Samsung Galaxy Fold is FINALLY READY!?

July 29, 2019 posted by


29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold is FINALLY READY!?”

  1. Ovidiu A. says:

    I like the deals section but pleeeaaaase less Apple deals. By now there were so many I think everyone could have bought Apple products if they wanted. Better no deals then again Apple stuff.

  2. David Q says:

    LoveFrom OnePlus

    Epic Smartphone

  3. Anton Villarina says:

    The small screen in front is useless..

  4. Uroš Gorjan says:

    No biggie it’s too expensive anyway

  5. David Goodhall says:

    Samsung take my money regardless always had notes since the note 2 so either way note 10 or galaxy fold

  6. Daniel Maluw says:

    September :

    Apple : New IPhone XI
    Samsung : ehhm Galaxy Fold

  7. Roman Charazian says:

    I can't imagine myself paying that money for a vinyl screen phone that is thick and ugly , I would wait for the note

  8. Jayson Pierre Paul says:

    i want my Fold, just give it to me pls

  9. guess who? says:

    Hello Jaime and all people in this channel list please help me
    Question about routers I know this is not the topic. I would like to hear you personal opinion about it. What is better choice for you
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  10. Graish TV says:

    How are you still doing this Jaime? I respect your longevity but damn, talking about mobile phones every single day for years and years would make me want to go off-grid!

  11. Lon Denard says:

    The very second it is released and comes unlocked, I will have one.

  12. ZOHIL 소힐 says:

    Ya no subes videos en español ;(

  13. mike m says:

    Huawei Comes To
    America Then I’ll Care

  14. ahsan nadeem says:

    so u want me to choose between a 1500 dollar and a 1800 dollar phone? no thanku, ill stick with my 200 dollar phone that can just do all the things fine for me 😬😬

  15. Jonathan Smith says:

    I want the Fold, I really do. But, it won't fit the Oculus, it doesn't have stereo speakers or headphone jack nor a SPen. It also doesn't have a fingerprint scanner. I will get three Note 10 Plus 5G.

  16. SerkleK says:

    Love your content, and your channel… but a couple weeks out from the Unpacked event and you're still calling it the Note10 "Pro"… c'mon man!

  17. Franko Njiric says:

    After all this time and improvements…the once everseen headphonejack still remains an missing legend in the fields of fold

  18. Commenter says:

    Unfold your galaxy wallet

  19. James Bybee says:

    Neither the fold, or the note 10 will have a headphone jack. Skip both.

  20. Roger pedrosa says:

    I will not buy the Galaxy fold

  21. to tosh says:

    Are we getting SD855+

  22. TresLong33 says:

    Okay I love bowling and I must have that shirt! Where and how much?

  23. Nonnac11 says:

    Note 10+ 5G = many much money

  24. Antony Kabuki says:

    The truth is, Samsung had to release it in September to compete with the Mate X from Huawei lest if they dilly dallied they'd have a monumental task of catch up.

  25. Kami Ore says:

    Thats shirts hella gay

  26. Sapphire Sakthi says:

    Samy merge the Note line-up and fold to make a complete experience

  27. Nirav Bhavsar says:

    you get both note10 plus (pro) and galaxy fold both. since you like Fold keep it for you and giveaway Note10+ (pro) to me after

  28. Marko Dordevic says:

    Ive gone? Love From Apple?

  29. DeadofWinter321 says:

    And it being a Samsung, it'll flop as hard as it did when it first released.

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