RX Vega 56 & 64 are HERE! Are they HOT or NOT?

July 31, 2019 posted by

GTX 1080 or Vega? 1080, 1070 or wait for Vega? 1080 Ti… Wait for RX Vega? Wait for Navi? So GTC last year… We expected to get AMD Vega in early 2017. But as the slide helpfully points out the time line was subject to change And change it did. It is now August. (cough) But today, we finally find out Was Vega worth the wait? ♪ Theme music ♪ Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers at once! Check it out now at the link in the video description! Meet Vega or more accurately RX Vega 56 and 64. The consumer versions of the Vega Founders Edi…[cough] Excuse me… Frontier Edition cards that launched back in June of this year. It’s named for the number of Next-gen compute units on board, if we compare it against the Frontier Edition, we can see that we’re on par for compute units on Vega 64 But we’ve got about half the video memory at 8 gigs and our clocks are a little lower. Much lower in Vega 56’s case but like that card and one of the likely reasons behind the delays they both have HBM2 memory. The newest revision of the blazing fast memory that first debuted on amd’s own Fury cards back in 2015. Which both does and doesn’t feel like a long time ago depending on how you look at it. Anyway, aside from actually basically everything new to Vega is a tile based rendering mode that AMD calls the draw Stream Binning Rasterizer. A feature similar to what nVidia implemented on Maxwell that AMD tells us will improve performance without any extra work from game developers. Let’s meet our line up for today! We’ve got Vega 56 both air and liquid cooled flavors of RX Vega 64 and the GTX 1070 and 1080 that their pricing puts them up against. And we’ll be treating all three cards to our mainstream gaming platforms from both the Red Team And the blue team. At the top-end, we immediately see the vega 64 Liquid Cooled card pull out into a comfortable lead. Though this quickly changes in Rise of the Tomb Raider where the GTX 1080 over runs it. Moving a teardown… While the Vega 56 significantly widens and closes these gaps on the 1070 at times appearing like a kind of 1070 Ti. This theme of trading blows seems to take place across all of our gaming benchmarks and our synthetics tell a similar tale. So if you’re an AMD fan who wanted to see competition… You’re going to be happy. But if you wanted AMD to blow the doors off nVidia… Well, you might be a little disappointed. You’ll be more excited about the productivity applications in Cinebench R15, Blender and Adobe Media Encoder, we see a clear trend favoring even the air-cooled RX Vega 64 over the GTX 1080. Something that we’re not entirely surprised by but we’re happy to see. Considering AMD’s traditional strengths in general purpose GPU tasks. Unfortunately, another point of divergence is power consumption. The RX Vega 64 is an absolute hog when it comes to power to say nothing at the liquid cooled version and thermal performance isn’t much better for the air-cooled Vega 64 either with the heaviest throttle out of any of the cards we tested. You actually need both 8 pin power connectors for these cards. Ouch… With that said, the value proposition here is still pretty compelling. Our air-Cooled RX Vega 64 is quite close to the GTX 1080 Founders Edition in gaming, while the liquid cooled variant is a better performer but one that’s ultimately held back a little by its higher price tag. For productivity and GPGPU though, RX Vega really shines. Of course the same is true of the excellent productivity performance of RX Vega 56. But the real story is gaming. Holy balls! We’re actually doing pretty great at this price. Especially since we couldn’t even find a GTX 1070 for less than about four hundred and Thirty dollars. Though with that said, the value argument of the entire Vega lineup is pretty complicated. Because the higher end cards may not be purchasable without AMD’s value added bundles, so we’re talking a discount on a Ryzen 7, a FreeSync monitor and some free games… That seems to add about a hundred dollars to the price. Though, AMD says it’s worth $420. So the question really becomes Vega 56 looks pretty good with or without the bundle. Depending on whether you want that stuff that’s part of amd strategy to deter coin miners from buying these cards but at the very high end the Vegas 64 liquid cooled at $699 with rebates and games… That one becomes a tougher sell But feel free to tell us if we’re wrong in the comments below. So conclusion then. The wait is finally over Vega might bear more similarity to the performance and power consumption profile of nVidia’s last generation Maxwell architecture when it comes to gaming tasks but the good news is that it’s enough to be in the conversation for high end GPU Buyers and those poor folks with high resolution freesync monitors that now finally have a real option for a graphics card to drive them. The only thing remaining then is to see what nVIdia has up their sleeves with Volta Synergy It’s symbiosis It’s energy It’s a software product that lets you solve the problem once and for all of having two keyboards and two mice. Because you can share one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers So whatever your reason for having more than one computer, laptop and desktop You know linux workstation and windows machine for gaming or Mac or whatever… It works on everything it’s amazing! You just install synergy and you just seamlessly move your mouse between the computers. wow They’ve got basic and pro options with a one-time payment and advanced features include things like clipboard sharing between the computers for easy cut paste, dragging and dropping files between computers, The ability to set up hotkeys and more and the best part is you can use our link in the video description to get 50% off synergy today. So thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button But if you liked it hit the like button get subscribed maybe consider checking out where to find the stuff we featured at the link in the video description. Also down there is our merch store Which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should definitely join.


