Ryzen™ 3 3200U | HP Laptop 14s-dk0074AU | Review Full Spesifikasi dan Pengujian Frame rates Gaming

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At the first segment, I’m going to give Such information, laptop’s panels with marks explanation to the laptop’s parts (panels) Second segment will be Full detail (specifications) of the laptop itself Comprehensive way, details Third part segment will be I’m going to record the laptop screen using phone camera (conventionally) In order to see the real or pure ability performance without any interfere to the laptop’s power or performance of it that might interrupt the gameplays so that it will be pure without any interruption Focus to the game FIRST SEGMENT : LAPTOP PANELS INFORMATIONS SECOND SEGMENT : SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS AND OPTIMIZATION METHODS So, here’s Franklin at his house at the moment uhm.. At the first beginning scene of the game He was with his friend “Lamar” They rode 2 cars, Franklin rode the red car and Lamar Lamar rode the white one They were tried to evade and ran off the cops and then Franklin got the mission to get back to his house. And here he’s now at his own house As we can see there, the frame rates Let’s try to go outside There you go What’s up? I’m good. You? there 30 34 It’s not less than 30 apparently as you see Not having dropped frame rates also you can see the outside objects, more objects outside it reached 29 there 39 30, 31, 29 you see? 29 fps 29 fps for lowest frame rates And now we’re going to get to Full screen mode Alright, here we are goes full screen now escape, escape.. Ok, there see here 36, 37 37, 39 We need to find car Stop here 31, 32 Ouch, she’s a grandma Dear God.. (laughing) Why this is savage (laughing) Honestly, didn’t she there was grandmother in there, really ouch.. It’s different, i saw that there’s another footage around YouTube from someone I saw his frame rates are impressive above 35 and stable, wondering how I’ve already update the driver to the newest version September updates but seems still not enough with the results as we can see Currently only have 29 here at the moment 28, 30 We’ve done some features, tweaks, supporting methods such as Charging mode on (plug in the power cord) Game mode Power customization what else? the point is, we’ve done most gaming priority customization to the laptop Look, that’s kind of pretty nice mini car Ok, there 28, 27 25, 26 28, 29 28, 26, 27 27, 28, 26 27 How great Franklin isn’t died That hurt? Alright, we had it We’ve done the optimizations We’ve done it most of it (optimizations) Can’t be putting on much expectations to this, enough I guess Quite decent Enough satisfying If you’re trying to look left and to the right I can tell you that it’s kind of smooth it’s smooth Also there is some kind of blurring effect so, I think it’s really smooth it become smooth I hear my laptop’s fan system running faster now I have no idea, it’s all of a sudden the laptop fan seems moving faster For some people, it might be definitely comfortable with this setting applied. It’s smooth So, there’s no problem here okay? It’s just that the fan was little bit running faster suddenly it ran faster and pretty noisy Perhaps the processor works more there to process certain condition and there’s no problem here So, uhm the conclusion on this after that we updated the driver such VGA, it’s definitely brings different results I’m realizing it, and well.. It gives the advantage definitely it’s a support factor (by updating newest driver) significantly get it to even better in gameplay It helped. Definitely helped brings the graphic performance better (by updating the new graphic display driver) and this one is, We are going to apply the setting not to set it into blurry mode Shadow quality : Ok Color filter, texture Let’s turn off the motion blur so here’s now the comparison We’ll try the original stuff the texture quality So this is uhm, so very and definitely No problem at all so it’s definitely yes if we’re playing this here Note that you updated either chipset and VGA drivers into August and September 2019 VGA driver in September 2019 and that you’ll play this game in the laptop easily and definitely playable with satisfaction Hmm There Here you go Try to look at the frame rates Ya, there it is Ok, what to do? get over here? What to do? Yes, i’m here and then? What should I do then? “F”, ok (givin a shot voice) 35 fps Ya Ok, for the moment I’m not commenting anything, let you guys determine the statistic Ok, so how was it bro? guys, friends? From what I feel here, the game play is perfectly fine It so very OK It’s more than enough (to me) Not because I own the laptop Ow, hectic It’s on the balcony, he says For the chipset itself the version is August, 19th 2019 And the VGA itself, the version will be v 26.20.13025.1004 It’s the latest VGA driver 2019 And before the update, the VGA driver was 2018, first time i bought the laptop It was 2018 version driver And then I downloaded it (the new ones) As I mentioned before September, 26th 2019 The VGA software driver for the Radeon Vega 3 the name of the driver is “Adrenalin” Adrenalin v. 19.9.3 And in Windows configuration We’ve set the profile into “Game Mode” and uhm.. That I’ve applied to the specific game by giving it into performance mode applied browsed the game directory file first That method pretty much helped also I guess so, you might wanna check out how to do it on previous scene from this video So, uhm.. for the conclusion the probably most significant thing is could help the performance this laptop in game play or gaming experience in optimized situation also could helped the ability of this laptop from the GTA V game plays First thing will be by updating chipset and graphics or VGA driver Ok I did the latest updates of them August and September driver updates package 2019 Secondly is By optimizing features in Windows by doing setting up the “Gaming Mode” as you can see that feature is already in Windows 10 We able to set it up, maintaining focusing only for gaming So, the operating system could be or even probably setting itself maintaining it, the unnecessary applications running in the background are disabled or something such as that, it managed to not working for unnecessary tasks but only for gaming priority and then we can also be specific by browsing the application (game) that we want to be it focusing in gaming mode there’s the option provided. Alright, and then not forget to Charge your laptop, plug in the power source to the laptop plug jack (power input) I think that’s important because, main power from the outlet electricity is different with the power that comes from laptop battery and then let me see uhm another games that makes me curious are, such as Crysis, Battlefield this game is a benchmark in gaming history I’m guessing whether it’s capable on playing them to this laptop maybe I’m not sure actually while the GTA wasn’t really at the best shot though, either but if we talk to Call of Duty : MW3 no problem at all there also to the Resident Evil those twos are piece of cake if you want to play it in this laptop What makes me really curious definitely the Crysis game it’s an admiration game because the graphics are awesome extremely fun and good requires also so, that what makes me curious and wanted me to try it out to this laptop Ok thats for now, for this time think it’s already clear now you guys can determine this laptop ability from the games we’ve seen that I played before in this laptop the GTA game GTA V Let’s say it’s GTA V another games, I haven’t tried out more for new games lately where actually indeed I would love to try more games here there you guys can make the summarize, the conclusion by watching my benchmark on games I’ve played the results… I hope that this video, you guys found it helpful alrighty then Thanks for watching!


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