Ryzen 5 2600 paired with RTX 2060 – 20 Games Tested at 1440p – Enough for 60 fps? – Performance Test

July 30, 2019 posted by

hello everyone I’m Tara santaro entering an IV tests in horizon 5 2600 paired with an RDX 2062 skip to any of the 20 games tested to check the time stamps down in the description and if you want to support the channel by buying games for yourself check the ground GG and humble affiliate links down in the description as well I wanted to test this combination since this CPU is very good value right now and I’m still waiting for a gtx 1660 Ti to arrive I target for this would be 1440p and 60 frames per second in the most demanding stuff I try to be over 50 frames per second and most of the time that’s usually when I feel games smooth enough if you want to be the closer to 60 frames per second just lower the settings 1 preset below in general or lower the resolution I chose 1440p since it makes more sense considering the performance discard delivers on to a DP on many of these games I was way past 60 frames per second and we were CPU bound the GPU in that case wasn’t fully utilized with the CPU I think 60 frames per second is a good target on modern games and since most people have a 60 Hertz display anyways I just thought it will be a waste to go lower than 1440p if you have a 1080p 60 Hertz display I want to get this PC built consider forcing a higher resolution with DSR don’t make the games look much better and you’ll see less aliasing on screen you can do either debt or get a 16-6 CGI instead if you don’t care about the r-tx features it’s a more adequate card to play at 1080p right now anthem is the exception to this rule though since it’s a very GPU intensive game so I went for 1080p ultra settings on that one at 14:40 B was much harder to be close to 60 frames per second then on games like shadow of the Tomb Raider or Metro Exodus I don’t really mind those drops into the 50s since they are single-player games without the FPS counter is usually hard to tell that it went to that number since I’m more focused on playing I usually test 15 games or less in videos like this but I wanted to test as many new and all things as I could because many people requested a lot of stuff for the 2060 if you want me to do this same thing by juicing an i-5 8400 or an i3 8100 down in the comments below and one more thing before I go make sure that you have your RAM on dual channel that’s essential to get the full performance out of your system with single channel depending on the game you can get either stutter or less FPS there are a few exceptions to the rule of course in cases that you see more than eight gigabytes of RAM used expect more stutter if you have eight gigabytes on the channel on your own system but anyway guys that’s about it I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks for watching and see you next time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I further collapse expected travel to indicated safe zone they’d [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Music] whoever um see the DA got to be careful not to get spotted I know energy coming [Music] take it you you [Music] Jesus Oh hurry open up open it Jesus they’re everywhere you they’re dead it’s still no sign of Matthias look for anything that can help track him down signal device found we can use it to locate the theis sitting too long and it’s too quiet because scars hitting the way the search do something these are always mucking things up anyway pop up Matthew cut off reinforcements you’re up this Romanian scars radio signal still working on it just fiddling with the radio signal for the next location I’m Stan just hurry up of course lots of steak I know [Music] the scales now you [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] ah one more I see what you turn it on I see someone’s in a hurry good evening [Applause] [Applause] hey identifier [Applause] [Music] you can embark on an expedition just by heading out through the gate whenever you leave the base without signing up for a quest you’ll go on an expedition there’s no time limit or cap on how many times you’re allowed to faint which means you can explore to your heart’s content Oh Happy Trails good fuck [Applause] [Applause] smoked ID keep going to the priesthood unseen opening act to reversed [Music] into situation and six next [Music] into two parties employed to the 36 long time right respect [Music] it’s a quite fun targets of 60 overpriced finish seventh eighth stop [Music] anyone needs some healing no rest for the weary [Music]


100 Replies to “Ryzen 5 2600 paired with RTX 2060 – 20 Games Tested at 1440p – Enough for 60 fps? – Performance Test”

  1. E- CR says:

    Santiago Santiago quiero comprar el r5 2600 pero no sé qué tarjeta gráfica adquirir por el tema del cuello de botella juego en 1080p

  2. Lucas Gaite says:

    Hola Santiago te quería consultar: estoy pensando en armarme una pc pero no la voy a poder conectar directamente al cable de Internet sino q le voy a comprar una tarjeta de wifi (o como se llame) mi pregunta es ¿q tal me andarán en general los juegos de esta forma? ¿lo recomendas? gracias

  3. ReyDelPivipi says:

    Hola Santiago, te hago una pregunta, una gtx 1050 con un ryzen 3 2200g y un monitor de 1360×768, crees que me correria un Battlefield V a 60 fps?

  4. Mud Gaming says:

    What difference between evga 600w b1 and br model??

