Samsung Galaxy S11 Looks Cool

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all right guys Samsung Galaxy S 11 it's gonna be here really soon and it's really cool I'm actually personally really really excited about it because it's packin some of the coolest features and you probably won't get these types of features with other Android smartphone companies out there so pretty much right now major news outlets and also even some youtubers out there are even talking about the galaxy s 11 because this is actually primetime in the freshest and the first leaks are just coming in about the s 11 keep in mind that leaks usually come in about five months or six months before the actual smartphone release date so right now is like the perfect time usually Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones launched in January or February of every single year so that date is coming closer and closer and within a month or two we will be getting even better looks and an even better picture of what to be expecting of this new smartphone so first thing is first let's talk about the overall cameras because this is just way too interesting and it will be the major emphasis about the overall device so pretty much ice universe on Twitter just said that the note 10 uses the same main cameras as the galaxy s 10 now pretty much Samsung hasn't really been upgrading a lot of the main cameras on their smartphones but what I shouldn't verse is saying is the Samsung Galaxy S 11 is gonna mark a new camera beginning for a same Sun this is huge once again if you don't know who I should verse is he's actually one of the biggest leakers out there for same Sun and he's recently leaking a bunch of Apple smartphones as well there's a lot of big youtubers out there like marques Brownlee and also major news outlets that trust what he says because his track record is just way too good and his next tweet you can see here is by the way next year you will be seeing your smartphone having a 10 times optical zoom and a 100 8 megapixel camera it's awesome it's like every single year we're getting a major bump in megapixels and this is constant smartphone cameras are being invested by the millions everyone wants a better selfie camera a better rear camera to be taking pictures no one nowadays want to be bringing a bulky giant camera so I see verse it's pretty Compton to say that same sense going for this sort of technology now Sampson has developed the ISO so bright GW 164 megapixel sensor for mobile smartphones but they haven't really beautiful any other of their actual devices so ice universe of course is saying that same Sun is planning to make the Galaxy Note 10 12 megapixel sensor technology but Samsung Galaxy X 11 you're probably gonna be skipping before t 8 megapixel photos and also cameras that everyone is going for and jumping straight to the 64 megapixel one hundred oh eight megapixel tech with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 11 all these chips in all these different sensors they're in production and they're at least in the prototype phases it's awesome so right now we're getting some really cool things about the overall smartphone camera wise it's gonna be definitely the best of its class design wise we're getting some even more new information about the overall smartphone so there's a ton of patents about the Samsung Galaxy S 11 and all of them look really nice and all of them have one thing in common a great base list design this is what everyone really really wants so you can see here this was actually found out by let's go digital this patent right here shows you the overall Samsung device most likely the galaxy s 11 getting a totally curved display Samson is already giving the Galaxy S 10 and no.10 a major emphasis and the curve displays on the left and the right and then you're gonna be getting a 360-degree curve display this is really nice now you're not gonna be getting any sort of a major features of this it does look so much similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 10 but not so quite because even the corners have curved glass this gives you a much better cinematic view it's more of a little mini gimmick than anything else but it does look absolutely fantastic and it looks like a stunning smartphone all right cameras sensors all that is under the overall display Samson is slowly transitioning from a punch hole design to a camera module and also speakers all under the OLED screen this is huge now this technology if you're thinking whoa it's way too futuristic no way a smart phone company is doing that sort of thing look with Oppo they're like a Chinese smartphone company and they're already experiencing a bunch of prototypes of this new tech it's awesome they got everything under the overall screen now currently selfie cameras are kind of crappy when they're under a giant layer of OLED screen but it's improving it's getting better and better and speaker well your whole display is a speaker it's a sound on design meaning that the whole speaker is underneath the overall screen so they will be taking away the speaker grilles which is pretty nice and the whole entire screen will be vibrating with vivid and crisp sound also Samson is honestly going for some really crazy s11 designs if you look at this patent here also found by let's go digital you can see there is a pull-out display this is not a foldable display this is not what you think it is totally different from the Galaxy fold there are no hinges with a smartphone and said it could simply just pull out your overall smartphone it's actually really nice imagining if you just want to watch a movie just pull out your overall smartphone in my opinion these seams galaxy s Elevens pullout display it is a lot more clever and a lot more unique it's easier to use and it's harder to damage compared with the Samsung Galaxy fold if you look at the Samsung Galaxy ful yes it's a fantastic smartphone folding and opening the overall phone is really satisfying you do get a slightly click but it's really easy to damage there's already been a bunch of smartphones being recalled for major reviewers because the screen was screwed up folding those folding smartphones aren't really ideal in my opinion the best smartphone is this patent right here the pulled out display I'm actually willing to spend fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars for this folding display that pretty much comes all the way out of the overall smartphone it looks absolutely fantastic and shout out to let's go digital they did a fantastic job all right now six reasons two eight reasons why you should wait for the Galaxy S eleven and these are some really good reasons why oh by the way if you don't want to have a notch this is actually a good reason to wait galaxy s 11 is removing all sorts of notches they're going for a totally baseless display now the pull out display is a little unrealistic here but the 360-degree totally baseless 100% screen spotted ratio smartphone design is actually pretty unique it's actually not too crazy and you will be achieving a hundred percent screen spotted ratio with all the sensors cameras and essentials under the overall display so you can finally watch your favorite next to Netflix videos without actually looking at a giant piece of knotch wait if you want improved cameras Samsung hasn't changed their main cameras and sensors for three years already so if you want something brand new and fresh according to ice universe a brand new smartphone camera beginning by Samsung seriously wait for the Galaxy S eleven could be pricey but it's worth the wait if you want to have a revolutionary type of smartphone also you will be getting a better 5 G and 5 G's probably gonna be cheaper now galaxy s than 5g is widely available in United States but there's a lot of things to not like about it for example not every location has 5g even in the biggest cities like Chicago only certain blocks had 5g this kind of sucks imagine going through one Street turning right and then you get 4G LTE it's kind of annoying so carriers are probably gonna finish setting up all their 5g stuff by the end of summer and it's gonna be even better after the end of 2019 it's gonna be less buggy and 5g will be a lot more vivid and used in your area and simply wait for more information there's gonna be a lot of really cool features for the same some galaxy s 11 I know the cameras will be like a major highlight but you will be getting some really cool features to go along with it and maybe even a crazy and tried lateral wireless charging charging two devices at the same time who knows it's actually really cool last but not least wait for Galaxy S 10 deals this sounds kind of crazy but if the Galaxy S 11 is launched the galaxy s 10 will be dirt-cheap it's already cheap as hell right now averaging about 500 to 700 dollars for a smartphone when the galaxy s of 11 launches oh boy you're probably getting the S 10 for less than $500 it's an absolute steal so definitely wait if you want a better deal save some smart phones for some reason have a really crazy depreciation rates so the longer you wait the cheaper it gets and you're still kidding and amazed flagship experience so no thanks watching and con below


