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Taron Egerton: I have found the process of inhabiting Elton John and his wardrobe incredibly liberating. 🎵 “Hey kids, shake it loose together…” 🎵 Taron Egerton: Julian Day is definitely the most brilliant designer I’ve ever worked with. He’s incredibly collaborative, and he understands the relationship between the costumes and the performance. Julian Day: What we talked about was using the basis of Elton’s clothes, to create our own look for him. Jamie Bell: The costumes are brilliant. 🎵 “She’s got electric boots…” 🎵 “Can you even play the piano in those?” Jamie Bell: Just brings the film to life. “Maybe I should have tried to be more ordinary.” “You were never ordinary.” 🎵 “Oh how it feels so real…” 🎵 Julian Day: There’s over fifty pairs of shoes, there’s over fifty pairs of glasses, there’s a massive, massive amount of material. I really love the “Yellow Brick Road” outfit. I obviously looked at The Wizard of Oz. So you’ve got a blue suit with ruby red shoes on, made of Swarovski crystals. The shirt is made of silver fabric, which is like the Tin Man. He’s got a straw hat on, for the Scarecrow. And a big fake-fur coat for the Lion. 🎵 “Hold me closer, tiny dancer.” 🎵 Elton John: When I do a show, even now, twenty minutes before I go on, I choose my outfit. And until then, I don’t become Elton. And then when I put that outfit on, I’m in the part.


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  1. It's me vaughn says:


  2. DANIEL WHYTE says:


  3. Jay Arby says:

    Have you fixed the Sonic design yet?

  4. The MusicMaster says:


  5. Look4John Animates says:

    Im excited for it now!

  6. Royal T Reactz says:

    1 Subscribe = 2 New SUBSCRIBERS!


  7. SUPER RANDOOM says:

    Jajajajaja wtf

  8. PewDieGuy says:

    Am I the only one excited for Sonic?

  9. Ri Mouseky says:

    At first, i thought it's rockman

  10. music and film edits says:

    hell yeah man rated R so thankful for that. Like i loved bohemian rhapsody, i thought it was amazing however i think with the pg 13 rating a lot of elements of freddie's character had to be cut out and i think a small part of the film suffered from that. great film, however did have that problem. however im certain rocketman will fully embrace who Elton is and i think for that reason alone its gonna be a great film

  11. Chavez Joseph says:

    Oh I was thinking of turbo man

  12. Steven Hickman says:

    This film doesn't interest me bag of shite a film on Elton fucking John lol

  13. VALENTINEproductions says:

    Ahhh, thought this was for the new Rocketeer… This Guy looks/sounds nothing like Elton.

  14. DHRUV MALIK says:

    Taron is a great actor and singer.
    I think its possible that he'll be nominated in both Grammy's and Oscar's next year for Rocketman..

  15. jhonny sumacc says:

    Rocket man comes out bro you gonna see rocket man nah how bout DETECTIVE PIKACHU

  16. Ahmed Sarkar says:


  17. SilvertheHedgehog says:

    oooh niiiceeee

  18. SilvertheHedgehog says:

    love this song

  19. Randy F says:

    For minute I thought this was about Kim Jong un

  20. John says:

    did they meet on kings man? can't remember

  21. LerPav says:

    Oh, I want listening Taron’s “Bennie and the Jets” and “Tiny Dancer”

  22. Luke Green says:

    1:08 Quite Right Too Sir Elton John From Disney's The Lion King. X

  23. Piu John says:

    Eggsy stop pretending to be someone else

  24. Graham Jones says:

    Rated R! That gives me way more hope this movie will be good!

  25. Nickie Van Zoesie says:

    0:26 Live Aid costume in the back

  26. zoltron 360 says:

    When is the better sonic trailer coming

  27. Nabeel Mirza says:

    Oscar nominations will be like –
    Robert Downey Junior
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Taron Egerton

  28. Braveet Sweengs says:

    50 pairs of glasses for a 2 hour film. In real life he must have like 10.000.

