you can use it more in horizontal mode, so, even the menu, as well as the home screen will switch to horizontal mode, and that is because Samsung is saying more people are using
their devices in landscape to consume content. This is something that’s
not currently available on the Note8. Whether or not it’s going
to be available later on, I’m not too sure. Now, looking at the internals,
the Note8 comes with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon
835 processor, or Samsung’s Exynos 8895. This will vary depending on your region, and these are pretty powerful processors, but they are last year’s processors. The Samsung Galaxy S9+
now comes with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
processor, or Samsung’s Exynos 9810. So you’re going to be
getting improvements here, we know that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is 30% more faster in terms
of the graphics performance, and also 30% more efficient. Now, we can obviously do some more detail, side-by-side speed test,
SuperSaf style, when we’ve got the retail
version of the S9+ in hand, but generally-speaking, the S9+ with the new internals, is
going to be the faster device. Now, both devices actually
come with six gigabytes of RAM, so that’s plenty, and they
should be great for multitasking. I’ve been using the Note8
for quite some time, and it’s been pretty
good for multitasking, and for storage, the Note8
comes with a base storage of 64 gigabytes. The S9+ actually comes with a base storage of 128 gigabytes, so there’s
another improvement, here. Now, the good thing is
you can expand the storage on both of these with
the MicroSD card slot, so, you’re not going to
be stuck with the storage that you get with the device. Now, let’s move on to the cameras. This is where thing
get really interesting. With the Samsung Galaxy
Note8, you’ve got a dual 12 megapixel camera setup. The primary is a wide-angle
camera with an F1.7 aperture. And then we’ve got a telephoto camera with an F2.4 aperture, and
that’s going to give you optical zoom. I’ve been using the
Note8’s camera for quite some time now, and it’s a
very good camera, overall. Definitely one of the best of last year. But we have an improvement
here, on the S9+. We’ve still got a dual camera setup, with one telephoto which has an F2.4 aperture, but for the primary,
wide-angle camera, things get very, very interesting. The S9+ has a dual-aperture camera. There’s F1.5, which is the widest aperture on any smartphone right
now, and it’s going to allow 28% more light compared
to the S8’s last year. And then you’ve also got
F2.4, and this is actually a mechanical change. You can actually see this
change if you look up close, and it’s absolutely
insane that we’ve got this on a smartphone right now. And the way this is going to work, is that if it notices that
you’re in anything above 100 Lux of light, then it’s going to switch
to the F2.4 aperture, and that’s go get more things in focus and get a more pleasing
shot in good light. Now, in my initial
testing of this, it looks very, very promising. I’ll obviously be doing a SuperSaf style camera comparison between these two. If you want to see that
first, then make sure you have subscribed and
switch on notifications. Now, because of the secondary
camera on both devices, we do have live focus,
which is a portrait mode. This is going to blur the
background, and the good thing is you can edit the blur after
the fact on both devices. And it’s also going to take two shots, one wide angle
as well as one telephoto, so you’ve always got that
wide-angle shot, if needed. Now, moving on to video,
both devices can film at 4K, but we’ve got thirty frames
per second on the Note8. On the S9+, we’ve got up
to sixty frames a second. Not only that, we’ve
also got Super Slow Mo. So this is 720p, up to 960 frames a second. Now, this is just a
short burst, like we had on the Sony devices last year, but the problem with the
Sony devices last year was that you’d have to
press it at the exact time when you wanted that slow motion, and more often than not, you’d just end up missing that shot. The good thing with the
Super Slow Mo on the S9+ is that you’ve got
automatic motion detection, so this is going to allow
you to put a square around where it needs to look for motion, you can start recording, and whenever it does detect
motion, in that square, that’s when it’s going to start recording, and you can get some
really impressive results. It’s also going to then add
music to your slow motion automatically, it’s going
to allow you to change those slow motions to GIFs, and you can also use those slow motions as live wallpapers. Now, for the front-facing camera
we’ve got eight megapixels on both, with an F1.7 aperture,
as well as auto-focus. Now, although we’ve got very
similar, or the same hardware, we’ve got some improvements
in terms of software. And with the S9+, you also have Selfie focus. This is basically a portrait mode from the front-facing camera, it’s something that we’ve
seen on the iPhone X as well as the Google Pixel 2. In my brief testing, it did
seem to perform quite well. Now, we do have selective
focus from the front-facing camera on the Note8, but in my experience, it hasn’t worked too well. It’d be interesting to see
how much the Selfie focus has improved on this on the S9+. Now, in terms of software, both of these are running Android. My Note8 is still on
Android version 7.1.1. The Oreo update has not yet come. It’s supposed to be coming soon, but with the S9+ it is going
to come with Android Oreo out of the box, so you are
going to get that advantage there, and both of these
have Samsung’s Experience again, on top. The S9+, being the new device, as well, I’d expect it to get updates
quicker compared to the Note8 going forward, and when it comes to audio, the good news is, both of these have a 3.5
millimeter headphone jack. As you guys know, this
is something we’re seeing much less of these days,