100 Replies to “RX Vega 56 & 64 are HERE! Are they HOT or NOT?”

  1. Icybubba says:

    Yeah I think if I ever pay that much I'll go with Nvidia

  2. Lilitu, The Betrayer says:

    Ravioli ravioli, don't feed the dragon Gabe

  3. Me&Lag999 47k says:

    i just noticed tath linus records in surround sound!

  4. Yoake Rye says:

    amd yes!!!!

  5. Ren Vilo says:

    @linus – I have a MSI 27" Freesync 144hz monitor. Should I get a Vega 56 or rather a 1070 (or 1070ti)? I believe Nvidia will be faster but then I lose Freesync. Does it make a huge difference?

  6. Alemahom M says:

    Can it run league of legends full graphics?

  7. Crimson Harp says:

    that explains my power bill

  8. 0x1A3C3E7 says:

    I'd like to see the same benchmarks with a Ryzen 5 1500X instead of the 1800X.

  9. ancient aliens are coming says:

    Viva la vega xD

  10. Divinitas Silberwald says:

    RTX 2080 or wait for Navi?

    Start the meme now!

  11. Shivam K says:

    stupid cards, amd should just give up making high end cards xD

  12. Do Not Meddle With An Compute says:

    If you like microstutter buy radeon.

  13. gwolf1985 says:

    people keep doing benchmarks . but there is one thing I found out . when it come to vr benchmarks there silent about it . been trying to figure out why . I think it do to the benchmarks I found . when it come to vr the scores are way different . and it not the gforce is making the grade .

  14. ELEFANT says:

    why you made full amd vs intel
    intels cpus is very good vs amd

  15. NV6 says:

    But today, we'll finally find out, was Vega worth the wait. But so will Synergy!

  16. Rolands Naglis says:

    they are now so god damn hot because of all that cryptomining and that kinda bullshit

  17. Diego Lomeli says:

    Why the stupid thumbnails

  18. Autard_Diab says:

    Navi vs rtx

  19. Autard_Diab says:


  20. Nerd Panda says:


  21. HUNter says:

    Cost down, heat up

  22. Wolfy546 says:

    I really don't want to add to the flame war in the comments because I know how things get down there. As someone who is making their own game I have found that amd and nvidia offer different tools for their platforms. This is often why games that start with the nvidia tag will run worse on amd hardware.

    as a PC builder I have found that AMD hardware builds play nicer together than if you where to place a nvidia card in the same PC. For example the Ryzen 2 based CPU can do 2 way sli but 3 way Crossfire.

    Either way I run both a red and a blue green team mechen at all times because sometimes one works better than the other and there is no real reason for it except one program uses a proprietary hair shader.

  23. Magic LLLama says:

    linussssss 1,440,666 views

  24. SimpleGamingF2P says:

    i wait for navi

  25. Screaming Wolf says:

    I HATE YOU MINERS!!!!!!!!!

  26. Tony Nguyen says:

    I am about to get the Vega 56 to use as a external GPU with my Macbook Pro. I want to do some gaming like league of legends and PUBG mobile version but not really much gaming and heavily coding. Is this a good choice ?