  5. Sebas Garcia says:

    sube el video con el i5 e i3 la verdad me causa curiosidad, buen video por cierto <3

  6. faze fred says:

    Que marka es esta tarjeta grafica ?

  7. Facudema says:

    un capo. justo me compre la 2060 y sin siquiera buscarlo, ya me aparece en inicio!

  8. Facudema says:

    una pregunta santi. que 2060 usaste para el video? me refiero a la ensambladora

  9. Sabuj64 says:

    Nice video m8 .Keep up the good work👍

  10. Manuel Raviglione says:

    Please! Compare with i38100! Thanks

  11. ace khan says:

    Finally u got an Rtx card I’m glad

  12. Andrea Occhipinti says:

    I noticed some frame drops in Battlefield V, Anthem, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon 4. It is quite strange as the rig is badass, how come?

  13. cristi1990an says:

    If you're not maxing out the games anyway, why not use Adaptive Quality in Assassin's Creed?

  14. ace khan says:

    Is 8gb of is plenty of most demanding games

  15. Vakaris Jučas says:

    What cpu cooler do you use? Stock? And what temps u getting on it?

  16. MyD69 says:

    Curioso que se ven pequeños tirones en bf5 (que se ven reflejados en los picos del frametime), que no había con el i5 8400 y la rtx 2060, o con el ryzen 2600 y la rx 570, donde no había picos tampoco. Supongo q algo provocaba stutter esta vez pero no sé qué sería. Un saludo, buen vídeo.

  17. Gaming Baczkowski says:

    If I use 2x 8gb 2400mhz will i get the full use of the cpu?

  18. Kriz Kuervo says:

    Podrias hacer un video con ryzen 2600 pero con Gtx 1660ti? por favor tengo dudas respecto al conjunto

  19. swapnil thergaonkar says:

    hey Santiago can u do the same with R5 1600? plz its a humble request. or u can tell me that how much difference will be there in the FPS.

  20. PendragonSilver says:

    is there much difference on performance between 1440p and 1080p ultrawide?

  21. Aziz Peregrino-Brimah says:

    Why Anthem in 1080p and not 1440p?

  22. JC AIC says:

    best review by far.. i have an acer predator 1440p 165hz, an ryzen 2600x and just bought a rtx 2060 msi ventus.. wanted to know fps at 1440p ultra in rainbow six. ended up with much more! thanks and cheers from brazil.

  23. Crazy Player says:

    Is finka has a frag grenade ?

  24. Murad Alharbi says:

    Hi could you please show some blender benchmarks for this build

  25. limelight says:

    Should I get the 2060 or 1660ti? I have the same CPU with 2x8Gb 3000MHz CL15 RAM too, will be getting a 1080p monitor alongside with them.

  26. EXOTIC1011 says:

    What if you game at 1080p at 1440p monitor? Will it look good?

  27. Gameslord says:

    I have 1440p 75Hz FreeSync 31.5".
    On such a big screen,I REALLY prefer 1440p

  28. European says:

    great testing bro.

    i'm building my first pc with ryzen 5 2600x, rtx 2060, 2×8 gb 3200mhz on b450 tomahawk. i'm still a bit unsure what psu voltage is optimal for it. heard 650w is enough but i see you're using a 750w.

    does it matter much in the end?

  29. Farhan Tarik says:

    My 1050ti is dead.

  30. Dimas Rio Pradana says:

    how can u get average of GPU temp at 55 C ?

  31. NISCHAL TIWARI says:

    Were you using a controller to play metro?

  32. Gameslord says:

    @Santiago Santiago Per chance that you see this comment,would you please test this combination at 4K.With 2700x @4.2Ghz,it gives very nice resaults in my opinion , but I would like to see that combination and if possible 2600x,2700 and 2700x at stock speeds at 4K and with the actuaI gameplay,not just some predetermined benchmark.I plan to buy 2700X late this year,2060 or better late 1st half of 2020 and 4K monitor very late 2020. Thank you in advsnce

  33. DexPex says:

    I was just lost in studies these years.
    I loved watching your videos. Now I'm back!

  34. Darth Shaggy says:

    Wait WHAT?!
    RTX 2060 can run PUBG in 1440p Ultra settings.

  35. Difanow says:

    i5 9400f + rtx 2060 pleasee

  36. Steffen Wiessner says:

    Please make this benchmark in 1080p. Make really good benchmarks

  37. Disturb3d says:

    Can somebody explain why it seems to be that the Ryzen 5 2600 does not bottleneck the RTX 2060 while the I5 9600K does? I saw a benchmark in ACO with the I5 9600K where the I5 was running at 100% and the RTX 2060 only at around 75-80%. In this case the CPU is at around 80% and GPU around 90%. In Hitman 2 it is quite similar. I upgraded to an RTX 2060 and my I5 4690K is bottlenecking it so it is only running at 60-65%. Would it be better to get an I5 or a ryzen cpu?

