Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite images leaked – REAL LIFE LOOK!!!!

January 4, 2020 posted by

Wassup Guys – I am back again with another new juicy tech news of a phone from Sam saying I am talking about the Sam sings Galaxy Note tend To be the bass version of galaxy note NC Riis as we have seen the Galaxy Note 10 and note m+ back in 2019 and the Galaxy Note 10 Person topped smartphones list of 2019 so we have got the leaked images and the real live look of Galaxy Note 10.1 From Samsung and here you can also have a look at these lead images of Galaxy Note 10 light this phone is coming up with a Square-shaped camera module as we have seen on iphone 11 Pro and it is backing up triple camera set up a triage side with each of three lenses of trial megapixel a 12 megapixel lens as a primary camera lens a Second one is also off cloud. Megapixel. That is ultra wide-angle lens and third one is Also of 12 megapixel sensor, which is our telephoto lens and talking about this selfie camera Then it is going to be off same position as like off Galaxy Note Templar. Yes This camera is also positioned in center of display at top and it is a 32 megapixel sensor and from images it is expected that it will have glass built with metallic frame on edges and The chins and bezels are noticeably thicker as it’s the base model So it will not have that kind of bezels display or edge Display it will be a flat display The volume and power buttons are located on the right side while the SIM slot is on the Left Surprisingly there is no dedicated Bigsby button on the phone. One of the images reveals the Galaxy Note and is model number that is SM and double 7 0 F there were also rumors rating that this phone will be named as one of the series of Samsung’s a series as a t1 or a 91, but from this image You can clearly see the booting up Galaxy Note and light it is clearly mentioned Onboard screen that name is Galaxy Note and it is expected to launch on CES 2020 and if we talk about the power of this smartphone Then this base model is powered by Samsung’s own made chipset the Exynos nine eight one zero and with six megabytes of RAM and 128 Gigabytes internal storage and obviously it will have a s-pen because in average smartphone of snort series We have seen the S Pen but this S Pen is expected to come with bluetooth 5.1 that is the latest version of bluetooth and battery of this norton light is going to be your 4500 milliamps and according to my point of view this battery is enough. I mean it is a massive battery package according to the price tag and If we see that it is the best model So we have the massive battery with fast charging support of 25 volts and it is also expected that Norton light will be coming with latest android software from google into the box the end roi 10 So that’s all for galaxy note and light lead images and specifications. I hope you liked it If you did then smash that like button stay tuned by subscribing and I will catch you guys in the next one

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