  27. Carlos Ferrari says:

    5:29 What was that?! o.O

  28. arvee romero says:

    Please help!!! what should i buy?

    RX vega 64 for combination to my Freesync monitor?


    RTX 2070?

    Please give me some ideas.
    Thank you in advance :))

  29. Libcity9 / Twn_turbo says:


  30. Horus Falco says:


  31. AL3X says:

    gaben… get off my screen!

  32. Karsten Kramer says:

    du er et pikhovede at høre på

  33. Jordom says:

    Def worth the price now. 400 bucks. It's better than paying much more for a 1080 since it rivals it.

  34. Real Content says:

    Watching this on a MacBook Pro with Vega 20 graphics

  35. Lee yaw sheng says:

    My name is Vegas so amd plz send me 1

  36. Instant Lock Yasuo says:

    5:28 I literally thought my laptop went broken…

  37. MrArbeter says:

    If you are here after december 2018 the answer to the title is yes vega are hot! Prices have been reduced by 50% and they are defenetly worth it now .Even if vega was not worth it in release

  38. M15A says:

    After 9 years of development, I hope it was worth the wait

  39. Chemical Oof says:

    don't worry RTX came out now NVIDA is ahead, at least I think

  40. Nathan Samms says:

    I have a Vega. It is a nice space heater. Don't even need heat on anymore lol

  41. Vitor Lima says:

    I'm waiting for navi lol

  42. Nacho Arisnabarreta says:

    Vega or Las Vegas

  43. nimitzopsoi says:

    My floppy disc drive is no longer working. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?

  44. Niko Vuori says:

    I bought Asus ROG Radeon RX Vega 64 air cooled for €499 in end of 2018 — is it worth it or was it a big mistake ? Should I return it and buy RTX 2080 instead of ?

  45. GhostShipSupreme says:

    0:35 Half Life Vega confirmed!
    5:25 corrupted Linus returns.

  46. Ryan D says:

    Wait for Navi

  47. Djordje Trkulja says:

    Those slides are not only bad designed they last less than half of a second. Make something about it.

  48. Abner Torres says:

    ONE YEAR LATER and the price coming down to $400 and $500 are VEGA 56 & 64 worth to buy in 2019?

  49. W L says:

    In the day you stop shouting like a little bitch, you channel will be the best on youtube.

  50. Kaotic Motion Gaming says:

    Oh they're HOT alright …..

  51. Supr1meTV says:

    I'm happy I didn't spend the extra 120 bucks on the Vega 56, got the older generation, because that's the only one that can keep up with Nvidia at a good price point.

  52. Trickier says:

    Will 520 watt power supply work with Vega 56

  53. Adrian! says:

    Radeon 2

  54. MrNwn007 says:

    bitch please my r7 370 runs at 81C XD i don't mind 2 degrees more

  55. Abe Dekok says:

    Sure wish my Vega 64 LC wasn't a dud from factory, would've been pretty sweet a year and change later.

  56. Rc_Brothers says:

    Lmao here it is in 2019 and looking at all the comments about volta are similar to Vega ii/Navi. Miners killed the idea of a cheap vega 64 at launch, just like Pascal, but today you can get a brand new Vega 64 for $400. And a 1080 is around that ballpark. But Vega has stronger performance in current titles and the Turing line of rtx cards is a joke. the time has never been more compelling to buy a Vega card than now, you can buy two Vega 64s in crossfire and get better performance than a 2080ti, where supported, for half the price of some aib 2080ti. you can find vega's for$325-350 All day on eBay. And there's something to be said about that.

  57. Crypto Xd says:

    It’s 2019 Where is NAVI ?

  58. Anthony Narozniak says:

    Nvidia is still the card to get, AMD has always been one step behind in performance, if AMD ever wants to surpass Nvidia they'll have to start from the ground up and design a new chip

  59. Ethan Starry says:

    1070 ti. He he he.

