ROAM – Piranha (Visual)

July 24, 2019 posted by


26 Replies to “ROAM – Piranha (Visual)”

  1. Glitch says:

    Hell yeah,finally ROAM is back

  2. Not My Weekend says:


  3. NεεsτΥ says:

    that my song :')

  4. Lukas Colka says:

    I used to have the Roam CS:GO music kit but am happy to say I have the Neck Deep one now

  5. Springtrap02 says:

    Another roam song awesome

  6. Hermon van Ly says:

    Omg this is so fucking good.

  7. Ee Ii says:

    yes! ROAM is good😋

  8. Raging Seize says:

    Subconscious suicide
    My mind won't let me sleep
    Bring me some better friends
    I heard they're pretty cheap


  9. Mariana Medina says:

    in Brasil piranha means whore…..

  10. Mariana Medina says:

    amazing song!

  11. Pow!eR says:

    Alternative lyrics:
    Yeah there’s a piranha
    Livin in my water bed

  12. stasar says:

    Wow this is uninspired

  13. iknowyouarebutwhatami says:

    This sounds like a Simple Plan/AAR song

  14. Ilaria Addari says:

    Love the song, so proud of you guys!!

  15. Назар Мазурок says:


  16. Chriis says:

    You went in awesome direction guys! Cool song

  17. Wesley Watanbe says:

    Piranha is a slang for slut in portuguese. As Brazilian it's funny when i hear someone saying "piranha".

  18. Peter Wesley Bastone says:

    very nice….shared to the Netshows Radio "Program 153" Playlist on youtube

  19. Pete Walton says:


  20. Nearell says:

    i was never that into roam (not to say they were bad just not my thing) but I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS? it’s pretty cool to see they branching out 🙂

  21. Shu Ting says:

    Roam is so underrated

  22. Spy7glass says:

    Стиль поп панк.

  23. Ilham Flt says:

    For me its Dunkleotus

  24. GoodGreedyApple says:

    omfg what year is this!!! this song is so good!

  25. That pop punk kid says:

    this album is going to fucking rip, so much improvement in the production and mixing Love it

  26. march march says:

    i feel so proud everytime i discover bands that is underrated

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