  38. Belfor09 says:

    GOD I hate assasins creed performance so much. 6/12 CPU @3.8ghz gets eaten ALIVE and doesnt even provide a smooth 60fps. Meanwhile the jaguar 8core 1.8ghz old af cpu in consoles gets easy 30fps. Like… what the actual fuck.

  39. Gamerboy Aidan says:

    Yeah this should work for minecraft

  40. Miguel Román says:

    Hola, en hitman 2 tengo en promedio 81 grados centigrados y veo que tú tienes 55, es normal tener tanto? a qué se puede deber?

  41. Faraway Jakdu says:

    Lol, that stutter in BF V is undeniable even without DXR, can't blame my old r5 1500x

  42. LunaTyc says:

    Degree of the cpu🙄😐

  43. Dirac Drynx says:

    As an R5 1600 owner looking to grab an RTX 2060 and step up to 1440p, this is a really useful video, thank you for this valuable video. Looks like with a moderate OC on the 1600 ( 1600 @ 3.8ghz = 2600 stock I figure) I should be good to go!

  44. Misha Kast says:

    wtf lags in Pubg?

  45. Zeiytas says:

    Rtx 2060 or gtx 1660ti?

  46. htg97 says:

    just exactly what i'm looking for: CPU, GPU and all modern titles 😀 many thanks!

  47. Ghosthunter04 2004 says:

    Thank you soooo much for this video

  48. amagespigott4 says:

    can you make a 1080p version please?

  49. Gorkem Hasdemir says:

    Nice vid. What is your case? Gpu's temperature is amazing

  50. Sniperkill3rftw says:

    I have this build"

  51. sgomez8194 says:

    thank you for uploading this video. I now know that I must wait for Ryzen 3000 series to get the type of performance I want.

  52. were phyre says:

    Can rtx 2060 run on asrock b450 steel legend?

  53. Augustas Matorka says:

    Just built this but got the 2600x instead. Insane performance on 1440p, dont skip money on good RAM aswell.

  54. TheAbhimanj says:

    I have a RTX 2060 & i5 7600k. Right now i am bottlenecked in almost all the newer games (metro,division2) because of my cpu. I am sooo tempted to upgrade to a Ryzen but damn that 3000 series is just around the corner. This 2-3 months wait is too long lol.

  55. Omkar's Music says:

    Hey santiago please answer this please….
    I currently have a old machine with a 768p moniter… Im planning to buy this rig from my savings and later buy a 1440p moniter… What frame boost will I get in 720p ?
    Will there be any resolution bottlenecks??
    Please answer..

  56. Blake Smethers says:

    What would be better, running this setup at 1080p with higher fps or 1440p @ 60fps?

  57. JO-IU TV says:

    can u do streaming with this??

  58. subhajit saha says:

    Anybody watching that gpu temperature 🤤🤤

  59. Jorge Malik says:

    2:52 🙂

  60. Adwin Rahmadi says:

    This cpu is bottlenecked on PUBG?

  61. Mitch says:

    Got the 2060 paired with the 2600x instead, absolute beast for the money

  62. Myth Gaming says:

    Pubg runs better than fortnite 😂

  63. Myth Gaming says:

    Just bought pc with same spec

  64. StonNexTeD says:

    After 8 years i get a new pc in a few days. Ryzen 7 2700 / Rtx2070 . I cant wait 😢

  65. hamira Arif says:

    Where’s mine craft?!?!

  66. Ricardo Alonso says:

    en terminos de rendimiento en juego va mejor este r5 2600 o un r7 2700?

  67. PUG TACTICS says:

    im wating for the ryzen 5 3600x

  68. Candu Sălin says:

    I have just ordered a pc with these specs… did I make a good decision???

  69. Aadit Shirke says:

    What kind of Specs are required to capture good quality gameplay on ultra settings at 1440p 60fps.

  70. Wolfsickness says:

    I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a gtx 1080 and play at 1080p 144hz well worth it!

  71. XUMIDX says:

    Did he overclock?

  72. George Efstathiou says:

    I run the same pc build with an Alienware 25, i play on ultra at 240hz and it is smooth af!