so it’s great that Samsung have still included
this, and with the Note8 you’ve got a single bottom-firing speaker. This is okay, but it
cane be covered easily, and it’s not great compared
to stereo speakers, which the Samsung Galaxy S9+ now has. Now, these speakers are tuned by AKG, we’ve got one in the earpiece,
and one bottom-firing. And they’re one point four times louder compared to the S8 last year, and they also incorporate Dolby Atmos. So you are going to be
getting a much more massive experience on the S9+,
and you can switch the Dolby Atmos on when
you like, it’s a toggle in the notifications. Now, looking at the additional features. First thing’s first, fingerprint scanner. On the Note8, as yo guys know, it’s not in an ideal position, it’s right up there near the cameras, and you do have to reach for it, which is quite difficult on the larger device. With the Samsung Galaxy S9+, it’s below the cameras, in the middle, and it’s much more accessible, and I’m glad that Samsung
have made this change. Yes, we don’t have a fingerprint
scanner in the display as yet, and that might come
for the Samsung Galaxy Note9, but having it in a much
more accessible position at the back is definitely a plus. Both devices also have
an Iris Scanner, as well as Facial Recognition, but with the S9+, you
have Intelligent Scan, and that’s basically a
combination of using the Iris Scanner as well
as Facial Recognition. This is going to make things more secure, and it’s nice to have this in addition to everything else that we have. The Samsung Galaxy Note8
does, however, have something that not many other devices have, and that is the S Pen. This has mixed opinions,
some people like it, some people don’t. I personally do find it quite useful. Especially useful if
you’re somebody who signs documents on the go on things, and there’s lots of other
features that it does include, as well. I’ve covered those in my
Samsung Galaxy Note8 review, which you can check out in the comments. Now, the S9+ does come with a new feature, which is not available on the Note8, and that is AR Emoji. Think of this as Samsung’s
answer to Apple’s Animoji. Now, what this actually
does is it scans your face, and it creates a character
based on your appearance. I did test this out, it didn’t
do a great job, initially. I guess I have to make some
more tweaks, because of my beard, but it basically
looks at a hundred features on your face and it tries
to give the AR Emoji realistic expressions, and
then you can use these in things like WhatsApp
and Facebook Messenger. Now, personally speaking, I
wasn’t a huge fan of Animoji on the iPhone X, and I
can’t really see myself using AR Emoji too much on the S9+, but it might be something
that you’re into. Now, let’s move on to Bixby. So, Bixby is Samsung’s AI
assistant, which is present on both the Note8 as well as the S9+, but we’ve got some
improvements on the S9+, especially in terms of vision. We’ve got live translate,
within Bixby vision. This is going to allow you
to point your camera at, say, a menu, or something, and
translate that for you live there and then. There’s also other improvements. You’re going to be able to
point your camera at food and it’s going to give you
information about that food, such as how many calories it has. Whether or not these
Bixby updates are going to come onto the Note8, this is still a bit of a question mark. They may or may not. Now, looking at the batteries,
the S9+ actually has a slightly larger battery
compared to the Note8. We’ve got 3300 mAh on the Note8, 3500 on the S9+. Now, the Note8, I have been using that for the past few months, and
it’s got okay battery life. I wouldn’t say it’s great. With the S9+, because of
the slightly bigger battery, as well as the new processors, I’d expect it to be more efficient, and you should be getting better
battery life from the S9+. The great thing is that
both devices do support fast charging, as well as
fast wireless charging, so this is great whenever
you need a quick top off. Now finally, looking
at the pricing, the S9+ is actually coming in at the same price that the Note8 was
introduced at last year. This is high compared to the S8+, but we do have the additional
features this year, and with the Note8,
because it has been out for a few months, now, you can expect to pay a little bit less compared to when it was released. Now, pricing will obviously
vary from place to place, and after the S9+ is available, then I would expect the
Note8 to drop even further. In terms of availability, the Note8 is available to buy right now. With the S9+ you can
pre-order it right now, and it is going to be available
from the 16th of March. However, if you do pre-order
early, then you should be getting the device earlier. So, there we have it, guys,
the Samsung Galaxy S9+ versus the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Some interesting devices,
and some interesting improvements here, on the S9+, too. Obviously the S9+, being the new device, has the new features
such as the dual aperture as well as the newer processors, but with the Note8 we have the S Pen, and because it is an older
device, it is going to be dropping in price, so
if you are on a budget, then the Note8 might be
the option to go for. As I’ve said before, it
was definitely one of the best devices of 2017, and
it still holds up right now. That’s what I think, anyway,
what do you guys think, and what do you guys think of the S9+? Definitely drop me a comment
below and let me know. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found what you saw, if you did, then please do
hit that thumbs up on for me, it really does help me out. And if you haven’t already,
then be sure to subscribe and switch on notifications. As soon as the retail
version of the S9+ is in hand we’ll be doing lots and lots of videos. Thanks for watching, this
is Saf on SuperSaf TV, and I’ll see you next time.


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