Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Real Life Look

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alright guys welcome back to another video and right now let's talk about the same Sun Galaxy Note 10 we just got some really cool leaks these are some real-life image leaks well these are not renders and it seems like somebody took a phone into the same Sun Galaxy Note in factory whipped out their camera and just took a bunch of pictures of it giving us the best image possible so it's actually really cool and we've been hearing some really cool things about the Galaxy Note 10 guess it's getting the punch hole technology very similar to you won any samsung galaxy s 10 now if you haven't noticed the Galaxy S series are usually launched first the note series are usually launched in August and both smartphones usually adopt the same baseless technology so right now we've already got a confirmed teaser video by same Sun announcing that the overall smartphone will be announced in New York City Brooklyn Barclays Center it's gonna be August 7th it's gonna be a big deal it's gonna be one of the coolest and biggest unpacked event and me personally I really hope I could get like a plane ticket and fly my way over there so right now we just got a bunch of real-life pictures of the note 10 and a note 10 plus from China so you're getting two different variants one of them is a smaller six-point 28 inch smartphone the other one is a behemoth it's six point seven to six point eight inches now the reason why it isn't really big in size is the overall screen spot ratio is literally a 96 to 97 percent which you decrease the over body and increase the overall screen you could easily fit this in your pocket alright and after like the Samsung Galaxy Note in was being spotted on a train and then it was leaked by the FCC it's getting really awesome so if you look at the SCC photos you can see it does have no headphone jack as really consistent without previous leaks and also there's a s-pen there's a USBC micro SD card slot and also the speaker grills FCC of course leaked these pictures and it's really great for us so you could finally see like the clearest image of the same Sun Galaxy Note 10 and it also shows the triple Lintz camera on the galaxy note template and a single infinity Oh camera on the very front side now we've got a bunch of earlier information about how the main camera of the s10 it's gonna be exactly the same as no 10 now no specs have been officially leaked but we can't assume that Samsung will be pretty much using almost the same cameras and sensors similar to the S series because if you haven't noticed the same thing Galaxy S 10 5g models scored number one on the DX own mobile charts which is the best and biggest independents type to review smartphone cameras and cameras in general also reliable Samsung leaker ice universe who is one of the biggest Twitter leakers out there a lot of youtubers out there like marques Brownlee and also other major news outlets all trust what he says because his same some track record history is so good and he just pretty much leaked out two pictures of what appears to be the same Sun Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note in this is big we're finally getting some great factory leaks straight from the facility which they make the overall smartphones now the launch date is August 7th that's like two weeks from now so it's the prime time to get some factory leaks and this is you tha's usually a time when most factories are like packing up all their phones into boxes I feel like security could be less tight and we're gonna be seeing a bunch of these really cool factory leaks coming in in the course of a few days if they're not willing to wait for like the official launch event which I'm sure a lot of you guys can't wait because this phone is absolutely stunning and you can see it does look very similar to our previous rumors but one of the biggest things is if you look at a note in Pro it does have a much bigger piece of bezel on the very top it's like the punch hole set up very similar to the galaxy s 10 plus it's like a pill shape except the note 10 Pro is a lot more thinner so you may be seeing two front lenses for selfies different sensors and maybe a ball metric security feature who knows but this is what's going on with the Galaxy Note 10 will definitely be attracting many users not only is it cheaper but also it's a lot smaller now note series is great but not everyone wants a super large display so same some pulling this move and launching to different sizes is like the best thing to do all right it's also speculated that samsung galaxy note template will be having an additional time-of-flight depth sensor on the bare back tof it bounces infrared light away from her phone to an object and it bounces back it's actually really good and you're not getting one you're getting two sensors which is unheard of I don't know what you'll be using with the second sensor but you're definitely getting one of the best AR and 3d depth sensing features that anyone has ever seen and most of the highlights will probably be focused on the overall cameras since that's usually one of the biggest deals the no tenth series is expected to be featuring a 25 watt fast charging port and if you get up to 45 watts on the note 10 plus except if you want 45 watch you're gonna have to buy like the charging brick and the cords separately by samsung which cost money on top of a very expensive device but then again 45 watts is really cool and it's worth the time and money to get ufs 3.0 storage 12 megapixel primary 12 megapixel telephoto and a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens in the pro model you get giant batteries for both smartphones four thousand to four thousand five hundred milliamps of battery you're getting at least one whole day of charge and if you're like a big battery saver like me you could probably stretch it to a day-and-a-half all right so all these pictures are really cool even the back images gives you one of the best looks of the overall phone it's really glossy but it's not really shiny compared to the same sink galaxy s 10 it doesn't have that really shiny rainbow gloss look on the back except it's very dark it's very businesslike it's very simple those triple lens cameras are absolutely stunning and those double tof centers are making me really curious to see what Samsung really wants to pull off but of course we won't know anything until the official launch event comes in August 7th that unpacked events gonna be one of the biggest events in Samsung history because not only are they launching the Galaxy Note 10 major accessories as well like maybe the watches which is really cool I'll be really really excited of a launching a brand new SmartWatch by same Sun and we may be seeing a personal wireless charging dot specifically made for the same sent Galaxy Note end of like how that Google pixel 3 had like a dedicated wireless charging dock when you dock the phone there's like a different interface this is why I'm thinking for the Galaxy Note 10 nevertheless leaks are coming in there's a bunch of factory leaks everything lines up exactly without previous stuff of course there's some tweaks here and there but overall information is pretty accurate few things you're not getting in the headphone jack this is apparent and most companies are ditching the feature and going forward totally wireless earbuds like apples air pots which were extremely popular and sold out in Christmas all right it's for the people who are really upset about the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack rumors are saying Samson will be giving you guys a USBC wireless earbuds made by AKG that's actually pretty good and you shouldn't be that frustrated as they're giving you a dedicated pair of wireless earbuds and they might even include a dongle which Amal doesn't include any more for their phones another thing is we also may be seeing a special promotion offer various similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 10 where a same Sun pretty much if you pre-ordered the more expensive Galaxy S smartphones you get a free pair of wireless galaxy buds which are very similar to air pods and they have zero cords that is also really cool that apparently satisfied a lot of consumers and if you're trading in your s10 for the samsung galaxy note in nail probably be the best time because depreciation rates for singles and smartphones is very common you can see here like news articles talk about how samsung smartphones depreciated by 50% it's pretty weird of course okay so this is pretty much everything about the no 10 it's gonna be mighty expensive at least $1000 in USD for the very base model these small experience if you want a larger display you're probably spending about 1200 to 1300 dollars if you want like a 12 gigabyte RAM chip if you want an amazing 1 terabytes of storage which is more than my desktop computer then you're probably showing out about 1,500 to 1,600 dollars oh and if you want to add in that 5g chip you're probably showing out $1,700 during the unpacked event by same saying we will be seeing many different types of variants for the Galaxy Note 10.1 special variant for every single consumer so Samsung made the correct call there will be having 4G LTE versions 5g versions a smaller size a bigger size different colors there's a lot of options out there so tonight thanks watching con blow and I'm definitely excited for this unpacked event on August 7th


