SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 – Full Specs Revealed!

July 27, 2019 posted by


29 Replies to “SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 – Full Specs Revealed!”

  1. Christopher Meanor says:

    Note 10 plus

  2. G W. III says:

    I am loving the phone/camera. But I will wait until the price goes down. Im not in a rush.

  3. C Money says:

    They're soo gorgeous!😍

  4. Adolfo Campos says:

    Is the Note 10 plus 5G going to come out in August also?

  5. Nancy Femmer says:

    Awesome Note 10 & 10+
    Snapdragon 8.55 😊
    Battery is great 👍
    Sure wish I could afford it. Great job, TT🙂🙂🙂

  6. Jack Gilbert says:

    SD card slot?

  7. Xehu Khan says:

    Can It Beat Xs Max

  8. Fcyryl Guray says:

    MicroSD card capacity? 🤔

  9. Kyze says:

    bruh so you telling me the s10 5g better than the note 10+

  10. The Dark Knight says:

    The note 10 is a great phone, but I am gonna stick to my s8+ for a bit longer!

  11. Валерий Богданов says:

    Британцев всё-таки не возможно слушать. Ухо режет. Лучше американский английский. Без обид.

  12. Mitchell Whitehead says:

    I can't wait to get my hands on this beautiful phone. I love my note 9, but my oldest son wants it badly so it works out for both of us.

  13. Lisandro Gallegos says:

    Whats wrong with phone prices lately. Man fuck spending $1,000 for a phone.

  14. Christopher Sullivan says:

    Gonna pre order one as soon as I can. I was hoping that they would bring a green color. If not I’ll just get the white one and a green skin from dbrand

  15. Phuc You says:

    The battery is smaller than the S10+? That's a deal breaker for me.

  16. Timothy Morse says:

    Still going to have the IR blaster on the 10+?

  17. the one above all says:

    i am getting the note 10+. also can i hit the tumb up twice lol

  18. Second Take says:

    I only care about your videos on the Note 10! 😂 I am a bit disappointed in the specs. Should come with 512gb storage base on both models. And should be a 4,000mah battery as well on the Standard and 4,500mah in the Plus.

  19. Winner's Paradise says:

    Watching on my note 8

  20. Mangala Kunchikorve says:

    note 10 plus

  21. zerocool says:

    Rather buy the 20w wireless charger than the 45w wired charger. Wireless is just so convenient its always charged 100% if i need to go out! Would feel wrong to keep it plugged in all the time too much hassle

  22. Loco G says:

    Thanks for the most beautiful Note 10 Video

  23. the Lost says:

    Note 10 pro is going to be a beast

  24. uabir says:

    I had to stop the video to make this comment. Don't ask for subscription and Bell notification at the beginning of the video.
    If we like your content, we will do that automatically. Asking for subscription in the beginning is such a noob thing to do.

  25. Calin Cimpeanu says:

    Got the note 9 at a massive discount. Gonna wait a couple of years for another one. That being said, this looks awesome!

  26. KROMZ ASAP says:

    Can u get ikonick skin

  27. nissan champ says:

    4300 battery why not 4500 or 5000?

  28. Paul Hill says:

    Love one,but out of my budget,good video as always.:)

  29. Heavens Royalty says:

    Title full specs revealed then says we can't 100 % confirm these . SMH got to love that

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