24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S11 Looks Cool”

  1. NIDO SILVERIO says:

    Hmmmm SAMSUNG NOTE 10 or SAMSUNG S 11? Pull out Display there! 🤔 🤔 🤔

  2. Peter Bradley says:

    Um soon?! Let's count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 months….yeah that's so soon over half a year is soon eh, pathetic!

  3. K S says:


  4. Chee hwee Ong says:

    5 g going to a least 2 year later

  5. Chee hwee Ong says:

    I dont know s10+ looks so good s11 look so su

  6. John Pope says:

    I'm holding out with my s8+ for the s11… maybe even note 11??

  7. David Adro says:

    I love Samsung phones but it’s so hard to find a good screen protector because of curve displays. 😒

  8. Tyler Thomas says:

    Injust want a note9 :// from years ask for this … fuck unemployment😍😍😭😭🤣 @horilla_t !!!im notnbeneficiate from nonwhere 😍😍💔💔💔😭😭😭

  9. Thomas Harris says:

    I don't think that's the Samsung Galaxy s11 The has the fold out display I think that's going to be the new Samsung Galaxy fold

  10. The Atomic Gamer says:

    The thumbnail is not a s11.its just a concept of rolling display phone from Samsung.and those people who are thinking that s11 will have under display camera then you are will be implemented on s12

  11. vijay deejay says:

    Just cant stand the notches and punch holes any more, the display looks intrusive while watching any video. Cant wait for the S11 and hence dint go for the S10 OR S10 plus this year 🙁

  12. GODFATHER says:

    How Bixby is working for all of you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. howyoudurrinhunneh says:

    Bezel less is what "everyone wants".

    I did not realize everyone was retarded.

  14. Dangelotbc X says:

    It not even soon to that phone

  15. YOUNG ELA says:

    Next video galaxy s12 will look even sexier

  16. Deangelo Lawson says:

    Your willing to pay 1500-2000 for a phone? I never saw the standard 1,000$ price point coming for flagship Samsung and Apple phones but 2000 ain't happening. We could be talking 3 or 4-year financing on a cellphone….I'll pass.

  17. quiso thaman says:

    I gave your mom the s11


  18. Niles Bassi says:

    Nah the s11 will still have a punch hole camera cut out

  19. I’m a Chair says:

    I want it I got it

  20. Steve Crawl says:

    Let me get some of that good s11

  21. Undesirable Gaming says:

    The thumbnail is DEFINITELY NOT THE S11

  22. Juma Aljbar says:

    S12 look so cool

  23. Neepy73 says:

    Second boi's

  24. AdriCMD says:

    Not first

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