  73. Slinky TV says:

    Best specs to build your first gaming PC hands down

  74. Wopa says:

    thx this is exactly the Video I am searching, bcs. I have an old I5 7600K with a 2060 and a WQHD 144 Hz Monitor, but I have more FPS then you in some Titles, just looking on the CPU and Temps, bcs. my Intel comes often to 96-99% usage and a Temperature from 85 Celsius, so for streaming is my Intel to weak and when I play on 144 FPS on Fortnite for example CPU is 100% I hope you know with Motion Blur you loose between 7-12 % on performance and it only looks ugly and is for PC Gaming useless! Bcs. I saw you had it on the most Benchmarks on…

  75. Hernandez Mccuminner says:

    I need help…i have the same soecs except…a x470 mobo ,r5 2600x and gigabyte rtx2060 gaming oc but i get an avg fps of 63 in fc new dawn and min fps of 43….why is it underperforming ??

  76. Dxrfc. says:

    Is there any bottleneck?

  77. MrVirobot says:

    I just bought a ryzen 2660x, a rtx 2060, 32 GB of ram, a 144hz 1440p gaming monitor… I think I'm good now. Lol. Upgraded from a gtx 660ti, a 2nd gen i7, a 720p LCD monitor, and 8gb of ddr3. Gonna be playing lots of GTA5FR.

  78. Noah Mathwig says:

    Im so excited!! i get this card in a month!

  79. Arshdeep Singh says:

    So if i play these games at 1080p with the same setup,will the fps increase?
    Yeah i am a noob,no need to @ me for roasting.
    Please clear the doubt tho.

  80. Kriz Kuervo says:

    me parece increible y casi una estafa que esa tarjeta grafica no puedo correr the witcher 3 a esa resolucion y supere los 80 fps sin tanto framerate, tampoco es una tragedia pero es que…. si me parece algo "tramposo" en la venta de esas tarjetas de video "las RTX" seria interesante saber que opinas tu Santiago.

  81. oh yeah yeah yeah says:

    Should I get an RTX with triple fan

  82. Howard Murphy says:

    Will ryzen 5 2600 bottleneck an rtx 2060 super

  83. mr minecrafter says:

    Thanks for test !!!

  84. nutterinurbutter says:

    if i get these specs with 16g of ram, how much fps do u think ill get in fortnite and rainbow on all low for both games? (1080p res)

  85. iSimqn says:

    hablame en español capo, aguante Uruguay hay que ganar la copa america carajooo

  86. Niggut says:

    What cpu cooler did you use, did you use the one that came with the 5 2600

  87. adsız adam says:

    Is it 2060 ventus xs or others?
    Please answer

  88. Santiago Sulivan says:

    Y para un monitor 1080p a 165hz va bien esa build?

  89. Andrés Parra says:

    Santiago, you think the 2060 Will be enough for 1080p gaming for next 2-3 years? or would you choose 2070… only for 1080p gaming. Thank you 🙂

  90. dicker parker says:

    Would a vega 56 be better or not?

  91. Aussie Asian says:

    im getting a pc with similar specs and i am very much satisfied with the performance

  92. selohcin says:

    Santiago, why do you always turn down the Foliage to Low in PUBG? It makes no sense when the other settings are on High!

  93. 52blackflag aka vinay says:

    Can any buddy help me to buy which display should i buy 120hz or 140 hz and how much inch should i go with this exact setup

    And thanks for this vid bro

  94. David says:

    Ryzen 5 2600 + RTX 2060 or Ryzen 7 2700 + GTX 1660 Ti?

  95. Ahmad Alfi says:

    b350 or x470?

  96. Bora AKTAS says:

    my pc is this https://www.vatanbilgisayar.com/vatan-gaming-studio-sistemi-amd-2600-asus-rtx2060-asus-b450m-k-wd-500gb-ssd-8gb.html but 2×8 (16gb ram) it is isnt an any different right

  97. james vandam says:

    I'm running ryzen 5 2600 with a gtx 1660 and runs really smooth

  98. Isaiah says:

    How would these benchmarks differ from streaming performance? Can I expect similar performance, or do streaming and local recording have different benchmark results? I want to be able to stream games at 1080p 60fps, and even be able run some games like Resident Evil 2 at 1440p 60fps while streaming. How would this build hold up? What would you guys recommend? Thank you!

    For example, if Resident Evil 2 runs at 1440p 80-100fps on this build, how can I expect the performance to be affected by streaming? Will it stay over 60? Be affected at all?

  99. Lucas Andres Costa says:

    Me acuerdo cuando empezabas con la 750ti, como creciste hermano! bien ahi!

  100. Edicute says:

    My ryzen 2600 and rtx ventus 2060 only in 60fps

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