Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – HIDDEN FEATURE!!!

July 25, 2019 posted by

good news a lot of good news what's up guys are the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding the Galaxy Note endlich's are here we have a live dummy model League of the Galaxy Note 10 and no 10 plus from an unknown source which basically shows the design as well as the size difference between the two models both Galaxy Note tenantless will be the fastest phone in the world we saw the whole specs leaked yesterday but one thing that we weren't sure was he snap Reagan 855 Plus upgrade and well it seems like that is actually happening because two of the best trusted leaks turd on the planet at least and on leaks they both have to read out saying that the Galaxy Note ending the note 10 as well we'll get snap Reagan 855 + upgrade so this is indeed a huge good news for the u.s. users and of course the international users are also getting an upgrade with the Exodus 9 8 to 5 chip knight 55 plus has a really good gains when it comes to the GPUs so you'll see better gaming performance on the note 10 models with a 35 Plus compared to the galaxy s 10 plus on a smaller galaxy note that model will also rock 45 watts of fast charging as well so it's apparently not just exclusive to the bigger model with that being said the base note 10 model for some odd reason doesn't have a microSD card slot only the galaxy note in + has this and yes it is annoying I don't know what's the science behind this but Samsung is bringing 256 GB of internal storage with the base models so I don't think the storage will be much of a problem but then again the lack of microSD card on the smaller model is definitely odd in the recent times 99% of Samsung phones that came out have the micro SD card tray so for some reason I don't know why Samsung is doing this to the smaller note that model again we'll see more information on that now back to the good news the camera on the Galaxy Note and it will be similar to the galaxy assistant family but it will have something really unique it's going to be the world's first smartphone camera with three-stage variable aperture so another source came out with this information saying that there will be three aperture stages have 2.4 f 1.8 F 1.5 the additional F 1.8 aperture will add more flexibility depending on the scene the scene is not too dark the smartphone utilize f1 pointed aperture so it's gonna be amazing seeing this for the first time and once again the s-pen will get its gesture control apparently you will be able to navigate around the phone just by hovering the S Pen so it's going to have a proper air control or air gestures as explained in these tweets every year Samsung is adding few features to the s-pen making it more and more amazing and just to clear up the confusion both Norton models will feature air control without actually touching the display now Samsung has filed a trademark for a term called Samsung LED illuminated it's been listed as LED for mobile display according to this trademark Samsung could be bringing the LED notification with the note 10 model something we dearly missed on the galaxy s 10 family when Samsung introduced the whole design the god red of the LED notification light so Samsung is bringing a solution with the note and family although I didn't make two separate videos on getting the LED notification ring around the hole in one of the videos I showed off the Samsung edge lighting Plus application which is of course Samsung's official app and that application had the option for the LED ring but with the galaxy note and family Samsung might bring a proper LED notification solutions every time you get notification you will be notified by the illumination of the whole so the ring around the whole bit lighter and honestly it looks really really cool I've already seen it on my s10 family's guys we are 14 days away from the galaxy note Dan's official announcement of super excited the smaller galaxy note that model is looking interesting especially with the sniper again 855 plus upgrade and the 45 watts or fast charging sport let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out


30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – HIDDEN FEATURE!!!”

  1. Niklas says:

    Node denn

  2. Miguel Angel says:

    fastest? what a joke. last year phones are faster than crappy SD 855+ which is a DOWNGRADE

  3. T.D. PHILLIPS says:

    I think Apple has a few "Gestures" of its own and none of them involve the phone, probably the middle finger on both hands…

  4. Abdeali Shabbir says:

    Asus ROG 2 unboxing, Sony Xperia 1 unboximg, LG V50 unboxing.
    Battery drain test of ROG 2, LG V50, S10, P30 Pro and Mate 20 X …
    Hoping to help you make ur channel with quality content 😊

  5. Mr. Arnav says:

    Could i possibly use a Snapdragon version in India somehow?

  6. Mr Mperial says:

    The note 10 will be beast but nor as the R.O.G phone

  7. NEWS_ EUROPA says:


  8. otum kwadwo nartey says:

    This is a cheat to those who will get the exynos version. I mean this will be way faster than any processor out there

  9. Bryan Pizano says:

    The hidden feature of galaxy note 10 is NO HEADPHONE JACK.

  10. NIDO SILVERIO says:

    WOOOWWWW!!! 💖💖💖🍸🍸🍾

  11. hardik sedhai says:

    From nepal 🇳🇵

  12. # Speed-R says:

    Its coming with 12 Gb RAM probably.

  13. SpeedyMicherGD says:

    i think they want the Note10+ to canibalize the note 10

  14. John Owen says:

    I hope they dont pull a fast one like this on the next note because I will end up paying a lot more to get the basic stuff I get with my Note 9

  15. Nasser Al-Sharif says:

    Best phone of 2019 Note10+.
    Hands down

  16. Kendall Crawford says:

    I cant wait for my hole to illuminate!

  17. King Khan says:

    ROG PHONE is the fastest phone in the world with cooling and all..

  18. gadget man says:

    Dummy phone

  19. Luka Canaj says:

    So please can someone help me .
    Is the galaxy s10e 128/6 gb worth 400 euros . Cause i want to buy one??

  20. Shweyati Htat says:

    No exciting

  21. samin labib says:

    Will it be fast than Asus rog phone 2

  22. SAMWICK TECH says:

    Sadly i would be getting shityouns processor

  23. MR GAMER says:


  24. bigmacchicken ' says:

    I feel sorry for the people who bought the s10

  25. Faizan Ahmed says:

    Asus Rog 2 has already SD855+

  26. Jj W says:

    They hid the headphone jack really well.

  27. Sayem Khan says:

    i dont understand will both phones get 45 w charger

  28. Sbeve says:

    just put the Snapdragon 855+

    that's it. well done.

  29. k brooks says:

    I'll be ordering the note 10 plus, is it true that it will have a second speaker instead of sound on display?

  30. Samson King says:

    No headphone jack = 💩💩

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