  60. Jacopo Piscina says:

    almost 2 years later, no navi

  61. NemesisGamingYT says:


  62. Mike Tison says:


  63. VnRaito says:

    03:07 HHHHHHHHHH


    buy 2x vega 64 for crossfire and blow up the 2080 ti

  65. Will Alexander says:

    Gtx 760 is all you need! I can play all of my favorite games ever made maxed out! Picked it up for $30 too 😁

  66. Richard Davis says:

    All Must be Disappointed

  67. gavin endsley says:

    wait for navi???

  68. Arising-Tale says:

    that value chart is unclear. trash

  69. Sporty says:

    if bitcoin miners want it, why not sell it to them? just means the demand is high. expand your production to reach the demand

  70. Dunkin Heads ツ says:

    U look like a elf

  71. de brebeuf says:

    bruh nowadays Vega 56 is such a great value (>$300)

  72. Arnab Das says:

    can i use vega frontire edition in crossfire

  73. Michael says:

    The way Linus pronounces Vega is so weird

  74. Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno says:

    Synergy is PS3 Cell processor SPUs

  75. Smiley Boi says:

    Their hot and their also not

  76. darkhorse0404 says:

    Is a vega 64 better than an rtx 2070?

  77. Armani Webb says:

    Looks like I'm going to be waiting longer then for half life 3 or even worst….my dad. At least half life has a chance not coming back

  78. GeordieGames says:

    Advert. Go Nvidia.

  79. Saber760 says:

    My r9 290 still draws more power so its an upgrade for me. My xfx r9 290 while gaming will consume up to 450 watts.

  80. Timothy Smith says:

    your wrong

  81. Nick P. ick says:

    I got Rx Vega 56 for 250us

  82. Sebastian Lara says:

    I was searching for this video just to laugh for the 0:13 "wait for navi?! Really sad for the amd navi :C

  83. Amar says:

    Just got a Vega 56 for 220

  84. JD chaser says:

    just after 2 years a used vega 64 is about 290-350 $ and that's so good for it's preformance

  85. Rahym StJean says:

    I’m here from 2019 and we finally got navi

  86. Satan says:

    now the 56 is good for 250€

  87. TheJaapa says:

    Is good amd and is low price but is for office no gaming but is and to gaming 50% and invidia is 100% for gaming

  88. Phantom Assassin says:

    May I know if MSI Vega 56 airboost is hot?

  89. krazymiggah says:

    im upset

  90. GAMER BOY says:

    I am here after vega 56 got a price of 269$

  91. Flex seal says:

    i am here, when buying a 2070 is stupid, vega 64 masterrace

  92. DamageIncM says:

    Why do all you nerds keep saying "Veh-guh" and "Neh-vey" (or "nevvi")?… It's "VAY-GAH" and "NAH-VEE".

  93. 21st Central says:

    they can get navi now 😉

  94. Mitchell M. says:

    "Wait for navi"

  95. Code: Nologyy SONST GIBTS EINE AUFS MAUL says:


  96. Sebastien Wiard says:

    Just got a Vega 56 for 200€ and a ryzen 2600 for 109€, for a budget pc I don't think I could have done any better, thanks amd

  97. Jose Roberto says:

    I really like graphics cards that use a lot of power lol

  98. Jose Roberto says:

    I have a Vega 64 air boost it runs the games at max settings so good

  99. No One says:

    That intro xD

  100. Zombie Squad says:

    Having issues with the rx Vega 56 driver update on windows 10. It’s been a absolute pain; however, I does still boot half the time then works perfectly. The AMD HDMI audio does not work correctly either so having to use external speakers. It’s 2019 and still bad driver support from AMD. I’m lucky it works fine graphics wise …once I “manage” to boot anyway. I’m using a nice 2nd gen Ryzen 7 8 core CPU and I love it but the Vega rx 56 is still having issues with my current setup. Got a nice mobo ASRock Taichi Ultimate and DDR4 gskill RGB 32g 8g x 4 kit. Excellent when running but still frequent OS crash on bootup due to GPU drivers. If anyone else has encounterd this problem and maybe found a soulution let me know. Maybe even Linus Tech Tips have encountered the problem. Perhaps do a video about it would be nice. Iv seen just as many trouble shooting forums asking for a solution for driver issues just like the start of the video… anyway good luck everyone. Hopefully your experience ends up better than mine.

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