Rogue Trooper Redux Graphics Comparison Trailer

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2006 machte Rogue Trooper einen Comic-Heft-Helden zu einem kultigen Spieleklassiker. In Rogue Trooper Redux wurde dieser Klassiker für eine neue Generation überarbeitet. Redux. Original. „Rogue Trooper” muss jedem ernsthaften Fan des Action Genres gefallen.” IGN „Einer der beeindruckendsten Third-Person Shooter der letzten Zeit.” „Lasst uns vorsichtig sein dort unten.” „Wir wurden gezüchtet, um auf Nu Earth zu überleben. Das macht uns aber nicht unverwundbar.” HD-Grafik. Remodellierte Charaktere. Remodellierte Waffen. Remodellierte Fahrzeuge. Überarbeitete Filmsequenzen. Neue Spezialeffekte. Dynamisches Licht. Höherwertige Geometrie. „Viel Glück. Wir sehen uns auf dem Schlachtfeld.”


42 Replies to “Rogue Trooper Redux Graphics Comparison Trailer”

  1. EnriqueBXD says:

    le jodieron la cara a Rogue!!!
    they screwed Rogue's face !!!

  2. Lee_sin says:

    The old one used to have a split screen mode if i am correctly.

  3. lion H says:

    Maaan ..i love this game😊

  4. H1DRON says:

    Im gonna give all the money i have to play the sequel of the game!

  5. H1DRON says:

    I beg you make continue of the game,the story and gameplay are just too great and unique!

  6. RebotiK RK says:

    Wow. I spent like… 9 years to find my childhood game and now with the remaster. SO COOL!!!!

  7. donovartronic says:

    Why no Judge Dredd game? ME WANT!

  8. CaptainMarvell92 Returns says:

    The Kree Empire meets Call of Duty.

  9. Car Audio Inc says:

    My first purchase from the eShop. Very happy so far.

  10. krisko px says:

    Me big fan rogue trooper , ps2 and now ps4 it's very game fun and good tps, need rogue trooper 2 . my dreams. ( im french sorry my english ).and the game 100% french version in france, very good job rebellion 🙂

  11. David Baz says:

    The game needs effect of haze, blur and specks as was done in Mass Effect. In general, it is better to make a continuation of the game, you can write a lot of script from comics.

  12. Oday Hamdan says:

    Does anyone know how to get it ?

  13. Mustafa Taşkıran says:

    The legend is back.

  14. Tullus Sulla says:

    I'll be damn, you guys actually did it.

  15. Last Two says:

    Aww it would be cool if baggy cargos be a bonus alternate costume for beating the game.

  16. Jose Cabrera says:

    Music reminds me a lot of Jak 2. I like!

  17. Kurt says:


  18. KannX says:

    This should be standard for all remasters! New models of charcters, weapons and vehicles + hidef texture. Not just bumped up resolution. Gonna play it.

  19. Miles Quatermass says:

    Very much looking forward to this. I never played the original, but 2000AD was my best friend as a kid and the idea of a Rogue Trooper game (a good looking one, at that) has huge appeal for me.
    My only concern is due to the fact that I'm tempted to go for the Switch version, purely so that I can play it on the go. I'm hoping that it isn't much of a downgrade – or downgraded at all – graphically, and that we don't have to wait to long after the other versions before it arrives. Don't make me double-dip, Rebellion!

  20. Vukasin Ivkovic says:

    I loved the original and I must say that this is an excellent work on the remastered version! I truly hope this will spark some interest for the game and you will get a good financial incentive to consider some sequels. There's so much more that could be added from the comics that was never featured in the original game. Best of luck guys! Really glad and hyped you're doing this.

  21. Виктар228 says:

    Надеюсь окупится, что бы хотя бы сейчас сиквел вышел

  22. Avenger85438 says:

    Excellent. I look forward to this getting more people into the Rogue Trooper series, and maybe if we are lucky help get a squeal to this made. Maybe one that includes Jaegir in some capacity.
    Also I hope that the keep the bonus features but with updated concept art and Model Renders to unlock.

  23. andy says:

    Judge Dredd game remaster figures crossed

  24. Leo 64 says:

    I still play the original game and i hope this remastered edition will have new stuff that maybe not great but still cool to see

  25. Wartinald says:

    Does this game uses the Sniper Elite 4 engine?

  26. AZApozitive YT says:

    я сам 2006 года

  27. AZApozitive YT says:

    rogue trooper cool game.

  28. PimpasarousRex says:

    I havnt played the original tho am one of those modern cod generation kids but danm this looks really fun and worth playing.

  29. Panda SFX says:

    Oh my gosh! I can't wait it seems i will have to find my old dusty ps2 and play it again 😀

  30. Panda SFX says:

    I hope you did not remove Nu-Earth Encyclopaedia 😀 i loved that arts that were there 😀

  31. Richard levy says:

    I grew up on this game if there will be another one omggg plus the music and all so much nostalgia

  32. Leonardo Domonik says:

    I'm glad this is coming to the switch, thank you

  33. 815StoneCold says:

    Loved this game on the OG XBOX. Totally buying it

  34. Markoi Green says:

    Really good tps game ,it should get worthy sequel!

  35. spider pig says:

    I have played a lot of games, but i missed this one. I will check it out. It looks cool.

  36. Eugeniy says:

    почему им пидорские штаны надели?

  37. General Autismo Actual says:

    You guys gonna put a demo out?

  38. Dennis Myakshin says:
    Rogue Trooper – 1986
    Better than two newer ones! I can run it on the calculator! Amazing sound and graphics!
    2000 and 2017 too small difference, in compare 1986

  39. sakhman says:

    лицо чёт не то
    а так ахуенно

  40. Junior Ribeiro says:

    great game, i am very fun…

  41. geeknproud321 says:

    WTF this was a garbage shovelware game when it came out. What about it exactly warrants a remaster?

  42. Genghis Bong says:

    I still remember renting the original for my PS2. I loved it.

    Rebellion, thank you.

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