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  1. welcome my self none says:

    Man to many cell what to helll

  2. Clement Siby says:

    Actual pics at 1:30

  3. Darryl daniel george Bish says:

    Will Galaxy Note 10 pro be 4g too

  4. Abraham Albert-Onajobi says:

    I'm going to turn in my 10s max for the note 10 pro

  5. android 95203 says:

    Everyone saying they are gunna wait for the "better" s11 remember your Samsung is only the newest for 6 months no matter what.

  6. alcylon says:

    Based on leaks..not real…change headline of the bait

  7. Marcio Oliveira says: subscribe

  8. Andreas Schmidt says:

    We doesn’t even have 4g all over here in Denmark and no 5G spots but I’m gonna get the 5G anyway 😂 I mean if it’s 2k for a phone not bad

  9. Rf Rf says:

    1:35 camera back, looks like a smarthone clone from china , 3 cameras R the same = LOL

  10. DJ TRANS says:

    Hell yeah

  11. Nathan Canady says:

    Note 8 next Note 10 Pro/Plus 5G 1 TB 12 GB Ram here I come yo… Leggo….

  12. ramzi says:

    does anyone know what kind of music the intro is and where I can find it or something similar?

  13. kyle smith says:

    I'm happy with my note 9 it has everything I need. I'm just going to wait it out for next year's note line up. Can you plz make a video if we should upgrade from a note 9 to the note 10 pro. thx u

  14. Moto6Sanity says:

    I have the S10+ and I'm upgrading day one when Samsung drops this to the masses! Samsung is the future of smartphones.

  15. vishnu as says:

    Good video

  16. ACEisSt says:

    This is FAKE

  17. Austin S says:

    No SD card slot or headphone jack… PASS.

  18. Esmond Msimango says:

    I beg to differ…the larger model will attract more users. Not the small model

  19. Jairese McCoy says:

    This really stretched out a 3 min video to 10 minutes

  20. Ou Kosal says:

    You are such a boring as fuck because you go on and on the same fucking things.

  21. jays knight king titan says:

    Micro SD card slot hmmm I believe it's a Sim card tray

  22. Justin Hodges says:

    People should get over the headphone jack though. I haven’t had one for years lol

  23. Miran jaza says:

    Bro you good man I love you so much❤

  24. Justin Hodges says:

    I had the note 2-5. I should maybe go back soon. I’ve been iPhone ever since more 5. But I need change.

  25. howyoudurrinhunneh says:

    The more I see the less likely I am buy a new Note for the first time in years. Part of it is where I am at with how much I owe, part of it is At&t's new upgrade plan, part of it is Samsung's odd decisions lately.

    I am much more comfortable waiting until August 2020 when I owe zero and have the choice of snagging a nearly 50% off Note 10 or getting a Note 11 with a trade in and employer discount directly from Samsung.

  26. Misael A Mata says:

    The best of the best! No doubt about it! I might get it!

  27. I’m a Chair says:

    Bruh ima buy a ticket to Brooklyn lol

  28. Steve Crawl says:

    I’m getting that 5G one

  29. Teemu Mäntynen says:

    Am I the only one, to whom those real life pics look photoshopped?

  30. Don Braugh says:

    Why is the FCC leaking anything?! It's called the Note 10 Pro, this time 😉

  31. Lou Rao says:

    I'm ready! Time comes going to trade-in my iPhone X for the Samsung Pro -Sorry Apple.

  32. NIDO SILVERIO says:

    GREAT 💖💖💖👍

  33. Moises Saavedra says:

    In the last pic of the "Note 10 +" Is only One Punch Hole if you remember🤔
    I dont know why

  34. Moises Saavedra says:

    Two punch hole??:( I wait for this phone many many month

    But if this is real I dont know what I'll do
    It's ugly:(

  35. Niki 7 says:

    Really good video keep it up man!👍

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