  29. Random Self says:

    Me: Oh yay! Another little sneak peak!
    sees end. Rated R
    Me: FRICK

  30. Michael Kelligan says:

    Incredibly liberating?………incredibly gay,lol

  31. tali sam says:


  32. Levi Fifita-Lamb says:

    Sega: They Hated Our Character.
    Claw Creators: Ours Too
    Paramount Pictures: Release The Rocketman!

  33. Tyler Agney • 11 years ago says:

    When will we get Taron Egerton Music video singing Bennie and the jets and Tiny Dancer Please!

  34. Direct Savage says:

    Weird it says Rated R but when you look it up it doesn’t have one

  35. Isaac, edgar Gamer says:

    0:24 Reg Strikes Back XD

  36. Reuel Lucas says:

    Well, Rocketman can't start without an R…

  37. Benjamin Burkhardt says:

    I’m very interested now that I know this movie is Rated R.

  38. Benjamin Burkhardt says:

    First Freddie Mercury. Now Elton John. Soon David Bowie and Tom Petty.

  39. MattChats says:

    This move is gonna rock

  40. Levi Fifita-Lamb says:

    I myself am very sad that I probably can’t watch the biopic for My Favourite musician (I live in nz and maybe able to if it gets an M), but I am also happy that all of Elton’s story will be told, unlike Freddie’s. (I still love Borap though)

  41. MR GHOST says:

    hey fucking #Paramount Pictures you blocked my video ah

    Video title: What Men Want (2019) | Full Movie

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    Claimed by: Paramount Pictures

    why hahah its your videos ! is not your video baby go go baby

  42. Bettina Egger says:

    Incredible coustumes i can‘t wait to see it!!!

  43. amy clarke says:

    rm te 19 😎

  44. HOWARD Dance to the earth says:

    Imagine the titanoboa 2019 movie

  45. nonnamadonna says:

    I cannot wait to see this film!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  46. psychoftn says:

    I can't wait for the movie and to listen Tiny Dancer in my headphones 😊🤩

  47. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr. says:

    In Loving Memory Of
    Shelia Eileen (1925-2017)

  48. The Daylight Star says:

    Stop uploading videos like this, I will be overhyped!

  49. Aegis Man says:

    Rocketman its cheat code from gta san anderas

  50. Derek Roberts says:

    They just revealed the track listing to the soundtrack. I’m anxious to hear Taron’s version of “Hercules”. Just one question now, I know that Jamie Bell plays Bernie Taupin but who plays Davey Johnstone?
    Also I wonder if we’ll see Taron as the Pinball Wizard superimposed in that scene from the actual film of 1975s ‘Tommy” And Taron in that Donald Duck from Central Park in 1980.

  51. rajendra singh Karayat says:


  52. Dem H78 says:

    Julian Day was also the costume designer for Bohemian Rhapsody

  53. Mister Jam Studios says:

    Check out this brand new and exclusive cover Version of “Your Song” from Francinne – brazilian pop singer! –

  54. Dharam Pal Panihar says:

    When should we acpect the trailer of transformers 6

  55. GreatSource says:

    Logged in after the SHIT Sonic trailer to say I won't watch this or any paramount movie ever again.

  56. aj pat says:

    Rocketman is gonna be Oscar nominated for Best Costume Design and Best Production Design.

  57. Lucas Garnica says:

    Tiny Dancer is in it's complete version but Bennie and the Jets is a cutted version if you search it in the Soundtrack

  58. Pamela S. says:

    The movie is incredible. The day it's released on DVD I'm running right to the store to buy a copy.

  59. Burt Birt says:

    Guys do you know anywhere you could get glasses like these?

  60. Kobe Crawford says:

    Still waiting for the Bennie and the jets version from the trailer 0:09

  61. Taylor Lange says:

    I've drawn the devil costume and the blue starry shirt/white overall costume. Now I'm trying to get images of other costumes, but the internet won't give me what I want, so looks like I have to rely on youtube videos or try to get my hands on the movie for the fourth time lol.

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